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August 14, 2007

  1. History

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In addition to the site for the book, here is a site for the film, made in 1930: If you go to: and enter "All Quiet On The Western Front" in the

    asked by SraJMcGin
  2. algebra

    1)Write an equation for the parabola whose vertex is at (-8,4) and passes through (-6,-2) answer=y=-3/2(x+8)^2+4 2)Solve x^2>_2x+24 answer=x_6 #1, ok #2, ok

    asked by Marissa
  3. Geometry

    Show the conhecture is false by finding a counterexample... 1. The differnece of the absolute value of two numbers is positive meaning /a/ - /b/ > 0 I do not get that.... =/ HELP. If absolute value of a is greater than the absolute value of b, then the

    asked by Katy
  4. nutrition

    how do lipids move through the body so they can be digested and absorbed? How are lipids stored in the body? Explain:

    asked by shelly
  5. Algebra

    /4/+/-3/ I'm I supposed to add or subtract. Please help! those are supposed to absolute value symbols, right? abs. value of 4 is 4 abd abs. value of -3 is 3. so...4+3=7 Thank you!

    asked by Glenda
  6. Art... Light

    You are right!

    asked by GuruBlue
  7. sociology

    How about -- class structure in your town or school? prejudice about a particular ethnic group? classroom group projects? perceptions about authority figures? sorry i wrote in dat language i need to do a project in sociology for 20 marks and i am not able

    asked by Ms. Sue
  8. Art... Color

    Hello, Does anyone know what colors( excluding black and gray) would communicate a solemn mood? I thought maybe different shades of yellow. For the reason blue and reds did not make sense nor did green, and violet is associated with royal, or majestic, so

    asked by Mandi
  9. alg.

    solve the system by addition: -5x-9y = -5 x+5y=-15 I've tried this one over and over, but I can't seem to get the right answer. I don't even really know where to start. each time i try to do it, i go about it a little differently and i'm completely lost,

    asked by j
  10. Algebra question

    When you solve a system of equations by the substitution method, how do you determine whether the system of equations is dependent? If your variables disappear as you simplify, and you end up with 0=0 (or k=k) the system is dependent. (really just the same

    asked by Nik
  11. quick question regarding equations

    I know there are methods out there but what do you think is the best or easiest method(s) of solving a system of equations. Depends on the coefficients of the equation. If in one of the equations I can solve for one of the variables without having to

    asked by Shawn
  12. accounting1

    Your client is preparing financial statements to show the bank. You know that he has incurred a computer repair expense during the month, but you see no such expense on the books. When you question the client, he tells you that he has not received the

    asked by butler
  13. Maths

    Alvin and Eddy shared some stamps. Rachel has 2/9 of the total stickers. If Serene has 42 stickers, how many stamps do they have altogether? not enough information. Did you switch names? Where do Alvin and Eddy come in?

    asked by Danial

    Why do atoms combine to form compounds? Because it would create stablity. Thank you

    asked by jayjay
  15. human services

    i have a few questions i answered my response is about 300 words and my instructor ask me to finish answerng the questions so is there any way i can post the questions to someone and attach my doc. for someone to review for me and tell me what i need to

    asked by jean
  16. human services my answers

    Progress made in medical sciences is tremendous. Small pox is wiped out. Given the improvement in health care the death rate has reduced compared to centuries ago. Longevity is also significant. As an elected government, it is their responsibility to

    asked by jean
  17. human service instructor feed back

    Hi Jean: You did a great job of answering the first part of the question. However can you look back over the DQ and answer the rest of the questions? Be sure to be thorough in you response. Thanks. I'm glad your instructor liked your answer for the first

    asked by jean
  18. maths

    how wod i solve the following two eqautions? either exactly or to 3 significant a)2^x = 5 b)3^x+1 = 7 i know a) is 2.32 and b) is 0.771 but i don't know how to show it out step by step in how i worked it out . can sum1 plz help me You have to use logs, and

    asked by k
  19. algebra

    solve the system by graphing x+y=4 y=2x+1 I think these are the kind that you take equation #1 and rewrite it as y = -x + 4 and do the table for it plot the dots and connect the line for it. then take equation #2 y= 2x+ 1 do the table and do the same and

    asked by dan

    i have to write a cheer with my name it, and its supposed to be funny. 3, 4, 5 lines? my names kaitlyn, duh. so can you help? Why don't you end each line with a word that rhymes with Kaitlyn? Words that come to mind are begin, win, pin.

    asked by Kaitlyn
  21. Science

    If obligate aerobes were placed in an environment where there was an abundant supply of oxygen, what most likely would happen? Check this article for your answer.

    asked by Ivanna
  22. Literature

    What literature would be considered to be part of the United States' current literary canon? There are so many, it's hard to name just one!! Here is an article about American Lit, with links to many, many

    asked by student
  23. algebra

    1)Identify the y-intercept and the axis of symemetry for the graph of f(x)=-3x^2+6x+12. answer=12:x=1 2)Determine whether f(x)=-5x^2-10x+6 has a maximum or minimum value and find that value. answer=maximum -1 3)Solve x^2=4x by graphing and indicate the

    asked by Marissa
  24. algebra

    1)Solve by factoring:5x^2=4-19x answer=-4,1/5 2)Which quadratic equation has roots 7 and -2/3? answer=A A.2x^2-11x-21=0 B.3x^2-19x-14=0 C.3x^2+23x+14=0 D.2x^2+11x-21=0 3)To solve 4x^2-28x+49=25 by using the square root property,you would first rewrite the

    asked by Marissa
  25. algebra

    1)Find the exact solutions to 3x^2=5x-1 using the quadratic formula. answer=5 plus or minus the square root of 37 over 6 2)Use the discriminant to determine the number and type of roots for the equation 2x^2-7x+9=0 answer=2 complex 3)Identify the

    asked by Marissa
  26. english

    what is a Paragraph Rationale I assume a paragraph rationale is a paragraph giving the reasons supporting a decision. For instance, I might write a paragraph rationale supporting the Jiskha Homework Help Forum and its value in helping students.

    asked by lori
  27. literature

    What is a good definition or meaning of linterary canon. I've read the definition in different books but i am still confused what does it mean. I need help understanding it and memorizing it. Scroll down and read

    asked by student
  28. History

    Why was self-rule initially difficult for the Congo? Self-rule was initially difficult because the Congolese had no experience running companies or governments. They also fought among themselves because they belonged to many different ethnic groups. The

    asked by Maggie
  29. History

    How did the Cold War(period that begun immediately following WWII) affect the Congo? Please check the Cold War article in this encyclopedia.

    asked by Maggie
  30. History

    Why was the United States involved in Patrice Lumumba's assassination? It hasn't been proven that the United States was involved with Lumumba's assassination. The U.S. didn't like him, though, because he was leading the Congo toward the Soviet Union. Check

    asked by Maggie
  31. History

    Why did the United States support the reign of Joseph Mobutu? Check this site.

    asked by Maggie
  32. English

    My teacher asked us to write a poem in the style of Langston Hughes' poem Theme for English B, and I don't see a style. I reread several of Hughes' poems. He used short lines and short words. Some had rhyme schemes, but many did not. He also wrote about

    asked by Carrie
  33. Project Management

    Are there any helpful techniques that I can use to write an effective project report? Website links could be helpful as well. These sites have complete information about writing project reports. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Maxine
  34. history

    What was life in Australia like during in 1910-1914? Particular aspects could include: > Transportation > entertainment > Clothing > Agriculture > Food > Family and social structure Scroll down to the

    asked by Chris
  35. English

    how would i combine these sentences using compound subj. and verbs? -- They use it to produce the energy they need. your muscles need alot of oxygen. you should relax. you should move only as much as necessary. with these techniques you can train yourself

    asked by Kathy
  36. Art .. . Color

    Hello, Would blue, blue violet and violet be considered solemn colors? Thank You It depends on the shade. The darker shades of these colors would be considered somber, I think.

    asked by Mandi