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August 12, 2007

  1. study skills

    what is the persistence triangle? This website discusses a persistance triangle and shows a clear diagram of it. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a pdf file to download that will tell

    asked by anna
  2. math

    construct a frequency and a cumulative frequeny histogram based on the table below. the range for the table are:1-10,11-20,21-30,41-50 The frequency is 2, 3 , 4,4,7, I need to find the cumulative frequency then graph it , I know how to graph it You have 4

    asked by Tashanna
  3. college

    What consititutes an ideal learning enviorment? I would say whatever you are most comfortable with. I like distance learning because it has a lot of flexibility but I do miss the physical classroom environment where the teacher is available on a momen't

    asked by jim
  4. Persuasive Writing

    How do you paraphrase "an entire article" and then reference it in APA format. This instruction confuses me. Can anyone explain? Yes, you can, but it would need to be completely and carefully paraphrased. Here's a good section from a college website --

    asked by marlene
  5. Math

    Al can paint a room in a hours working alone. Bill can paint a room in b hours working alone. Working alone, Bill takes tow more hours to paint a room than Al. Working together, they can paint a room in 8 hours. Write down a system of two equations

    asked by James
  6. math

    write an equation for the parabola with focus (1,3) and vetex (0,3) See the paragraph Analytic Geometry Equations. You will have a choice of equations, you did not state whether the axis of symettry was parallel to x or y axis.

    asked by Marissa
  7. math

    solve the following system of equations algebraically or graphically for x and y: y=xsquare-6x+6 y-x=-4 For an algebraicc solution, show your work here. y=x^2-6x+6 y-x= -4 Let's substitute x-4 for y in the first equation. x-4 = x^2-6x+6 x^2 -7x + 10 = 0

    asked by Tashanna
  8. Algebra

    1)Write an equation for the parabola whose vertex is at (-8,4) and passes through (-6,-2) answer=y=-3/2(x+8)^2+4 2)Solve x^2>_2x+24 answer=x_6 1)Write an equation for the parabola whose vertex is at (-8,4) and passes through (-6,-2) answer=y=-3/2(x+8)^2+4

    asked by Marissa
  9. English

    Is the following sentence a complex sentence? As a result of showing my gregarious personaity, I have many friends. No, it's not complex. Before the comma, there needs to be a clause, not a phrase. Did you find my correction below?? Let me know how you

    asked by Shari
  10. Physics

    I don't understand this statement, could you explain it to me please? Discuss the statement: In the USCS system of measurement the pound (lb.) is a unit of force while in the SI system of measurement the kilogram (kg) is a unit of mass. Why is the lb a

    asked by Soly
  11. Algebra

    1)Find the exact solutions to 3x^2=5x-1 using the quadratic formula. answer=5 plus or minus the square root of 37 over 6 2)Use the discriminant to determine the number and type of roots for the equation 2x^2-7x+9=0 answer=2 complex 3)Identify the

    asked by Marissa
  12. Art... Color... Light

    Hello, Is # 4 Correct? Thank You To take three photographs of the same object outdoors on a clear day, one in the early morning, one at noon, and another near sunset, you would expect the color of the object to appear #1 The same in all photos #2

    asked by Mandi
  13. Safety of Tooth Bleaching

    From what was commented on my report on tooth bleaching hazards, I was curious to know what exactly everyone thought about it. I really thought from the comments I read besides those from drwls, that ideas were inconclusive as to whether it was a good

    asked by ~christina~
  14. Cultural Diversity

    In 300 words describe Average Amercian perceptions of Muslim, Arabs and Christian Americans Here are some previous answers to this question for you:

    asked by Anonymous
  15. English

    Are these complex sentences???? =/ help. 1. Although my friend did not believe, I am a devout Christian. 2. If i remain diligent, I will succeed. 3.Unless he gets the defiant behavior under control, he will be expelled. 4.Because I hate spending my money,

    asked by Shari
  16. Math

    Okay .. i have a trig question for some floor plans that im trying to do. I have a right angle . /| / | c / | a /___| b I have the lengths of side c and b. Both Being 28ft in length. What is the length of side a? The way you have drawn it, or tried to draw

    asked by Matt
  17. math

    I know that on this forum you can't graph but can someone help me with where to plot my lines... Here is the question and my solution...(need to shade solution)will draw two lines(solid) and shade below but need to verify line equation points A small

    asked by Dori
  18. math

    simplify: x^(3/2)(x + x^(5/2) - x^2) add exponents when multiplying. For instance, the first term above x^3/2 * x=x^3/2 * x^2/2=x^5/2 add exponents when multiplying. For instance, the first term above x^3/2 * x=x^3/2 * x^2/2=x^5/2 ok, so would the answer

    asked by julee
  19. math

    k i need to solve the following system: 7x - 8y = 24 xy^2 = 1 i figured out that x = 1/y^2 and i can reduce it to : 7=24y^2+8y^3 but i don't know how to reduce it anymore after that I think I would solve it graphically, that is, plot on my graphing

    asked by ricky
  20. physics

    if the volume of a penny is 0.423cm cubed , how deep would a 30ft diameter swimming pool have to be to hold one billion pennies? One billion * volume penny=volumeswimming pool but volumeswimming pool is equal to height*area so calculate height

    asked by trev
  21. Medical

    What is the best treatment for interstitial lung disease? No one here is competent to answer best: Even a medical doctor would cringe on that one without looking a the patient. If you have

    asked by Shari
  22. Infant and toddler

    Growth and development depend on an intricate interplay among heredity and enviormental influences( both nature and nurture)What are some examples of these influences. Heredity directs that we will walk, run, jump, manipulate objects, and speak. When and

    asked by angie
  23. Algebra

    This will be a multiple post thing so please bear with me. If my answers are wrong then please explain I'll post my work as needed thanks. 1)Identify the y-intercept and the axis of symemetry for the graph of f(x)=-3x^2+6x+12. answer=12:x=1 2)Determine

    asked by Marissa
  24. English

    What is it called when the subject (being you) is automatically understood? Like... Go shut the door. the subject is understood to what is that called? "Go shut the door." is an imperative sentence because it gives a command. Most imperative

    asked by Katy
  25. envoirment

    industries exempt to change in global environment what r them I do not understand you question. You need to expand some.

    asked by basit
  26. Infant and toddler

    How does the motor development of infants extend their ability to interact with people and objects? As the child develops his hand coordination, he is able to grasp toys and food. As he learns to smile, he finds that people smile back at him and give him

    asked by angie
  27. Algebra

    1)Solve by factoring:5x^2=4-19x answer=-4,1/5 2)Which quadratic equation has roots 7 and -2/3? answer=A A.2x^2-11x-21=0 B.3x^2-19x-14=0 C.3x^2+23x+14=0 D.2x^2+11x-21=0 3)To solve 4x^2-28x+49=25 by using the square root property,you would first rewrite the

    asked by Marissa
  28. Critical Thinking

    I need an example non-prejudicial rhetoric. If you take the definition of rhetoric as speech intended to persuade, probably one of the most persuasive lines was John F. Kennedy's admonition to "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do

    asked by marlene
  29. Science

    Does a lightning rod protect against electrical surges? If you mean surges from lightening bolts, maybe. Lightning rods work best when large communities are using them. If used on many high places, the rods dissipate the static charge in the clouds, and

    asked by Dr. Leo
  30. math/algebra

    how do you solve x^2 = 12 take the square root of both sides this gives you x = square root 12 yw

    asked by Anonymous