Questions Asked on
August 7, 2007

  1. physics-speed

    i need help with this one thanks A particle starts from rest and is acted on by a net force that does work at a rate that is proportional to the time t. The speed of the particle is proportional to: a. sq. root t b. t c. t^2 d.1/sq. root t e. 1/t Work done

    asked by Damon
  2. Algebra

    Find two factors of 15 with a difference of 2. I have 1 and 5. Is that correct? if not can you please show me how to do it.Thanks! no the difference between 1 and 5 is four try 5 and 3

    asked by Glenda
  3. Chemistry

    What is the square root of 2.754 x 10^9? Punch in 2.754E9 and hit the square root button.

    asked by Trammy
  4. Art... Shadows

    Hello, I need help with this question please ... My anwser is #2, is that correct? Thank You Your creating a color drawing outdoors at a time of day when the sun produces high- contrast light and many shadows. Which of these makes up an appropriate palette

    asked by Mandi
  5. another problem

    what is the square root of 3.467 x 10^8? I relaly do not know how to punch this into my calculator because I do not have a graphing calculator You don't need a graphing calculator. Punch in 3.467E8 and hit the square root button. The answer is 1.862E4

    asked by Trammy
  6. Algebra

    Insert grouping symbols in the proper place so that the given value of the expression is obtained. 5-3.2+8.5-2;28 I tried it different times and I got 30, so I give up, I need help please. Thanks! Is the decimal point in 3.2 and 8.5 supposed to indicate

    asked by Glenda
  7. marketing

    Read this article to learn about using the Internet to get information for marketing information systems. Technology and Marketing Information Systems/Research Dateline: 02/07/00 Marketing information systems and market research are two important tools to

    asked by sarah
  8. Chemistry

    Which would produce the greatest change in the water level in a 25mL graduated cylinder? a)7.42g of Al (d=2.70 g/mL) b)2.68g of oak (d=0.72g/mL) The answer is a) but I can't see why... It is not the total volume that counts for raising the water level, it

    asked by Vic
  9. chem

    How would i found out the freezing point of a solution which has 0.05mol of acetic acid dissolved into 125g of benzene? Benzene melts at 5.5C and has a constant of 5.1C/m. The acid forms a dimer (what is this and how does it affect the calculations?) A

    asked by Chris
  10. calculus

    Let f(t)=2t²+3t-4 f(t+1)=f(t)+4t+5 TRUE or FALSE answer is true, but i don't know how to get it, please help :( re-arrange your answer to fit their answer. I hope you had f(t+1) = 2t² + 4t + 2 + 3t + 3 - 4 after you expanded which is f(t+1) = (2t² + 3t

    asked by balistic
  11. Chemistry

    1.0L of aqueous solution in which [H2CO3]=[HCO3^-]=0.10M and has [H^+]=4.2E-7. What is the concentration of [H^+] ofter 0.005 mole of NaOH has been added? H2CO3 ==> H^+ + HCO3^- k1 = (H^+)(HCO3^-)/(H2CO3) I don't know if you are supposed to calculate or to

    asked by Vic
  12. Accounting

    Dear sir,Hi, My question is related to Accounting, would appreicaite if you could solve my question. Q. 1

    asked by Mazhar
  13. Chemistry

    i have to write a balanced equation for the combustion of benzene.. C6H6 + O2 ==> CO2 + H2O Answer: C6H6 + 14O2 --> 6C02 + 4H2O Your answer is incorrect. There are more oxygen on the left, and more hydrogen on the right. try coefficients 2,15,12,6

    asked by Anonymous
  14. social studies

    what factor did not contribute to the conquest of the Aztecs in the early 16th century? A. The spread of European diseases B. The technological and cultural weakness of the Aztec state C. Alliances with other indigineous forces D. Religious beliefs among

    asked by Keith
  15. Math

    A purse cost $375.00. It was 25% off. What was the original price? I figured out the answer ($500.00), but I did it the 'hard way'. Can someone show me a mathematical way or equation to do this in the future w/other percentages?? One way you can do this

    asked by jules
  16. Is Tallahassee the midpoint of Pensacola and St. A

    Tallahassee was established as the capitol of Florida because it was between Pensacola and St. Augustine. The distance from Pensacola to Tallahassee can be represented as (3x + 40) miles. The distance from Tallahassee to St. Augustine can be represented as

    asked by Anonymous
  17. human services

    What are some examples of intangible forms of organizational culture? greed. community spirit. pride. competitive attitude.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. physics

    i need some help wih this, thanks!! Blocks A and B are moving toward each other along the x axis. A has a mass of 2.0 kg and a velocity of 50 m/s ( in the positive x direction ), while B has a mass of 4.0 kg and a velocity of -25 m/s ( in the negative x

    asked by Damon
  19. math

    Find the binary equivalent of x^8+x^3+x+1 x^1000 + x^11 + x + 1 I just converted the decimal-format exponents to binary format (0's and 1's times powers of 2). The reason you did not get a reply so far is that most of the tutors have probably never heard

    asked by Damon
  20. physics-intensity

    The intensity of a certain sound wave is 6 ì W.cm2. if its intensity is raised by 10 decibels, the new intensity (in ìW/cm2) is : a. 60 b. 6.6 c. 6.06 d. 600 E. 12 You can calculate this if you wish using logs, but you can do it in your head: 3 db means

    asked by Damon
  21. physics-force

    A uniform ladder is 10 cm long and weights 400 N. It rests with ists upper end against a frictionless vertical wall. Its lower end rests on the ground and is prevented from slipping by a peg driven into the ground. The ladder makes a 30 degrees angle with

    asked by Damon
  22. computer

    Lets suppose I am a Manager of some IT company. We have our IT recruiting team who work on employees to get them job until they don't find job, our company has to pay those employees. My team and I want to research on how to increase their skills so they

    asked by singh
  23. Java

    I am a JAVA Programmer. For some reason, I am unable to find a JAVA job. Can you tell me what i can do to improve my JAVA skills? At this webpage, you can navigate within the TRAINING section (toward the right) to find out how

    asked by Singh
  24. Algebra

    'L' has y-intercept (0,-3) and is parallel to the line with equation y=2/3x+1. (Instructions - write the equation of the line 'L' satisfying the given geometric conditions) We know that two lines that are parallel must have the same slope. So this line

    asked by Bee
  25. algebra II

    Help me solve this problem that I missed, so that I can see where I went wrong. Synthetic Division (3X3 -2x +5). (x-2) I would set it up with the following algorithm to do synthetic division (this is how I do it and how I taught it, the ----- are simply

    asked by Jonathan
  26. business

    can some tell me or give me an example of what the CIA does? What kind of work do they do? The CIA is the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Because it collects information about possible threats to our country, it's been nicknamed the "Spooks"

    asked by RAY

    how will the fundemantal accounting equtation (assets=liabilities+owners equity) change if supplies are purchased on account? explain how tgis purchase will or will not change the owner's equity? i thought maybe if the company buys 1000.00 on office

    asked by AMANDA
  28. integrated science

    what is.. the modem system of units used by scientists? what is.. the curved surface of a liquid? what is.. a process used to find the volume of an irregularly shaped object? (1) S. I. (International scientific) (2) meniscus (3) total immersion (liquid

    asked by martin
  29. literature.

    I am writing on death of a salesman and i am wondering about why willy loman is one of the best known tragic heros in modern literature.. Death of a Salesman portrays the tragedy of "Everyman" in 20th-century America. He tries to make a living for his

    asked by Amanda
  30. Axia ETH125 Cultural Diversity

    How well do you Think Native American Organizations , like the Bureau of Indian Gaming association (NIGA), are helping Ntatve Americans to advance? This question asks what YOU think about Native American organizations. Please check the sources recommended

    asked by faey
  31. literature

    In Agatha Cristie's And then there were none, how does she use suspence to further the plot? Oh, my! Have you read this story? Killing off the people one-by-one involves the reader and creates suspense as the reader knows that another character will be

    asked by Chrissy
  32. science

    There are many tooth whitening products on the market from what I've seen. And also available in treatments from the dentist as my aunt is a dentist so I know. But I don't know why I haven't thought of this from day 1. I saw an ad recently for Listerine

    asked by ~christina~
  33. FIN

    Brady Corporation is a leader in identification, safety, and material solutions. In 1998, the firm was hit hard by faltering foreign markets, so it embarked upon an aggressive campaign to redesign its cost structure. The firm believes this will help it to

    asked by HELP PLEASE!
  34. FIN

    Your directions seem to be clear -- except for which finance site you should reference. How would you like us to help you with this assignment? a quote for the Brady Corporation (you may need to use the Symbol lookup) and look at the company's "Profile".

    asked by Ms. Sue
  35. FIN

    If you tried to copy and paste the chart, it didn't work on this site. Please type the gross margins for those years and tell us your conclusions. Brady Corporation is a leader in identification, safety, and material solutions. In 1998, the firm was hit

    asked by Ms. Sue
  36. English

    Which one of the following statements about writing business letters is True? a. If you forget one of the crucial points of your letter, provide the information in a postscript. b. "Respectfully yours" is usually the most appropriate complimentary close

    asked by Kay
  37. Business

    Which one of the following examples illustrates the style of language appropriate for modern business letters? a. "Appreciating your patronage, we remain...." b. "If I can be of service, kindly advise...." c. "This company sincerely regrets...." d. "We're

    asked by Kay
  38. Chemistry

    can anyone check and see if i balanced the equation for the combustion of benzene correctly, thank you. C6H6 + O2 --> CO2 + H2O Answer: C6H6 + 15O2 --> 6CO2 + 3H2O It doesn't look right to me; however, you can check ALL balanced(?) equations and know when

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Physics

    When do we have to give up on an old theory and try to come up with a new theory? Would it be when the old theory under goes changes? Also, how would I compose my answer to this question into a paragraph? This happens when we suspect that the theory is not

    asked by Soly
  40. Art...light

    Hello, Is this the correct answer,#1? Thank You In the Summer, you are to take a photograph of a lighthous. It's essential that the color of this photograph be "cool". The best time of day to take this photo is #1. 7:00 A.M #2. 11:00A.M #3. 12:00 P.M #4.

    asked by Mandi
  41. algebra

    April buys 8 books for $44.1 paper back book costs$4 and 1 hard back book costs $8. how many of each did she buy? (use an equation to solve) p ---> paperback books h ---> hardcover books use these equations to solve p + h = 8 4p + 8h = 44

    asked by Damoy
  42. physics

    hey i have a some questions i am trying to solve for practice, because i have a test coming up. can you guys help me with them? i will post them Yes. Please show your work, however. Physics is best learned through practice, not by watching others solve

    asked by gomez
  43. physics # 1

    1. If a particle moves in a plane so that its position is described by the function x = Acosùt, and y = Asinùt, it is a.) moving with varying speed along a circle b.) moving with constant speed along a circle c.) moving with constant acceleration along a

    asked by gomez
  44. physics # 2

    2. A particle of mass m and speed v collides at right angles with a very massive wall in a perfectly elastic collision. The magnitude of the change of momentum of the particle is a.) zero b.) mv/2 c.) mv d.) ã (2) mv e.) 2mv Hint: the final momentum is

    asked by gomez
  45. physics # 3

    3. In a perfectly inelastic collision which of the following is conserved, (give the most accurate answer). a.) Linear momentum b.) Kinetic energy c.) Linear momentum d.) Total mechanical energy, (KE +PE) e.) Heat energy

    asked by gomez
  46. physics # 4

    For the following question rank the objects in order from greatest to least. 4. Which object would be the most difficult to begin spinning about its center of mass? a.) Solid sphere b.) Hollow sphere c.) Hallow cylinder d.) Solid disk e.) Solid cylinder

    asked by gomez
  47. physics # 5

    5. The length of a simple pendulum with a period on Earth of one second is most nearly a.) 0.12 m b.) 0.25 m c.) 0.50 m d.) 1.0 m e.) 10.0 m The formula for the period is P = 2 pi sqrt(L/g) g is the acceleration of gravity, 9.8 m/s^2. Solve for L. (or get

    asked by gomez
  48. physics # 6

    6. Which object listed below is not accelerating? a.) A person standing on the surface of the Earth. b.) A satellite in geostationary orbit. c.) A jet traveling at Mach 6.7 in a straight line. d.) A child standing on a merry-go-round. e.) A block

    asked by gomez
  49. physics # 7

    7. An object falling in air experiences a drag force directly related to the square of the speed such that F = Cv2 (where C is a constant of proportionality). Assuming that the buoyant force due to air is negligible, the terminal velocity of this falling

    asked by gomez
  50. physics # 8

    8. A large explosion is heard by two people. The first is located 10 meters away and the second is located 40 meters away. By which factor is the intensity of the second observer compared to the first? a.) 16 b.) 4 c.) 1/4 d) 1/16 e.) 1/900 Ever heard of

    asked by gomez
  51. physics # 9

    9. A block attached to a spring of negligible mass undergoes simple harmonic motion on a frictionless horizontal surface. The potential energy of the system is zero at the equilibrium position and has a maximum value of 50 J. When the displacement of the

    asked by gomez
  52. physics - what i think

    1. E 2. A 3. C 4. don't know 5. don't know 6. C 7. don't know 8. don't know 9. don't know #2 is not A

    asked by gomez