Questions Asked on
August 3, 2007

  1. Chemistry Logic

    How can I tell a conjugate base from a regular base and a conjugate acid from a regular acid? For example, in: H2O + HONH3 (reversible arrows) HONH2 + H3O+ What is the acid, base, conjugate base, conjugate acid? Is there no base and conjugate base since

    asked by Taasha
  2. Chemistry

    How can you find out how many unpaired electrons are present in gaseous Co3+ ion in its ground state? According to the NBS Circular 467 "Atomic Energy Leves", Co(3+) has 24 electrons with structure 1s(2), 2s(2), 2p(6),3s(2), 3p(6), 3d(6), and spectroscopic

    asked by Vic
  3. math

    Gorang bought 60kg apples at Rs 48 per Kg. he sold 70% of the apples at Rs 60 per kg and the remaining apples at Rs 35 kg.Find Gorang gain or lost percent the whole transaction. amount he paid = 60(48) RS = 2880 Rs income from sale = .7(60)(60) +

    asked by priya
  4. algebra

    simplify: square root of 5 + square root of 20 - square root of 27 + square root of 147. simplify: 6/4square root of 2 sqrt 5 + sqrt 20 - sqrt 27 + sqrt 147 = sqrt 5 + sqrt (4*5) - sqrt (3*9) + sqrt (49*3) = 3 sqrt 5 - 3 sqrt 3 + 7 sqrt 3 = 3 sqrt 5 + 4

    asked by erin
  5. Algebra

    A bus leaves a station at 1 P.M., traveling west at an average rate of 44 mi/h. One hour later a second bus leaves the same station, traveling east at a rate of 48 mi/h. At what time will the buses be 274 mi apart? (44 mi/hr x time) + 44 mi = distance 1.

    asked by Kattbyrde
  6. Chemistry, #1

    At 40 degrees C, the value of Kw is 2.92 x 10^-14. a)Calculate the [H+] and [OH-] in pure water at the same temperature. b)What is the pH of pure water at that temperature? I know how to do this with Kw being 1.0 x 10^-14 at 25 degrees C, but how do I do

    asked by Taasha
  7. math

    How many sides does a regular octagon have, and what do we know about its sides and angles I think a octagon has 8 sides but I don't know about the angles...I'll go and look it up and if I find out I'll post it I found on wikipedia that it's internal

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Algebra 2

    Using synthetic division: x^3 + 4x^2 - 3x - 12 / x^2 - 3 Write it out like a long division problem. x^-3 goes into x^3 + 4x^2 -3x -12x times. This is the first term of the answer. Multiply x by x^2 -3 and write the product under the dividend. That would be

    asked by Juri
  9. Utilizing Inforamtion

    Do you think this is a good hypothesis statement. "Does the chemical balance or imbalance triggers the mind towards the opposite sex"? The main thing that needs changing there is the verb "triggers". Since you are using "or" , then you are dealing with

    asked by GIGI
  10. reading

    Who is the antagonist in "The Face on the Milk Carton"? Also, what is the climax and what is the type of conflict. Please and thank you. Please check this site. Thank you for the site, but it still

    asked by aj
  11. english

    how can this sentence be corrected "The ball was hit by the boy." The sentence was not incorrect in the first place, but it was in passive voice, and both bobby and Kayse have turned it around and put it in active voice. It's always MUCH better to write in

    asked by Crystal
  12. Algebra

    Write the ratio of 7 nickels to 2 quartes in simplest form (7x5)/(25x2) = 35/50 = ?

    asked by paul
  13. mythology

    babylonian myths of creation and myths of the gods...the enuma elish...the gilgamesh epic...where can i find this topics??? For the Enuma Elish (creation myth) I recommend For Gilgamesh, try

    asked by klar maesen
  14. Alg 2

    x^6-y^6 fist look at as a difference of squares: (x^3)2 - (y^3)2 =(x^3 + y^3)(x^3 - y^3) Now you have the sum of cubes and the difference of cubes, I assume you know the formulas for those. So you can keep going (x+y)(x^2-xy+y^2)(x-y)(x^2+xy+y^2) would be

    asked by Bri
  15. Math...Geometry

    Hello, Can someone please tell me if I worked this out correct and ended with the right answer? Thank You... I need to find the area and Height of this right triangle ( only knowing the lengths of its sides)side 6,5,11... Is this correct? sides 6, 5, 11 --

    asked by Mandi
  16. algebra

    simplify (6x^3-16x^2+11x-5)/(3x-2) (3x-2)(2x-1)^2-3 my muliple choice is: a)6x^2-12x+3 -9 3x-2 b)2x^2-4x+1 -9 3x-2 c)2x^2-4x+1 -1 3x-2 d)x^2+8x-3 -9 3x-2 the 3x-2's are all under the last number. typo on b. the last number is 3 the signs are the same. im

    asked by erin
  17. maths/probability

    q/ in a soccer match where team a has form figures of W/2 D/1 L/7 and team b has form figures of W/3 D/4 L/3 whatis the likely outcome of the match percentage wise for team a W/ L/ D/ ? if team a has form figures of W/2 D/1 L/7 and team b W/3 D4 L/3 you

    asked by james
  18. algebra2

    Solve the matrix equation: 4 -5 m 32 1 2 * n = -5 if you meant this │4-5│ │m│ │1 2│ │n│ = │23│ │-5│ then this would result in the following two equations. 4m-5n=32 m+2n=-5 solve these for m and n, I got m=3 and n=-4

    asked by anonymous
  19. Business statistics

    An accounting firm recently stated: "The client's mean sales per customer is estimated to be between $14.50 and $28.50. Further this estimate is based on a random sample of 100 customers and was computed using 95% confidence. Discuss the appropriateness of

    asked by Huntsville33
  20. Physics

    Jack rides his 213kg motor cross bike 25.3m up a 30.0 degree slope at a constant speed. what is the energy his bike expends if the frictional force opposing its movement is one-tenth its weight? Are you sure the mass is 213 kg? Shouldn't it be 21.3 kg? Or

    asked by Jarin
  21. Grammar

    It's hard to believe that a woman her age could accomplish so much. My answer: no change Why not this? It's hard to believe that she could accomplish so much. I believe this is a sentence in a "non-sexist, non-agist" type of assignment, so you need to get

    asked by Laurie
  22. Grammar

    I need help with the following question: The law from the 1800s mandated that men could buy alcohol and cigarettes only from a state store. My question to this is back in the 1800's women were not allowed to by alcohol, so I don't think this is a biased

    asked by Elizabeth
  23. math

    Eliminate the parameter (What does that mean?) and write a rectangular equation for (could it be [t^2 + 3][2t]?) x= t^2 + 3 y = 2t Without a calculator (how can I do that?), determine the exact value of each expression. cos(Sin^-1 1/2) Sin^-1 (sin 7pi/6)

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    is a squre a rhombus? Yes. See this site for more information about a rhombus.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. American History

    I need help writing a biography on John D. Rockefeller. I don't know much about him, but every time I search under his name I come up with a really complicated, long biography. I just need some information that a sixth grader can understand. Thanks for any

    asked by Jenna
  26. geometery

    does a rhombus has opposite angles that are supplementary yep they do..a rhombus' angles are all 360/4angles= 90 degrees each so if you add 90 and 90 = 180 and thus suplementary (180 deg) What do you mean by "opposite angles" ? The angles on

    asked by Anonymous
  27. english

    How could I rewrite this sentence " Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Never found out what happened to them. Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered, but no one knows what really happened to them. You might think about

    asked by Ashley
  28. sentence correction

    I don't see anything wrong with this sentence: It will be greatly appreciated if the bill is paid by check when possible. You're right; there's nothing wrong with this sentence. But you can make it much better by putting it in the active and not passive

    asked by Anonymous
  29. english

    "Dr. Frankenstein flung a power switch, blue streamers of static electricity crackled about the table the creature gave a grunt and opened smoldering eyes." I am suppose to add comma splices to this sentence but where do they go I really don't know. There

    asked by Brittany
  30. english

    The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, Frankenstein uttered a piercing scream. How do you rewite a fused sentence Fused sentences and comma splices are just variations of the same thing -- run-on sentences. Just be sure you

    asked by Crystal
  31. Utilizing Inforamtion

    What would be some reputable sites that I can find out what makes your chemical balance or imbalance triggers the mind towards the opposite sex Since body chemicals (e.g., hormones) are in a constant state of flux, it is hard to tell exactly what is a

    asked by GIGI
  32. Algebra

    A bus leaves a station at 1 P.M., traveling west at an average rate of 44 mi/h. One hour later a second bus leaves the same station, traveling east at a rate of 48 mi/h. At what time will the buses be 274 mi apart? They separate at a rate of 44 + 48 = 92

    asked by Kattbyrde
  33. ap european history

    What are Cluniac reformers This article briefly describes the Cluniac reformers. The Cluniac Reformers were a group of monastic monks of the tenth century in France. The Church in Europe was under great stress

    asked by Bobus
  34. Chemistry, #4

    Calculate the concentration of an aqueous HNO3 solution that has a pH=5.08. pH = 5.08. Convert that to (H^+). Since HNO3 is a strong acid and it is 100% ionized, (H^+) = (HNO3).

    asked by Taasha
  35. basic math

    can anyone give me the measurments of how much goes into a cup so i can memorize them? like how many teaspoons are in a cup tablespoons and whatever else goes into a cup. PLease??? and also how many cups go into a quart and all that stuff. whatever else

    asked by chris
  36. algebra

    solve for x (24+2x)(10+2x) - 240 = 152 First multiply. 24(10) = ___ 2x (2x) = ____ Now subtract 240. Can you finish the problem from here? dont i need to put this in equatic equation to solve for x. cause i need to find the width of a small rectangle

    asked by q
  37. help with solving

    x^2+(x-2)^2 = (2x-6)^2 solve for x. thanks so much. Please keep in mind that tutors here won't simply do your work for you. I'm sure you'll get a better response if you show your work as far as you can get, so tutors will know where you get stuck. =) it

    asked by q
  38. math

    10% of 370 is 27 right? Nope. 370 x .1 = 37 oh thank you! durr right? whata gonna do?

    asked by chris
  39. Physics

    A yo-yo is spun from rest by pulling on the string with a constant tension of 2.0 N. The radius of the inner rod on which the string is strung around is 0.50 cm. The tension is applied for 5.0 seconds after which the yo-yo is observed to spin with an

    asked by bobby
  40. Early Child Ed.

    Would you please check these questions and my answers? I posted these yesterday,but,I wanted to repost to get others input. If you don't agree with my answers, please let me know which ones I need to recheck. 1. The concept of "goodness-of-fit" would be

    asked by Tamera
  41. Early Child Ed-" reposted question"

    I asked this question yesterday- and several resposponders said that (D) the child's needs -would be the best answer. Why couldn't (B) getting the child ready for school- be a possible correct answer? Transition planning is to get the child into school to

    asked by Tamera
  42. Math

    I need need help with this math problem. I need to know do I start from left to right with the parentheses or brackets first. (15-5)/[(12/2*2)-2] Brackets first Work from the outside in. When you wrote 12/2*2, it is not clear whether you mean 12/(2*2) or

    asked by ms kay
  43. Written communication

    How can I re-write this sentence? Each advisor was contacted by his students. Assignment: Inclusive Language:Making Language Nonsexist All advisors were contacted by

    asked by Christine
  44. math

    IF f(x) = {(3,5), (2,4), (1,7)} h(x)= {(3,2), (4,3), (1,6)} determine each of the following: (f+h)(1)= how do I add f and h? (f o h)(3)= how would I multiply f and h? f^-1(x)= how would I find the inverse of f? 1/f(x)= how would I do that? f(1) = 7 and

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Physics

    Another Question---- A ball of clay of mass m travels with a velocity v in a path tangent to a disk of radius R and mass M. The clay collides with the disk tangentially to its outer rim (a totally inelastic collision) and the clay and disk begin to spin

    asked by bobby
  46. fin

    Last year Rattner Robotics had $5 million in operating income (EBIT). The company had net depreciation expense of $1 million and interest expense of $1 million; its corporate tax rate was 40 percent. The company has $14 million in current assets and $4

    asked by baby2