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July 24, 2007

  1. Writing this equation

    how do I write the equation of a line perpendicular to the line 6x – 3y=10 and containing the point (-6, 2). The line you are given can have its equation rewritten im y = mx + b as: y = 2x - 10/3 That tells you that is slope is m = 2. A line that is

    asked by Katty
  2. science(chem) Dr.Bob (activity coeficent)

    When a 0.1M solution of weak acid HA was titrated with a 0.1M NaOH. The pH measured when Volbase=1/2Voleq point was 4.62. Using the activity coeficents, calculate pKa. fA-=0.854 and fHA=1.00 For this I'm confused once again. I know that using the activity

    asked by christina
  3. Pseudocode programming

    I need a currency conversion application. It does not have to be written in an actual programming language, just the pseudocode as well as the elements listed below. Complete requirements analysis Design Verification Validation and test documentation The

    asked by Rick
  4. Managerial econ 1

    1)The Midnight hour, a local nightclub, earned $100,000 in accounting profit last year. This year the owner, who had invested $ 1 million in the club, decided to close the club. What can you say about economic profit (and the rate of return)in the

    asked by Ed
  5. Geometry

    Can someone show me how to solve this? Someone tried to explain it to me-I didn't get it.A line contains the points (3, -4) and (5, 2). Another line graphed in the same coordinate plane contains the points (0, 5) and (-2, -1). Based on the slopes of these

    asked by Jim
  6. arithmetics

    ok i have a few more questions. this question. If a barrel has a capacity of 100 gallons, how many gallons will it contain when it is two-fifths full? I know its 40 gallons but how and why? this one also. the number of half-pound packages of tea that can

    asked by christina
  7. Math

    Given P (x) = x-1/ 2x-3, Find P (-2) The notation P(-2) for your given P(x) means that wherever you see an x, replace it with -2, then evaluate so P(-2) = (-2-1)/-4-3) = -3/-7 = 3/7 (The way you wrote your expression, according to the order of operation,

    asked by Nicole Maberry
  8. Algebra

    I think that the goal is to get rid of the 5th root in this case. I know that I have to make whatever is under or in the root -in this case the number is X equal some number to the fifth power. I am supposed to use the rule a^(m/n)= n (the n-root) (don't

    asked by Tammy
  9. Algebra

    Please read and then help me! (x^(-3/5)) ----------- divide x ^ (1/5) I know the problem then needs to look like this: (x^(-3/5))(x^(-1/5)) (multiply the two above) Then it needs to look like this: (I can't write it though, so I'll tell you) The 5th root

    asked by Tammy
  10. Managerial Econ 2

    2)The manager of All City realtors wants to hire some real estate agents to specialize in selling housing units acquired by the Resolution Trust Commission (RTC) in its attempt to bail out the savings and loan industry. The commission paid by RTC to the

    asked by Ed
  11. Math/Algebra

    At Gwen's garage sale, all books were one price, and all magazines were another price. Harriet bought four books and three magazines for 1.45, and June bought two books and five magazines for 1.25. What was the price of a book and what was the price of a

    asked by Bianca
  12. Math

    Solve for x: 5/x+6+2/x^2+7x+6=3/x+1 5/x+5+2/(x+6)(x+1)=3/x+1 5(x+6)(x+1)/x+6+2(x+6)(x+1)/(x+6)(x1)=3(x+6)(x+1)/x+1 5(x+1)+2=3(x+6) 5x+5+2=3x+18 5x+7=3x+18 2x=11 x=11/2 or 5 1/2 is my method correct? and I need assitance checking my answer. Thanks for your

    asked by Dragonfly
  13. arithmetics

    ok i understand now what 3/4 means and i know what 1/2 of a cup is but what does 3/4 of a cup mean. You can do it with blocks but not with how much is in the cup. I don't understand. will someone help me? You can do it with blocks. Let four blocks equal a

    asked by christina
  14. math problems

    thanks alot for giving me those sites but i already know this stuff. They don't teach how to read an aritmetic problem so its confusing to me what to do with them, when sometimes its so obvious i just need someone to actually explain it to me in a diffent

    asked by christina
  15. Geometry Question

    Can someone show me how to solve this?The measure of an angle is 20 less than 3 times its supplement. Find the measure of the angle. Let M be the measure of the angle. M+20=3(180-M) solve for M.

    asked by jim
  16. investments

    I would like to know what are the best website to buy and sell stocks online at a very low price. I never done it before, and i am just a biginner so can you please tell me You ask a good question, I think. Buying stocks cheaply does have obvious

    asked by emma82
  17. Economics

    1. T / F When the economy is booming the inflation rate tends to rise. 2. T / F Both final and intermediate goods are counted when measuring GDP. 3. T / F Exchange rates are always set by central banks 4. T / F Investments are determined by consumers. 5. T

    asked by Marvin
  18. Macro Econ

    Which of the following argues in favor of using Gross Domestic Product as a measure of economic well-being?

    asked by Ethan
  19. criminal justice

    i need to write with supporting facts on why Facts against capital punshment Here's a whole bunch of websites with information:

    asked by Debra
  20. english

    the guide words at the top of the two dictionary pages are exploratory and exuberant which word would not be found between these guide words a-express b-external c-extrude d-exactly Which word do you think does not come between expl- and exub? If you post

    asked by mario
  21. bio

    how does a Dichotomous Key work. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Be sure to visit the following sites: 1. 2. (Broken Link Removed) 3.

    asked by alfonso
  22. Economics

    1. T / F

    asked by Marvin
  23. investment

    When do i need to short a stock and place a stop order in a stock? Do you also know a website were i can find graph about bullish and bearish stocks. thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully something here will help you: 1.

    asked by lollicupy

    I am trying to see if I should use raised or reared when speaking of a child. According to the usage note in Random House Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary, either raise or rear is correct in standard American English.

    asked by MARCIA
  25. english

    How well do you think Native American organizations, like the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), are helping Native Americans to advance? Explain your answer.

    asked by Anoited One
  26. soc

    Is modernization likely to continue in the U.S.? Explain your answer. Do you think people would be willing to go backward to prior technologies and ways of living, or will the society keep on "modernizing"? Once you "explain your answer, please be sure to

    asked by bob

    SOLVE: ã(4x+ 5) + 1 = 0 ã(4x+ 5)= -1 (ã(4x+ 5))squared= (-1)squared 4x + 5 = 1 I know I solve for x I get that x = 1 but my book states that x = -1 Please show me how this is true I don't understand what the term ã means. Can you retype the

    asked by Dee
  28. ethics

    Trends in immigration will continue to shape the face of the United States. What will this face look like in the year 2050? Here are the results of a Google search for US population projection 2050:

    asked by philip
  29. human biology

    I need some information on the nephron and H+ ions. My book just has it in a diagram, but the diagram talks mostly about the K+ ion relationship. Can someone just give the gist of the H+ relationship with the nephron? thanks Since this is not my area of

    asked by jamie