Questions Asked on
July 22, 2007

  1. science( chem)

    When 100.0ml of a weak acid was titrated with 0.09381M NaOH, 27.63ml were required to reach the equivalence point. The pH at the equivalence point was 10.99. What was the pH when only 19.47ml of NaOH had been added ? I'll just post my work and I need

    asked by christina
  2. maths

    the sum of N positive integers is 19. what is the maximum possible product of these N numbers? thx. Nice problem. Let's look at some cases 1. N=2 clearly our only logical choices are 9,10 for a product of 90 It should be obvious that the numbers should be

    asked by Jarin
  3. science( chem)

    When a 0.1M solution of weak acid HA was titrated with a 0.1M NaOH. The pH measured when Volbase=1/2Voleq point was 4.62. Using the activity coeficents, calculate pKa. fA-=0.854 and fHA=1.00 For this I'm confused once again. I know that using the activity

    asked by christina
  4. Finance; Stock Valuation

    Early in 2007, Inez Marcus, the chief financial officer for Suarez Manufacturing, ws given the task of assessing the impact of a proposed risky investment on the firm's stock value. To perform the necessary analysis, Inez gathered the following information

    asked by Tina
  5. Chemistry

    The output of a diesel generator, which contains a mixture of CO2 and H2O gases, is collected in a sealed vessel at 447 K. As the mixture cools to 298 K, the pressure falls from 3.0 atm to 0.80 atm. What is the ratio of CO2 to H2O in the mixture? Have you

    asked by Vic
  6. algebra/inequalities

    help!I am stuck: 2x/4 + 4 = 10x/4 + 10 add -4 to each side. 2x/4=10x/4+6 multpily each side by 4 2x=10x + 24 subtract 10 x from each side. -8x=24 divide each side by -8

    asked by jeanie
  7. science( chem)

    The total Carbon dioxide content (HCO3- + CO2) in a blood sample is determined by acidifiying the sample and measuring the volume of CO2 evolved with a van slyke manometric apparatuses. The total concent was determined to be 28.5 mmol/L. The blood pH at

    asked by christina
  8. maths

    eight points lie on the circumference of a circle. one of them is labelled P. chords join some or all of the pairs of these points so that the seven points other than P lie on different numbers of chords. what is the minimum number of chords on which P

    asked by Jarin
  9. math/algebra

    I have a triangle one side = 3 side 2 = square root5 - square root 3 side 3 = square root 5 + square root 3 I can get the answer 3 and I know I am missing the square root part of the equation can you help me by showing how this problem is worked so I can

    asked by Dee
  10. motorised gates

    Try this website: Try different search terms until you find what you're looking for. =) how do they work ? A trick many employ to open and close gates: they use an endless helical drive screw, so the motor turns the screw only

    asked by Writeacher
  11. Exceptional children

    Does anyone know of some great websites that I can get some info on disabled or exceptional children performing self-care tasks on a daily basis? (Like brushing teeth, taking a bath). I need info on the daily struggles these kids face. I need to do a tasks

    asked by "Information needed"
  12. Riddles, etc.

    Since riddles aren't homework, Chris's riddle and many others need to be posted in the Riddles section at the very bottom of the main Jiskha page. Thanks. =)

    asked by Writeacher
  13. math/algebra

    I keep confusing myself. Please check and show me where I am mixed up. (8+ ã48)/4 = (8+ ã(2 .24))/4 =1+2ã6 where am I missing it?

    asked by Dee
  14. World Religions

    Many people see life on earth as constant worry, physical poverty, spiritual alienation, sickness, hatred, mindless toil, and death. The ultimate goal of nirvana or being one with the Atman seems infinitely better than suffering on earth. For more

    asked by Ms. Sue
  15. math, algebra II

    Can someone explain to me step by step how the book got to this answer i want to understand the steps....thanks Find the inverse, if it exists,for the matirx (*I used the underscore to separate the numbers within the matix) -2_1_3 3_-1_2 -4_2_0 the answer

    asked by student
  16. math help

    Can someone explain to me the following step by step , i 've looked in websites , plus the book and i want to understand how this problem has this answer. Problem #1 Find the inverse if it exists, for the matrix. -2_1_3 3_-1_0 -4_2_0 Answer is: -4_6_5

    asked by student
  17. math,help

    can someone explain to me this one as well step by step...thanks Problem #2 Solve the matrix equation AX=B for X by finding A to power. A= 2_-1_3 -3_4_-5 -4_0_6 b= 9 6 -9 Solution is: 5.43 8.22 2.12

    asked by student
  18. business

    how do I write a business solution of at least 350 words addressing a business communication problem? First you need to identify the business communication problem you want to address. Then decide on three or four ways to solve this problem. I suggest you

    asked by snoppy
  19. Statistical Analysis

    I have an assignment over surveys and I am having trouble with a question. Any help would be appreciated. Question; How can one work to ensure the participants of a survey will have their responses kept private and the information gained is unbiased?

    asked by Jo
  20. Ethics

    What moral responsibilities would a leader have working in the dental field. You may divide the normal responsibilities into two major categories, One is called "--the beneficence model (to

    asked by Lakia
  21. HELP

    The general manager of a business encounters many different types of business transactions. Provide an example of a transaction that would describe the effect on the accounting equation. Each situation is independent of the other situations. a. The

    asked by queen
  22. math

    Hello tutors by any chance is there anyone who can assit me with theprevious problems that i posted..dealing with math subject Here is a website explaining how to invert a 3x3 matrix. Many steps are

    asked by student
  23. Math

    How do you write equations for perpendicular lines? I will assume you know how to find the equation of a line if you know the slope and a point on that line. The key thing to remember is: Two perpendicular lines have slopes that are opposite reciprocals of

    asked by Zoe
  24. global

    why could it be said that the historic period is only a minute in comparison ti the 24 hours of the day? The historic period began about 5,000 years ago when writing was first developed in Mesopotamia (now Iraq). Modern man has existed for at least 100,000

    asked by Victoria
  25. math

    Tickets for a concert sold for $11 and $8. If 600 tickets were sold for one evening and the receipts were $5500, how many of each were sold? Let the number of $11 tickets be x, then the number of $8 tickets would be 600-x Now we consider the cost of these

    asked by vet