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July 19, 2007

  1. SAT Math

    At a basketball tournament involving 8 team played 4 games with each of the other teams. How many games were played at the tournament? a. 64 b. 98 c. 112 d. 128 e. 224 I worked out the problem (8 cpr 4), and I got 70. As you can see, it is not of the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. linear algebra

    which of the following sets of vectors span R^3? a.){(1, -1, 2), (0, 1, 1)} b.) {1, 2, -1), (6, ,3, 0), (4, -1, 2), (2, -5, 4)} c.) {(2, 2, 3), (-1, -2, 1), (0, 1, 0)} d.) {(1, 0, 0), (0, 1, 0), (0, 0, 1), (1, 1, 1)} can someone show the steps to check for

    asked by chris
  3. Science

    if one cup has a larger volume of water in it than a second cup, which would you expect to have a larger amount of dissolved oxygen (or would it be equal for both)? I would expect more water to dissolve more oxygen. More water dissolves more salt, more

    asked by susan
  4. Grammar

    Does it matter where you put the word "not" in a sentence? Would I say I'm usually not or I'm not usually? Also, did I use the quotation marks correctly in my sentence? Let's assume that this is the complete sentence. "I'm usually not so late." You want

    asked by Mary
  5. Managerial Economics

    I'm not sure I have the formulas correct for this problem and I do not know what the labor hours are.... Dimex Company, a sheet-metal mfg., estimates its long run production function is: 3 3 2 2 Q = -0.015625K L + 10K L where Q is the number of body panels

    asked by Ed
  6. Algebra

    (3x+4)/(3x-4)+(3x-4)/(3x+4) --------------------------- Divide top by bottom (3x-4)/(3x+4)-(3x+4)/(3x-4) Very Big Problem and help would be greatly appreciated not that tough once you notice that your question has the pattern (a/b + b/a)÷(b/a - a/b) where

    asked by Tammy
  7. Managerial Econ 2

    1)The chief economist for Argus Corporation, a large appliance mfg., estimated the firm’s short-run cost function for vacuum cleaners using an average variable cost function of the form: 3 AVC = a + bQ + cQ Where AVC = dollars per vacuum cleaner and Q =

    asked by Ed
  8. Circles.

    Ok I'm trying to find the radius of a circle with the given measurement. 4/5C=17 C stands for Circumference. Solve for C (multiply both sides by 5/4) Then, solve for radius R= C/2PI

    asked by Scott
  9. Chem 2

    A 0.15 M solution of butanoic acid, C3H7COOH, has a pH of 2.8210. Find the Ka of butanoic acid. Call buanoic acid HB. Then the ionization is HB ==> H^+ + B^- To start (HB) = 0.15 (H^+) = 0 and (B^-) = 0 After ionization, (H^+) = x but that is found by

    asked by Jess
  10. English Standard

    How do you explain the techniques in Area of Study: Physical journey type questions? I don't really understand what you are asking, but I entered area of study: physical journey in Google's search box, and here are some of the results: Bored of

    asked by theGuy
  11. social studies

    i need to know what in the body there is 11 of or what 11 may relate to a certain body part? Need human physiology help here. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The first book on this site mentions 11 body systems:

    asked by mel
  12. math problem

    I'm trying to get a handle on what square roots are (I think that's what they are called). Here is an example. 4(almost like a division sign but it is more like a check mark)3. I don't understand what it is, its a square root? and How do I deal with these

    asked by Scott
  13. distance formula

    Hey thanks, stupid negative..... Ok now I'm trying to figure out the distance formula. the coordinates are (-1,3) and (2,5) So I take (5-3)^2 + (2-1)^2 and get 2^2 + 1^2. so 4 + 1 is 5. so the square root of 5 is the answer? your second subtraction is

    asked by Scott
  14. Health and human Services

    I need to compile a list of the health and human services agencies in state of virginia I am little confused what I need for this Am I needing to list the differnt offices like Department of Social Services United Way Any suggestions appreciated I'd start

    asked by RAY
  15. ETH 125

    WOW, LOL seems like we all done the same thing to find an answer to a question. Tooooo funny. I am in my second week of ETH and was browsing for an answer to how sociologist calculate prejudice. :( really strugglin in COM 215 anyone have any advice. I

    asked by Tonya
  16. social studies

    what is courthouse. What is the role of the people working there. What happens there. A courthouse is the place where a judge or group of judges hear and decide decisions. In addition to the judges there are usually court officers who act in policing the

    asked by Ron
  17. social studies

    What is the role of the witness in the courthouse? What is the role of lawyer? You can look up both roles in a dictionary and/or a search engine such as Goofle.

    asked by ron
  18. Critical Thinkhing

    How can you tell the difference between prejudicial and nonprejudical. prejudicial - "leading to premature judgment or unwarranted opinion ". Anything which leads influencing other toward one side of an argument is prejudicial. Statements of opinion are

    asked by Sheila Henderson
  19. Critical Thinkhing

    How can you tell the difference between prejudicial and nonprejudical. Busy, see the answer to Shelia's question below.

    asked by Busy Bee
  20. Chemistry

    Can someone please explain how to do this problem? I am really confused. Thank you. 3. How much heat does 32.0 grams of water absorb when it is heated from 25.0 degrees Celsius to 80.0 degrees Celsius? q = mass*specific heat water*(Tfinal-Tinitial) = ??.

    asked by Amy
  21. Chemistry

    Can someone please explain how to solve this problem. Thank you very much. A chunk of silver has a heat capacity of 42.8 J/degrees C. If the silver has a mass of 181 grams, calculate the specific heat of silver. Heat capacity is 42.8 J/C for 181 g. What

    asked by Allyssa
  22. Axia

    The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, Frakenstein uttered a piercing scream I'm not sure what you are asking here, but if it's about the construction or any errors in what you've typed in, here goes: That is not a

    asked by Julie
  23. reading

    When is the book, "Maniac Magee", taking place? If the author doesn't give a specific time setting (year or decade or whatever), then he probably means for it to be a "timeless" story, one that could happen

    asked by Allison
  24. Chemistry

    q = mass*specific heat water*(Tfinal-Tinitial) = ??. mass is 32.0 g Tfinal = 80.0 Tinitial = 25.0 You need to look up the specific heat of water and plug in the numbers. Solve for q. Post your work if you get stuck. so does q equal 1760 what are the units?

    asked by Allyssa
  25. Algebra

    simplify: X - - 2x-5 ___ 4 ______ x-3 x + 2 Sara, use parenthesis, like this: x/(x-5) + (3x+6)/(x+2)

    asked by Sara
  26. Algebra

    x/(x-3)-4-(2x-5)/(x+2) If the problem is this: x/(x - 3) - 4 - (3x - 5)/(x + 2) ...find a common denominator to start. The common denominator is (x - 3)(x + 2), then convert each term using the common denominator. Here's a start: [x(x + 2)/(x - 3)(x + 2)]

    asked by Sara
  27. Algebra

    (3x^2+2)/(x^2-4)-(9x-x^2)/(x^2-4) Your problem: (3x^2+2)/(x^2-4)-(9x-x^2)/(x^2-4) Since the denominator is the same, just subtract the numerator: (3x^2 + 2 - 9x + x^2)/(x^2 - 4) -->remember to use the distributive property with the negative over the terms

    asked by Sara
  28. Algebra

    Solve S=a/(1-r) for r S = a/(1-r) Multiply both sides by 1-r S*(1-r) = [(1-r)*a]/(1-r) Simplify S*(1-r) = a Multiply terms on the left. S - S*r = a Subtract S from both sides. S-S*r - S = a - S Simplify -S*r = a - S Multiply both sides by -1 S*r = -a+S

    asked by Sara
  29. algebra

    Solve Q=(n-s)/n for n To get you started, multiply both sides by n and go from there. Post your work if you get stuck AND tell us what you don't understand about the next step.

    asked by Tammy
  30. International business

    How and why would a seller make a sale to a buyer that has no money the seller can use? Perhaps the buyer trades something of value to the seller. For instance the buyer might barter lumbering rights in a forest for heavy earth-moving equipment. what are

    asked by momma
  31. english

    Dr. Frankenstein flung a powere switch, blue streamers of static electricity crackled about the table the creature gave a grunt and opened smoldering eyes. Is this a comma splice and if so how do I fix it? Yes, it definitely has a comma splice AND a fused

    asked by Shavaughn Angelle