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July 17, 2007

  1. chem

    3.0 mol sample of KClO3 was decomposed according to the equation 2KClO3 = 2KCl + 3 O2 How many moles of O2 are formed assuming 100% yield? is it 3 moles? I don't want to work through the details of this problem completely. Tell me what you don't understand

    asked by jill
  2. investments

    #13 Hunter corporation had a dividend payout ratio of 63% in 1999.the retention rate in 1999 was. a)37% d)0% b)63% e)100% c)50% #14 The beta for the DAK corporation is 1.25. If the yield on 30 year T-bonds is 5.65%, and the long term average return on the

    asked by emma82
  3. Early Child Ed.

    1. Anecdotal records are often used to gather information on a child's development because: A. writing down everything a child says or does is important. B. they tell you how long a behavior lasts. C. they explain the reasons for a child's behavior. D.

    asked by Tamera
  4. Chemistry

    how many psi are in an atm? 14.7 lbs/in2 = 1 atm. An easy way to have your conversions checked is to go to and type in, for example, 1 atmosphere to pounds per square inch and hit the go button.

    asked by Janice
  5. science( chem)

    For the lab of Determining the % of iron in an iron ore sample The instructions were to: 1) Weigh out btw 0.3-0.4g of iron ore 2) disolve in concent HCl (10ml) and 3ml of 0.25M SnCl2 3) add enough tin so the yellow color disapeared 4) heat until sample

    asked by christina
  6. One more Chem

    One more A helium balloon has a volume of 2.30 L at 23.5 deg C and a pressure of 1.00 atm at sea level. the ballon is released and floats upward. At a certain height the atmospheric pressure is 0.810 atm and the temp is 12. C. What is the volume of the

    asked by Jill

    4NH3 + 7O2 = 4NO2 + 6H2O HHOW MANY MOLES OF AMMONIA WILL BE REQUIRED TO PRODUCE 10.0 MOLES OF WATER? The equation tells you 4 mols NH3 will produce 6 mols H2O. Can you set up a proportion to make that work? For example, 2 mols NH3 would produce 3 mols H2O

    asked by Janice
  8. Role of computers in media

    could u please help me out and give me a few tips about the role that computers, specifically I.T. plays in the media?? i have gathered a few ponts but not enough...any suggestions are welcome.. Please list what you have come up with so far. Then teachers

    asked by Jeet
  9. hr management

    Which Professional Products? I found websites for two different companies with this name. describe Professional Products growth strategy?

    asked by Ms. Sue
  10. Chemistry

    Identify the solid product that forms when the following aqueous solutions are mixed Na2CrO4+BaCl2= AnNO3+NH4Cl= I assume in the second that should be silver nitrate. Barium dichromate and silver chloride are not soluble, are they?

    asked by sadee
  11. accounting I

    A friend of yours wants to start her own pet sitting business. She already has a business license that is required in her city. She has had a personal checking account for years. You have told her that she also needs to open a separate account for her

    asked by queen
  12. CHEM

    Convert 3.6 times 10 to the second atm to torr. I don't understand how to get atm to torr???? 1 atm = 760 torr. Is the answer 270,000 torr? Are you in to significant figures. I suspect so since the question is 3.6 x 10^2 atm. If so, then 3.6 x 10^2 atm x

    asked by Jill

    How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against against Muslims, Arabs, and related groups? =)

    asked by Jackie
  14. Physics - Optics

    A photographic slide is to the left of a lens. The lens projects an image of the slide onto a wall which is a distance of 5.94 m to the right of the slide. The image is larger than the size of the slide by a factor of 82.0. How far is the slide from the

    asked by Tifani
  15. Financial Management

    What are reasonable cost of capitol for evaluating average risks projects, high risks projects, and low risk projects? cost of capital= real cost of money + expected return + probability of failure where probability of failure is the risk, expressed as a

    asked by T
  16. linear algebra

    show that if u dot v = u dot w for all u, then v = w. You can use the result of the previous problem: Linearity of the inner product implies u dot v = u dot w -----> u dot(v-w) = 0 This is true for all u,

    asked by chris
  17. maths

    hey, i would really appreciate some help solving for x when: sin2x=cosx Use the identity sin 2A = 2sinAcosA so: sin 2x = cos x 2sinxcosx - cosx = 0 cosx(2sinx - 1)=0 cosx = 0 or 2sinx=1, yielding sinx=1/2 from cosx=0 and by looking at the cosine graph, we

    asked by elle
  18. Chem II (urgent plz)

    Consider a titration of 50.00 mL of 0.1005 M HCl with 0.1012 M NaOH.

    asked by Jessie
  19. cHEM II

    Consider a titration of 50.00 mL of 0.1005 M HCl with 0.1012 M NaOH.

    asked by Jessie
  20. written communication

    Discuss how you would approach creating a negative messagefor a superior (such as a manager at work or an instructor) versus creating a message for a colleague, subordinate, or fellow student.

    asked by dee
  21. History

    help i need a sentence for following words: federalist anti-federalist it has to be in paragraph forms =[ Check this site for information about the federalists and anti-federalists.

    asked by Jennifer
  22. algebra 2

    the general expression for consecutive multiples of 6 is 6N, 6(N + 1), 6(N +2), etc. find three consecutive multiples of 6 such that 4 times the first exceeds twice the third by 12. Let N be the first, so n+1 is next, etc. 4(6(n+1))-2(6(n+3))=12 so, find

    asked by lana
  23. anthropology

    I have a writing assignment due. It is anthropology class. I am writing about sport of cricket. Can you tell me what exactly does my professor want. Is it I have to observe people's/player's behavior. It is anthropology class. What, exactly, does the

    asked by singh
  24. measuring

    well this is what i need i am baking but i need 6cup of buttercream icing. And i found a website that sells it made but it says that the container size and has 3.5LB of would one container be enough or should i buy two..thats why i am not sure

    asked by student
  25. sports

    how is cricket played? Previously answered. There's no need to post questions more than once. Thanks.

    asked by singh
  26. stretch marks

    how do you get rid of them? are they permanent? Apparently stretch marks are permanent although they will fade in time. These sites have more information about them.

    asked by JOSE
  27. math

    What is the difference between geometric mean and arithmetic mean? Arithmetic mean of two numbers A and B is: (A + B)/2 Geometric mean of two numbers A and B is: sqrt(A*B) The geometric mean can be rewritten as follows: sqrt(A*B) = Exp{Log[sqrt(A*B)]} =

    asked by Mary
  28. algebra

    Tickets for a play at the community theater cost $4 for an adult and $2 for a child. If 250 tickets were sold and the total receipts were $740, how many of each type of ticket were sold? Let x = number of tickets (adult) Let (250 - x) = number of tickets

    asked by kay
  29. CHEM

    Molar mass of clacium hydroxide. Isn't it 40.08 + 16.00 + 1.008???? Calcium hydroxide is Ca(OH)2. Therefore, the O and the H must be multiplied by 2 THANK YOU!!!

    asked by Jill
  30. Axia College

    Consider racial imbalances in education, the economy, family life, housing, criminal justice, health care, and politics. Of these societal challenges facing modern African Americans, which do you think are most difficult to overcome,

    asked by Lisa
  31. English

    THAT is a wonderful idea! A loose leaf notebook where you can organize alphabetically will work beautifully. As you meet a character, give it a page. Then as that character develops, you add information to that page: their alias, characteristics you think

    asked by GuruBlue
  32. finance

    If our company's bank loan has a 12 interest rate, what is our effective, after-tax interest cost? Assume the tax rate = 38% If our preferred stock is paying a contractual $1.85 annual dividend and has current market price of $13.50, what is our cost of

    asked by Cyn
  33. jis social studies

    feature of konark You may find the features and other infomration about Kornark at: Sun Temple Konark The Sun Temple at Konark Konark, Konark Tourism, Tourism in Konark, Konark

    asked by nawaf
  34. Finance

    how do you take the fourth root? Please refer to the example below? Using Amount = Present Value(1+i)^n we do not know i. 249=183(1+i)^4 1.3606557=(1+i)^4 take the fourth root 1.0800331=1+i giving you i=0.0080031 so the annual rate is 8%

    asked by Albert
  35. Finance

    If our company's bank loan has a 12 interest rate, what is our effective, after-tax interest cost? Assume the tax rate = 38% If our preferred stock is paying a contractual $1.85 annual dividend and has current market price of $13.50, what is our cost of

    asked by Cyn

    List two to three characteristics of Orientalism? Scroll to the bottom for the most recent posts (questions as well as answers). =)

    asked by Jackie
  37. Early Child Ed.

    Would you mind please, checking these questions and my answers? 1. Which of the following is the best example of a teachable moment? A. A teacher telling a young child it is time to use the potty. B. A child struggling to put on his own shoes. C. A child

    asked by Tamera
  38. investments

    Smart, sophisticated investors don't usually put much money in mutual funds. Some buy on margin and borrow from their brokers. Investment advisors usually appeal to less sophisticated investors. Breadth of market shows which stocks are advancing and which

    asked by Ms. Sue
  39. Writing...Grammar

    Hello, The following sentence contains an unnecessary word... correct? Thank You The snake raised up its head and struck. Yes. This sentence has an unnecessary word. What do you think it is?

    asked by Mandi
  40. Algebra

    trying to graph 2x-5y=8 and 5

    asked by Chris
  41. health??

    what is negative reinforcement Negative reinforcement is applying an unpleasant consequence for undesired behavior. (Broken Link Removed) Positive reinforcement is reinforcing behavior by providing a

    asked by may
  42. Early Childhood Ed. Question

    If you are asked to do a frequency count on a child's placement of toys in his mouth,do you write down exactly when it happens or remember how often it happens? You will need the time, because you need to tabulate the time between. Frequency is in units of

    asked by Tamera
  43. grammar

    please check and let me know if this is correct. What the teacher is asking for for the sentence be changed to is to the left. Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. To enter your answer, click next to

    asked by ann
  44. Managerial Econ

    If you owned your own small hot dog shop and all you sell is hot dogs and root beer how would you go about estimating your production function and your cost function? I would use the general form of a production function where Q=f(H,R) where both H

    asked by Ed
  45. Science

    Is there an experiment I could do to prove that soap is made up of fat and lye? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a recipe for making soap: Recipes From Scratch Basic Recipes Soap Crafters Castile (Non-veggie) 26 ounces of Olive

    asked by Lindsay
  46. Marketing

    What are some business report guidelines. There are many different kinds of business reports. Some report news and earnings to stockholders. Some report new products to potential customers. Some report progress made with various projects for internal use.

    asked by Lynne
  47. algebra

    Could someone please help me to slove this question. (2y/x^2)+(7/x(x-3)) get a common denominator (x^2*x*(x-3)), combine the fractions. Notice there is a y in the first numerator, and no y's in the denominator. Consequently, there will not be a lot of

    asked by Travell