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July 16, 2007


    in RIGHT triangle abc the radian measure of angle c is pi/6, what is the length of bc? ab = 2 i was thinking of taking the sin of pi/6 since bc is the y axis. but it does not match the answer of 2 root 3 I would have to know where the right angle is. You

    asked by tushar
  2. Science 10

    A person hits a 45-g golf ball. The ball comes down on a tree root and bounces straight up with an initial speed of 14.0 m/s. Determine the height the ball will rise after the bounce The equation is height= 1/2 velocity^2 / g where g is 9.8m/s^2

    asked by Caitlin
  3. algebra 1 I NEED HELP!!

    the bottom of a 25-foot ladder is placed 7 feet from a wall. How far will the ladder reach up? Since the ladder, wall, and ground form a right triangle, you can use this formula: A squared + B squared = C squared A = 7 feet C = 25 feet B = distance the

    asked by andrea
  4. Marketing Management

    As a market researcher for a cable television company seeking to determine the number of multi-dwelling buildings in a selected neighborhood, your best chance of acquiring this information quickly would be a. census information available on the Internet.

    asked by Shirelyn
  5. chem

    how many grams of sulfur are needed to react w/ 246 grams of mercury to form HgS? Hg + S ==> HgS unless your instructor insists on writing S as S8, in which case it will be 8Hg + S8 ==> 8HgS. The answer will be the same no matter which way the equation is

    asked by christine
  6. science(chem)

    What is Zimmerman Reagent made of? (I know it is acidic b/c I was told after it burned a hole in my jeans) acid? You must mean Zimmermann-Reinhardt reagent (79 g MnSO4, 100 mL of concentrated H2SO4, and 200 mL of concentrated H3PO4, diluted to 1 L)

    asked by christina
  7. math

    A rock is thrown vertically up from the ground with a velocity of 24 meters per second, and it reaches a height of 2+24t-4.9tsquare after t secounds. A. How many seconds after the rock is thrown will it reach its maximum height? B.What is the maximum

    asked by Tashanna
  8. Early Child Ed.

    Would you please check my questions and answers and let me know the ones I have wrong? 1. Family-focused early education of exceptional children encourages: A. families to be partners in decision-making. B. families to make all the decisions about their

    asked by Tamera
  9. science(chem)

    For an example of charge balance in my text it says Write a charge balance eqzn for an aqueous sol that contains NaCl, Ba(ClO4)2, & Al2(SO4)3 The answer given is: [Na+] + [H30+] + 2[Ba+] + 3[Al3+]= [ClO4-] + [NO3-] + 2[SO42-] + [HSO4-] + [OH-] I know that

    asked by christina
  10. Medical

    What Does C C C_ C C mean in Brain Teasers?

    asked by Deanna
  11. MATH, HELP

    what is the probability that at least 2 students in a class of 36 have the same birthday? Do i punch this in to the calculator or how did you found this way or method for your solution: Log(365!) = 1792.3316 Log(329!) = 1581.7202 36 Log(365) = 212.3963 And

    asked by student
  12. introductory algebra

    Could anyone help me to slove these problems. 1. (x/(x^2-100))9x(x+10)/(x+3)) 2. (x/x^2-100))/(9x(x+10)/(9x(x+10)/(x+3)) 3. What is the least common multiple of the expressions: 2x,x^3,(x+1),(x+1)^2,(x-9) 4.(2y/x^2)+(7/x(x-3)) 5.(2y/x^2)-(7/x(x-3))

    asked by Travell
  13. pls help w/t math ?

    in a right triangle ABC, if ab is 14 and bc is 12 wut is bd? there is a pic of a large trangle abc and in it is a line drawn down angle c making it line cd. angle acd then becomes a right trangle as well. i tried working = proportions and pyth thm but i

    asked by shawna
  14. finance

    #18 Analysts following what the smart, sophisticated investor is doing would examine -

    asked by KATHY
  15. astronomy

    when earth and mars are closest to each other in their orbits the angular separation between mars's moon phobos and the surface of mars is observed to be 22 arc seconds. if phobos orbits mars every .31910 days what is the average density of mars expresses

    asked by jessica
  16. written communication

    what kinds of unwanted reactions might you get from readers of your messages? What steps would you take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative, negative, or persuasive ) is converyed to your readers? I can think of several unwanted

    asked by dee
  17. math (trig)

    Prove: sin^2(x/2) = csc^2x - cot^2x / 2csc^2(x) + 2csc(x)cot(x) On the right, factor the numberator as a difference of two perfect squares. In the denominator, factor out 2cscx. You ought to prodeed rather quickly to the proof.

    asked by aziiancaligirl
  18. finance

    Smart, sophisticated investors don't usually put much money in mutual funds. Some buy on margin and borrow from their brokers. Investment advisors usually appeal to less sophisticated investors. Breadth of market shows which stocks are advancing and which

    asked by Ms. Sue
  19. chem 2

    what is the mass of F in grams in 24.6 grams of SnF2? Convert 24.6 g SnF2 to mols SnF2. Convert mols SnF2 to mols F atoms. Convert mols F atoms to grams F atoms. 24.6 g SnF2*(1 mol SnF2/molar mass SnF2)*(2 mols F/1 mol SnF2)*(atomic mass F/1 mol F Atoms) =

    asked by christine
  20. MATH


    asked by TREVIA
  21. celebraties

    How old is Linsey Lohan I typed Lindsay Lohan biography into the search box. This is the first site and has her birthdate on the first screen.

    asked by Caitlyn
  22. Biology

    I'm having some trouble on these questions and I was wondering if I could have some help/be pointed in the right direction. 1. Which of the following about Protists is FALSE? a) They are prokaryotes b) The animal-like protists are the protozoans c) The

    asked by Kasey
  23. American Government

    These ?'s are true/false and the ones that are false I have to fill in the correct word. Can you check my answers? 1) The powerful but unofficial post of the "president of the Senate" involves steering floor action to a party's benefit. -- I say this is

    asked by Grace
  24. linear algebra

    show that if u (dot) v = 0 for all vectors v, then u = 0. One of the Axioms an inner product has to satisfy is: x dot x >=0 where equality only holds if x = 0 So, in your problem you take the special case v = u. Then: u dot u = 0 ----> u = 0

    asked by chris
  25. persuasive letter (IGNORE PREVIOUS-This 1 is FINAL

    This one is updated one. I am sorry for trouble. I have to write to Expedia for their mistake on reserving my car rental at LA. I want a free car rental voucher. -------------------------------- Tajinder Singh 392 Hinter Wayne Drive, Nashville, TN 52312

    asked by singh
  26. Chemistry

    In chemistry, how is a monomer related to a polymer? Think of a chain: Each link is a monometer, as the links are joined, you have a chain which represents the polymer.

    asked by Winry
  27. algebra 2

    solve the inequality: -3(r-11)+15> 9 _ this is as far as Ive gotten. -3r+33+15> 9 _ subtract 33, subtract 15 from each side. Now when you divide by -3, you have to reverse the inequality sign. Your answer will be r

    asked by erin
  28. math

    Graph the following equations; calculate the slope, x-intercept, and y-intercept, and label the intercepts on the graph. 1. A temperature of 41 degrees F is equivalent to 278.2 degrees K, while a temperature of 86 degrees F is equivalent to 303.2 degrees

    asked by lisa
  29. Chemistry

    Hello everybody, I'm having difficulty understanding the rationalization behind the strengths of Bronstend Lowry acids and bases and my textbook isn't too helpful. Can someone please expalin to me: (1) What exactly is effective negative charge density? (2)

    asked by John Peterson
  30. measuring

    how much is 6 cups to pounds.... That depends upon whether you're measuring something heavy, like lead pellets, or light, like feathers. Volume measures (cups) don't have equivalent weight (pounds) measurements. If you're measuring a food (apples, peaches,

    asked by student