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July 15, 2007

  1. Algebra 2

    The formula A = 180(n-2)/n relates to the measure A of an interior angle of a regular polygon to the number of sides n. If an interior angle measures 120 degrees, find the number of sides A)5 B)6 C)8 D)10 I have NO clue on how to do this pls help. Make A

    asked by erin
  2. English

    In Lord of the Flies, why is Percival unable to remember his name and address? Also here: and here:

    asked by Lindsey
  3. math

    round result to two decimal places...the answer i have is: 7.023 so two decimal places would it be: 702.0 You're asked to round to two decimal places. 7.023 = 7.02. Your answer has only one decimal place. so i guess my answer is wrong what do

    asked by student
  4. English

    In the book Lord of the Flies what is the irony of Samneric's behavior? This is a good place to look up information about a variety of books normally used in classrooms across the country and abroad. You might check out the

    asked by Lindsey
  5. math,help & correction

    the question asks: How many 5-card poker hands consisting of 2aces and 3 kings are possible with an ordinary 52-card deck? this is what i did: "c"=stands for combination (4C2) * (4C3) = 6*4 = 24 (52C5) = 259860 so then i divided : (24)/(259860)=

    asked by student
  6. math/algebra

    subtract. express in simplest form 13x/30 - 4x/ 15 = factor the first denominator. Get a common denominator. Combine terms. I will be happy to critique your work. ok 13x/30 - 4x/ 15 = This is where I get lost, I know that I have to fins the LCD but when I

    asked by Diana
  7. math

    in triangle abc the radian measure of angle c is pi/6, what is the length of bc? ab = 2 i was thinking of taking the sin of pi/6 since bc is the y axis. but it does not match the answer of 2 root 3

    asked by tushar
  8. math,correction&help

    the problem asks: a bag contains 5 aplles and 3 oranges. If you select 4 pieces of fruit without looking, how many ways can you get exactly 3 apples? so i did: "c"=stands for combination (5C3) =10 (3C1) = 6 so i multiplied 10*6 = 60 ways possible It seems

    asked by student
  9. math ,correction

    consider determining how many possible phone numbers are in an area code (repeated numbers allowed) is this a combination, permutation or neither.... my answer neither combination. combination. wouldn't it be neither because we are allowed to use repeated

    asked by student
  10. investment

    Technical analysis differs from fundamental analysis in that a) Technical analysts contend that in depth assessments of basic aggregate market, industry, and company performance is necessary; past price movements indicate future price movements. b)

    asked by KATHY
  11. math/algebra

    Simplify: 3/4/4/5 answer choices are: a) 3/5 b) 5/3 C) 15/16 d)16/15 How do I go about solving this fraction, please show me how to work this. 3/4 divided by 4/5 1. Invert the second fraction. 3/4 / 5/4 2. Multiply the numerators and denominators. What

    asked by Diana
  12. math

    Would this be a good resource for my students? This website? Yes, I believe so. We have several people who are very good at helping students with their math homework questions, from elementary school through college levels. Be sure to check out the

    asked by Jo
  13. maths

    Set it up this way: Let the number of students be x let the number of rows be y then the number of students per row is x/y This results in 2 equations from your data: (x/y+1)(y-2) = x and (x/y-1)(y+3 = x Solve these two, gets a bit messy at first but it

    asked by Reiny
  14. writing...grammar

    Hello, Which sentence contains a dangling modifier? 1. When the storm began to abate, we went home. 2. By the light of the moon, I tripped over a rock. 3. The dog that is man's best friend is cat's worst enemy. I don't see any dangling modifiers in here.

    asked by Mandi
  15. math

    subtract: express your answer in simplest form. 5x-3/6 - (x+3)/6 answer choices a) 4x-1 b) 2x-3/3 c) 2x/3 -1 d) 2x/3 show me hou to arrive at the correct answer get a common denominator. get a common denominator. I thought 6 was the common denominator, why

    asked by Diana
  16. geometry

    in a right triangle ABC, if ab is 14 and bc is 12 wut is bd? there is a pic of a large trangle abc and in it is a line drawn down angle c making it line cd. angle acd then becomes a right trangle as well. i tried working = proportions and pyth thm but i

    asked by yacoub
  17. math/algebra

    add:Express in simplest form 4x/(x^2 -18x +72) + 4/(x-6) factor the first denominator. Get a common denominator. Combine terms. I will be happy to critique your work. ok hers goes 4x/(x-6)(x-12) + 4/(x-6)= 4x + 4/(x-6)(x -12) or am I completely lost? you

    asked by Diana
  18. math/algebra

    20 Divide: x^2 -49y^2/6x^2+42y divided by (x^2-7xy) = factor the first term. Multiply the first term by the inverse of the second.Combine terms. I will be happy to critique your work. (x-3)(x+5)/2(2x^2) * 2x-10 /x^2 - 25 = x-3/2x^2 ? or am I missing it

    asked by Diana
  19. Science

    As an environmental science teacher, how would you respond to someone who tells you (a) that he or she does not believe in biological evolution because it is “just a theory, “ and (b) we should not worry about air pollution because through natural

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math/algebra

    divide: x^2 + 2x -15/4x^2 divided by x^2-25/2x-10 answer choices a) x-3/2x^2 b) x + 3/2x^2 c) 2x^2/x + 3 d) 2x^2/x - 3 any your work is? any your work is? (x-3)(x+5)/4x^2 * 2x-1/x^2-25= x-3/2x^2

    asked by Diana
  21. math, help

    I need help or hint on the setup: what is the probability that at least 2 students in a class of 36 have the same birthday? This is 1 minus the probability that all students have different birthdays. Suppose that the birthday of a student is completely

    asked by student
  22. math/algebra

    17 simplify 3/(x-5) + 1/ 1 - 4/(x-5) The non-use of grouping symbols makes this sentence without meaning. The non-use of grouping symbols makes this sentence without meaning. 3/x-5 +1 / 1 - 4/x-5 = I never know how to write the problems so someone can

    asked by Diana
  23. math, help

    For this one i have no idea what formula or even how to set it up... Tow 6-sided dice are rolled. What is the porbability that the sum of the two numbers on the dice will be greater than 9? Notation: n1 is the number that die 1 shows, n2 is the number that

    asked by student
  24. Science

    What are the differences between terrestrial biome and aquatic life zone? A terrestrial biome is on land. An aquatic life zone is in water. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites for you: 1.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. radicals

    root 3 ^1/4 times root 3 ^ 1/5 the answer is root three ^9/20 i cant seem to figure out why i would have just tought that it would be root three ^ 1/9 when you are multiplying exponents add. What is 1/4 + 1/5 ?

    asked by sonia
  26. math

    Flor is putting a fence around a field. The field is rectangular and measures 9.38 yards (yd) long and 14.74 yd wide. How much fence must Flor purchase? A rectangular field has 4 sides. Two of the sides are each 9.38 yards long. The other two sides are

    asked by Mike
  27. math (trig)

    Find sin(x/2) if sin(x)= -0.4 and 3pi/2 < or equal to (x) < or equal to 2pi Let's use cos 2A = 1 - 2sin2 A and we can match cos x = 1 - 2sin2 (x/2) so we will need cos x we know sin x = -.4 and x is in the fourth quadrant, so the cosine will be positive.

    asked by aziiancaligirl
  28. math/algebra

    Subtract: express your answer in simplest form. 2/5 - y/y-2 answers a)-3y-2/y-2 b) -3y -2/5(4-2) c) -3y-4/5(y-2) d) -3y-4/y-2 The way you have written the problem, is 2/5 minus y^3. I don't think that is what you meant. Please use grouping symbols on

    asked by Diana
  29. Managerial Economics

    I've been trying to find a solution to this without much success. I am given the following....The production engineers at Impact Industries have derived the expansion path shown in the following figure. The price of labor is $100 per unit. There is a graph

    asked by Ed
  30. art

    I have to make a magazine for school and it said a tagline.What is a tagline?????? Here is a terrific explanation, along with wonderful examples of taglines: ok but i cant understand that tell me in easier words If the

    asked by Caitlyn
  31. math

    is this the correct answer to factor it completely? x^6 - 16x^4 x^4(x^2 - 16) x^4(x+4)(x-4) Looks OK!

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Financial Management

    What does calculating the weighed average cost of capitol tell you about Foust Company's financial strategy including the level of risk involved in the business? How could the company use WACC calculations in determining future investments? You did not

    asked by T
  33. algebra

    find the eq to the graph for the horizontal asymtote of y= 3 - x+b/x-c my guess is that it would be 2 b/c bringing the 3 to the other side would make it -1. and -x over x is also -1 is this right? yes.

    asked by sarah
  34. science(chem)

    For Mass-Balance eqzns, in my text it is described as "relating the equillibrium concentrations of various species in a solution to one another and to the analytical concentrations of the various solutes. Is the analytical concentration described, the

    asked by christina
  35. math

    x+a=b/3x x= ? i understand that u bring the x to one side but the answer given is 3a/b-3. I do not understand how to get this answer plz help to get the answer given, your equation must have been x+a = (b/3)*x multiply each term by 3: 3x + 3a = bx 3a = bx

    asked by rudy
  36. math

    if f(x) = ax + b and f(2) = f(4) then a = ? i cant seem to figure out if i plug in 2 or 4 into the eq. i no the answer is 0 but how do i strt? f(2) = f(4) ---> 2 a + b - 4 a + b ---> 2 a = 4 a ---> (4 - 2) a = 0 ---> 2 a = 0 ----> a = 0

    asked by sarah
  37. math

    rounding to the nearest tenth to 242.35 the answer would be: 242.40 we round up the 3 because a 5 is next to it...? Yes. We round up when the next digit is 5 or more. Minor correction -- Rounding to the nearest tenth, your answer is 242.4 -- not 242.40.

    asked by student
  38. math/algebra

    22. solve x/($a) - x/($b) = c what is this? The world wonders. believe it or not this was actually a problem that I have been given to solve. Any suggestions as to how I accomplish this?

    asked by Diana
  39. Math

    How would you do: 10 divided by 2 1/2 Set up the problem as a fraction. 10 / 2 1/2 10/1 / 5/2 Invert the divisor and multiply. 10/1 x 2/5 = 20/5 = 4 thanks that really helped!

    asked by April
  40. math

    if x+ a= b/3x and b does not = 3 then x =? i cant seem to find a way to seprate the two x's since 3/b is always attached. subtract (b/3)x from both sides x- (b/3) x+a=0 x(1-b/3)= -a x= a/(1-b/3) i looked at the back of my book and the answer is 3a/b-3

    asked by fernando