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July 13, 2007

  1. math ,correction

    Is this correct? consider determining how many possible phone numbers are in an area code (repeated numbers allowed) Is this a combination, a permutation, or neither? I think it would be a combination wouldn't it? Since there are ten number possibilities

    asked by student
  2. math,help

    what formula or how do i solve for this: How many 5-card poker hands containing of 2 aces and 3 kings are possible with an ordinary 52-card deck? (4*3*2)/3! combinations of three kings x (4*3)/2)combinations of two aces = 24.

    asked by student
  3. Math, help

    I need help what formula would i use or what steps do i take? A professor gives a test with 100 true-false questions. If 60 or more correct is necessary to pass, what is the probability that a student will pass by random guessing? The brute force way of

    asked by student
  4. math,help

    a company is taking a survey to find out whether people like its product. Their last survey indicated that 70% of the population like the product. based on that, of a sample of 58 people, find the probability of the following. a) all 58 like the product.

    asked by student
  5. history

    to what extent would it be accurate to say that the new england ,middke and southern colonies had merged to create a single american society by the oubreak of the revolution? In my opinion, from everything I've read, it would not be accurate. There were

    asked by daisy
  6. math,correction

    Find expected value for the random variable. its suppost to be a table 6 X 2 i used the .... to represent separation z.....3......6.....9.....12.......15 p(z)..0.14..0.29..0.36..0.11...0.10 So what i did is i said e(x) = 3 (0.14)+ 6(0.29)+ etc to all the

    asked by student
  7. math ,correction

    is this right? Find the standard deviation to the given data. The manager of a small dry cleaner employs six people. As part of their personnel file, she asked each one to record to the nearest one-tenth of a mile the distance they travel one way from home

    asked by student
  8. advanced english 2

    Is this a metaphor? She wanted to tell him to stop being a chicken, because that was what it came down to when you cut to the chase, as their Dad said. She wanted to tell him to stop being a chicken ... I guess you could say so!

    asked by Robin
  9. advanced english 2

    is this an allusion: she would drink and pretend she was Bilbo Baggins, on his way to the misty mountians Cmoney or Robin or whoever -- Here's the definition of allusion: What is your conclusion? Yes

    asked by Cmoney
  10. anatomy and physiology II

    Any compound that can stimulate the body to produce antibodies is call what? You will find the answer at

    asked by alice
  11. anatomy and physiology II

    air moves into the lungs bacause? Pressure difference between the lungs and the atmosphere. THe diaphram movement causes this.

    asked by alice
  12. math ,correction

    Is this correct..... Solve the problem. Round to the nearest hundredth, if necessary the following data gives the number of appliaces that applied for a job at a given company each month of 1999: 64,67,94,76,78,82,87,88,90,73,64. What is the mean of the

    asked by student
  13. anatomy and physiology II

    The respiratory menbrane lining the air sacs consist of what? The actual site of gas exchange within the lungs are? the actual site of gas exchange in the lungs are at the capillaries (smallest blood vessels) You are talking about the alveoli. Since this

    asked by alice
  14. Math/Physics

    I am given a damping constant of 20 dyne*sec/ I need to convert this if the rest of my givens are, for mass = 2kg, k (spring constant) = 82 N/m. I am trying to find the equation of motion of a spring but cannot solve it until I know how to

    asked by COFFEE
  15. math, help

    What is a situation where the mode is the best average to use to describe data. If you are hunting deer, which location would you hunt in? The mode location, or somewhere else? do you mean that the mode would be like a pin point area of where is the best

    asked by student
  16. Math/Physics

    Please check my work below and comment. A tank initially contains 80 gallons of fresh water. A 10% acid solution flows into the tank at the rate of 3 gallons per minute. The well-stirred mixture flows out of the tank at the rate of 3 gallons per minute.

    asked by COFFEE
  17. science

    I need to produce a related structure of the molecular features of carboxyli acid, size hydrocarbon group on ester and distance between oxygeeb atom joined to the ring and -oh group of the carboxylic acid? I have got no ideas on where to start. Start by

    asked by rain
  18. Calculus

    1. 10=6e 0.5t 2. 100=25(1.5)t We will be happy to try to critique your work or thinking. I have no idea what your question is.

    asked by Rumbunz
  19. advanced english 2

    I do not know robin, and i do not appreciate writeacher's answer. She is not a lot of help. I only asked for verification of an allusion. thank you for nothing and i will report the sacrasim to someone. I will not be using this site and will not refer

    asked by Cmoney
  20. Algrebra II

    hi, thanks for reading this I have a question for finding vertical and horizontal asymptotes! as to finding the intercepts, domain, and graphing it all together... like y= 6 over (x+3) I don't quite understand the concepts and things, but if you can give

    asked by Kaz18 Tsuruoka
  21. 9the Grade Honours English

    I need info on Aphrodite,Apollo,Atalanta,Perseus,Cerberus and the Minotaur for my honors English class.I have to make a book about them two pages per person.Please help!!! The links in this previous response by SraJMcGin should give you all the information

    asked by Jaime
  22. anatomy and physiology II

    why does air move into the lungs? Bob Pursley answered this question for you earlier. See you previous post of the same question

    asked by alice
  23. sports

    who are the players in cricket. How they play. Who are the audiences. This first site is the official cricket site on the internet. This will give you quick information on the game.

    asked by singh
  24. advanced english 2

    is this anallusion: The Hobbit again, maybe-a story about guys who like to walk in the woods.

    asked by Robin
  25. Algebra II

    Provide three points on a graph for the equation y = -2/3x + 4. I have the points (0, 4) and (6, 0). Do you have any idea what a 3rd one might be? Ther are an infinite number of possibilities. Just pick any x you like (except for the two you already have)

    asked by Rebecca
  26. Early Child Ed.

    Would you please check these questions and my answers to make sure I have made the most appropriate choice? 1. A child who seems to frequently stand too close to other children in linemight have difficulty with: A. perseveration B. understanding directions

    asked by Tamera Lynn
  27. science

    what site can i find some simple investigatory projects? plsss help.... I would use your imagination. What is in your drinking water? What makes a flower cutting root?

    asked by Anonymous
  28. dangling modifiers

    If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. That isn't really a dangling modifier because "it should be heated" comes directly after "juice." However, to make the sentence clearer, you could say, Apple juice should be heated if your

    asked by tanya
  29. Algebra

    What would three points on a graph be, graphing the x and y intercepts, with the equation -x + 3y = -9? The x and y intercepts are what you get when plugging in y=0 or x=0. For a third point, you can choose any other x or y value you want and compute the

    asked by Ben
  30. math,correction

    can someone correct me please... Find the mean. Round to the nearest tenth. *its a table with 2colums and 5 rows: */* = this is used for separation of columns: value / frequency 146/3 216/2 257/3 278/4 320/2 This is what i did i did a third column and

    asked by student
  31. finance

    Discuss the computational variability in a financial statement did you try googling it because i put in it what is the coputaional variability in a financial statement and it gave me the information....but i can't post up the website address. but go into

    asked by caponett
  32. Algebra

    Could you verify my answer thank you Identify the rate, base, and amount in the following application.

    asked by susie
  33. Early Child Ed.

    Would you please check these questions and my answer to make sure I have chosen the best possible choice? 1. A prone board is used for: A. positioning the child B. helping a child sleep C. encouraging a baby to sit up D. moving a child place to place 2.

    asked by Tamera
  34. math. algebra 2

    I need help with this problem I do not understand how to solve this kind of problems....can someone show me and explain it to me thanx. Find a Z-score satisfying the given condition: 82.9% fo the total area a is to the left of z.

    asked by student
  35. English essay

    Hi everybody, I have to write an essay in English(which is not my mother tongue) on the subject: Are you personnally in favor of legalising gay marriage? I've written a short essay about it. Can anyone correct my mistakes and my ideas(if you find that the

    asked by Bich-Thu
  36. Immigration Policies

    Can someone help me find information on "Operation Wetback?"

    asked by Carlos
  37. math,correction

    can someone correct me on this: Find the mean for the list of numbers: 79, 40, 79, 98, 40(round to the nearest tenth) this is what i did: I added all the numbers then divided by the amount so it would be: 336/5 = 67.20 i don't round further i leave it as

    asked by student
  38. math correction

    heres another problem can someone correct it for me... find the median of: 8,10,26,23,31,34 This is what i did i place them in order from smallest to larger number then i made both sides equal so then i am left with two numbers in the middle wihich would

    asked by student
  39. bobpursly

    thank you for all your help that your doing and all the other tutors....

    asked by student