Questions Asked on
July 10, 2007

  1. math

    what is the factorial of a negative number? The factorial function has singularities at the negative integers. You can see this as follows. For integers we define: (n+1)! = (n+1)n! and we put 0! = 1 So, from 0! you can compute 1! and from that you can

    asked by chris
  2. Physics II

    As a new electrical technician, you are designing a large solenoid to produce a uniform magnetic field with a magnitude of 0.170 T near the center of the solenoid. You have enough wire for 3300 circular turns. This solenoid must have a length of 1.70 m and

    asked by Tifani
  3. statistics, help

    Can someone help me which way can I approach this problem. A hint of a formula or anything would be helpful... Life of Light Bulbs A certain type of light bulb has an average life of 500 hours, with a standard deviation of 100 hours. The length of life of

    asked by student
  4. Finance Management

    How do I solve this problem using net present value and internal rate of return methods? Julie Kowalis, an investment analyst, wants to know if her investments during the past four years have earned at least a 12% return. Four years ago, she had the

    asked by Temeka Ramsey
  5. trigonometry

    determine the trend of each linear function: 1. f(x)= 3x+5 I don't know what you call the "trend" or why you call this a trigonometry question. It is about algebra. The value of the function increases with x at a rate of three times the change in x.

    asked by hugh
  6. Calculus - Second Order Differential Equations

    Posted by COFFEE on Monday, July 9, 2007 at 9:10pm. download mp3 free instrumental remix Solve the initial-value problem. y'' + 4y' + 6y = 0 , y(0) = 2 , y'(0) = 4 r^2+4r+6=0, r=(16 +/- Sqrt(4^2-4(1)(6)))/2(1) r=(16 +/- Sqrt(-8)) r=8 +/- Sqrt(2)*i,

    asked by COFFEE
  7. Algebra

    I am suppose to come up with an real life example where radical expression might be used.I was just wondering if someone could look over my example and tell me if it sounds ok. Imagine a right triangle ABC, where B is the right angle. Say you wanted to

    asked by Jess
  8. Algebra

    Solve the quadratic equation. 4x^2-8x+3=5 4x² - 8x +3 - 5 = 0 4x²- 8x - 2 = 0 2x²- 4x -1 = 0 this is as far as I got. I am stuck and do not know what to do next can some one please help? divide by two: x²- 2x -1/2 = 0 Now add 1.5 to each side to

    asked by Jess
  9. Calculus - Second Order Differential Equations

    Solve the initial-value problem. y'' - 2y' + y = 0 , y(2) = 0 , y'(2) = 1 r^2-2r+1=0, r1=r2=1 y(x)=c1*e^x+c2*x*e^x y(2)=c1*e^2+c2*2*e^2=0 c1=-(2*c2*exp(2))/exp(2) c1=-2*c2 y'(x)=-2*c2*e^x+c2*e^x*(x-1) y'(2)=-2*c2*e^2+c2*e^2*(2-1)=1 c2(-2e^2+e^2)=1

    asked by COFFEE
  10. Grammar...Writing

    The name of the common error in the following sentenece? My answer is Dangling Modifier... Is that correct? Thank You 1.The dog that is man's best friend, is cat's worst enemy. There's no dangling modifier here.

    asked by Mandi
  11. Grammar...writing

    Does this sentence contain an infinitive pharse? Thank You Having risen becaus of the rains, the hikers were unable to cross the river. _______to cross the river________ This is an infinitive phrase in the sentence... correct? Yes, "to cross the river" is

    asked by Mandi
  12. Chemistry

    Could anyone give a web about 1.Practical arts 2.Greek theory 3.Alchemy 4.Plogiston 5.Modern Chemisry Thanks:-) These are such broad subjects. My suggestion: Go to and type in what you want to find. You will find, literally, thousands of

    asked by James
  13. Chemistry

    Could anyone give a web about 1.Practical arts 2.Greek theory 3.Alchemy 4.Plogiston 5.Modern Chemistry Thanks:-) Duplicate post.

    asked by James
  14. English Grammar

    1. I am writing up today's diary. 2. I am keeping today's diary. 3. I am writing down today's diary. 4. I am writing today's diary. Which expressions are correct? To make #s 1, 3, and 4 correct, you'd have to add the word "entry" after the word "diary."

    asked by John
  15. statistics, math,drwls

    Is there a website where i can find the information you provided further because i am still not understanding towards what you mean.....thanks i'll appreciated it... My question is in statistics under what circumstances would the mode be an appropriate

    asked by student
  16. aritmetics

    how do you figure two thirds of 36 is 24? please tell me! I know its simple This is the easy way to figure it. Divide 36 into 3 equal parts. The three is the bottom number. To SEE this , use dried peas or blocks. Now, put two of the parts together... The 2

    asked by chrissy
  17. arithmetics

    what if they wanted me to find out what 1 and two thirds of 36 was or 2 and two thirds of 36?? "of" means multiply. If they say "what is 4 and 1/2 of 8?" You take 4.5 x 8 Matt Check down below ( at your first question) I answered it there.

    asked by chrissy again
  18. human services

    Are human service or health care organizations expected to act in a more ethical manner than for-profit organizations? Why wouldn't one expect all organizations and individuals to act ethically? Like Bob, I hope all organizations and individuals act

    asked by Casey
  19. Science

    What is Prothallium? What is it's Purpose.

    asked by Remy
  20. math

    8x4-3= 8 x 4 is....? Then subtract 3. You should use parentheses to clarify whether you mean 8x(4-3) or (8x4)-3. They are not the same. If you were keying in the numbers and operations on a calculator, the multiplication would occur first, but writing it

    asked by jasmine
  21. Calculus

    Please look at my work below: Solve the initial-value problem. y'' + 4y' + 6y = 0 , y(0) = 2 , y'(0) = 4 r^2+4r+6=0, r=(16 +/- Sqrt(4^2-4(1)(6)))/2(1) r=(16 +/- Sqrt(-8)) r=8 +/- Sqrt(2)*i, alpha=8, Beta=Sqrt(2) y(0)=2, e^(8*0)*(c1*cos(0)+c2*sin(0))=c2=2

    asked by COFFEE
  22. Early Child Ed.

    Would someone please check these questions and my answers to be sure I have chosen the best possible answer? 1.Which one of the following is NOT a developmentally appropriate practice for a four-year-old with physical disabilities? A. Simplifying an art

    asked by Tamera
  23. Math

    -x^3 + 1.85x^2 - x +0.15 = 0 how can you solve for x? An exact solution or a numerical solution? Exact solutions can be obtained as follows: x^3 - 1.85x^2 + x - 0.15 = 0 First get rid of the quadratic term by substituting: x = (y + 1.85/3) You then obtain

    asked by JV
  24. Math

    A series circuit contains a resistor with R = 24 , an inductor with L = 2 H, a capacitor with C = 0.005 F, and a generator producing a voltage of E(t) = 12 sin(10t). The initial charge is Q = 0.001 C and the initial current is 0. Find the charge at time t.

    asked by COFFEE
  25. accounting

    # 1 Takers,Inc.provide the following results: 2004 2003 Units 2,400 3,000 Total Cost 19,200 24,000 What form of cost behavior is the cost above? Fixed cost, Sunk Cost, Mixed Cost or Variable Cost

    asked by lia82
  26. managerial accounting

    Hess,Inc.Sells a single product with a contribution margin of $12 per unit, fixed costs of $74,400, and sales for the current year of $100,00. How much is Hess's Break even point?

    asked by cathalina
  27. algebra

    solve for x: 2(x-3) - 3(x+5) = 3 (x-2) - 7 Perform the indicated multiplications; add up the constants and the terms that involve x; then get all terms that involve x on one side of the equation. 2x -6 -3x -15 = 3x -6 -7 -x -21 = 3x -13 -8 = 4x x = ? -2

    asked by kb
  28. chemistry help!!! (clueless)

    how do i find the mass number of chemicals I would think that you would add up the components masses (molecular masses [from periodic table) that make up the chemical... like...HCl (H= 1.008g/mol, Cl= 35.45g/mol) added= 36.458g/mol hope this helps=)

    asked by tessa
  29. science (chem& statistics)

    For a wine titration my results obtained were... 0.6402%, 0.5814%,& 0.6006% the I calculated was 0.04936 according to my text sometimes the # is expressed in ppt or 100% first which would be correct if asked to submit a RSD for the results of a lab like

    asked by christina