Questions Asked on
July 7, 2007

  1. Early Child. Ed.

    Which is NOT an example of a reciprocal relationship with families? 1. Writing a monthly class newsletter. 2. Setting up limited times for parents to visit the classroom. 3. Making a home visit to the family. 4. Phoning parents at home. Reciprocal means

    asked by Tamera
  2. maths

    each of the students in a class writes a dirrerent 2 digit number on the whiteboard. the teacher claims that no matter what the students write, there will be at least three numbers on the whiteboard whose digits have the same sum. what is the smallest

    asked by Emma
  3. Math-precalc

    Is it possible to find a rational function that has x-intercepts (-2,0) and (2,0), but has vertical asymptote x=1 and horizontal asymptote of y=0? The horizontal asymptote and the x-intercepts parts stump me. If you can't reach y=0, then how can you get

    asked by Pamela
  4. Physics

    Two point charges lie on the x axis. A charge of + 6.5 µC is at the origin, and a charge of -1.5 µC is at x = 10.0 cm. What is the net electric field at x = -2.0 cm? I found the electrical field for each charge using the equation E= k(q)/ r^2. My

    asked by micole
  5. liabrary

    what does it mean when the professor ask is the article you found full-text. Full text means that you found the entire original document. Some web sites and magazines only print a part of a text or an abstract of it. But full-text means the complete text.

    asked by singh
  6. algebra

    x + 5 = (x over 2) - 6 x = ? x + 5 = x/2 + 6 Double both sides of the equation. 2x + 10 = x + 12 Subract x+10 from both sides x = 2

    asked by jon
  7. Algebra

    Solve problem by showing necessary steps to resolve. 0.06q + 14 = 0.3q - 5.2 Subract 0.06 q from both sides. 14 = 0.24q - 5.2 Add 5.2 to both sides 19.2 = 0.24 q Finally, divide both sides by 0.24 You will end up with q on one side of the equation and a

    asked by Ruby
  8. Algebra

    Find the value of y in each formula if x= -3. y + 1 = 2(x - 5) Substitute -3 for x. The first step leaves you with this: y + 1 = 2 * (-8) = -16 Now solve for y by subtracting 1 from each side of the equation.

    asked by Ruby
  9. math

    Fill in the blanks y = 10x + 100 x y -20 ? -10 ? 0 ? 10 ? I don't see any blanks to fill in. Are they telling you values of y and asking you co compute x? Or vice versa? The spacing changed the format I had. the values for x are -20, -10, 0, 10 now I need

    asked by Bianca
  10. math

    solve for linear equation 2x + 3y = 6 (for x) i figured out the answer. thanks for your time though : ) x = (6-3y) ________ 2

    asked by karla
  11. algebra

    solve for depreciation D = C - s ______ (for s) n

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Geometry

    I need help... Did I end up with the correct answer? A trapezoid has equal nonparallel sides, The upper base is 6, the lower base is 16 ( 11,5) and the diagonal is 12. What is the altitude of the trapezoid? Round your answer to the one decimal place. I was

    asked by Mandi
  13. physics

    what is physics? i know that its subject but what is definition of physics? The study of matter, energy, space, and time, and the interactions thereof.

    asked by komal
  14. developmental reading

    Please explain to me the ff: 1. Main idea that is directly stated in the fisrt sentence. 2. Main idea that is stated in the last sentence. 3. Main idea that is stated in part of one sentence. 4. Where two sentences are used to express main idea. 5. Main

    asked by klar maesen
  15. math

    what is the sum of all consecutive numbers from 101 to 200, those two numbers inclusive? Halfway between, is 150. Then add 149+151,thence 148+152, and so on till 101+199. Each instance you have 300. So it seems to me... Sum= 200 + 150 + 300*N, where N is

    asked by james
  16. Prairie View A&M University

    Given that people with borderline personality disorder are impulsive, we would expect them to do poorly on tests that measure functioning of the____. Psychology question here. Personality disorders (PD) are a group of psychiatric conditions characterized

    asked by Katrina
  17. legal and ethical issues

    Could someone provide a website or examples comparing and contrasting the roles that ethics and law play within organizations. I hope these websites have the information you need.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. English

    George Orwell was the Modernist mand that reveals how his life was in his works of Down and Out in Paris and London. Is this a good thesis for my paper? or please help me change it to be good I don't see how "modernist" describes Orwell's account of his

    asked by Ngo
  19. College Algebra

    Simplify the expression: (6ax4)^2(2x)^-2 I will be happy to critique your work or thinking on this. I will be happy to critique your work or thinking on this. Note that this is like a fraction with (2x)^2 in the denominator and (6ax^4)^2 in the numerator.

    asked by Rey