Questions Asked on
July 4, 2007

  1. science

    The nonmetals in Groups 6A and 7A ____. a. lose electrons when they form ions b. have a numerical charge that is found by subtracting 8 from the group number c. all have ions with a –1 charge d. end in -ate Check my thinking but I don't think the correct

    asked by Maye
  2. Chemistry

    Why doesn't potassium ion K+ from KMnO4 appear in the following two unbalanced equations: MnO4– + C2O42– --> Mn2+ + CO2 MnO4– + Fe2+ --> Mn2+ + Fe3+ ? is it because K+ is just a spectator ion or is it because K+ would cause a net positive charge in

    asked by Jared
  3. Mangerial Economics

    I am having problems figuring out how to set this problem up. Gamma Corporation, one of the firms that retains you as a financial analyst, is considering buying out Beta Corporation, a small manufacturing firm that is now barely operating at a profit. You

    asked by Ed
  4. Trigonometry

    1)Find the polar coordinates of the point whose rectangular coordinates are (4, -4). 2)Find the polar coordinates of the point whose rectangular coordinates are (-3,-3). 3)Find the rectangular coordinates of the point whose polar coordinates are (-4, ð/6)

    asked by Theresa
  5. Trigonometry

    Find the angular speed in radians per sec. of the second hand on a clock. My answer is 1 rpm =1*2pi radians/1minute(1 rotation = 2pi radians) =2pi radians/60seconds =1/30 radians/seconds It goes 2PI radians in 60 seconds. What happened to the PI? I forgot

    asked by James
  6. Chemistry

    Find the pH and pOH of a solution that is 1.04x10^-4 M HCl. Do i have to use an ice table to solve this? or is there a short cut? please help No. HCl is a strong acid (100% ionized), so the H^+ concentration is 1.04 x 10^-4 M.

    asked by T
  7. Chemistry

    What is the thermal stability of potassium phosphate and why? Thanks. I assume you mean as a powder, not as an water solution. Potassium phosphate is deliquescent. At elevated temperatures, phosphorus oxides are released as the compound decomposes. How

    asked by Cheryllyn
  8. math

    ABC is a right-angled triangle atB. AB=(3x+2)cm and BC=2CM.GIVEN THAT THE AREA OF THE TRIANGLE IS 85CM SQUARE FIND THE VALUE OF X. Say that the height= 3x+2 base= 2 Area of a triangle equals 1/2 base times height so... (1/2) of the base is 1 and 1 times

    asked by c
  9. math

    What is the square root of 80 in simplified radical form? sqrt 80 = sqrt (16*5) = 4 sqrt 5

    asked by jon
  10. Languge...Grammar

    Is "Although They" in the following sentence a Prepositional Phrase? Thank You They tried, although they didn't expect to win. No. "Although" is a conjunction linking two independent clauses. "They" is the subject of the second clause. Can you tell me

    asked by Mandi
  11. general science

    When heat energy travelsby convection enrgy is transferred by the circulation of heated material is this tru? Yes. Convection heat transfer takes place as the result of circulation of a fluid between hot and cold regions.

    asked by Shannon
  12. written communication

    I need a example on how to write a Persuasive message and a negative message. Marie or Ann or whoever, Here are some previously

    asked by marie
  13. RE: Language...Grammar

    Thank You for the link. It says that With is a preposition... With the proper help, they'll complete the project early. Contains the prepositional phrase?? Is this correct? Thanks a lot Yes, with is a preposition. It is correct as written. It could be

    asked by Mandi
  14. Religion

    List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples from past and/or present world events that illustrate your examples. Try Google searches of the following: crusades, "war on terror", jihad, "thirty years war",

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Language...Grammar

    Can you tell me which one of these contains a prepositional Pharse? Thank You 1. With the proper help, they'll complete the project early. 2. Running all the way, he got there early. 3. They sang it, and sang it again. Thanks A lot. Only one of these

    asked by Mandi
  16. sociology

    How does the experience of childhood in Britain today differ from the experience of childhood over 300 yrs ago in these countries? Thank you for using the Jiksha Homework Help Forum. However, when you say "in these countries" to which countries are you

    asked by vani
  17. communication

    I need to check and see if this sentence is : Inclusive language- making language nonsexist. Sentence: The minister joined the couple together as man and wife. Is this sentence language nonsexist if so, how can I change it? I so not sound right if I change

    asked by ann
  18. algebra

    why might function notation be important? the reasons notation is used? Once you get out of three dimensional functions, it is hard to write it any other way. Example: f(x,y,z,t, u, v)=2x +y*et + uv -3zuv2

    asked by shelly
  19. finance

    what are the steps to - buy 1 undervalue stock using CAPM(long) -Sell short 1 overvalue CAPM -Buy a stock or sell short using ratio analysis

    asked by mia
  20. algebra

    simplify by combining like terms: x sqrt(18) - 3 sqrt(8x)sqrd If means [sqrt(8x)]^2, then that also equals 8x. So x sqrt(18) - 3 sqrt(8x)sqrd = x[sqrt(9*2)-3*8] = 3x(sqrt 2 -3

    asked by Anonymous
  21. algebra

    4x = y > 6 does it make since if you put a line under >. Because that is the question I am suppose to figure out. The sentence says that 4x is equal to y. But y is greater than or equal to six. dividing through by 4, this means that x=y/4, and therefore, x

    asked by shelly
  22. managerial economics

    my cubic equation is O=C+aL+bL^2+cL3 how can i get the excel to help me to do this equation.I need to do a regression analysis to estimate the firm's short-run production function. see tarha question dated july 2,2007 for all of the information thank you

    asked by queen
  23. math

    A dealer buys an article at Rs x and sells it for R96 ,thus making a profit of x%.find the value of x. I assume that "R" represents a unit of currency such as the Chinese Renminbi. 98/x = 1 + x/100 Turn that into a quadratic equation and solve for x. Take

    asked by Davina
  24. math

    y varies inversely as x square.The difference in the values of y when x=1 and x=2is.find the relation between x and y.(plz help me,am not sure abt the answer,i got y=20/x me) What is the difference in the values of y when x=1 and x=2?

    asked by mahima
  25. please review

    Inclusive Language—Making Language Nonsexist: The directors and their wives met the stockholders for a night on the town. My answer:1.The directors and their spouses met the stockholders for a night on the town. Inclusive Language—Making Language

    asked by ann
  26. communication

    I really need your help in trying to figure out what my professor is wanting for this assisgment. I email her and all she says is that assisgment is not until next week. I leaving on vaction and she does not care. HELP! Here is how the assisgment reads

    asked by ann
  27. math

    Find the matrix which represents(a)a reflection(b)a half turn abt 0(c)a reflection in the line y=x).plz help me...)

    asked by t
  28. algebra

    A homeowner wishes to insulate her attic with fiberglass insulation to conserve energy. The insulation comes in 40-cm wide rolls that are cut to fit between the rafters in the attic. If the roof is 6 m from peak to eave and the attic space is 2 m high at

    asked by KB
  29. communication

    where could find a good web site that would show me how to write a negative message to the phone company about charges that should not have been on your last month's bill. There are several sections in

    asked by ann
  30. Language..Grammar

    A clause from sentence 1 has been turned into a ______ in sentence 2? 1.Since she knew what the lecture was about, she didn't attend the meeting. 2.Knowing what the lecture was about, she didn't attend the meeting. My aswer is Relative Pronoun is that

    asked by Mandi
  31. Math

    In an election of two candidates the successful candidate secured 236 votes more than his rival.If the rival candidate obtained 1/6th of the total votes secured by the successful one in addition to his own votes, he would have won the elections by 42

    asked by Danica
  32. geography

    I need to understand how to read a river map. Please can you give me some help where to find this information. See my answer to your duplicate post.

    asked by vin
  33. algbra

    heyya Your equation makes no sense. Your equation makes no sense. 4x = y > 6 4x = y > 6 does it make since if you put a line under >. Because that is the question I am suppose to figure out.

    asked by amanda
  34. geography

    I need help to understand how to read a river map. Please could someone advise me or point me in the right direction. Thanks. If you are talking about maps that would be used for river navigation, see (Broken Link Removed) If you are talking about maps

    asked by vin
  35. computers? I think just a question.

    what are some process used in different organizations to download and imput paper information into computerized systems so other can analyze? would this be like excel programs charts graphs etc.? 1. Manual retyping the paper information to a text file 2.

    asked by april