Questions Asked on
July 3, 2007

  1. developmental reading

    what are the processes in finding the main idea and where can you find the main idea? There are several articles here which discuss the "main idea" of something.

    asked by klar maesen
  2. Trigonometry

    A car with wheel of radius 14 inches is moving in a speed of 55 mph.Find the angular speed of the wheel in radian per sec. your car is moving at 55 mph, which is 55*5280*12 inches/3600 seconds or 968 inches/second. each rotation of the wheel covers 2*14*pi

    asked by James
  3. Trigonometry

    A wheel is rotating at 200 revolutions per minute .find the angular speed in radians per second. 200 rpm =200*2pi radians/1 minute (1 rotation = 2pi radians) = 400pi radians/60 seconds =20/3 radians/second You can follow the same procedure for the other

    asked by James
  4. developmental reading

    I need the similarities and differences in each of the following: 1. educational technology instructional technology audio visual technology 2. educational media instructional media audio visual media 3. educational aids instructional aids audio visual

    asked by klar maesen
  5. Financial management

    If you deposit money today into an account that pays 6.5 percent interest, how long will it take for you to double your money? You can get a pretty good estimate by using the Rule of 72. Divvied 72 by 6.5 to obtain your answer. The formula depends on when

    asked by T

    #1 chin company incurred direct materials costs of $300,000 during the year. manufacturing overhead rate is 70%. how much are chin company total manufacturing costs for the year? #2 wrapping department's output during the period consist of 10,000 units

    asked by mia
  7. science

    After reading about the Malaria problem in North Borneo and the subsequent attempts to eliminate it, do you believe the beneficial effects of spraying pesticides on Sabah outweighed the resulting unexpected and harmful effects? What do YOU believe? If

    asked by christy
  8. ETH 125

    Prepare a 1,400 to 1,750 word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first -person account of how human interactions in your community havr brrn racialized. For the

    asked by pollito
  9. Economics

    The chapter is on Production and costs in thelong run, we are given a long run expansion path graph, all through out the book we are given labor cost and capital cost, ie. price of labor $5 dollars per unit(w), price of capital $10 per unit (r). Then I get

    asked by Ed
  10. Trigonometry

    Find the angular speed in radians per sec. of the second hand on a clock. How long does it take for the second hand to make one rotation? And isn't one rotation 2pi radians? Let me know what you got as an answer.

    asked by James
  11. managerial economics

    rubax, a u.s manufacturer of athletic shoes, estiamtes the following linear trend model for shoe sales Qt=a+bt+c1D1+c2D2+c3D3 where Qt=sales of athletic shoes in the t-th quater t=1,2,...,28[1998(I),1998(II),...,2004(IV)] D1=1 if t is quater I (winter); 0

    asked by queen
  12. Science

    Benefits of Insect birth control through sterilization What is your thinking on this? What you are dealing with is population control...and the technology (genetic mutation, dispersion, etc)to achieve it.I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.

    asked by Lisa
  13. Algebra

    An oil spill from a tanker in pristine Prince Williams Sound in Alaska begins in a circular shape only 2 ft across. what happens to the area if the diameter is doubling each hour. How large will the spill be in 24 h? diameter= 2^(t+1) t is time in hours.

    asked by Stacy
  14. literature

    How do poets utilize literary devices and conventions to develop themes in their poetry? Good explanation here: "Language is a means of communication by symbolic sounds and graphics. The meaning of these symbols is affected by the use of literary devices

    asked by KAYLA
  15. english

    Discuss how realism affects the way a reader might approach the different issues in My Antonia such as suicide, the representation of the harshness of the prairie, or even Jim's views of life, etc. Since I have not read this story, I searched Google under

    asked by sydnie
  16. Computers and Technology

    What do we gain by having the post-processing steps available from the unix shell command line? Can you think of an example that adds to the efficiency of the process?

    asked by Glenda
  17. English IV

    How does chalkboard equal life? I know it's a conceit...but how does it work? These are my guesses! It's a blank slate. You can write what you want on it. You can erase it, but traces are left behind. ?? How about this? A chalk piece represents life. The

    asked by Summer
  18. Human Services Administrator

    What should the role of health and human services workers be in relation to the future needs of American society?

    asked by Marie
  19. american mythology

    summary of "the day of freedom"...thanks... Do you mean the US's Independence Day (otherwise known as the Fourth of July)? =) Or June 19th? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help

    asked by klar maesen
  20. math

    How can one calculate the odds of winning the jackpot in the lottery. The probablity is the number of ways to win (usually one) divided by the number of possible entries.

    asked by student
  21. administrator

    Can anyone tell me how are data and information used in human services organizations to support organizational planning? Is this like recuriting within a comapny, bill pay, these types of things? One big item in planning is an organization's budget.

    asked by jean
  22. English

    Discuss narration in My Antonia, and how having the voice of both young and old Jim changes the pace and flow of the novel for a reader. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some review sites for My Antonia: 1.

    asked by sydnie
  23. Math

    Ariana took 2 h longer to drive 360 mi on the first day of a trip than she took to drive 270 mi on the second day. If her speed was the same on both days, what was the driving time each day? Start with time, t. If t is the time in hours the first day, then

    asked by Christie
  24. MATH

    Can someone give me an example of decribing a real-life situation where I can use the pascals triangle to be used to calculate probability. One example is provided here: (Broken Link Removed) I cannot log on to the website you provided

    asked by student
  25. eth 125

    how can stereotyping effect group relations? check the first two links. You need to start searching for this information. I suspect you would greatly benefit from that

    asked by ann
  26. managerial economics

    labor usage -3,7,9,11,17,17,20,24,26,28,30 output-1,2,3,5,8,10,15,18,22,21,23 a. does a cubic equation appear to be a suitable specification, given these data? You may construct a scatter diagram to help with this question. b. using the computer software

    asked by Tarsha
  27. Materials

    What is the thermal expansion of brass per deg F?

    asked by Tom
  28. Human Services Administrator

    Who should determine health and human services needs?

    asked by Marie
  29. health services

    what would be some considerations for developing an intrgrated information management system for human services organization Privacy. Timeliness. Meeting legal requirements for disclosure, and accuracy. Cost. Schedule. Ability to have reports changed as

    asked by april
  30. math

    6*(5+4) 6 x 9 = ?

    asked by Anonymous