Questions Asked on
July 2, 2007

  1. calc: avg value

    Find the average value of the function "f(x) = x^2 sqrt(1+x^3)" on the interval [0,2]. and this is what i did.. please check for mistakes. thanks :D f(x) = x^2 sqrt(1+x^3), [0,2] f ave = (1/(b-a))*inegral of a to b for: f(x) dx f ave = (1/(2-0))*integral

    asked by COFFEE
  2. math117

    The area of a rectangle of length x is given by 3x2 +5x. Find the width of the rectangle. The area of a rectangle with width t is given by 33t - t 2. Factor the expression and determine the length of the rectangle in terms of t length times width=area, so

    asked by student
  3. econ 181

    1. The three reasons for the downward slope of the aggregated demand curve are measured in effect. They are: Real Balances-this is caused by a change in the price levels. Next are Interest Rates-here high price levels increases the demand for money. When

    asked by Anika Bennett
  4. Check this please

    Avondale and Newtown are 45 miles apart. How many inches is this on a map with a scale 1inch=20miles? I set up a proportion: in/miles= 1/20=n/45 n= 2 and 1/4 in on this map 2 1/4 inches is correct. 1 inch = 20 miles 2 inches = 40 miles 1/4 inch = 5 miles

    asked by Nick
  5. Documenting a website for research paper

    I cant find it in my text book, can someone tell me how you document a website for the bibliography. also in parenthetical foot note things in the paper do you just use the author of the website? oh also, if the site doesnt tell the author??? (Broken Link

    asked by Jonathan
  6. science (chem)

    Does EDTA react with light? I forgot to cover a dilute bottle of EDTA (about 0.01M) and was wondering if that would have any affect on the solution I don't think so. I have used EDTA many times and never covered it or used a tinted container. okay =) i

    asked by christina
  7. Comp. Tech Question

    I asked this question yesterday- but I got confused. You talk to your boss about working out of your home. You can access the company network from your home using VPN. Your boss is concerned about security. What do you tell him to assure him that VPN is

    asked by DeAnna
  8. Science

    In what ways has learning about the environment changed the way you feel about living more sustainably? What information in this class had the greatest impact on the way you think about the environment? How will you apply this new knowledge in the future?

    asked by Sean
  9. econ 181

    What isthe max amount of new loans that this bank can make? How will appear on the balance sheet after the bank has lent this money? (show in column 1) Explain how the supply of money changed? How will the bank's bal sheet appear after checks drawn fortghe

    asked by Anika Bennett
  10. culture "Death Without Weeping"

    anyone read Death Without Weeping. what is this book about?. I have not read that, but if you go to one of the bookseller websites and search for that title, you'll find summaries and reviews that may be helpful.

    asked by Singh
  11. pre-algebra

    I need to figure out how to convert 11inches to the actual length of 550 to scale. Please help 550 what? miles? feet? inches? If you want 550 of some length unit to be represented as 11 inches on a map or scale drawing, divide all lengths by 50.

    asked by bobbie
  12. history

    How many presidents were from Tennessee and who were they?

    asked by LORENE
  13. environmental science

    what are the benefits and drawbacks of the following: genetic engineering biological control insect birth control through sterlization insect sex attractments( pheromones) insect hormones food radiation integrated pest management Since this is not my area

    asked by shanticia
  14. Math

    Find the distance around a circular fountain if the radius of the fountain is 7ft long. I did this: C=pi*D 22/7*3.5/1 11ft long Find the distance around a circular fountain if the radius of the fountain is 7ft long. I did this: C=pi*D 22/7*3.5/1 11ft long

    asked by Chris
  15. algerbra

    Find the GCF of each product. (2x2+5x)(7x - 14) (6y2 -3y)( y+7) When the term "Greatest Common Factor" is used, it applies to a pair of numbers. The terms you have liated are polynomials that have already been factored. They could be further factored into

    asked by Susie
  16. eth 125

    Consider racial imbalances in education, the economy, family life, housing, criminal justice healt care, and politics. Of these societal challenges facing modern african Americans, which do you think we are most difficult to overcome and why? Suggest some

    asked by ann
  17. Alexander the great fact

    I have a research paper due shortly and well when i was taking notes i didn't label a few of them(stupid i know) so now, I returned the books to the library, and i wrote the paper, and one fact which I think is good is that the seers he brought with him

    asked by Jonathan
  18. health care administrator

    can any one tellme some ideas of things to do to advance along the way in this career change i am doing out side of going for my bachelors and maters degree.. Not sure where to start. I have thought about being a CNA to get my foot in the door someplace.

    asked by jean
  19. Math- Best Buy

    In comparing prices of canned peaches, Darren finds that a 10-oz can costs 98 cents, a 16-oz can costs $1.49, and a 24-oz can costs $2.35. Which is the best buy? My Guess: 10-oz*2.4=24-oz 2.4*$.98=$2.35 16-oz*1.5=24-oz 1.5*$1.49=$2.24 24-oz=$2.35 Best Buy-

    asked by Frank
  20. eth 125

    Identify events and leaders of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and their contributions to their respective causes.

    asked by ann
  21. math

    what is the opposite of square rooting? take the square root of 9. you get 3. so what do you have to do to 3 to get 9? square it

    asked by Aj

    list all like terms 6x, -7x^2, 4w^2x, 8wx^2, -9w^2 Three are no like terms in this set.

    asked by KAYLA
  23. Native Americans

    How well do you think Native American organizations, like the Bureau of Indian Affairs(BIA), the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) are helping Native Americans to Advance? Explain. If anything,

    asked by Michele
  24. Ignore previous one(this is latest)

    Fix my recommendation letter. --------------- Mr. Rick Peterson(CEO) Sony Mobile Inc. 242 Bridge Road, Miami, FL 32090 Hello Mr. Peterson, My name is Gurvinder Singh. I work in T-Mobile company located in Miami, Florida, I would like to recommend Mr. Hung

    asked by Singh
  25. calc check: curve length

    Find the length of the curve y=(1/(x^2)) from ( 1, 1 ) to ( 2, 1/4 ) [set up the problem only, don't integrate/evaluate] this is what i did.. let me know asap if i did it right.. y = (1/(x^2)) dy/dx = (-2/(x^3)) L = integral from a to b for:

    asked by COFFEE
  26. Math

    The height of a TV antenna is 11ft 7in. If the height of a building is 64ft 9in, find the total height of a building including the antenna. I kept trying to do this, but I never learned this so I have no idea how to do this. adding them, I get 75 ft 16

    asked by Jack
  27. Math- I have no idea how to do this PLZ HELP!

    Josefina needs enough ribbon to make 90 bookmarks. Each bookmark is to be 5 and 7/9 inches long. Estimate how many yards of ribbon she should buy. (5+7/9)*90 450 + 70 520 inches ; divide by 36 Buy 15 yards. (5+7/9)*90 450 + 70 520 inches ; divide by 36 Buy

    asked by Mike
  28. managerial economics

    you are planning to estmate a short-run production for your firm, and you have collected the following data on labor usage and output: LABOR

    asked by Tarsha
  29. calc check please?

    Given the differential equation: dy/dx = y(1+x), y(0)=1, Use Euler's method with step size .1 to approximate y(.3). ... please check this for me! no one has responded to this question yet.. thanks. y' = y(1+x), y'(0) = 1(1+0)=1 ->the solution has slope 1

    asked by COFFEE
  30. mat117/algebra

    1)Refer to the triangle in the figure. Find an expression that represents its perimeter. lft side 3/4x, right side 5/x^2 third side 1/x^2. 2)Find the perimeter of the given figure. x/2x - 5 and 8/2x - 3. 3)The volume of the box is represented by (x^2 + 5x

    asked by Diana
  31. Algebra

    Take the real-life situation and create an equation or inequality that could be used for analysis, prediction, or decision making. Then, draw a graph to depict the variables in your situation. Use your graph and what you know about linear inequalities to

    asked by Evevlyn
  32. eth 125

    I am in need of a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. I need to be able to identify the legislation that I think is linked to the isuue and explain why I think there is a connection. All your questions have been addressed

    asked by ann
  33. Comp. Tech Question--Please Help

    A company wants you to create a network with a high degree of fault-tolerance. The company is apparently concerned about which? data connections between users. 2.the network not going down. mining by non-authorized users. Wouldn't they be

    asked by DeAnna
  34. Math

    Find all positive values for k x^2 + 2x- k how do you figure this out factor it out and only use the positive answer

    asked by Stephanie
  35. math

    9c^5d^8 * 4c^5d^8 __________________ 2c^5d^5 the answer i got is 18d^21c^15 is this anywhere close to being right? :) pls show how you get the answer if its different! :) thx Is this problem division, or multiplication? Either way, it is wrong.

    asked by marley
  36. math

    m^8n^6 _______ m^4n^2 i got m^2n^3. is this right? Is this a division problem? If so, you subtract exponents. a^4/a= a^3

    asked by marley
  37. Math

    Im stumped by these: evaluate if possible: -3√64 (the 3 is supposed to be in the dip of the square root symbol) 4√81 ( the 3 is also supposed to be in the dip of the square root sign) 3√1/125 ( " " ) The cube root of 64 is 4 The fourth root of 81 is

    asked by Karen
  38. Algebra 1

    simplify 2/x^2-y^2-1/x^2-3xy+2y^2-3/x^2-xy-2y^2 group like terms, and combine them. I see terms 1/x^2, y^2, and xy terms that can be grouped. We will be happy to critique your work.

    asked by Annie