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July 1, 2007

  1. Maths

    The bearing of A from B is 060 degrees. What is the bearing of B from A? Is it: a) 60 degrees b) 240 degrees c) 120 degrees d) 200 degrees p.s. The questions I sent earlier was an acccident To get reciprocal bearings, add 180 Thanks bobpursley

    asked by Fred
  2. subsitution method

    Can some one show me how to use the Substitution method to solve the system of these equations. x + y = -4 x - y = 2 x + y = 10 y = x + 8 on the first set. Solve for either x or y in either equation, then put that value into the other equation. Example: x

    asked by mike
  3. Maths

    What are bearings? Bearings are things that surround rotating shafts to reduce friction and wear. The word "bearing", as in compass bearing, can also refer to the direction that something is moving (such as 10 degrees east of north). I have heard of no

    asked by Fred
  4. Physics

    For a resonance tube apparatus (open ended on one side) with a total tube length of 1.00 meter, on a day when the speed of sound is 340 m/s, how many resonance positions will be observed as the piston position is varied for a frequency of 500 Hz? and 1000

    asked by Rob
  5. Math

    I know if you type Alt + 253 it will give you an exponet. I was wondering if anyone knows how to type a radical symbol? Thanks HOLD ON ALT AND TYPE 251 AND LET GO RIGHT AWAY GIVE IT A SECOND AND THE RADICAL SIGN SHOULD COME UP

    asked by Jess
  6. investment

    Would you expect the required rate rate of returns for a U.S investor in U.S common stocks to be the same as the required rate of return on Japanese common stocks? what factors would determine the require rate of return for stocks in these countries?

    asked by mia
  7. DeAnna

    I Need help with these questions. You talk to your boss about working out of your home.You can access the company network from your home using VPN. The boss is concerned about security. What do you tell him? 1.The data will be sent across a private leased

    asked by Comp.Tech
  8. science

    What is mechanized recreation? Please and thank you! Mechanized recreation is anything people do for fun that involves any kind of machinery -- power boats, motorcycles, 4-wheel-drive vehicles, bicycles, etc. This site has some information. (Broken Link

    asked by Lucy
  9. Maths

    What is a three-figure bearing. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "three-figure bearing" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Fred
  10. calc check: euler's method

    Given the differential equation: dy/dx = y(1+x), y(0)=1, Use Euler's method with step size .1 to approximate y(.3). y' = y(1+x), y'(0) = 1(1+0)=1 ->the solution has slope 1 at the point (0,1); x0=0, y0=1, h=0.1, F(x,y)=y(1+x) y1=y0+h*F(x0,y0) y1=1 +

    asked by COFFEE
  11. administrator

    can any one give me some ideas for Monetary or freedom rewards for a empolyee Monetary: a cash bonus a paid vacation Freedom: an assigned parking spot "casual Friday" every day a personal computer upgrade The list may be almost never ending. You may add

    asked by jean
  12. economics

    What are the principals of economics and where could I find 3 articles on the economy identifying 1 principal on each You very well may mean princIPLES. This is a catch all phrase. There are many economic textbooks called Principles of Economics and many

    asked by patti
  13. Physics

    Why should a tuning fork be set into oscillation by striking it with a soft rubber mallet rather than with a hard metal mallet? Striking it with a hard mallet excites higher order modes rather than mainly the fundamental. That is because a hard mallet

    asked by Rob
  14. cultural diversity

    What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? How can stereotping effect group relations? Give a example of stereotyping you find in a everyday life. Grouping people assumes that most people in a group have similar

    asked by ann
  15. cultural diversity

    It's an ethnic group the same as Subordinate group? Not necessarily. German Americans, for instance, are an ethnic group, but they are not viewed as subordinate. so, if my professor is asking for me to choose an ethnic goup to which I personally belong can

    asked by ann
  16. cultural diversity

    How did slavery influenced the evloution of both Black and White America today? By the very nature of slavery in America, people learned that blacks were inferior -- and maybe little better than animals. Family life and education were discouraged and often

    asked by ann
  17. please look over for mistakes

    In today’s modern era, the United States has become a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. From Italy to Iran and England to Cuba we have all sorts of cultures living in every imaginable city all across the country. Today the meanings of race

    asked by ann
  18. Please look over for mistakes

    Assisignment is: Identify and describe whichm if any, of these creation and consequence situations the group has faced: 1. Creation: migration,annexation , or colonization Assisignment is: Identify and describe whichm if any, of these creation and

    asked by ann
  19. mgt

    what is dependencies exist? Your question doesn't make any sense to me. Please reword it to make it clearer.

    asked by stacy
  20. Please look over for mistakes

    Assisignment is: Identify and describe whichm if any, of these creation and consequence situations the group has faced: 1. Creation: migration,annexation , or colonization 2. Consequences: extermination, expulsion, secession, segregation, fusion or

    asked by ann
  21. Question regarding this web site

    If I need for you to check my apa formated paper including my references that were used. How can I do this if your system tells me I can not because I do not own that web site. You cant post links. but you can post them this way.. http: w w w chosemylink

    asked by ann
  22. Please review

    Question is what do the terms race and ethnicity man to you? Question is Why are these concepts important to United States Society? Answer: The term race to be means the way a person distinguishes how one looks at ones skin color, facial features, ancestry

    asked by ann
  23. written communication

    What steps would one take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative, negative, or persuasive) is conveyed to your readers? As already answered: =) what kinds fo unwanted reactions might

    asked by ann
  24. Ms. Sue

    so, if my professor is asking for me to choose an ethnic goup to which I personally belong can I choose Hispanic/American? Yes, definitely.

    asked by ann
  25. mat117/algebra

    find the value of the polynomial 8x - 6 when x = 1 and when x = -1 8(1) - 6= 2 8(-1) - 6= -8 -6 = is the answer -14 or -2 -8 -6 = -14

    asked by Diana
  26. Chemistry

    4Fe(s)+3 O2(g)------ 2Fe2 O3(s) How many grams of Fe will be needed to react with sufficient amount of O2 to produce 1.OOkg of Fe2 O3 ? How many moles is 1kg of IronIII oxide? Wouldn't you need twice that number of moles of Fe?

    asked by Brooke
  27. science/literature

    Hi. I have to pick a book by Edward Abbey to read. Then I have to write a paper that covers: -what Ed was trying to accomplish with this piece -whether or not he accomplished his goal -what you think about his goals (good, bad????) I was wondering if

    asked by Lillian
  28. mgt

    how to improve their political edge? Whose political edge?

    asked by tracey
  29. no school

    I need to describe a disorder and detail the current trends in diagnosis and treatment for the disorder. Some ideas: Rabies - Polio -

    asked by joy
  30. Government

    Please critique my Introduction paragraph for my essay I changed the last sentence to make a better arguement................-In the 1981 Supreme Court Case of Rostker vs. Goldberg the debate was weather women should be included in any future draft

    asked by Jaden
  31. mat117/algebra

    Factor completely. ax - ay + x^2 - xy please show me how to factor this problem a(x-y) + x(x-y) = (a+x)(x-y)

    asked by Diana
  32. Alzebra

    What operations can you associate with coefficients? What operations can you associate with exponents? you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide coefficents, and exponents.

    asked by Shanta
  33. accounting

    What is a balance sheet typically used for? What information on the balance sheet is the most valuable? How does it complement another financial statement? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. A Balance Sheet is quick reference to see how

    asked by Anonymous