Questions Asked on
June 27, 2007

  1. math

    Elizabeth earns a weekly salary of $165 plus a 10% commission on sales. Find her total income for a week when her total sales were $2800. They got $445. How did they get that and what is commissions? $165 + 10% of $2800 is the answer. Do the numbers. 165 +

    asked by Mack
  2. Seminar MGT

    Is there a way to test the global business citizenship status of any company? What metrics would you use to do so? First, I'd define "global business citizenship" status. Do you mean how much money it makes? Do you mean how it treats and recompenses its

    asked by Ms Brown
  3. Written Communication

    Discuss how you would approach creating a negative message for a superior (such as a manager at work or an instructor) versus creating a message for a colleague, subordinate, or fellow student. Answers from previous postings:

    asked by Mimi
  4. mythology

    mythological expressions used and their meaning? Which mythology? You'll need to be more specific in your question. Greek? Roman? Norse?

    asked by klar maesen
  5. mat117/algebra

    If the sides of a square are increased by 3 cm, the area is decreased by 36 cm^2. What were the dimensions of the original square? Please show me the formula and how to work. That doesn't sound possible. If the sides of a square are increased, the area

    asked by Diana
  6. writing

    This is the assignment: Reread either Andy Rooney’s essay on page 96 or Sarah Penning’s essay on page. 97. Select either essay as your starting point and discuss the terms they write about. What is your reaction to the thesis of either in relation to

    asked by nick
  7. p.e.

    how did p.e. started in greece?? Please check this site about the Olympics of ancient Greece. If you mean that PE is phsical education then the answer is below. The site Ancient Greece: KIN 375 --

    asked by alodia
  8. mgt

    Describe to what degree activities will be subdivided into separate jobs at your business Since the question says YOUR business, we can't really help you. But, if you post your answer here, we'll be glad to critique it for you. Which business is it?

    asked by stacy
  9. science (chem)

    In general when instructions are to let a solution cool to room temp would it be incorrect to put the bottle containing the solution into a cold water bath so it could cool faster? Would it affect the solution in an adverse way? or does it depend on what

    asked by christina
  10. science

    how does having a cold affect the sense of taste? Most of what we "taste" depends upon what we smell. A cold interferes with our sense of smell, so that our food doesn't taste very good then. Check this site for more details.

    asked by may
  11. Math

    what is the formula to calculate the yield to maturity? Check this site.

    asked by SERITA
  12. English 4

    These webpages on thesis statements should help you write a good one.

    asked by Writeacher
  13. Science

    I'v been looking all over the web, but I can't seem to come up with a good response to this: "Describe 2 ways in which maple trees are suited to survive through the winter." Any ideas? Maple trees drop their leaves and the sap stops running in cold

    asked by Lindsay
  14. developmental reading

    reasons why people read... People read because they: want information need information want to be entertained want to escape can't help themselves and automatically read everything in sight love the written word enjoy literature In application of and in

    asked by klar maesen
  15. Basic Math

    Which of the follwing numbers is greatest? 3.2, 3 1/4, 25/8, 3.15, 19/6 Each number is between 3.1 and 3.3 Convert each to a decimal and you will see which is biggest. You could also figure it out by realizing that 3.2>3.15 and 3 1/4 > 3 1/5 = 3.2 > 3 1/6

    asked by Rizzle
  16. Algebra

    Find the distance between (7,0) and (-7,0) The y coordinates of the two points are the same, and the difference in x coordinates is 7 - (-7) = 14. What does that tell you about the direction and length of the line connecting the two points?

    asked by Tomika
  17. additional mathematics...pls help!!

    Ang, Bakar and Chandran are friends and they have just graduated from a local university. Ang works in a company with a starting pay of RM2000 per month. Bakar is a sales executive whose income depends solely on the commission he receives. He earns a

    asked by sherlyn
  18. History

    Hi. I am having some trouble with some questions pertaining the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre: Why did the Catherine de Medici allow the massacre to take place? Why was it so important to kill Coligny? How might the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre change

    asked by May
  19. Algebra

    Find the perminter of the rectangle 9inches on top 3 inches on side. How do i set up the equation? Nevermind I got the answer

    asked by Rizzle
  20. art

    what was the body make up like in africa Does it specify what part of Africa in the question? I have no knowledge of this subject, but assume it would be much different in South Africa than it would in Egypt. Matt Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework

    asked by georgina
  21. 5-6 th grade self contained spec ed class

    HELP! NExt year I am the 5th and 6th grade self contained Spec. Ed teacher. I have ONE 5th grader and about 10 6th graders...HOw do I teache rboth curriculums in one day??Particularily Soc. Studies and Science?? Thanks Please check with your principal,

    asked by Nancy
  22. english

    Identify the problems and revise the following paragraph. Keep in mind that in revision, you don’t necessarily use or keep only the sentences there. You may have to add words, phrases, and even a sentence or two. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is a

    asked by Jess
  23. chem.

    I'm asking of six guidelines in determining significant figure,because it was my assignment... Thanks again...:-) There aren't six rules here but these three will do it.

    asked by James
  24. Essay

    I was hoping you could help me brainstorm some ideas about why some people are more successful than others in college. I need to write an essay about it and am racking my brain for some good ideas! I figure some people have more motivation to complete

    asked by Jessica
  25. mgt

    Describe to what degree rules and regulations will be used to direct employees and managers in a book store. We'll be glad to critique your answer.

    asked by stacy
  26. safety

    asked by Writeacher
  27. Assignment: What to do?

    Choose a public setting to observe. You can choose a setting that is new or one that is familiar to you. Some suggestions are a store, beauty shop or barber shop, restaurant, train or bus station, airport, religious service, or sports event. Try to

    asked by Singh
  28. English

    anyone know where my other question went regarding the mythology sources??? much needed.... Thanks for reading this :) nvm i found it :) thanks to all who answered: its on page 4 i believe ok yeah i need more resourcesfor that topic :( This one???

    asked by Alexx
  29. Algebra

    Find the axis of symmetry y=x^2-7x+2 Well, it's a parabola. If you rewrite the equation by completing the square, you get y = (x - 7/2)^2 + 2 - (7/2)^2 = (x - 7/2)^2 - 41/4 It will be symmetric about the x = 7/2 line and the minimum will be at y = -41/4.

    asked by Tomika
  30. Chem.

    what is the six guidelines in determining significant figures? Thanks:-) With a decimal: from the decimal go to the right side of it until you see a definite number other than zero. Start there and how many numbers there are, including zero after that

    asked by James
  31. English IV

    I need help constructing a thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay over Ophelia and Lady Macbeth. Please help me get started! Would this work? Lady Macbeth and Ophelia both compare and contrast with their viewpoints and personalities. Check out

    asked by Summer
  32. mat117/algebra

    Rewrite the middle term as the sumof two terms and then factor completely. Please show me the formula and how to use it correctly. 12w^2 + 19w + 4 19w can be written as 16w + 3w. Those are the cross product terms when multiplying 4w times 4 and 3w times 1.

    asked by Diana
  33. Writing 125

    How would you draft a letter that allows your irritation to work for, rather than against, you? I would say to start out with something very broad and general and then work your way into your opinion. [im not sure if this is the writing style you would

    asked by Anoited One
  34. Social Studies

    can someone unscramble permansu I think the answer is Superman.

    asked by Ryan Adams
  35. mat117/algebra

    factor each polynomial completely. to begin, state which method should be applied to the first step, given the guidelines of this section. Then continue the exercise and factor each polynomial completely. 2p - 6q + pq - 3q^2 Please help, I don't know how

    asked by Diana