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June 24, 2007

  1. Comp.

    Could anyone help me Please.. about the uses of the computer on the following fields. 1.Business 2.Arts and Films 3.Music 4.Engineering 5.Manufacturing 6.Police and Laws Enforces 7.Medicine 8.Education 9.Science and Research 10.Archeology Thanks :-)

    asked by James
  2. science (chem)

    what is the chemical eqzn of Na2CO3 + HClO4? Na2CO3 + HClO4 ==> NaClO4 + H2O + CO2 I will leave it for you to balance. how did you get that DrBob The rule on carbonates is: An acid added to a carbonate yields carbon dioxide, water, and a salt. oooh so you

    asked by christina
  3. Economics

    If Mary takes money from her savings account and buys a T-bond from Jody with that money, it's: A. An expansionary fiscal policy. B. An example of contractionary monetary policy. C. An example of expansionary monetary policy D. An example of neutral

    asked by Dave
  4. MATH

    The height h in feet of an object after t seconds is given by the function h=-16t^2+60t+9.... How long will it take the object to hit the ground? Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.... when it hits the ground, h is zero. So you have a quadratic

    asked by TB
  5. algebra

    One number is 5 times another If the sum of their reciprocals is 2/15 find the two numbers Write a sentence that defines the variable you use and check your solution n is one number on it another number n= 5*on 1/n + 1/on= 2/15 1/5on + 1/on= 2/15 multiply

    asked by steve
  6. Math Help Please

    Bob invested $30,000, part at 10% and part at 1%. If the total interest at the end of the year is $1,560, how much did he invest at 10%? Let x be the amount invested at 10%. Then, 30,000-x is invested at 1% 0.1 x + 0.01 (30,000 - x) = 1560 Solve that

    asked by Carol
  7. chemistry

    A compound has the following composition. C 54.5%, H 9.10% and 0 36.4% its molecular weight is 88.10. Determine its empirical formula and molecular formula. Take 100 g sample. That gives you 54.5 g C, 9.10 g H and 36.4 g O. Now convert those grams to mols.

    asked by Brooke
  8. Math

    Complete. Name the property shown. 5× (-3 + -6)= -15 + ? also which property is shown? _________________

    asked by Chris
  9. Spanish

    Add a prepositional phrase to clarify either to whom an item(s) belongs. Cual es su problemas? (ella) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Don't be confused! A prepositional phrase is often used to clarify "su" because it could mean "hers,

    asked by confused
  10. Concepts in organizational behavior

    What is the most important element in an organizational analysis and why? I have the elements; organizational change & organizational development; I just can't find why? Any help would be appreciated. The elements you list in the analysis are not what I

    asked by Jo
  11. mat117/algebra

    The area of a rectangle of length x is given by 3x^2 + 5x. Find the width of the rectangle. Show me the formula and how to use it please. area= length times width 3x^2 + 5x = x * width divide both sides by x, then you have width.

    asked by Diana
  12. Algebra

    Can someone check my algebra answers and help me with the problems I don't understand? 1. n^2-n-20/2n^2 times n^2+5n/n^2-25 answer: n+4/2n 2. (2x-6/21)/(5x-15/12) answer: 8/35 3. 5x-3/6 - x+3/6 answer: 2x/3-1 4. 5x/26 - 2x/13 answer: 1x/26 5. 3x^2/9x^5

    asked by Alexandria
  13. Math

    Wat is 0.0006 and 0.00108 in scientific notation? 6*(1*10-4) I will be happy to check the other for you. Thank you for answering.

    asked by Chris
  14. music

    Who invented the trumpet and when? Stoelzel reported his invention in the following letter, dated December 6, 1814, which was sent to Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of Prussia: Most illustrious, most mighty King Most gracious Lord and Majesty! The horn, to

    asked by Hannah
  15. CALCULUS!!!

    case 1. Find the absolute maxima and minina values of f(x)=sin2x+cos2x on [0, pie] Specify both the x and y coordinateof the absolute maximum and absolute minimum. Gives answers in exact form. case 2. Use the second derivative test for relative maxima nd

    asked by Mae
  16. algebra

    During rush hour, Bill can drive 60 miles using the side roads in the same time that it takes to travel 30 miles on the freeway. If Bill's rate on the side roads is 7 mi/h faster than his rate on the freeway, find his rate on the side roads. let bill drive

    asked by steve
  17. mathI

    I crossed out all the prime numbers i need to fine the largest prime number and this guestion A movie theater runs two documentary films continuously. One documentary runs for 40 minutes and a second documentary runs for 60 minutes. Both movies begin at

    asked by dEE
  18. MATH


    asked by TB
  19. physcial science

    Explain how the atoms of a piece of wood are tiny magnets, yet the piece of wood is not. The electron in atoms spin, and have magnetic moments. The electrons also have an orbital magnetic moment. However, when all the moments from the atoms are added up,

    asked by jan
  20. algebra 116

    Rewrite the equation y = 5x – 2 as a function of x. This problem is already a function of x. y = 5x - 2 as a function of x. Rewrite the equation –x – 4y = 20 as a function of x. Graph f(x) = –3x – 2. Solve the system by graphing.

    asked by ashley-help please!
  21. Calculus

    Solve the differential equation. Let C represent an arbitrary constant. (Note: In this case, your answer willto have a negative sign in front of the arbitrary C.) (dz)/(dt) + e^(t+z) = 0 --------------- (dz/dt) + (e^t)(e^z) = 0 (dz/dt) = -(e^t)(e^z) dz =

    asked by COFFEE
  22. science

    A thing can be made from one or more materials and use of a material depends upon its properties. Now, find out about some imp. Properties of the materials like hardness, softness, heavy and light etc and how do these properties help you in grouping things

    asked by arshya
  23. Written Communication

    Your local bank made a mistake on your printed checks. Additionally, the bank charged you for the checks, even though the order was supposed to be complimentary for customers opening a new account. How would you draft a letter that follows your irritation

    asked by Mimi
  24. chemistry

    How many hydrogen atoms are ther in 18.00mg of water? 18.00 mg = 0.018 g. mols = g/molar mass.

    asked by Brooke
  25. mat 117/algebra

    Find the GCF of each product. Please show the steps so I can work the problem by myself. it is 6y squared - 3y (6y^2-3y)(y+7) 3y(2y-1)(y+7) 3y will be the greatest common factor, as each term when you multiply it out will have a 3y. In case you want to

    asked by Diana
  26. math Ist part

    A corporate software development firm has a staff of online support technicians available 24 hours a day. They advertise that one of the advantages of using their company is that the ratio of accounts-to-support technicians is 5:1. Your question is not

    asked by dEE
  27. mATH part 1

    Sally Rogers, an employee of Advanced Ideas, Inc. has a gross salary of $45,000 per year. Her company will match employee 401K contributions up to 5% of the gross salary. Due to personal financial constraints, Sally is only able to put 2% of her salary

    asked by dEE
  28. math part (c)

    4.The total of your calculations would equal the amount Sally has contributed for the first two years. As we already know, the company would match employee 401K contributions up to 5% of the gross salary. What is the total amount contributed by the company

    asked by dEE
  29. Reliability in Chemistry

    How can I determine if my results are reliable? I measured the voltage produced across different cells made of four different metals. I then took measurements and recorded them in a table, but was told that my results are not considered reliable. What

    asked by Cheryllyn
  30. Human Services Administrator

    How do regular consultations between managers and their subordinates impact productivity and job satisfaction? That depends upon the nature of the consultations. If the managers are critical and micromanage, the job satisfaction and productivity usually

    asked by Marie
  31. Math

    Wat is 3.5 as a percent? To make a number into a percent, move the decimal point two places to the right. 3.5 = 350% I thought it was. Thank you Ms. Sue.

    asked by Chris
  32. math 2ND PART (B)

    Part (b) 1.If next year the number of accounts increases by 20%, the number of technicians has to be increased by 20%, too. How many new technicians have to be hired next year? Please note: your result has to be rounded to the whole number. 2.What will be

    asked by dEE
  33. Math Part 2

    a.Execute the research necessary to understand the basic structure of a 401K plan. Write a brief summary of your findings. b.How much did Advanced Ideas, Inc. put into Sally’s 401K in her first two years? c.How much will Sally contribute to her own 401K

    asked by dEE
  34. maTH part (b)

    Part (b) 1.Knowing that Sally put 2% of her salary into her 401K during her first two years, how much has Sally contributed to her 401-K plan on the first year? 2.What is Sally’s gross salary on the 2nd year, after a 3.5% raise? 3.Knowing that Sally put

    asked by dEE
  35. physcial science

    Why is a nail attracted to either pole of a magnet, but another magnet is attracted to only one of the poles?

    asked by jan
  36. math

    im having a hard time understanding how to add and subtract integers Study these sites to see if they help you. If you post a couple of problems with your

    asked by jd
  37. math 2nd part

    Right! :-) This year they have eight technicians on staff and each technician is fully saturated with accounts. a.How many accounts does the company support at this time? You stated that each technician has 5 accounts. This year there are 8 technicians.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  38. physcial science

    How can a magnet be "weathered" by dropping it on a hard floor? Iron magnets can be weathered, the shock of the impact allows magnetic domains to realign in the material.

    asked by jan
  39. Math!(Need More Help!I did #4,is ti right?)

    Directions:Write inequalities for the numbers 3 - 4 below. Do not solve them! Problems: 3.Stacey and Luis volunteer at the local hospital. Stacey worked 4 more hours than Luis, and together they worked more than 28 hours. What is the least number of hours

    asked by Erica!!!
  40. math

    Sally Rogers, an employee of Advanced Ideas, Inc. has a gross salary of $45,000 per year. Her company will match employee 401K contributions up to 5% of the gross salary. Due to personal financial constraints, Sally is only able to put 2% of her salary

    asked by dEE
  41. math for 1st part (a)

    Part (a) 1.If the ratio of accounts-to-support technicians is 5:1, how many accounts are supported by each technician? 2.If there are currently 8 technicians on staff, how many accounts total are they supporting now? Please see the previous answer. 40

    asked by dEE
  42. Electrochemistry

    Does the addition of ligands such as aqueous ammonia affect the potential difference of an electrochemical cell? Does it increase it or decrease it? Does it matter what ligand is added? yes the potential is affected. yes it matters which ligand is added.

    asked by Cheryllyn
  43. health care

    can anyone tellme how Collegial Model management structures affect day to day work in a organization? Well, tyrants don't exist, and if they come in and start bossing, they are in for a surprise: The collegial model depends on all the employees accepting

    asked by jean
  44. Computer hardware

    Can Windows XP Professional operate as a controller in a network domain

    asked by Joe
  45. Health

    In dehydration why is water essential to health maintence? This site will give you the clearest answer as to why water is essential to good health. (Broken Link Removed) In addition to the site posted by GuruBlue, you may also want to check this site which

    asked by student
  46. Math

    A corporate software development firm has a staff of online support technicians available 24 hours a day. They advertise that one of the advantages of using their company is that the ratio of accounts-to-support technicians is 5:1. This year they have

    asked by dEE
  47. math 3rd part

    b.The company is projecting a 20% growth each year for the next four years. How many technicians should the company’s Human Resource Manager plan to hire in each of the next four years? 1st year: 8 x .2 = 1.6 2nd year: 9.6 x .2 = ? Continue this pattern

    asked by dEE
  48. health care

    I am doing a essay on health care hiring does anyone have anythng else they can add to my questions? Kind of stuck here. 1.

    asked by jean