Questions Asked on
June 21, 2007

  1. Computer (Excel)

    This is my assignment (actually a quiz) You work at an accounting firm and you need to design a spreadsheet for a business customer's income and expenses. The business is divided into four departments: Sales, Marketing, Development, and Executive. Each

    asked by Robert
  2. Math

    How would I describe a step-by-step procedure for adding two fractions with different denominators? The first thing you need to do is make the denominators the same. You do this by finding their lowest common multiple. We'll use this as an example:

    asked by Bianca

    I need help with the following grammar exercise. Thank you in advance for your help!! Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified above the sentence. If the sentence is already correct, write No Change. Punctuating Sentences 1.

    asked by Lee
  4. English

    hello! i have to write a short narrative in the genre of science fiction using a current political issues as a starting point. can someone please name and give examples of some the current political issues for me please? thank you for the help! thank you !

    asked by Jarin
  5. English

    can you help me unscramble this word?? PERMANSU It's a bird, its a plane, its .... So if you didn't get that hint, so soak in a Kryptonite hot tub.

    asked by Leah
  6. Science

    Two Cars A car leaves San Francisco, traveling east at 65 miles per hour. The driver takes a bathroom break of 15 min every 3 hours. Another car departs New York City at the same time, traveling at 60 miles per hour. This driver takes a bathroom break of

    asked by Daniell
  7. English

    If anyone could point me in the direction of a list of American authors from the Modern Era, it would be so apperciated. I have to write an annotated bibliography on an author from that era and I'm not sure which authors were from that period. This will

    asked by Kasey
  8. Math / Calculus

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me. My calculus skills are many years rusty, however I think I have an interesting practical application of calculus in a video game. I think this could be a good real-world example on what math can solve. Could

    asked by Mike

    A cylinder with a moveable piston holds 2.40 mol of argon at a constant temperature of 295 K. As the gas is compressed isothermally, its pressure increases from 101 kPa to 141 kPa. What is the final volume of the gas? I don't know where to begin. I tried

    asked by Zack
  10. physics- pressure/gas

    Suppose 2500 J of heat are added to 4.1 mol of argon gas at a constant pressure of 120 kPa. (Assume that the argon can be treated as an ideal monatomic gas.) Find the change in internal energy. I started using U = N (3/2 kB T). But I have too many

    asked by AC
  11. Critical Thinking 205

    So I've been searching, checking the web on many different search engines, the college library. and have not found an example of a nonprejudicial rhetorical device. So it would be safe to say there is no such thing as a nonprejudicial rhetorical device?

    asked by Ron
  12. human services

    how might a human services worker need to adapt their communication approach from one individual to the next? The key to this question is the word "individual". Any time you are working with people, to be effective you MUST consider each individual as a

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math

    Directions:Write inequalities for the numbers 2 - 4 below. Do not solve them! Problems: 2.Your quiz grades are 19, 17, 20, and 15. What is the lowest grade you can receive on the next quiz and maintain at least an 18 average? 3.Stacey and Luis volunteer at

    asked by Erica
  14. Intro. to Comp.

    will you please go to page 2 and recheck some of my answers on my questions again. I am confused on queston 11. thank you! There are 72 points per inch. So, half an inch will be... There are 72 points per inch. So, half an inch will be... They're all right

    asked by This is for MattsRiceBowl
  15. math

    what is an example of the important facts on obtaining a loan for a new car as a math problem. Knowing that some facts are: credit interest if good credit or high interest if bad credit. how can i show an example of what i am trying to say in a math

    asked by student
  16. Economics

    I am trying to websites on wage inequality in the airline industry? Any suggestions? I am sorry but, at this time, I am unable to post websites. You may however, go to Google and use the phrase wage inequality in the aiirline industry" (with the quotation

    asked by Denim31
  17. Math

    Did I do this correctly: Equation of a line: y=1/3x+5 Finding x-intercept, you set y to 0 y=1/3x+5 0=1/3x+5 -5 x 3=x -15=x Finding y-intercept you set x to 0 y=1/3x+5 y=1/3 x 0 +5 y=5 * b=5 and b=y-intercept. But what if b is not given then how do i find

    asked by Gina
  18. science (chemistry)

    I have to do this lab where I titrate Na2CO3 with HCl dilute solution but i had to add Methyl orange indicator to the solution and im not sure what the endpoint is supposed to be colored, is it supposed to be orange or pink?? im confused and just how

    asked by christina
  19. Math

    Directions:Write inequalities for the numbers 2 - 4 below. Do not solve them! Problems: 2.Your quiz grades are 19, 17, 20, and 15. What is the lowest grade you can receive on the next quiz and maintain at least an 18 average? 3.Stacey and Luis volunteer at

    asked by Erica
  20. algebra

    the revenue for a sandwich shop is directly proportinal to its advertising budge. when the owner spent 2000. a month on advertising, the revenue was $120,000. if the revenue is now $ 180,000 how much is the owner spending on advertising? The 50% increase

    asked by sandra
  21. Government

    Bob is right. You need to expand your explanation. Consider whether cigarette advertising is misleading or false. When we had cigarette advertising on TV, the people who were smoking were cool, macho, and healthy. Are those people typical of smokers? Was

    asked by Ms. Sue
  22. english(business writing)

    Hi. I have to write request letter for guest speaker to come our organization and give effective speech. I am pasting it here. Help me if I need improvement thanks :) World Fund Raiser 1892 West Fall Rd Richmond, VA 29088 June 18, 2007 Mr. Alex Blair 7388

    asked by singh
  23. Help Please!

    I search google and I can't find any recent articles on wage inequality in the airline industry. Anyone know of any recent incidents or a website that covers this information? Do you mean wage inequality between different jobs or when comparing different

    asked by Denim
  24. Precal

    what is your answer for 8sin^2theta + sintheta -1 ? and how would you do it ? thanks You have not written an equation. There is nothing to "solve". Did you leave out an " = 0 " ? Yeah sorry Yeah sorry Let x = sin theta 8x^2 +x -1 = 0 x = [-1 +/-

    asked by Tri
  25. math

    help!!need an answer 3x+4y=12 (0, ),(2/3, ),(0, ),(-2/3, ) anybody? It looks like maybe you are supposed to take the equation 3x + 4y = 12, and solve for the values of y that correspond to given values of x. For example, when x=0, 4y = 12 and y = 3.

    asked by kg