Questions Asked on
June 13, 2007

  1. Geometry

    Given: ABCD is a parallelogram;

    asked by DANIELLE
  2. Economics

    Which of the following statements would come from someone classified as unemployed? A. I'm not working. I had three interviews this week, and I'm trying to find a job. B. I haven't had a job in a year, and I stopped looking for a job nine months ago. C.

    asked by Dave
  3. Math

    Use the quadratic formula to solve each of the following quadratic equations... 1. 2x^2-5x=3 2. 3x^2-2x+1=0 Rearrange the equation in quadratic formula form. 2x^2 -5x -3 = 0 Then use the formula. Tell me what you don't understand about it if you don't know

    asked by Tomika
  4. Chemistry

    Using the half- reaction method, balance the redox reaction shown below. (I-)+(Br2) ---> (IO3-)+(Br-) Step 1. Break the reaction into the two half reactions. Br2 ==> Br^- I^- ==> IO3^- Step 2. I will leave the first one for you to do. The second one is

    asked by Aubrey
  5. math

    ANGULAR SPEED OF A RACE CAR. A race car is driven around a circular track at a constant speed of 180miles per hour. If the diameter of the track is 1/2mile, what is the angular speed of the car? Express your answer in revolutions per hour(which is

    asked by michelle
  6. Calculus

    A steady wind blows a kite due west. The kite's height above ground from horizontal position x = 0 to x = 80 ft is given by the following. y = 150 - (1/40)(x-50)^2 Find the distance traveled by the kite. y = 150 - (1/40)(x-50)^2 y = 150 -

    asked by COFFEE
  7. Math

    Solve each of the following quadratic equations by completing the aquare. 1. x^2-6x-3=0 2. 2x^2+10x+11=0 Step 1. Move the constant to the other side. X^2 -6x + ?? = 3 + ?? To find ??, take 1/2 the x term and square it, then add it to both sides; therefore,

    asked by Tomika
  8. socials studies

    this is basically an exam essay that we can take home to do and i need serious help in order to pass this course. was the british government laissez-faire policy during the industrail revolution necassary? discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this

    asked by nathan
  9. math

    How would you establish this identity: (1+sec(beta))/(sec(beta))=(sin^2(beta))/(1-cos(beta)) on the right, sin^2 = 1-cos^2, that factor to 1-cos * `1+cos, then the denominator makes the entire right side 1+cosB which is 1+1/sec which is 1/sec (sec+1) qed

    asked by michelle
  10. chemistry

    is C8H7O2COONa an acidic salt or basic salt? basic because the C8H7O2 is a weak acid, and Na is part of a strong base.

    asked by katie
  11. Communications

    Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. To enter your answer, click next to the number and begin typing. If the sentence is already correct, write No Change. Punctuation within Sentences—Colon

    asked by Crystal
  12. Calculus

    Graph the curve and find its exact length. x = e^t + e^-t, y = 5 - 2t, from 0 to 3 Length = Integral from 0 to 3 of: Sqrt[(dx/dt)^2 + (dy/dt)^2] dx/dt = e^t - e^-t, correct? dy/dt = -t^2 - 5t, correct? So: Integral from 0 to 3 of Sqrt[(e^t - e^-t)^2 +

    asked by COFFEE
  13. calc: simpson's rule & arc length

    i'm still getting this question wrong. please check for my errors: Use Simpson's Rule with n = 10 to estimate the arc length of the curve. y = tan x, 0

    asked by COFFEE
  14. math,help

    this is from another section one of the problems can someone help me. dierections: use the simplex method to solve each linear programming problem. maximize z = 12x1 +15x2 +5x3 subject to: 2x1+2x2+x3 =0,x3>0

    asked by jas
  15. Calculus

    A steady wind blows a kite due west. The kite's height above ground from horizontal position x = 0 to x = 80 ft is given by the following. y = 150 - (1/40)(x-50)^2 Find the distance traveled by the kite. y = 150 - (1/40)(x-50)^2 y = 150 -

    asked by COFFEE
  16. Physics

    How would you use a pulley system with one rope to pull at a single item at two points simultaneously? The free ropes of two block and tackle pulley systems could be joined to pull an object in two places. Or you could just hang a rope over two pulleys on

    asked by Jason
  17. Algebra

    Find two consecutive positive integers such that the sum of the square is 85..(show your work) If X is the first integer, then X+1 is the next; therefore, the sum of those squares will be 85. X^2 + (X+1)^2 = 85 Solve for X, then add 1 to it for the second

    asked by Tomika
  18. math , help

    can someone show me how to solve this: directions: pivot once as indicated in each simplex tableau. Read the solution from the result. the number that is highlighted is row 2 column 3 which is the 5 the matrix is a 4 X 8 under column one it reads as:

    asked by jas
  19. social studies

    Where can I find information on: "What products might we get from the seven major regions of the United States?" (Great Lakes, Mountain, Southwest, Northeast, Plains, Pacific, Southeast) This encyclopedia article discusses the regions of the U.S. The

    asked by Kendra
  20. Financing

    Please..I need help asap If a firm pays its bill with a 30 day delay, what fraction of its purchases will be in paid in the current quarter? Please show me how you get this answer Since a quarter is three months long, then 2/3 of the firm's purchases are

    asked by je
  21. OChem Nomenclature

    Here is a compound that I am trying to name... H H \ / C || CH3-CH2-C-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3 I came up with 3-methylheptene, but the answer says 2-ethyl-1-hexene. Can someone please explain why I'm wrong? Thanks that showed up wrong - the methyl with the double

    asked by Lacey
  22. chemistry

    In the lab, 20.0 g of sodium hydroxide is added to a beaker giving it a total mass of 128.4 g. Sulfuric acid is added until all of the sodium hydroxide reacts. After heating, the total mass of the beaker and the dry compound is 142.3 g. Caculate the

    asked by jill
  23. Quadratic Equations

    Solve for X. x^2+4x+4=7 (Hint: Factor the left hand side) I got stuck on this one, please help!!!Thanks in advance Take the hint. Factor the left side. (x+2)^2 = 7 Take square root of both sides. x+2 = sq rt 7 etc .

    asked by Anonymous One
  24. computer graphics

    You purchase the latest "must have" computer video game from the store. The game has fantastic graphics but it runs rather slow on your computer. What must you do to increase the performance of the game? 1. Install a GVA adapter that has more ROM. 2.

    asked by Steven
  25. science(physics)

    a object potential energy is described as 1/2kx^2. what does k and x represent? thanks. This is the PE in a stretched spring. k is the spring constant, x is the distance the spring is stretched (or compressed). Read up on Hookes' law.

    asked by john
  26. math

    a=3,b=2,c=2 would this make a triangle? if so, how would i find the angles? thanks for helping. You would find the angles using the cosine law. When all three sides are given to a triangle, you can solve for each angle.

    asked by maggie
  27. Geometry

    Angle DEF is similar to Angle HJK and the scale factor of angle DEF to anle HJK IS 5/2. If EF =15 FIND JK Here is what I came up with Am I correct 5/2 = EF/JK 5/2 =15/JK 5(JK)=30 JK=30/5 JK=6 Thanks much

    asked by DANIELLE
  28. Calculus

    What is wrong with the following reasoning??? f(x) = 2^x f'(x) = x[2^(x-1)] Although n x^(n-1) is the derivative of x^n, you cannot apply similar rules when x is the exponent and the number being raised to a power is a constant. The derivative of b^x,

    asked by Raj
  29. written communication

    What steps would you take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative, negative, or persuasive) is conveyed to your readers? When things are given in an order, humans generally remember the first and last objects in the series better.

    asked by Anonymous
  30. math,help

    and then this one as well : state the dual problem for each linear programming problem. minimize w =y1+y2+4y3 subject to: y1+2y2+3y3 >=115 2y1+y2+8y3>=200 y1 +y3 >=50 with y1>=0, y2>=0, y3>=0

    asked by jas
  31. Math

    Is there any way that you can find the area of a circle without using pi? Well, since you can also use the formula pi r^2, any such method would be equivalent to calculating pi in some way.

    asked by Kevin
  32. Math Help

    Directions are that i have to solve the equation and graph it using words.I have to include whether itis a solid or dotted line and which way the shading is. Problem: -2x+3y

    asked by Erica
  33. chemistry

    How can I convert 350mg/L into mg/kg with 22.28% moisture? You need to clarify the question. 350 mg/L of what and what does 22.28 moisture have to do with the problem?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Art

    Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's Convergence is a work of "fine art" as opposed to an arbitrary composition of paint. Establish a very strong "argument" for this artwork by first establishing what defines "fine art." Support your

    asked by Phyllis
  35. Climate Change

    In a Business 'As usual senario,' global CO2 emissions reach 64 GtCO2 y -1 by 2050. Convert this figure to GtC y-1, and calculate the percentage increase from the level of global CO2 emissions in 2004, estimated as 8.8 GtC y-1. Lets see... carbon is what

    asked by Tania
  36. physics

    sorry mr bob pursley to annoy you again. i read over hooke's law in wikipedia.but i don't know what is k.(my force constant. here my experiment and my values. i did three trials measured force applied of the elastic by streching 50 cm everytime. force

    asked by physics(attempted)
  37. Algebra

    In my Algebra class I am working with rational expression. I know it is important to understand the differnce between a factor and a term of an expression. Can someone give me the definition for both and explain to me the difference between the two?

    asked by jessica
  38. math

    how would i write this in scientific notation 14,718? how would i write this in standard notation 1.98 x 10 to the second power 14,718 could be rewritten as 1.4718*10^4, which is read as "1.4718 times 10 to the fourth power." (The asterisk is often used as

    asked by darneta
  39. Physics

    A 1.00 g mass hangs by a string next to an identical stationary mass. When both masses are given identical positive charges, the hanging charge swings out 3.00 cm from the vertical so that its string makes an angle of 30.0 degrees with the vertical. Find

    asked by Katie
  40. physics

    find the average of a block being propelled propelled by an elastic band. very sorry to disturb Mr bobpurlsey again. i am very thankful to you replies. the only problem that lies in the answer is that i haven't been taught hooke's law in Grade 11. which

    asked by james
  41. CALC 2 - Partial Functions!!

    How do I solve Integral of 7/(16-x^2) I know I must break down (16-x^2) into (x+4)(-x+4), but after I do that what is next? Using the method of partial fractions, convince yourself that 7/(16-x^2)= (7/8)*[1/(4+x) + 1/(4-x)] The two additive terms can be

    asked by Ace
  42. criminology

    what are the characteristics of the juvenile court system? We will be happy to critique your thinking. Be careful of generalizations here on fairness, etc. Courts vary very widely on how well the operate. What i am looking for are the general

    asked by kg
  43. math,help

    also can somone explain to me these types of problems. directions are introduce slacks variables as necessary, then write the intial simplex tableau for each linear programming problem. find x1 >= 0 and x2 >= 0 such that x1+x2

    asked by jas
  44. Intro. to Computers

    Can you help with these 2 questions? 1. The law firm you work at regularly scans documents into the computer system. They now want to be able to edit the digital image copies of those documents. Which do they need to accomplish this? (A) Optical character

    asked by Natalie