Questions Asked on
June 5, 2007

  1. pre-cal

    to find the distance AB across a river, a distance BC= 309m is laid off on one side of the river. It is found that B= 105.4 degrees and C= 12.2 degrees. Find AB To find the distance AB across a river, a distance BC= 309m is laid off on one side of the

    asked by devin
  2. Political Economy

    I know this is open ended but what do Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Shumpeter, and Keynes have in common in terms of thinking. I am studying them right now and my prof. says that they are the grandmasters of political economy. I understand their role with

    asked by joe
  3. math

    help with solving a magic square MAGIC SQUARES Magic squares, those seemingly innocent looking collections of numbers that have fascinated so many for centuries, were known to the ancients, and

    asked by nicholas
  4. Economics

    The circular flow of economic activity can be summed up as: A. households earn money by selling their factors of production to firms in the factor market and use that money to buy goods and services from firms in the product market. B. firms earn money by

    asked by John
  5. French 1

    I have to rewrite the following sentences using the passé compose 1. Il veut une tomate. 2. Tu bois de l'eau minérale. 3. Je peux apprendre la leçon. 4. Vous devez treize euros à Grégoire. 5. Nous comprenons le français 6. J'écris une lettre. 7. Ils

    asked by DANIELLE
  6. Physics

    A tennis ball is a hollow sphere with a thin wall. It is set rolling without slipping at 4.07 m/s on a horizontal section of a track. It rolls around the inside of a vertical circular loop 90.0 cm in diameter and finally leaves the track at a point 20.0 cm

    asked by Dan
  7. English -- Please, please help :(

    Hi. I need help with the following: Develop a Balanced Argument For The Following Scenario: Convince your significant other to use your income tax refund to buy a bass boat rather than spending it on new furniture. I'm supposed to use Ethos, Logos, and

    asked by May
  8. chemistry

    what is the chemical equation for citric acid + sodium hydroxide? I will be happy to critique your thinking . Remember a salt and water will be formed. is it : C6H8O7 + 3NaOH--> NaC6H5O7 + 3H2O ? I would have written citric acid in this form H3-C6H5O7, and

    asked by bob
  9. pre-cal

    a pilot wants to fly on a bearing of 66.4 degrees. by flying due east, he finds that a 57-mph wind, blowing from the south, puts him on course. Find the airspeed of the plane. Sketch this. He flys east unknown speed. The plane goes at 66.4, unknown speed.

    asked by brandy
  10. psychology

    Could someone please provide help formulating interview questions relating to learning, intelligence, cognition, problem solving, motivation, effects of gender and culture on emotions and personality. This is a great deal of information to try to get from

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Physics

    I have learnt that when we push an object on a horizontal plane with a certain angle, we are increasing its normal reaction and therefore friction increases. Whereas if we pull it, friction decreases. Is that true? Yes, there is more friction if you push

    asked by Ishani
  12. Philsophy Question

    Are there any famous Mexican philosophers?

    asked by Juan
  13. Math

    Is this how I would do this problem? What is the percent increase in the population for all six inhabited continents, excluding Asia, from 1950 to 2000? Add all of the 1950 populations together, add all the 2000 populations together, subtract years total

    asked by Stacy
  14. algebra

    The length of a rectangle is 4 in. more than twice its width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 32 in., find the width of the rectangle let x = width length is then 2x+4 so 2(2x+4)+2x=32 Solve for x 4x + 8 +2x = 32 6x=24 x=4 thanks

    asked by veronica
  15. algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 81. The second is 6 more than 2 times the first. What are the two numbers? Dear Veronica I can not do all your homework for you. 2X+6 +x =81 Try to get them in an equation. When you think you have it solved put the numbers back in

    asked by veronica
  16. algebra

    Janet invested $23,000, part at 6% and part at 17%. If the total interest at the end of the year is $2,260, how much did she invest at 6%? Let x be the amount invested at 6% Then 23,000 - x is invested at 17%. 0.06 x + 0.17 (23,000 - x) = 2260. That

    asked by veronica
  17. algebra

    Solve the system by addition or substitution.

    asked by veronica
  18. homework help

    Describe a situation you are familiar with in which people based their actions or opinions on false information. How would the situation have changed if the facts were researched and presented more carefully? Please note that we don't do students' homework

    asked by leslie
  19. about Engineering

    I'm taking Electronics and Communication Engineering...Can you help me pls...this is my problem=First day of school the teacher ask why did you choose this course? thanks;-) Maybe you chose it because of a natural curiosity and mathematical and analytical

    asked by James
  20. Economics

    You should start a new post instead of adding on to an existing post. That said, I would go with A Which of the following statements is true?? A) The value of a good may change over time. B)A highly valued good is always more expensive than a lesser valued

    asked by economyst
  21. Government

    As of the date of ratification, the U.S. Constitution established: A. representative democracy and limited government. B. representative democracy, universal suffrage, and limited government. C. limited government. D. representative democracy. E. universal

    asked by John
  22. Biology

    I need to know how caffiene intake effects urine output, obviously urine output will decrease, but by how much? If 2000 ml of water was ingested, how much urine would be produced? If 2000 ml of coffee was ingestedhow much urine would be produced? Thank you

    asked by Kate
  23. Economics

    The biggest disadvantage in a command economy is: A. market forces determine production decisions. B. the lack of incentive for individuals. C. there isn't enough money to go around. D. there's no government intervention. E. it's run by a central planner.

    asked by Dave
  24. algebra 2

    evaluate if possible 1. square root -121 A not a real number 2. 3cube-8/27 would this be 3cube -2/3 number 1 is correct i've had that one in my homeworks previously. number two i am not sure how it would actually look 3^3+ (-8)/(27)= If so to reduce it I

    asked by Ray
  25. english

    tomorrow i am writing an exam in complex sentence analysis.i have some troubles..We'll get a complex sentence but very large one(last time we got sentences which were 4 lines long)and then we have to write what is the subject what is the verb, adverb or

    asked by bill
  26. Geography

    I can't find this out anywhere!!! What was Langports original function? Like, what was its reason for first being built? someone help please. Thanx Langport in Somerset was originally a market town. Check this site for more information.

    asked by smiley thing
  27. physics

    what are some ways to transfer the motion of electric charge through a conductor? confused please help I am confused by the question. Electrons are moving because of thermal energy all the time in a conductor. To get them to drift in one direction mainly,

    asked by jordan
  28. Philosophy

    Is it more common for people to make decisions regarding religion on the basis of reason or by faith? I believe faith determines religious decisions. I think that depends on the person. Many people make decisions on religion based on both reason and faith.

    asked by Marie
  29. math,algebra II

    can someone show me examples of what is a practical application of matrices or matrix operations that can be used in a real-world situation. Simple example: Coordinate transformation. An object is located at coordinates (x,y,z) in your coordinate system,

    asked by jas
  30. math,algebra

    What are some of the challenges one might experienced using matrix operations? The main one in my experience is typing the matrix correctly into the calculator. Computations using large matrices require a lot of CPU time. what does CPU mean

    asked by jas
  31. Chemistry

    Do you have a site where I can have notes on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) Spectroscopy. Thank you What do you want to know?

    asked by Ishani
  32. Macroeconomics

    What is the primary difference between normative and positive economics? A. Positive economics makes value judgments inappropriate to scientific research. B. Normative economics is more firmly rooted in scientific tradition. C. Governments use normative

    asked by John
  33. Government

    As of the date of ratification,what did the U.S. Constitution establish?? John this question has already been answered for you. please recheck previous post.

    asked by John
  34. math

    total project cost= $200mil. Annual cash flows= $24mil. a year for 20yrs(+or -$4mil, per yr.) Calculate payback period, NP, profitability index, and estimate the IRR.

    asked by Lorna
  35. Algebra

    Find the GCF of each product. (6y^2-3y)(y+7) I think it is 3y. I'm not sure maybe there is no GCF in this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

    asked by Joe
  36. Algebra

    How would I complete this problem? Geometry. The area of a rectangle of length x is given by 3x^2 + 5x. Find the width of the rectangle. I think the width is 3x+5 but not sure. Subjects Art Business Computers English Foreign Languages Health Home Economics

    asked by Loreal
  37. French

    Can some one correct my book report please! Et si c’était vrai… est un livre très drôle, l’auteur a utilisé beaucoup d’imagination. Aussi cet un livre de fiction. Ca situe en temps et en espace à San Francisco, et approximative dans les

    asked by Kerry
  38. science

    why do rabbits keep turning thier ig,sound-collecting ears? compare and contrast the information of an evaporite rock to one of detrital origin. The change in loudness with the rotation can serve to locate the direction of the source of the sound. I hope

    asked by sam
  39. Precal.

    If object is thrown upward with an intitial velocity of 15 ft per second, then its height is given by h=-15t^2 + 60t. What is the maximum height? Two ways to find it. 1) AT the top, max height, will be one half of the time it would come back down and hit

    asked by trellis
  40. science/chemistry

    thank you! What is the molar concentration of hydroxide ions in a solution with a pH of 6? Find the concentration of H ions first.. [H+]= antilog -ph Then, find [OH-] [OH-]= 1*10^-14/[H+]

    asked by Devon
  41. French 1

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. REWRITE means that the only thing you change is the verb from the present-tense to the passé composé. All the other words must remain the same. #1 You must consider whether you are female, like Marie

    asked by SraJMcGin
  42. Science

    Where is the "asteroid belt" located? Thank-you for all your help.

    asked by Halley
  43. Math Help

    Directions:Solve and graph equation using words.Then include wether it is solid line or dotted,!@#$%^& to graph it,and which side shading is on. Problem:5x+3y>-6 and 27+x-6 and 2y+x-5/3 x-2 draw the dotted line y=-5/3x -2 Notice the equation says y above

    asked by Margie
  44. Stats II

    I have a question on a quiz and I don't even know where to begin on figuring out the question... please help: Measurements on the percentave of enrichment of 12 fuel rods used in a nuclear reactor were reported as follows: 3.11 2.88 3.08 3.01 2.84 2.86

    asked by Haley
  45. science

    what is one way birds, reptiles and fish adapt to their environments?

    asked by emm
  46. physics

    hello, i have this question. Calculate the average force of friction acting on a wooden block as it propelled along the floor? i have done the following solution first of all i don't know what average force of friction means? i found the !@#$%^&plied by

    asked by daniel
  47. English Romeo and Juliet Opinion Piece

    Can someone please proofread and edit this opinion piece I have written? ____________________________________ Ever since the the release of the tragedic play, Romeo and Juliet, the question of "Who is to blame for the two lovers deaths" has come up in the

    asked by Camille P.
  48. school

    how can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you, even if it doesn't hit anything, there is nothing attached to it, and no one else catches or throws it? post this in the riddle section.. Throw it up in the air.

    asked by Lorri
  49. Math

    Can someone explain to me the general procedure used to identify and set up a proportion problem? Repost with a specific problem, so we can use it as an example. I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking. The following ratios: Map scale - distance

    asked by Jon
  50. Algebra

    Find the GCF of each product. (6y^2-3y)(y+7) I think it is 3y. I'm not sure maybe there is no GCF in this problem. Any help would be appreciated. yea your right its 3y

    asked by Joe
  51. geography

    what word refers to a bay cove or other recess along the coast Indentation? From the Thesaurus: bay, bight, cove, creek [ chiefly British ], estuary, firth, fjord ( or fiord), inlet, loch [ Scottish ]

    asked by shannon
  52. Science

    im stuck in some questions in my homework.. thnx in for ur help in advance! 1)What is the process where elements heavier than helium are formed? 2)What type of features are found at subduction zone(convergent boundaries)? ders 4 answers for it.. i already

    asked by Tuan
  53. geometry

    Why did you wait until the night before the exam to realize you did not understand the material? At this point, if you are confused on all that material, all I can recommend is get a good night's sleep. okay so my geometry final is TOMORROW! and i honestly

    asked by bobpursley
  54. physics

    wet means lubrication. One of those is not wet. There is no difference in pulling or pushing. Think wet, or dry. Which of the following would require the greatest force to keep a 5.0 kilogram rubber block moving horizontally at a constant rate of speed? a.

    asked by bobpursley
  55. Algebra 2

    I am creating a project for math in which I have to draw an object using: parabolas, hyperbolas, circles,etc. We use conic section equations to identify where they are on the graph. I have confusion about writing the equation of parabolas. I know the

    asked by mariya
  56. Government

    Is there a website that can help me to understand the "Patriot Act"? Thank you. Here are several -- the best explanation is probably

    asked by jules
  57. Grammar

    Does the following commas need to be where they are? Thanks for your help! I was recently informed by my professor,(teacher's name here), about a job opportunity in your Head Start or Michigan School Readiness programs, that might be available in your

    asked by Mary
  58. pre-cal

    a rectangular board is 2 by 12 units. How far from the short sides of the board will the foci be located to determine the largest elliptical tabletop? a rectangular board is 2 by 12 units. How far from the short sides of the board will the foci be located

    asked by trellis
  59. Alg 2 (ASAP)

    I have a parabola vertex (11,3) p is not given, focus pt is not given. I need to find the equation of the parabola. How would I do this w/o p value or focus pt? you cant. Þhere are an infinite number of parabolas that have that vertex.

    asked by masha
  60. calc - question #1

    A frustum of a right circular cone with height h, lower base radius R, and top radius r. -what's the volume using h, R, & r in the answer? Figure it as the difference of two right cones, 1/3 base area*height.

    asked by WOOF
  61. calc - question #2

    A frustum of a pyramid with square base of side b, square top of side a, and height h. -what's the volume using only the variables a, b, and h in the answer? see the other question.

    asked by WOOF
  62. Math Algebra

    Resolve(17x²+14x + 9) – (-13x² +6x - 12) 30xsquared+20x+21 I'll try to be helpful and show the work. This is the method I learned last quarter. (17x"sq"+14x+9) + (13x"sq"+6x+12) = (30X"sq"+20x+21) I used the vertical method but the step are the same

    asked by Rosa
  63. Chemistry

    I am having some difficulties to identify compounds using their HNMR spectra. Can someone help me please. Thank you. This is tricky if you would like us to refer to spectra as this is a text only site. If you want help interpreting a particular spectrum

    asked by Ishani
  64. math

    How do you rotate an figure on grid paper? u draw it in a piece of paper and turn it clockwise

    asked by cjs11-rox