Questions Asked on
June 2, 2007

  1. Math

    A man standing 20 m from a tower estimates the angle of elavation of the top and bottom of a flagpole on the tower as 58 degrees and 55 degrees. Calculate the height of the flagpole. How would I go about finding the height of the flagpole? Calculate the

    asked by Catherine
  2. math

    Tyrone has $60 and his sister has $135. Both get an allowance of $5 each week. Tyrone decides to save his entire allowance, but his sister spends all of hers each week plus an additional $10 each week. After how many weeks will they each have the same

    asked by Jenna
  3. Algebra 2

    would some one please check these for me 1. divide x^2-36y^2 over 5x^2+30y divide (x^2-6xy) A: x+6y over (5x)(x^2+6y) 2. Add. Express your answer in simplest form. 2x 0ver x^2+15x+54 + 4over x+6 A: 6 over x+9 3. solve: (9 over x-5) -1= 8 over x+5 A: -10

    asked by Ray
  4. business

    Consider the following scenario: You work for a company that manufacturers skateboards. Until now your company has only sold their skateboards domestically, but now the CEO is interested in exporting the skateboards to Australia. The CEO asks you to design

    asked by lisa
  5. Science- Chemistry

    How many grams of sodium acetate( molar mass 82.03 g/mol) must me added to 1.00L of a 0.200M acetic acid solution to form a buffer of 4.20?Ka value for aceic acid is 1.8 x 10^-5. How do I go about finding the grams from the given information?

    asked by Catherine
  6. History

    who was uganda´s first president? Read carefully! =)

    asked by stellah
  7. history

    what was the rapid development of the mass media durning the 1920s what is the total private school enrollment in minnesota? These are the most important events in the development of mass media during the 20's. 1920- rapid develpment of private radio

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Algebra 2

    Multiply 8x^3/5 * 10/x^7 8/5*10/x^4 8*2/x^4 16/x^4 Is this correct ? yes.

    asked by Toni
  9. english-silent e?

    I was wondering how do I tell when a word has a silent e in it? Does the word 'welcome' have a silent e in it? Thank you! Yes, the word, welcome, has a silent "e". These three sites will help you with rules for silent "e's".

    asked by Kelsey
  10. Management

    The Helping Hands League does not have a lot of money to spend on technology. The league wants to keep records on each client and volunteer for tax purposes and have the ability to create schedules for volunteers to ensure the needs of each client are

    asked by Sweetpea
  11. Baptism - Catholic

    Can someone please tell me what happens with the oil and the candle at baptism? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. For anything concerning the Catholic religion, a good place to begin is with the Catholic Encyclopedia: 1.

    asked by Marie
  12. algebra

    Can someone please help me with these problems? Write (27a^-3)^-2/3 in simplest form. Solve log(6x+11)=2. thanks Let me see your work, we can start from there. Alright! :D (27a^-3)^-2/3 =the cubed root of (27a^-3)^-2 =the cubed root of 27^-2a^6 i figured

    asked by Lillian
  13. math

    Find the exact value of cos 300 degrees. thanks guys cos 300 = 1/2 = 0.500 how do you know? I am supposed to show my work. You ought to know the rule on 30-60-90 triangles. If the hyp is 2, the shorter side is 1, and the longer side is sqrt3. what does

    asked by Bill
  14. Science

    I need help. I need to define friction. I know what it is but cant figure out how to put them in words with out being to long written. Then I have two more ?s What are the three types of friction? What is the speed of acceleration due to the force of

    asked by Amy L.
  15. French

    I translated a summary of a story from English to French. Please correct the french. Some of the english I wrote was not perfect, but only because it would be easier for me to translate it into French. Martin Dubois a vécu dans une ville extrayante de

    asked by Anonymous
  16. French

    Nathalie a cru qu'elle n'était pas responsable du bonheur de ses parents. Son père et mère se sont disputés pour les raisons qui un ont appelé d'enfant. Pourtant, Nathalie savait qu'ils n'argumentent pas en faveur des raisons si vaines. Ils n'ont plus

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    Can someone show me the steps to solve this problems.. 18s^2 + 72s = 0 and x^3 - 5x^2 - 66x = 0 18s^2 + 72s = 0 18s*(s + 4)=0 set both terms equal to zero. x^3 - 5x^2 - 66x = 0 x*(x^2 - 5x - 66 )= 0 factor the second term (11,6)

    asked by Anna
  18. maths

    Can someone please help me with solving this equation (I don't know how to do it with the fractions) 1/3 x1^-2/3 . x2^2/3 -------------------- 2/3 x1^1/3 . x2^-1/3 how do I cancel out some of the terms and reduce it down so that Im left with x2 on top and

    asked by needhelpplease
  19. Maths

    Can you please help explain how to get the answer to 3/x = 2/5 thanks a heap 3/x = 2/5 Multiply both sides by x (to get rid of the x in the denominator) x*(3/x) = x*(2/5) 3 = 2x/5 Now multiply both sides by 5 (to get rid of the 5 in the denominator.) 3*5 =

    asked by Marnia
  20. Social Studies

    I am trying to find information on Australia's dairying exports. I can find where Australia exports milk to but I can't find out what those countries do with the milk. Can you recommended somewhere to find this information. Thanks They drink it. What else?

    asked by Daniel
  21. Habla Espanol?

    Habla Espanol? si' Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are asking that question correctly, note that the proper punctuation must be at the beginning of the sentence, the tilde is required over the ñ and the language is NOT

    asked by Pablo
  22. social science

    what are the ways to protect konark temple? what is the need to preserve and protect konark temple? ways to protect konark and khajuraho

    asked by vipul