Questions Asked on
May 31, 2007

  1. physics

    A 64.0 kg person stands on a lightweight diving board supported by two pillars, one at the end of the board, the other 1.20 m away from the end. The pillar at the end of the board exerts a downward force of 829 N. How far from the pillar at the end of the

    asked by micole
  2. ionic equations chemistry

    Li2CO3+HBr-> I don't know what you want. Li2CO3 + HBr ==> LiBr + H2O + CO2 You will need to balance it Li2Co3+2HBr->H2Co3+2LiBr then you seprate Li(aq)+1 + Co3(aq)+2 + 2H(aq)+1 + 2Br(aq)+1 --> H(aq)+1 + Co3 (aq)+2 + 2Li(aq)+1 + 2Br(aq)+1 then cancel out

    asked by jessica
  3. math

    5. A rubber ball dropped on a hard surface takes a sequence of bounces, each one 3/5 as high as the preceding one. If this ball is dropped from a height of 15 feet, what is the total distance it has traveled after it hits the surface the fifth time? The

    asked by Fidelia
  4. algebra

    List the like terms in the following group of terms. –7u, 4tu2, 4t2u, –5tu2, 7tu2, 6t2 did I do this correct? (4tu² + 7tu² + -5tu²) + 4t²u +6t² +-7u It should be... 6t^2 + 4t^2u + 7tu^2 - 7u how come you don't use the 4tu^2 oh i am

    asked by did I do this correct/
  5. Math

    Hi how would i solve this?? The equation of the cirlce is x^2+y^2-4x+2y=0. Determine the coordinates of the center and the radius of the circle. What do i do? anyone

    asked by Luke
  6. Chemistry

    Calculate the end point pH, when 25 mL of 0.01 mol/L HCl solution reacts exactly with 25 mL of 0.1 mol/L NH4OH solution. NH3 Kb = 1.8 x 10^-5 This will be the pH of NH4Cl solution. NH4+ + HOH ==> NH3 + H3O^+ Ka = Kw/Kb = (NH3)(H3O^+)/(NH4^+). Solve for

    asked by Raj
  7. Math

    say you have 4/13 and the decimal equivalent to it is 30.76923 how do I round 3 decimal places? you round 2 da thousandths. For example since the decimal u hav is 30.76923, round it to the last three numbers after the decimal point. So 30.76923 would be

    asked by Amber
  8. algebra

    please write an explaination why (x^3)(x^4) is not x^12. I am confused thank you. it is not the answer because, first of all, try replacing x with another number, in this case, let's say two. (2^3)(2^4)= 128, and if you try 2^12, you do not get 128,

    asked by jessica
  9. social studies

    Who manages the natural resources of Australia? =)

    asked by Emma
  10. social studies

    How is silver harvested in Australia? Silver is not "harvested." It's "mined."

    asked by Emma
  11. social studies

    What are some problems or controversies regarding the use of the mineral silver? Check this article for the many uses of silver, including in alternative medicine.

    asked by Emma
  12. French

    hi there!! I am looking for a number of good websites to practice my french on... mainly on the verbs and tense, so any sites with quizzs (with answers) would be great! oh and i am having my french exam in a week;written,comprehension, listening, and oral.

    asked by Pauline
  13. Computer science (Java programming)

    Why are the use of GUIs and graphics beneficial in programming? Try writing with and without them and write your feelings about each. Then pick out the benefits of GUIs and write about that. Matt

    asked by Mo
  14. algebra

    find the value of x and y x+y=12 45x+52y=561 Please only post your questions once. Repeating posts will not get a quicker response. In addition, it wastes our time looking over reposts that have already been answered in another post. Thank you.

    asked by jennifer
  15. algebra

    find the value of x and y x+y=12 45x+52y=561 a sporting goods store sold right hand and left hand batting gloves.12 were sold in a one month period for $561.right handed gloves are $45 and left handed gloves are $ many of each were sold? Please only

    asked by jennifer
  16. algebra

    find the value of x and y x+y=12 45x+52y=561 a sporting goods store sold right hand and left hand batting gloves.12 were sold in a one month period for $561.right handed gloves are $45 and left handed gloves are $ many of each were sold? please show

    asked by jennifer
  17. Biology: growth hormone

    Could someone tell me the physiological effects of growth hormone Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are a few sites on the growth hormone: 1. 2.

    asked by bonita
  18. geog

    Can you please give me a short definition of the Canadian foundation against hunger (FCCF), and the Canadian agency of international development (ACDI)? please:) FCCF:

    asked by Student
  19. Philosophy

    Is a person more than a physical body? What is the mind? What is thought? I am having trouble finding information on pricipal issues,some philosophies related to the questions and some misconceptions about the questions. If anyone could help me. I really

    asked by Marie
  20. Physics

    A 0.13 kg meter stick is held perpendicular to a wall by a 2.6 m string going from the wall to the far end of the stick. (a) Find the tension in the string. _________N (b) If a shorter string is used, will its tension be greater than, less than, or the

    asked by Jeannine
  21. Physics

    Draw the figure. You have the following equations that you can write: a) Sum Vertical Forces=0 b) Sum horizontal forces=0. Remember that at the upper part of the ladder, there is a horizontal force (only). c) Sum of moments about any point, I suggest the

    asked by bobpursley
  22. Math

    Did I do this right? A cage with a volume of 27 cubic meters, if the sides are in whole meters only and the width is 3 meters, what are the possible dimensions for the length and height? 27=3X3X3 or 27=9X1X3 Yes. Your answers are correct.

    asked by Sam
  23. MATH

    PLEASE HELP ME! I'm not a math student and this is very hard for me. I'm a History Major *shy face* I am not a Math student whatsoever :S this is in my Geography course and I'm very confused can anyone help me out? Imagine that a woodlot 2x3km in size has

    asked by Oz
  24. Algebra

    Let A and B be n x n matrices, assume AB is invertible and show that both A and B are invertible. what? AB is invertible -----> There exists a matrix X such that: (AB)X = 1 But (AB)X = A(BX). So, AY = 1 for Y = BX Also: X(AB) = 1 And thus ZB = 1 for Z = XA

    asked by Ashley
  25. History

    Hi, I need some help with this question: It is 1789 .....You are an educated member of the bourgeoise....You listen to the thinking of the philosophes and the physiocrats in the salon and you read what they say in the daily news...... WHAT DO YOU THINK IS

    asked by Jai
  26. economics

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card? The good: Don't need to cary cash. Can buy needed goods on credit when you otherwise wouldn't be able to. The bad: Usually you pay high interest until the balance is zero. Most people are in

    asked by chrissy
  27. Philosophy

    1. Watch out for metaphysics in searching for these answers: metaphysics depends on a magical intrepretation. 2. This link will get you started on these classical questions.

    asked by bobpursley
  28. algebra 2

    divid 4/x^7 by 12/x^5 I got this far but Got lost can some help me 4/x^7*x^5/12= I know the 4 and the 12 will go down to 1 and 3 but what am I suppose to do with the x^5 and x^7 Right. The 4/12 reduces to 1/3. X5/X7 = 1/X2. So the answer is 1/3X2. Hi. I

    asked by CINDY
  29. algerbra

    find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line through points (0,5) and (-3,-4) would I be right y=-1/12 No. What is the slope of the line through those points? 9/3 ?What is the negative reciprocal of that? -9/-3? Goodness, 9/3 is 3. What is the

    asked by patti
  30. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solute where 24.5 mL of 0.1 mol/L HCl is added to 25.0 mL of 0.1 mol/L NaOH. How much excess OH is there? .5ml .1M or 5E-5 moles. That is in a volume of 49.5ml So if OH concentration is that moles/volume, what is the H+ concentration?

    asked by Raj
  31. algebra

    Okay, I was taught that if a geometric series is infinite and it diverges then it has no limit and no sum. Looking back in my notes, I found an example of finding the value for a divergent series? Is this possible? The sum of an infinite geometric

    asked by Jane E.
  32. Physics

    The electric field between two charged plates is 2000N/C. What is the voltage difference if the plates are separated by a distance of 1.0 x 10^-4 m? I know that the answer is supposed to be .2 volts but I have no idea what formula to use??? can anyone

    asked by Ella
  33. Technology

    We are working on current advances in technology. I need to find out some info. for extra credit that is mandatory. One of the things I need to find out is: 5.)Tell whether or not you can get a account on iTunes without giving out a credit card number. My

    asked by anonymous=)
  34. citation

    does anyone know how to internally document a source from an anthology-- not a book in MLA format? This site will give you the MLA FORMAT. Go down to the part on Anthology documenting. (Broken Link Removed) I am asking you about the internal documentation

    asked by Anonymous
  35. History

    who was the Chinese philosopher that taught the importance of good moral character and take responsibility for their society? Confucius

    asked by ABC
  36. history

    a vast, flat plain that extends across central australia____________. This may be what you need:

    asked by may
  37. Physics

    A 3mf capacitor and a 5mf capacitor are connected in parallel to a 16v battery. a) What is the equivalent capacitance of the connection? b)What is the voltage drop across each capacitor? c)How much charge is stored on each capacitor? and d) What total

    asked by Ella
  38. Math

    look at the chart- out of 150 dog owners 75 perfer human food only,45 perfer pet food only and 30 perfer both human and pet food. So what percent of dog owners reported their dog likes either only human food or only pet food? P(human food) = 75/150 = .5

    asked by Julie
  39. math

    10. Sales of televisions grow at a rate proportional to the amount present (t is measured in days). (a)Set up a differential equation to model this problem. (b)Solve the differential equation if at t = 0, there are 20 televisions sold and after 3 days,

    asked by dougal
  40. Math

    look at this other chart- 36 of 200 cat owners prefer human food only, 116 out 0f 200 perfer pet food only,48 out of 200 pet owners perfer human and pet food so what percent of cat owners repoter that their cats liked either human food or pet food only.

    asked by Julie
  41. englise

    i need help with home work and i don't know what some of the stuff means i can Help tatiana i got an A in english Please ask specific questions and include what you think the answers might be. Someone here will be happy to help you. =)

    asked by tatiana
  42. math

    how would I write 145% as a fraction? it would be 145/1000 could you by any chance help me with my question it is between luke and dogauls question thanks Julie is incorrect 145/100 reduce to 29/20

    asked by Amber
  43. math

    If $7,800 is depostied into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually ( at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 2 years? How would I set this up? Use the formula at this site: (Broken Link Removed) I did not understand

    asked by Stacey
  44. analogies

    I have to do 20 analogies every week for spelling homework. They are hard to do sometimes. I only have 2 more and if you could help me that would be great. bounty:austerity::rife: parochial, overt, sparse, precarious, sultry too holy:sanctimonious::too

    asked by Morgan
  45. math

    how do i do long division? This web site may help you. dont listen to drbob222

    asked by Rachel
  46. chemistry

    How many grams of C6H12O6 need to be dissolved in 350g of water vto have a solution which freezes at -2.50 degrees celcius? delta T = Kf*m You know Kf, m = molality = mols/kg and mols = grams/molar mass, delta T is 2.50. Solve for grams. Post your work if

    asked by jessica
  47. chemistry

    how many grams of CaCl2 need to be dssolved in 100g of water to prepare a solution which freezes at -2.0 degrees? Work this problem just like the previous one EXCEPT there is another part to the formula. Delta T = i*Kf *m i is the number of particles and

    asked by jessica
  48. chemistry

    A solution of ethanol in water boils at 101.5 degrees C. what is the molarity? delta T = i*Kb *molality. Delta T = 101.5 - 100 = 1.5. i = 1. I should comment here that the freezing point constant and the boiling point contant works with a non-volatile

    asked by jessica
  49. Bio

    What are some human activities which might cause oxygen levels in the atmosphere to drop dramatically? Read this: Then ask what would happen if we poisoned off the algae. This

    asked by help
  50. physics

    Why is it impossible for a skier to reach maximum speed that is physically possible by converting the change in height to speed? what is this question asking? Some of the potential energy available is lost due to friction. Friction on the skis, friction on

    asked by Sam
  51. chemistry

    A solution of ethanol in water boils at 101.5 degrees C. what it tne molarity? Can you show me the setup i would use?? I did the first time you posted this problem. delta T = i*Kb*m delta T = 101.5 - 100 = 1.5 i = 1 kb = 0.51 m = ?? m equals molarity i

    asked by jessica
  52. Algebra

    Joshua originalle bought two hundred shares of stock three years ago. The company has since had a 2 for 1 stock split. Joshua's entire investment in stock has increased in value by 20%. He originally paid $8,600 for the stock. What is the current price per

    asked by Sue
  53. Chemistry

    Does the reaction between CO2(g) + Mg(OH)2(aq) produce MgCO3(s) + H2O(l) or Mg(HCO3)2 ??? Normally, Mg(CO3)2 but I suspect an excess of CO2 will produce the bicarbonate. For example, CO2(g) + Ca(OH)2(aq) ==> CaCO3(s) + H2O(l) and that is often done by

    asked by Fiona
  54. History Question

    I am writing a paper on Thomas Crapper, the alleged inventor of the flush toilet. However, in my research, I've discovered that many scholars believe that Crapper was falsely creditted with the invention of the flush toilet, and that the real inventor was

    asked by Salim