Questions Asked on
May 28, 2007

  1. Chemistry

    We performed a lab in class about a month ago concerning different types of equilibrium. One particular portion of the lab adding 5 mL of .3M HCl to 5 mL of .3 M Pb(NO3)2. After a precipitate finally formed, 8 mL of water was added to dissolve PbCl2. One

    asked by Kim
  2. computers

    Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. If there's not a tutor with this specialty online right now, be sure to go back into your textbook or

    asked by Writeacher
  3. physics

    A 85 kg trampoline artist jumps vertically upward from the top of a platform with a speed of 3.5 m/s. How fast is he going as he lands on the trampoline, 3.0 m below? If the trampoline behaves like a spring of spring constant 5.2 x 10^4 N/m, how far does

    asked by micole
  4. math

    Samantha’s speedometer reads in kilometers per hour. If the legal speed limit is 55 mi/h, how fast can she drive? How should I set this up? 160 kilometers per hour is 100 miles 55 miles is 88 kilometers. Here in New Zealand we are in kilometers

    asked by Ron
  5. health

    teenagers and what else of both sexes seem to be smonking more? Is this a question? What is smonking? Young adults, who were teens in the early 90's and started smoking then Smonking or smoking? They all have different meanings.

    asked by melissa
  6. Math

    I can't seem to do this problem. And my grade is riding on it. Can someone please help? I don't know how to solve it. Can someone help me by telling me what I'm doing wrong? The problem is 3y = 2x + 12 My Work: 0=2x+ 12 -------- 2 2 x=6 You cannot solve

    asked by Cody
  7. MATH!!!!!!

    Roger purchases two doughnuts and three cookies at a doughnut shop and is charged $3.30. Sam purchases five doughnuts and two cookies at the same shop for $4.95. All the doughnuts have the same price and all the cookies have the same price. Find the cost

    asked by Megan
  8. Math

    To reduce the loading from snow on the roof, a ski chalet design calls for the roof slope to be 36 degrees from vertical. If the width of the base is 14.0 m, what is the slant height of the roof? - Basically, I'm having some trouble with the terms and not

    asked by Danielle
  9. Adv. Alg. w/Trig.

    I need help writing equations for these two word problems: 1. On June 30th, Mr. Hester will be given $1,000,000 and in July, Mr. hester will be paid $100,000 per day. 2. On June 30th, we will set up an account for Mr. Hester starting with $0.05. Every day

    asked by Courtney
  10. geography

    when was the amazon rainforest world heritage listed? =)

    asked by bella
  11. math

    integration by parts: 1. e^(sqrt(3x+9)) 2. sin(lr) are the answers: 1. 2e^(sqrt(3x+9))(sqrt(3x+9)-1) + C 2. -r cos(lnr) + sin(lr) + C

    asked by cory
  12. Physics

    I have two questions: How many hours of light and darkness are there in June at regions south of the Antartic Circle (dotted line in Southern Hemisphere)? Six months later, when the earth is at the December position, is the situation in the Antartic the

    asked by Courtney
  13. Management accounting

    Suppose one chairlift costs $2 million now you have to install the lift for $1.3 million, this lift allows 300 skiers on the slopes,for 40 days out of a year, running it costs $500 a day for the 200 days that it is open, now suppose the lift tickets cost

    asked by please help !!!
  14. math

    A consultant traveled 7 hours to attend a meeting. The return trip took only 6 hours because the speed was 10 miles per hour faster. What was the consultant's speed each way? Rachel earns $6000 less than twice as much as Tom. If their two incomes total

    asked by ashley-help please!
  15. Literiture

    Compare and contrast the development of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.What different stages does each other them through Please post your answer and we'll be glad to critique it for you. This character analysis site will probably help you with your answer.

    asked by Warren
  16. Algebra

    In algebra special products and the questions says to factor the equation 200x^2-18 and I don't get how to. factor out a two, then what remains will be the difference between two perfect squares. I got as far as this 2(100x-3)^2 and that isn't right becaus

    asked by Avalon
  17. Math/Calculus

    How would I integrate the following by parts: Integral of: (x^2)(sin (ax))dx, where a is any constant. Just like you did x^2 exp(x) below. Also partial integration is not the easiest way to do this integral. You can also use this method. Evaluate first:

    asked by COFFEE
  18. Describing

    How do I describe a whale in a "scintific" version? scientific? Ignoring the second link, there are several sites

    asked by Jane
  19. english

    Can anyone tell me if I have done this right. Because the store was closed. my answer: Because the store was closed, we went back home without the food. I think you did it correctly. I am not sure what the teacher was asking for. But you took an incomplete

    asked by NeNe
  20. geography

    i need help on writing a diomante poem A diamante poem?

    asked by natalie
  21. COM 125

    can you please help me paraphrase this paragraph. The eradication of al-Qaeda is as much an intelligence and law enforcement challenge as it is a purely military campaign. While special operations, commando raids, and air strikes are important weapons

    asked by David
  22. Math/Calculus

    How would I solve the following integral with the substitution rule? Integral of: [(x^3)*(1-x^4)^5]dx Put 1-x^4 = y Then -4x^3 dx = dy Integral is then becomes: Integral of -1/4 y^5 dy ok, thanks a lot! I got it now.

    asked by COFFEE
  23. algebra

    My problem is multiply 4xy3 - 2x2y - 5xy2 I worked it out like this 4*2*5 =40 x*x*x= x3 x³ *y*y² =y^6 answer is 40x³ y^6 Is this correct? yes. thank you

    asked by struggling
  24. Math/Calculus

    How would I evaluate the following integral by using integration by parts? Integral of: (t^3)(e^x)? You mean (x^3)(e^x)? x^3 exp(x) dx = x^3 d[exp(x)] = d[x^3 exp(x)] - exp(x) d[x^3] = d[x^3 exp(x)] - 3 x^2 exp(x) dx So, if you integrate this you get x^3

    asked by COFFEE
  25. algebra

    Evaluate. 90 ÷ 10 – 12 ÷ 3 I know this answer is 5 but how do i write it out? 90/10 - 12/3 or 90 - 12 --- --- = 5 10 3

    asked by jean
  26. science

    how is the process of drying clothes on a clothesline differnt than drying clothes in a dryer? The source of the energy for evaporation is different.

    asked by Ann
  27. Algebra

    Could someone correct my answers and help with the other problems? 1. Are the following lines parallel, perpendicular, or neither? L1 with equation x – 5y = 10, L2 with equation 5x + y = 5. Answer: Neither (I'm not to sure but i think this is the right

    asked by Noah
  28. Science

    Name two ways that land pollution can effect the natural resources

    asked by Shane
  29. english

    For the seventh time. my reply For the seventh time, I'm not giving you the answer. The rainbow stretched across the sky from the ice cream truck to the house down the lane. my reply The rainbow stretched across the sky, from the ice cream truck, to the

    asked by NeNe
  30. Scienctific Method

    Imagine that you are an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and someone hands you a bag of meat. Upon inspection, you conclude the bag contains pork. However, your friend insists that the bag actually contains a delicious meal of chicken. What are some specific

    asked by Chris
  31. Maaaath

    6/x + 6/x-5 = 1 I got to x^2 -17x +5 = 0 But I have no idea if that is right? How do I find the answer? Thanks 6/x 6/x-5 =1 multiply both sides by x x(6/x +6/x-5)= (1) x The denominator x will cancel giving: 6 + 6 --- = x -5 Now -5 into 6 = -1.2 so 6 -1.2=

    asked by Emma
  32. Math again

    Rearrange to give d in terms of e: (3d-7)/(4+5d) = e I got 3d - 5de = 4e + 7 but where do I go from there? Thanks :) 1st you must Multiply the polynomial. Please try the tutorial at the following site:

    asked by Emma
  33. social studies

    What were the major causes of the European Renaissance? If you were Martin Luther, what abuses of the church would you have attacked? if you can help me with either of those.. i would appreciate it

    asked by bre
  34. science

    food that is produced in a plant moves through cells called _____?

    asked by chris
  35. Chemistry

    What is the atomic geometrical shape of nitrous oxide?

    asked by arati
  36. science

    How was the planet Jupiter made? It is not known. (Broken Link Removed) While it's true thre are mysteries (and the site given above is 6 years old) the following site may help you to get the assignment done.

    asked by meghan