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May 26, 2007

  1. chem

    is window cleaner an acid or base acid? Most window cleaners are basic. Many have the odor of ammonia. The ammonia odor usually comes from ammonia or some low molecular weight amine. The bottle of Windex I have at home contains "ammonia D", which I think

    asked by marcuz
  2. algebra

    Solve the system by addition or substitution. 16x-4y=20 y=4x-4 I ask for help with this and forgot to add the problem. can anyone help me understand how to do this? 16x-4y=20 -4x+y=-4 ___________ 16x-4y=20 (4)(-4x+y=-4) ______________ 16x-4y=20 -16x+4y=-16

    asked by struggling
  3. Chemistry

    Classify the following as: Weak or strong acid, weak or strong base, salt (from weak/strong acid and base). If appropriate, split the formula into its component ions. HNO3 So far, all I have is: HNO3 + H2O -> NO3^- + H3O^+ And I know HNO3 is a strong acid.

    asked by Raj
  4. Math

    I have been asked to solve the following system of linear inequalities by graphing. I tried replacing with various numbers but even though the they work in the equations my graphs change from consistent to inconsistent. Please help.

    asked by Aman
  5. Math

    A virus scanning program is checking every file for viruses. It has completed checking 40% of the files in 300 seconds. How long should it take to check all the files? I am not sure how to set this problem up, can someone please help! 40% = 40/100 40/100 =

    asked by Stacy H
  6. l.a.

    what scenes from othello would any of you recomend for my school movioe? I think that Act 3, Scene 3 would be a fun one to do.

    asked by jason
  7. Chemistry

    Use the Bronsted-Lowry definitions to identify the two conjugate acid-base pairs in the following acid-base reaction: H20 + H20 H30^+ + OH^- Let's see what you think on this after the previous post. Just remember, the acid is the one that HAS the H and the

    asked by Raj
  8. Management accounting

    suppose one chairlift costs $2 million and the slopes and the lift had to be install for $1.3 million, and the lift let 300 skiers on the slopes, for 40 days out of a year) Running the lift cost $500 a day for 200 days for the ski resort openings, now

    asked by please help !!!
  9. Mat

    The graph and table below give the monthly principal and interest payments for a mortgage from 1999 to 2004. Use this information to predict the payment for 2005. Year

    asked by Jodi
  10. algebra

    Given f(x) = 2x - 5, find f(-3a). F(x)= 2(-3a) -5 F(-3a) = 2(3a)-5 = 1 did I do this right? You went from: f(-3a) to f(3a) Also, what happened to the "a?" Matt

    asked by think I got it
  11. algebra

    can anyone tell me how to do this i am so lost. The sum of two numbers is 37. Their difference is 7. What are the two numbers? x = one number so x+7 + x = 37 2x= 30 x=15 other number x+7 or 22 Check 15 + 22 =37

    asked by struggling
  12. Physics

    My question is How do I calculate the resultant force if I have two forces one heading 3N and the other 4N. Tha angle between the line that is 3N and the resultant force is 30 degrees and the other one which is the 4N is 60 degrees How do I calculate the

    asked by QAE
  13. written communication

    Write a positive message to the supervisor of someone who went above and beyond the call of duty to help you. Previously answered: ------------------- Posted by bobpursley on Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 6:48pm in response to written communication. We will

    asked by mary
  14. micro

    On one society A the price of an apple is $3 and the price of an orange is $7, while on socity B the apple and orange are the same price, $4. society A people consume 10 apples and 8 oranges while societyB people consume 8 apples and 12 oranges. Which

    asked by aloha
  15. science

    How do I predict how long will it take for lava to reach the town, which is 10km from the lava vent, if I know that after 2 days lava was 5 km far from the vent. Thank you Lava traveled 5 km in 2 days. How long will it take for lava to travel 10 km? But

    asked by Paul
  16. Written Communication

    How do you rewrite this sentence : The article about American history stated , " The revolution began over a beer ( during Prohibition ) and ended with a bang First of all, which revolution are you talking about. In US history, "the revolution" usually

    asked by Linda Wortham
  17. micro

    Homework or not, you need to post your question and how far you've gotten in your thinking toward the "answer" in order for someone here to be helpful to you. Please be patient and wait for someone with economics expertise to respond to you. Thanks. that's

    asked by Writeacher
  18. Math

    1. A school had 900 students at the start of a school year. If there is an enrollment increase of 7% by the beginning og the next year, what is the new enrollement? Did I do it correctly? 900/b=7/100 7B=900*100 7B=90000 B=90000/7 B=72,857 If B is suppose

    asked by Stacy H
  19. World History

    I need help finding examples of imperialism in today's world? And then explain why is it an example of imperialism.I need to use these examples to write an essay. CAN ANYONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS. PLEASE HELP THANKS ALOT Thank you for using the Jiskha

    asked by Tam
  20. Matt

    plot the point with coordinates (-4, 3). Help I'm not really sure what you are asking, but I hope some of this helps: The horizontal line is the x axis. You have to plot -4 on that axis, because -4 is the x coordinate. The vertical line is the y axis. Plot

    asked by Dee
  21. math

    what was the percentage increase in the age 75+ population of europe from 1970 (22,762) to 1995 (38,139) PercentIncreas= (38139-22762)/22762 *100

    asked by Dee
  22. English

    I need to find specific questions and specific answers about these two books: 1- Tangerine, by Edward Bloor 2- Gilda Joyce-Psychic Investigator I don't need stuff like "What is the setting and theme?" but more specific q's and a's, like "What COLOR was her

    asked by brie
  23. computers

    Once you defragment a computer, do you lose files in your history or bookmarks or anywhere? If that's true, is there any way to get them back? Defragging should not erase any of those types of files. Only when you use specific delete commands or use the

    asked by brie
  24. Nutrition

    I am needing to know what effects caffeine and alcohol have on hydration levels in the body. Any help would be appricaiated! (Broken Link Removed) Alcohol dehydrates, but fortuantly, alcohol is often consumed with a lot of diluting water, so the effect is

    asked by Christi
  25. algebra

    Solve the system by addition or substitution.

    asked by struggling
  26. math

    Determine which tow equations represent perpendicular line. (a) y= 3/8 x -4 (b) y= 4x - 3/8 (c) y= - 1/4 x + 3/8 (d) y= 1/4 x - 3/8 b and c. Perpendicular lines have slopes which are negative reciprocals of each other. So 4 and -1/4 work.

    asked by Dee
  27. math/algebra1a

    Write the equation of the line passing through (-3, -5)and (3,0). (a)y= -6/5x - 5/2 (b)y= 5/6x - 5/2 (c)y= 5/6 x + 2/5 (d)y= -6/5x + 2/5 You have to get the slope of the line using equation y2-y1/x2-x1. [0-(-5)]/[3-(-3)] = 5/6 Now that you have the slope,

    asked by Confused
  28. math/algebra1a

    write the equation of the line with x-intercept (-7, 0) na d undefined slope. a) y= -7 b) x= -7 c) y= -7x d) x= 0 The answer is b. This is because an undefined slope is m/0. So, its just a vertical line. Since x=-7, that's the line.

    asked by Confused
  29. math/algebra1a

    write the equation of the line which has y-intercept (0,5) and is perpendicular to the line with equation y=-3x +1 a) y=-3x + 5 b) y= 1/3x + 5 c) y= 3x + 5 d) y= -1/3x + 5 The slope of the 2nd equation is -3...because the equation of a line is y=mx+b,

    asked by Confused
  30. math/algebra

    find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line through points (6,7) and (5,8). a)-1 b)1 c)0 d)undefined y2-y1/x2-x1 = slope So...(8-7)/5-6) = 1/-1 = -1 The slope perpendicular to that would be the negative reciprocal of -1, which is 1. Therefore, the

    asked by Confused
  31. Chemistry

    Use the Bronsted-Lowry definitions to identify the two conjugate acid-base pairs in the following acid-base reaction: HCO3^- + S^2- HS^- + CO3^2- I got it. HCO3^- is the base in the pair with CO3^2-. S^2- is the acid in the pair with HS^-. Would you

    asked by Raj
  32. General

    How would you say the leadership at Enron impacted the organization, the customers, and the employees? There are many ideas in

    asked by Ms Brown
  33. Math

    Responding back as requested: This is all I was provided Solve the folowing system of linear inequalities by graphing. x + 2y is less than or equal to 3 2x - 3y is less than or equal to 6 I would change the inequality into slope intercept form and treat it

    asked by Aman
  34. Ethics 2

    Post a summary of a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue and explain why you think there is a connection.

    asked by Kelli Evans
  35. chem

    is vegetable oil a base and vinegar an acid? [i mixed up the litmus strips and now i don't know which one is which and i'm out of the strips so i can't do it again] Vinegar is an acid, for sure. Vegetable oil is not soluble in water; therefore, its acidity

    asked by marcuz
  36. eco301

    the shift in the 2003 arizona gas pipeline shut down did it happen to the left or the right Supply shifted to the left.

    asked by tracey
  37. language arts

    we are reading a book called the pearl and we have to answer a few questions andi need help wiht this one: what are the possibilities that a pearl could be the size of a seagulls egg? According to a Wikipedia article about pearls, the largest pearl ever

    asked by anonymous