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May 25, 2007

  1. maths

    how do i find out the the equation of the line of symmetry for f(x)=ax^2+bx+c ? please explain it do me thanks! The line of symmetry runs through the vertex. so the x of the vertex is -b/(2a) and the equation of the line of symmetry is x = -b/(2a) e.g. for

    asked by Emma
  2. math correction

    is this correct? Marginal Cost of Coffee The manager of a restaurant found that the cost to produce 100 cups of coffee is $11.02, while the cost to produce 400 cups is $40.12. Assume the cost is a linear function of x, the number of cups produced. a. Find

    asked by mathstudent05
  3. math

    he first two consecutive numbers whose factors have the same sum I assume you mean the sum of the aliquot factors/divisors (those other than the number itself). If you include the number itself as a factor, there is no answer. 2 and 3 satisfy the

    asked by Amanda
  4. Managerial Economics

    The Air Force awarded a $93 billion (or more) contract to a group led by Lockheed, Boeing and General Dynamics to build th new fighter plane for the 21st century, the YF-22 Lightning 2. A group headed by Northrop and McDonnell Douglas, which had spent more

    asked by Sharon Williams
  5. math,correction

    Assume that each situation can be expressed as linear cost function. Find the cost function in each case. Marginal cost $90;150items cost $16,000 to produce. this is what i end up. c(x)=90x-11900 That is correct if the cost function is linear, which is

    asked by mathstudent05
  6. maths please check

    a yacht is sailing at a speed of 12 knots due south in calm water. if the tacht encounters a current of 4 knots from bearing 040 degrees: determine the resultant speed and direction of the yacht. here is my answers: 15.28 knots from bearing 9.69

    asked by Emma
  7. Managerial Economics

    Looking at controlling government roles in managing health risks in society it faces from exposure to environmental pollution. One major problem that was examined was the cleanup of hazardous waste sites. Some people were extremely critical of policymakers

    asked by Sharon Williams
  8. maths

    a ball is dropped from a height of 40cm onto a horizontal surface and bounces in a vertical line until it eventually stops on the surface. the ball bounces in such a way that it loses ten percent of its height for each bounce and will continue to do this

    asked by Emma
  9. History

    What was the significance of Winston Churchill's speech in 1946 in Fulton, Missouri? Is that the famous Iron Curtain speech? Yes -- Iron Curtain speech. =) Would it be that in the "Iron Curtain speech"

    asked by Jaden
  10. social studies(history)

    i m doing a report on the star spangled banner. i researched dat the star spangled banner has 15 stars and stripes, but i m sure the there are 13 stars and 13 stripes. Can somebody plz check for me. =) The Star Spangled

    asked by shivangi
  11. math

    one of the two numbers that can be both the perimeter and the area of the same rectangle I am assuming that you are seeking the two rectangles that have the area equal to the perimeter. A 4 x 4 square has a perimeter and area of 16. A 3 x 6 rectangle has a

    asked by Amanda
  12. Math(about to fail because of this question)

    Can someone please help me with this? And show all work for me? I don't understand and I'm about to fail school over this question. Please help. 3y = 2x + 12 I need the X-Intercept for it. Won't setting y = 0 and solve for x get it? Check my thinking. I

    asked by Austin
  13. pre cal

    find the standard form of the equation of a parabola with the vertex (0,0) and the directrix y=6 find the standard form of the equation of the ellipse with center (0,0) and foci at (+- 4square root 3, 0) and verticies (+-8,0)

    asked by joe
  14. Managerial Economics

    I am trying to understand how to variate between MC and MB using the theory of optimization the circumstance which a waste site could be made too clean. Note: Good answers are dispassionate and employ economic analysis. Draw a graph, put cost/benefits on

    asked by Sharon Williams
  15. Math

    Hi, how would we solve a problem like this? The path of the ball for many golf shots can be modelled by a quadratic function. The path of a golf ball hit at an agle of about 10 degrees to the horizontal can be modelled by the function : h= -0.002d^2+0.4d

    asked by Mark
  16. math,algebra

    Can someone help me set this up to solve or what should i do because i have no clue. thanks. Some scientists believe there is a limit to how long humans can live.* One supporting argument is that during the last century, life expectancy from age 65 has

    asked by mathstudent05
  17. History

    What was the greatest foreign policy victory for the Carter Administration? The first four links in these results

    asked by Jaden
  18. science

    what is the big idea of energy? The big idea for me is that mass and energy is one in the same, that each can be converted to the other. For some others, the big idea is that Entropy is created from useful energy, and in natural processes, that energy

    asked by chloe
  19. math

    the smallest number of people in a room where the probability of two of them having the same birthday is at least fifty percent Please post under one name. The smallest class where the chance of finding two people with the same birthday is 50% or more

    asked by Jenny
  20. algebra

    Given g(x) = –2x – 1, find g(3a). G(3a)=-2(3a)-1 = -6a-1 = -5 is this right or do I just stop at -6a-1 Just stop at -6a-1 Matt Also, let me add this. If you have -6-1 (without the "a") that would be -7. Not -5. But -6a-1 is the correct answer for this

    asked by confused
  21. pre cal

    find the standard form of the equation of the ellipse with center (0,0) and foci at (+- 4square root 3, 0) and verticies (+-8,0) x^2/a^2 + =y^2/b^2 = 1 a = 8 b = sqrt(8^2 - (4sqrt3)^2) ..= sqrt(64 - 48) = sqrt(16) = 4 Thus, x^2/64 + y^2/16 = 1

    asked by jessica
  22. Management accounting

    Andre has a hair styling business with five workers that are paid $9.90 per hour,they work 40-hour per week and 50 weeks a year.Rent is $1,750 per month, hair shampooing is .40 per client, haircuts unit price is $12. Andre needs your help in finding the

    asked by please help !!!
  23. math

    smallest of two triangular numbers whose sum and difference are also triangular numbers My guess would be 15. 21 - 15 = 6 and 15 + 21 = 36.

    asked by Amanda
  24. Math

    Why do we need to learn topology(or also know as networking)such as nodes? I have to answer this question for a math report I am doing about them. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "networking topology" to get

    asked by JULIA*******
  25. mathyematics

    a diagram of the net of each of the following solid cube, cuboid, cylinder,cone, prism, pyramid and sphere. See response to your second post.

    asked by jason
  26. math help

    okay can someone set this up for me and help me understand it please.I tried it but i am clueless please show me how to solve this? The number of banks in the United States has dropped about 30% since 1992. The following data are from a survey in which x

    asked by mathstudent05
  27. Art

    If you wish to balance complementary colors so that they'll appear static and harmonious, it's important to ? and These two sites should help you

    asked by Kristy
  28. World History

    I need help finding examples of imperialism in today's world? And then explain why is it an example of imperialism. PLEASE HELP THANKS ALOT Try the following: Tam,

    asked by Tam
  29. math

    the only integer n for which n equals x to the y power equals y to the x power for x does not equal y 4^2 = 2^4 thanks!! 2^4 = 16 = 4^2

    asked by Amanda
  30. mathematics

    cube, cuboid, cone, prism, pyramid, sphere. (Differentiate between the regular and irregular) See following response to your post. Thanks for asking.

    asked by jason
  31. mathematics

    draw a table illustrating the number of edges, face, vertics each of the following solid have cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, prism, pyramid, sphere. I searched Google under the key words "geometric solids" to get these possible sources:

    asked by jason
  32. Philosophy

    What is the connection between traditional and modern ethics? These sites may give you some ideas

    asked by Marie
  33. trigonometry

    how do u draw a triangle on here cuz i need help on my math hw and i dunno how

    asked by anonymous
  34. Management Accounting

    Deer Valley Lodge, a ski resort in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, has plans to eventually add five new chair lifts. Suppose that one lift costs $2 million and preparing the slope and installing the lift costs another $1.3 million. The lift will allow 300

    asked by please help !!!
  35. Social Studies

    Did the West Indies help the Spanish conquistadors? "The analogous "West Indies" originates from Christopher Columbus' idea that he had landed in the Indies (then meaning all of south and east Asia) when he had actually reached the Americas." from

    asked by Kayla
  36. function

    consider the function g(x)=x^3+5x^2-4x+4.determine: 1)g(37) 2)the value of x between zero and a hundred such that g(x)=145456 how do i do this? 1) put in 37 for x, and compute. 2) put in 145456 in for g(x), and solve for x. for the first one, just

    asked by Emma
  37. differentiation

    by determining : lim f(x+h)-f(x) h->0 --------------- h show that if f(x)=2x^2+2 then dy/dx=4x. i figured out that f'(x) is 4x...but i am confused about what to do next...someone help? "i figured out that f'(x) is 4x..." That's the answer! dy/dx is just a

    asked by Emma
  38. math

    the largest integer that is not the sum of two or more different primes My guess would be 3 if I interpret your question correctly.

    asked by Jenny
  39. cultural diversity

    What are some measurements used by sociologists to calculate prejudice. You'll find previous responses to this same question among the links here. =)

    asked by melody
  40. Math

    If a person cross-country skis for 35 minutes, how many calories will be burned? 700 calories are burned in 1 hour. I do not know how to set it up? set up a ratio cal/35 = 700/60 cross-multiply and solve for 'cal' you should get appr. 408

    asked by Kerri
  41. math

    the largest integer that is not the sum of two or more different primes

    asked by Amanda
  42. econo

    . John has a paper route and spends all his weekly allowance on hamburgers and pop. The price of a hamburger is $2 and the price of a pop is $1. every week John buys 20 hamburgers and 10 pop. If the price of a hamburger rises to $4 (because of a ban on

    asked by jenn
  43. Ethincs

    Describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice. Look at the post by melody below. Same question.

    asked by Cynthia
  44. mathematics

    types of prism and pyramid. See response to your second post.

    asked by jason
  45. Pre-Algebra

    HOW DO I DO THIS 5x+(-20)=-60 2-2x=8 I can only assume this is two different questions. On the first, add 20 to both sides. Then, divide both sides by 5 On the second, subtract two from each side, then, divide both sides by -2

    asked by Kemmaris