Questions Asked on
May 24, 2007

  1. algebra

    Given f(x) = 5x2 – 3x + 1, find f(–2). so would this be 5(-2*-2) -3(-2)+1 answer being 15 not correct (I assume looking at your substitution that the first term is 5x^2 or 5x²) f(x) = 5x^2 – 3x + 1 f(-2) = 5(-2)^2 - 3(-2) + 1 =5(4) + 6 + 1 =27

    asked by confused
  2. algebra

    please help me i'm close to having no hair left. How do you rearrange 6y = 9 - 3x to make x the subject i've been at this now for at least 1 week and this is my last resort please please help you have been at this for at least 1 week ?? 6y = 9 - 3x (add 3x

    asked by sarah
  3. French

    Hey, could someone please proof read my homework? I have already checked over it but I think that there's still mistakes in it. Thanks alot. De l’autre côté, on faux de ne fume pas pour être en forme. Fumer n’est bonne pas pour ton santé. Je ne

    asked by Sarah
  4. physics.


    asked by jean
  5. Science

    Is a tree a living organism? Yes, a tree is a living organism.

    asked by Riley
  6. mat

    Write the equation of the line passing throught each of the given pairs of points. Write your result in slope-intercept form. (2, 3) and (2 , 4) I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. Notice in the pair of points the x is constant, indicating a

    asked by Dee
  7. Mat

    1) L has y intercept (0, -3) and is parrallel to the line with equation 2/3x + 1 2) L has y intercept (0, 2) and is perpendicular to the line with equation 2x -3y = 6 1) you know the slope, and intercept 2) Put the equation in slope intercept form.

    asked by Dee
  8. communication

    three charateristics of verbal communication for audience in a relaxed situation(family and friends)and audience in a tense situation (supervisors and instructors)

    asked by que
  9. math

    Help I can go this far and then lost. In planning for a new item, a manufacturer assumes that the number of items produced x and the cost in dollars C of producing these items are related by a linear equation. Projections are that 100 items will cost

    asked by Dee
  10. French 1

    I have to translate the following into French with an object pronoun. Can you please check for me. Thanks!!! 1.Show us the main course! 2.I’m lending some sugar to him 3.They (femine form) owe me a cake 4.Tell them his name!( use vous form) 5.I don’t

    asked by DANIELLE
  11. differentiation

    hey, i'd really appreciate some help differentiating this equation: t= (4+x^2)^(1/2) /3 + (3-x)/5 so that's four plus x to the power of 2 all to the power of 1/2 all over three plus 3-x divided by five... :P Thankyou. I would rewrite it as t=

    asked by elle
  12. Science

    Here's my question--- Precession of earth's axis causes- a-axial tilt b-a change in the north pole star c-seasons d-day and night My answer was a- m i rite? Precession of earth's axis caused by the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation... =) The cause

    asked by shivangi
  13. about Engineering

    Electronic and Communication Engineering is mainly Mathematical analysis, implemented in practical circuits. You have to understand higher forms of math, and think in those terms. You have to understand the imperfect models used for systems analysis. You

    asked by bobpursley
  14. Science (again)

    Can Somebody plz help me with me question below, I didn't really get Mr. James's explanation for further reading. Precession means the axis of the Earth is changing, so North changes.

    asked by shivangi
  15. Mr. James- Science-again

    uh, ok ok, so if my answer is not a then is it b,c,or d because non of my answers match what you said Mr. James Precession means the axis of the Earth is changing, so North changes.

    asked by shivangi
  16. Literature

    Hello. Can anyone clarify and paraphrase this sentence? "O ye little of wit, is he for whom I mourn of those who forget or who are forgotten?" Thanks First you must understand each of the words in the sentence. If there are any that you don't know, look

    asked by John
  17. maths

    hi, i'm having trouble with this question: The cost of running a train at a constant speed of v km/h is C=50+v^2/1000 dollars/hour find the time taken for an 800km journey in terms of v.

    asked by elle
  18. Science

    SO since North changes, the answer would be b, changes in the north pole star yup you're right...... thanks, bye i gtg 2 school

    asked by shivangi
  19. Government

    Compare and contrast how public versus a private organization might address the immigration policy differently. include an explanation of how the delivery system of a public organization would be different than that of a private organization. for placement

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    the only perfect number of the from x to the nth power plus y to the nth power; the answer is between 1 and 31 28 = 1^3 + 3^3

    asked by Amanda
  21. French I, Danielle

    May I please have the name of your textbook. If it is one I have I can then tell you exactly the pages you need to review! Mme The name of my textbook is Discovering French by Jean-Paul Valette and Rebecca M. Valette.

    asked by SraJMcGin
  22. health

    I think drinking to subside pain runs in some familes. When it happens with one parent.. then now with the other, is it safe to say its a family thing or just an everybody thing? Can someone give me some insight? Do you mean drinking as in alcholic?

    asked by jamie
  23. Business

    I have to write two memos for class. I did one but need help on the other one. Can you read mine and tell me if it's okay, den give me some ideas on how i should write my second. Memo 1: Your school is hosting a picnic and you would like to supply the soda

    asked by Anonymous
  24. History

    Hello can someone give me a video that shows hitler in prison >? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Hitler prison photo" to get these possible sources:

    asked by QER
  25. MATH

    Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Instructions a. If needed, rewrite the following equations in slope-intercept form. * b. Indicate the slope and the y-intercept for each of the equations. c. Using graph paper and a straight edge, graph the equations. 1. y =

    asked by Austin
  26. physics

    A person is to be released from rest on a swing pulled away from the vertical by an angle of 15.8°. The two frayed ropes of the swing are 2.75 m long, and will break if the tension in either of them exceeds 350 N. What is the maximum weight the person can

    asked by micole
  27. French 1

    Am I on the right path with my translation from English to French? 1. Anna says that they(masculine) have dinner at seven o’clock. 2. We think that we can eat lunch at twelve o’clock. 3 You (singular familiar form) can drink a glass of milk. 4. They

    asked by DANIELLE
  28. MATH

    What type of coorelation does this haved) a middle school student's weight and height from birth to present--- NO COORELATION A correlation indicates the degree of linear relationship between two variables. A positive (+) correlation indicates that both

    asked by Erin
  29. MATH

    HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find the y intercepts of these please: 1. The slope is: 6/2...3/1...3 2. The slope is: 10/2... 3. The slope is: 2/2...2 4. The slope is: 2/2...2 The formula for a slope intercept is: y = mx +

    asked by Erin
  30. math,algebra

    I have to write a linear cost function for the situation given. And identifying all variables used. the problem reads: A parking garage charges 50cents plus 35 cents per hal-hour. This is what i tried but i am definately not sure how to do it: cost

    asked by mathstudent05
  31. math

    i also need help with this one: Supply and Demand let the supply and demand functions for butter pecan cream be given by. P= s(q)= (2)/(5)q and p = D(q) = 81- (3)/(4)q where p is the price in dollars and q is the number of batches. A) Find the equilibrium

    asked by mathstudent05
  32. physics

    * A and B Two wires long and parallel, each carrying a distance of 1 m in two opposite directions, if the trend A equals one third B (Ia=1/3Ib), founding after the point which lies on the line where the two vertical magnetic field when the outcome is zero.

    asked by Hamilton
  33. Math

    How do I put this equation in slope intercept form? 2. 2x + 3y = 6 Slope intercept form is y = mx + b Subtract 2x from both sides and then divide both sides by 3. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Austin
  34. Math

    Why do we need to learn topography? Topographic maps show the hills and valleys. By learning to read a topographic map, you can tell whether a hill is really steep or has a very gradual grade. Check this site for more information.

    asked by JULIA
  35. Chemistry

    In a titration experiment 34.12 mL of 0.902 M KOH is reacted with H2SO4. The endpoint is reached when 50.46 mL of the acid is mixed with the base. What is the molar concentration of the acid? I'm having a hard time even starting this problem, since I don't

    asked by Lindsay
  36. math help

    can someone give me an example of what they mean about this problem. I have to come up with a real-world example where we can apply the concept learned within our chapter that the data could be linear which it talks about solving equations using the method

    asked by mathstudent 05
  37. science/english

    Please could someone tell me the meaning of drawn (as in hung, drawn and quartered.) Thanks This site has a gory description of being hung, drawn and quartered.

    asked by lizbeth
  38. Grammar

    I don't understand predicates. What are they and how do I figure out what is the predicate in a sentence? The predicate is simply the main verb and all that modifies or describes it. He raced home as fast as he could. He = subject raced = main verb raced

    asked by Natalie
  39. World History

    What was the Bill of Rights influenced by? This is an interesting article that will help you answer your question.

    asked by Madi
  40. physics

    The human eye is sensitive to electromagenetic waves that have wavelengths in the range from 400nm to 700nm (1nm=10^-9m). What range of the frequencies of electromagentic radiation can the eye detect? Can you please show me the steps and work because i

    asked by sammy
  41. science

    when rearranging the equation 6y = 9 - 3x to make x the subject, am i right in thinking to add 3x to both sides (6y + 3x = 9), then subtract 6y on both sides(3x = 9 - 6y then divide both by 3(x = 9 - 6y/3)? You have it. x=3-2y

    asked by Tadgh
  42. Chemistry 2

    Can someone please tell me which of the following I have wrong?? I know that one or more is incorrect, but I'm not sure which ones... Match the following Bronsted acids with their conjugate bases. Choices: SO42-, SO32-, CO32-, HPO42-, HPO32-, Cl-, F-,

    asked by Lindsay
  43. physics

    A person has far points 8.44cm from the right eye and 12.2cm from the left eye. WRite a presciption for the powers of the corrective lenses. Please help i tried to read to book and my notes but it doesnt show how to do this problem.

    asked by beth
  44. Chemistry 3

    How is it possible for me to tell which of these solutes will produce an acidic solution when dissolved in water? LiOH CH3CO2K H2SO3 KOH NaOH NH4NO3 NaOH NaOH can't be the only one... Molecules that produce OH^- when dissolved in water will be basic.

    asked by Lindsay
  45. Business

    For the past ten years, DWI has wanted to develop the lucrative Iraqi oil reserves for its exploration, drilling, refining, and transport division; DWI's Oil Division has been limited to Siberia and the South China Sea up to this date, and was precluded

    asked by Joseph
  46. math

    2^(x^2 - 35)= 4^x How do I solve this? The x^2 is messing me up. So far I have: ln(2^(x^2-35))=ln(4^x) (x^2-35)ln 2= xln4 x^2ln 2 - 35ln2= xln4 x^2ln 2- xln4= 35ln2 x(xln2 - ln4)= 35ln2 I would have taken the log base 2 of each side, but ok, with what you

    asked by jess
  47. Math

    I can't for the life of me solve this! 6x^2-23x+15=0 6x^2-23x+15 = (a x + b) (c x + d) --> a c = 6 (1) a d + b c = -23 (2) b d = 15 (3) You could write down all possibilities for a and c (Eq. 1) and all possibilites for b and d (Eq. 3) and see which one

    asked by Sandra
  48. Science

    Sand dunes on barrier islands often have no plants except different types of beach grasses. Are these climax communities for sand dunes? What are the factors that determine the climax community for sand dunes on barrier islands?

    asked by Milo
  49. chemistry

    It decreases? If the air pressure increased, wouldn't that make the diver go down? What happens when you press on the pressure cap? Oh, yeah. So, at night the atmospheric pressure increases and therefore the diver sinks? Can someone help me with this

    asked by Lillian
  50. Precalculus / Statistics

    I have a question about residual plots and regression equations. The data is: X Y 1 6.1 2 5.5 3 9.8 4 10.6 5 14.2 6 21.5 7 29.9 8 37.2 9 50.6 10 64 11 77.6 What function fits this data the best, between Exponential, Linear, Quadratic, and Power. Also how

    asked by Ryan St. Laurent
  51. math I have to draw a best-fit straight line on a graph. How do I know that its really best fitted - in the right angle?

    asked by bobpursley
  52. management accounting

    Andre has a hair styling business and he has five barbers who each make $9.90 per hour then work 40-hours a week and 50-weeks a year, the rent and other fixed expenses are $1,750 per month. shampoo is used on all client is .40 per client, the unit price of

    asked by Charlotte
  53. Behavioral Science

    How do sociological factors affect a person's behavior? What sociological factors do you believe affect your behavior the most? Do you shave? Do you use deodrant? Do you bathe more than once a week? Do you match your clothes? Do you arrive on time? Do you

    asked by Linda
  54. algebra

    if you have the sign of > or < does this also mean = ???? so confused my problem is -3x+2y=7 x+4y=-7 how do I do this? please help No. The sign < or> does not include equal. On computers we often just do this => for equal or greater than. or this: >=. In

    asked by confused
  55. algebra

    f(x)=2x+5, find f(3) would this be worked out liek this 2(3)+5=11 Your answer is correct but improve your mathematical form and write is this way: f(x)= 2x+5 f(3)= 2(3)+5 = 11

    asked by confused
  56. please help me correct

    i have to write a project about amy project. i'll write for what i am trying to say but i hope you can help me put it in a better, organized sentence. our project is about flying paper airplanes outdoors and it was windy and i want to explain why it's a

    asked by dave
  57. algebra

    Given f(x) = 2x - 5, find f(-3a). okay were does the a come in here? do I just write -3a in place of x as i did before?

    asked by confused
  58. Japanese in my Japanese class right now, we're currently writing our speeches.. So far, I've come up with: (This is actually in Japanese but I've chosen to write this in English as I'm on a school computer which only allows English characters!) "At

    asked by Steph
  59. math

    clasifying conics 4xsquared=64-64ysquared 4x^2 = 64 - 64y^2 4x^2 + 64y^2 = 64 .......divide each term by 64 (x^2)/16 + y^2 = 1 you should recognize the standard form of the equation of an ellipse.

    asked by krystall
  60. math

    An employee who produces x units per hour earsn an hourly wage of y=0.70x + 12( in dollars). Find the hourly wage for an employee who produces 18 units per hour. substitute x=18 and evaluate. let me know what you got y- 0.70(18) + 12 y = 12.60 + 12 y =

    asked by Dee
  61. Managerial Economics

    I need help with understanding this analysis. Suppose you are a stock market analyst. At Disney tourism has slowed down in the US. But at Six Flage two new rides are now operating. Using demand and supply analyss, predict the impact of these events on

    asked by Sharon Williams
  62. Phsyics

    Can someone give me some pointers on calculating the rest energy of a positron (a particle that has the same mass as an electron and equal but opposite charge) ? thanks The rest energy is equal to the mass times the speed of light squared.

    asked by Jess
  63. French I for Danielle

    There is still some confusion as to which "Discovering French" you currently have. No doubt it is one of 3 published by D C Heath, but is it the "rouge" or the "bleu" or the "nouveau." It would also be helpful to know which edition (copyright date.)

    asked by SraJMcGin