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May 23, 2007

  1. Chemistry

    Commercial vinegar was titrated with NaOH solution to determine the content of acetic acid, HC2H3O2. For 20.0 milliliters of the vinegar 26.7 milliliters of 0.600-molar NaOH solution was required. What was the concentration of acetic acid in the vinegar if

    asked by Sarah
  2. physics

    A light rigid rod 1.00 m in length joins two particles, with masses 4.00 kg and 3.00 kg, at its ends. The combination rotates in the xy plane about a pivot through the center of the rod. Determine the angluar momentum of the system about the origin when

    asked by jean
  3. calc

    evaluate the integral: y lny dy i know it's integration by parts but i get confused once you have to do it the second time Leibnitz rule (a.k.a. product rule): d(fg) = f dg + g df y lny dy = d[y^2/2 ln(y)] - y/2 dy ----> Integral of y lny dy = y^2/2 ln(y)

    asked by marsha
  4. math

    Okay. So i'm doing this project for my geometry class about different sports, soccer, baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, volleyball and pool. I have to find the surface area, volume, diameter, circumference, and radius of each of the balls. I got a

    asked by Emily
  5. Math, word problems

    The number 8,549,176,320 is unique. what makes it different from any other possible number? - Rose it contains all the numerals? but that would not make it unique, since there are about 3.6 million that contain all 10 numerals. See here No full html

    asked by Rose
  6. Economics

    Can someone please help. What components of GDP (if any) would each of the following transactions affect? Explain. a. A family buys a new refridgerator. b. Aunt Jane buys a new house. c. Ford sells a Mustang from its inventory. d. You buy a pizza. e.

    asked by Sam
  7. Chemistry equation balancing

    I have to balance the following equation using the lowest number of coefficients CH4 + NH3 + O2 -- HCN + H2O I can get N,C and O to balance as follows CH4 + NH3 + O2 -- HCN + 2H2O I can get H,C and N to balance as follows CH4 + NH3 + 2O2 -- HCN + 3H2O I

    asked by Anna
  8. Macroeconomics

    Can someone please help. What components of GDP (if any) would each of the following transactions affect? Explain. a. A family buys a new refridgerator. b. Aunt Jane buys a new house. c. Ford sells a Mustang from its inventory. d. You buy a pizza. e.

    asked by Sam
  9. calculus

    A farmer has 180 feet of fence and wants a pen to adjoin to the whole side of the 120 foot barn as shown. What should the dimentions be for maximum area. Note that in this case Write the equation for perimeter of the three sided rectangle. Write the

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    Sue wants to frame a picture with a matte of uniform width all around the print. Sue wants the area of the matte to equal the area of the picture. If the print measures 60cm by 40cm how wide should the matte be? let the width of the uniform matte be x cm

    asked by Marty
  11. Algebra 2 once more

    I have more answers that I would like checked. Also, there is one that I'm really confused about. I appreciate any help. :) Rewrite as the log of a single number. 1) 8 ln 2 = ln(2^8) 2) log 42 - log 6 = log 36 (I think this one may be wrong). Evalute each

    asked by Lindsay
  12. self-esteem

    according to many social scientists ,adolescence ends for most people ? Check this site. In industrialized societies, adolescence is a transition between childhood and adulthood. In many primitive societies, there

    asked by sara
  13. Pre Cal

    could someone please tell me what the other angle identity of tan is? Thank you much! "...other angle identity of tan x"? in relation to which "other" ? there are many identities dealing with the tangent. The most important is probably tan x = sin x/cos x

    asked by Marie
  14. microeconomics

    how do i figure this out? if all incomes were equalized by government taxes and transfer payments, how much would the average household in each income quintile gaine (via transfers) or lose (via taxes)? Hummm, for real or as a hypothetical exercise. The

    asked by Billie

    Another one. Which amendment? Senator Russell argued that the federal government has no right to control marijuana sales since it is not mentioned in the Constitution. I think it's the ninth amendment because it guarantees unenumerated rights. Your

    asked by Meg
  16. physic

    Neutron stars are extremely dense objects with a mass comparable to the mass of the sun but a radius of only several thousand meters. Consider a neutron star of mass M = 1.99e+030 kg and a radius of R = 10 km. g = 1.3279e12 m/s Assuming uniform density,

    asked by x

    I need to check these answers Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones go to court to settle an argument over a tree that is on Mr. Smith's yard but hangs over Mr. Jones' new cement driveway. Which amendment does this apply? I think it's the Ninth because it guarantees

    asked by Meg
  18. chemistry

    Predict the effect of each of the following on the indicated equilibrium system in terms of which reaction will be favored (forward, reverse, or neither) H2(g)+Cl2(g)2HCl(g) +184 kJ A)addition of Cl2 B)removal of HCl C)increased pressure D)decreased

    asked by Kristy
  19. geography

    what is the name given to a body of land with water surrounding it? with a body of water completely surrounding it? an island.

    asked by smitty
  20. math-ish

    What words does tcnaio make unscrambled? Try these: =) action atonic tonica cation

    asked by Devin
  21. fractions

    my teacher gave us some fraction problems for homework, but I'm confused about how to go about solving the problem. The problem is what is 2/4 of 8. Can you show me the steps so I can do the rest of the math problems? 2/4 reduces (or simplies if you

    asked by donte-thrid grader
  22. Chemistry

    Zn + PbCl2 --> ZnCl2 + Pb The initial mass of a zinc strip is 2.684. After being left overnight in a lead (II) chloride solution, the mass of zinc is 2.581g. Calculate the Ksp of lead (II) chloride. So far I have: PbCl2 --> Pb(aq)2+ + 2Cl(aq)- Ksp =

    asked by Raj
  23. Chemistry

    Calculate soln pH if 100 mL 0.10 M Na2S is mixed with 200 mL 0.050 M HCl. The hint is consider Kb for HS^-. The answer is pH=9.74. Can someone walk me through the neccessary steps to get this answer? What are the k1 and k2 values for H2S in your text?

    asked by John Peterson
  24. Management Accounting

    Andre has asked you to evaluate his business, Andre's Hair Styling. Andre has five barbers working for him (Andre is not one of them) Each barber is paid $9.90 per hour and works a 40-hour week and a 50-week year, regardless of the number of haircuts, rent

    asked by Charlotte Holmes
  25. geography. help.please. ASAP

    What are 2 characteristics of ecozones that make them useful? pleaseee help. thanksss

    asked by Jenny
  26. Math

    Please help me I am terrible at math, and this is my last class before graduation.. 1. Find the value of X... x/6-x/8=1 2. Find the value of X...x/x-2-x+1/x=8/x^2-2x 3. Find the value of X...5/x+6+2/x^2+7x+6=3/X+1 4.Find the value of X...2/5=x-2/20 find

    asked by Helpless
  27. More Algebra 2

    It would be great if, again, someone would check these answers for accuracy. I'd like to know if I'm doing them right. 1) What equation defines an exponential decay function? a) y=x^pi b) y=pi^-x c) y=(1/pi)^-x d) y=pi times x I think the answer is c. 2)

    asked by Lindsay
  28. Geography

    1) What is the relationship between an ecozones GDP and area? 2) What is the relationship between an ecozones GDP AND population? ..please help. I thank you in advance. These sites have information that should help you.

    asked by Christine
  29. chemistry

    when pressure decreases what happens with the boiling point, it decreases, increases or stays the same? I read the book (the example used is water) were it says that if vapor pressure is less than the pressure pushing down on the surface the bubbles formed

    asked by Fabiola
  30. physic

    Assuming uniform density, how much would 1.1 cubic centimeters of neutron star material weigh on the surface of the earth? You need the density of the neutron star to do this. weight= mass*g=density*volume*g

    asked by x
  31. Geometry

    Write the contrapositive of the statement If Jane is here, then she is well Contrapositive If Jane is not here, then she is not well Correct.

    asked by DANIELLE
  32. legal and ethical environment of business

    For the past ten years, DWI has wanted to develop the lucrative Iraqi oil reserves for its exploration, drilling, refining, and transport division; DWI's Oil Division has been limited to Siberia and the South China Sea up to this date, and was precluded

    asked by Joseph
  33. ethical business

    Compare the American legal system to the international legal environment of business.

    asked by Joseph
  34. s.s

    How did the steam engine have an impact on the society??

    asked by Parth
  35. Geometry

    Am I CORRECT . Write the inverse and the contrapositive of the statement If Jane is here, then she is well. Inverse

    asked by DANIELLE
  36. Religious Education

    Is God real? Which is the true religion? For many people around the world, God is very real. The true religion is the one that a person whole-heartedly believes and faithfully follows. Hi Cherry. Considering this is a homework question, most Religious

    asked by Cherry
  37. Chemistry II

    The value of ^G for the following reaction is -5490 kJ. Use this value and data to calculate the standard free energy of formation for C4H10 (g). 2 C4H10 (g) + 13 O2 (g) --> 8 CO2 (g) + 10 H2o (l) Do you know the heats of formation for CO2 and H2O?

    asked by Jayd

    Another one. Which Amendment? Jerry had to remain in jail until he was able to post a $500 bond. I think it's the Eighth amendment because it guarantees freedom from excessive bail. I'm not sure though because $500 doesn't seem to be excessive. Any

    asked by Meg
  39. Management Accounting

    Deer Valley Lodge, a ski resort in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, has plans to eventually add five new chair lifts. Suppose that one lift costs $2 million, and preparing the slope and installing the lift costs another $1.3 million. The lift will allow 300

    asked by Charlotte Holmes
  40. grammar(english)

    i need to find similes he was as hard as a rock. she was as gentle as a dove. the wall was like a mountian i could not climb. similie = a comparision between two words using "like" or "as" to compare (examples above) hope this helps! To add to Marie's

    asked by destiny
  41. Chemistry

    I'm trying to work out the equation for when ammonia solution is added to zinc hydroxide solution. I think a precipitate forms. [Zn(OH)4]2- + NH3(aq) + H2O(l) --> ???? Zn(OH)2 + 4NH3 ==> Zn(NH3)4(OH)2 The Zn(OH)2 forms a soluble complex ion with NH3.

    asked by Fiona
  42. Math

    Please help!!! 1. Simplify...w+3/4w divided by w-3/2w to divide one fraction by another, keep the first fraction as is, then multiply by the reciprocal (flip) of the second one. so... (w+3)/(4w) ÷ (w-3)/(2w) = (w+3)/(4w) x (2w)/(w-3) = (w+3)/[2(w-3)]

    asked by Helpless
  43. Find the sum of thuis question

    Can someone find the sum for this equation please. (X^2)/(X^2-16)=(5X+4)/(X^2-16) I don't think it is finding the sum, but I can simplify the equation. (X^2)/(X^2-16)=(5X+4)/(X^2-16) First, multiply both sides by X^-16. X^2 = 5X+4 Subtract 5X+4 from both

    asked by Mandy
  44. earth clay

    could you tell me how clay plays a cruial part in the origin of life This site should help you:

    asked by bex
  45. French

    Hey, could someone check my short piece of French homework for mistakes? Have you got any ideas what I could add into it to make it a better text? Thank you, here it is: Pour être en forme, il est important de faire de l’exercise souvent et manger sain.

    asked by Sarah
  46. calc

    also: integral of tan^(-1)y dy how is integration of parts used in that? You write: arctan(y)dy = d[y arctan(y)] - y d[arctan(y)] Here we again have used the product rule: d(fg) = f dg + g df You then use that: d[arctan(y)] = 1/(1+y^2) dy So, the integral

    asked by marsha
  47. Mat

    write the equation of the line passing through each of the given pairs of points. write yourresults in slope-interceptformwhere possible. (-1, 3) and (4, -2) get your slope I got m =(-2-3)/(4+1) = -1 pick one of the points and m=-1 to sub into y = mx + b,

    asked by Dee
  48. Can someone please help

    Can someone show me how to find the sum of this equation and put it in it's simpliest form? (x^2)/(x^2-25)+(7x+10)/(x^2-25) They have a common denominator: x^2-25 which can factor to (x+5)(x-5) The numerator will add to x^2+7x +10 which can factor to

    asked by Jojo
  49. DOL

    Is this sentence correct? Adriana and I liked the book called Stone Fox, too. Yes. Your sentence is correct. Be sure to underline Stone Fox when you write it. Thank you so much. Yes I do have it underlined!!!

    asked by Kate
  50. factoring

    I cannot figure these out.Can someone Factor completely: 3x2 - x - 4 I suppose this is actually 3x^2 -x-4 If so: (3x-4)(x+1) Now I'd like you to look at the following website:

    asked by Jojo
  51. Math -- not "can someone simplify this for me:10x-20 / x-2 "

    Repeated questions don't get you help faster. Please post only once. Thanks. can someone simplify this for me:10x-20 / x-2 first factor x-2 out of the numerator to get (x-2)10 -------- (x-2) Now cancel the (x-2) to get you answer of 10

    asked by Writeacher
  52. social studies

    What is a person called who is appointed to take care of a community's daily business? a city manager?? Mayors are usually elected, but city managers are usually appointed by the mayor and/or city council. =) my guess would be a mayor, but it's just a

    asked by jason
  53. anatomy

    what is the role of villin in the small intestine Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites to try. It looks like the "villin" is in mice? 1. 2.

    asked by wendell
  54. I have ONE more

    Factor completely: 2x2 - 32 another math question?? We do not do your homework for you, but I will start you out. 2x^2 - 32 = 2(x^2-16) You should be able to work it from here. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Mandy
  55. factor

    This one was difficult for me aswell:(x+4)/5+(2x+1)/5 (x+4)/5+(2x+1)/5 The common denominator is 5. 1/5 (x+4+2x+1) You should be able to continue this from here. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Mandy
  56. Algebra

    Please explain to me how to do these problems...Thanks 1. Find the value of x...x/6-x/8=1 2. The combined resistance of two resistors r1 and r2 in a parallel circuit is given by the formula rt= 1/(1/r1)+ (1/r2)...simplify the formula... 3. Fungicides

    asked by Algebra Help

    THE CENTER PAGE COMMAND IS ACCESSED THROUGH WHAT MENU? It would depend on the word processor, on mine, it is through the Format menu. If you are taking a word processing class, one of the first things you should have been taught is to have the Caps Lock

    asked by AMSTER
  58. algebra1

    I will be happy to critique your thinking. can u use one of them and show me how to solve it and i'll do the rest? like i don't know how to do these and i need to know how. assume that Q varied directly as x and inversely as y. 1) if x is tripled and y is

    asked by bobpursley
  59. mat

    write the equation of the line passing through each of the given points with the indicated slope. give your results in slope-intercept form. (0, 5) , m = 1/4

    asked by Dee
  60. astronomy

    how far away is the sun in science notation? The distance of the earth from the sun varies from 9.1407905x10^7 miles to 9.4512780x10^7 miles with a mean distance of 9.2960242x10^7 miles. Many use 9.30x10^7 as the mean distance.

    asked by chanel
  61. calc check

    if you evaluate the integral of: t csc^2 t dt, is the answer -t cot t + ln|sint| + C Differentiate the answer to see if it is correct.

    asked by marsha
  62. math

    6x sq.-5x-1=0 use the equation of the squre if u want to solve it. use the quadratic formula Please read: Or how can i do fractons and i need some advised

    asked by John
  63. DrBob222 help me!!

    Please I posted a chemistry question but I havent gotten any answer back please help me, sorry for having so little patience answered below.

    asked by Fabiola
  64. algebra

    how would I graph the following slope -2: y-intercept: (0, 4) Start at the y intercept, then draw a line for every one it goes to the right, it goes down two.

    asked by Dee
  65. factoring

    Factor completely: 2x2 – 50 To indicate x squared, use this notation — x^2. 2x^2-50 = 2(x^2-25) You should be able to continue the factoring with the site that Lance has given you. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Jojo
  66. Algebra

    I am stuck, pleas help, i have the example but I am still not able to figure it out... Find the value of X...5/x+6+2/x^2+7x+6=3/X+1 Find the value of X...2/5=x-2/20 First, get the X terms on one side of the equation and the numbers on the other. 2/5=X-2/20

    asked by Helpless Again
  67. Math

    I need to know for a project I am doing in math right now, where I can find the reason in life why we learn about Networking/Topograph. I've looked up definitions and the people who invented equations for it but we need to answer why we learn it in school

    asked by Julia
  68. math

    i need help with this question can u please show me how to figure this out and show me how you figured out the problem. the question is 1/3 pnut butter sandwiches 1/6 cheese and 9 ham how many total? i assume you mean how many sandwhiches total? in that

    asked by felicia
  69. Find the sum

    Can someone how to find the sum and simpliest form of this equation?(x+4)/5+(2x+1)/5 It is not an equation because there is no = sign. It is a expression. You can simplify it a bit by realising it has a common denominator in both terms. This would be 3x+5

    asked by Mandy
  70. complex numbers and imaginary units

    2i/1+i your question probably says 'simplify' multiply top and bottom by (1-i)\(1-i) and remember that i^2 =-1 so... 2i/(1+i) * (1-i)\(1-i) = (2i - 2i^2)/(1-i^2) = 2(i-i^2)/(1+1) =i+1

    asked by candace
  71. health and human services

    how would a public organization address immigration and refugees policy compared to a private organization? Thank you for any help provided. Unanswerable. It wholly depends on which organizations.

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Algebra 2

    Can someone please check these answers for me?? I'm pretty sure most of them are right, except for maybe the second T/F question... 1) T or F. The domain of y=ln x is equal to the range of y=e (superscript x). True 2) T or F. ln(3x x y to the 3rd power) =

    asked by Lindsay
  73. Algebra

    Why might notation be important? Explore the reasons for function notation.

    asked by Linda
  74. math

    what is the answer to (x+y) to the power of 2 Well you could express it in expanded form... x^2 + 2xy + y^2

    asked by cheyenne
  75. math

    could someone please tell me what the other angle identity is? Thank you much!

    asked by Marie
  76. factors


    asked by Sarika