Questions Asked on
May 21, 2007

  1. math

    direct variation the surface area of a sphere varies directly as the square of the radius. if the surface area of a sphere is 36 pi meters squared when the radius is 3 meters, what is the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 6 meters? S=k*r^2 solve

    asked by anonymous
  2. science

    What are some examples of biotic and abiotic factors of an Eastern Bluebird? Biotic is living factors and abiotic is non-living factors. So, for a bluebird, sunlight (length of days effecting ovulation)availbility of water for drinking would be Abiotic

    asked by Lily
  3. chemistry

    why does a can of soda explode in a hot car? As the temperature rises, the gas (carbon dioxide that make the fizzle in soda pop)exerts more and more pressure until the container ruptures. Any gas heated tries to expand due to greater molecular motion.If it

    asked by Lillian
  4. chemisty

    get a piece of ice, rub it on your arm until it melts. Do you feel the heat leaving your body to melt the ice? how much heat was required to melt one gram of a sample ice and warm it to the body temperature of 37 degress celcius? Heat= Heatfusion*massice +

    asked by jennifer lowman
  5. Hum 130

    What are the central beliefs of Islam, and how are they reflected in the "Five Pillars” I couldn't get into the website at the moment, but you might want to check back there eventually. Meanwhile, peruse this:

    asked by Terri
  6. pre algerbra

    susan bought a 6 month $1,700 certificate of deposit.At the end of six months she received $63 simple interest. what annual rate of interest did the certificate pay? In a year then it would be 2 times $63 So $1700 times the rate of interest (we will call

    asked by Kemmaris
  7. Chemistry

    "Find the pH of the solution obtained when 32 mL of 0.087 M ethylamine is titrated to the equivalence point with 0.15 M HCl? Do I need to do a rice table for this problem? I'm having difficulty starting this problem... Thanks!

    asked by Rachel
  8. science

    asked by Lance
  9. History

    What was the concept of Popular Sovereignty as it was used in the years leading up to the Civil War? Popular sovereignty left the question of slavery in the territories up to the settlers.

    asked by Jaden
  10. 2nd grade math

    If you have a rectangle with 24 square units 3 lines down 8 across how can you have a 4 unit rectangle with a perimeter of 8 around the outside also 6 units with a perimeter of 10 in a seprate problem A square of 4, perimeter of 8. What about a 2x2 square?

    asked by Gloria
  11. physics

    A 2.0kg box rests on a plank that is inclined at an angle of 65° above the horizontal. The upper end of the box is attached to a spring with a force constant of 25 N/m. If the coefficient of static friction between the box and the plank is 0.17, what is

    asked by micole
  12. Algebra

    These data represent the population of a certain city. Year Population(in thousands) 1950 18 1960 23 1970 29 1980 32 1990 38 2000 42 Use the line graph to predict the population in the year 2010 I recommend graphing the points, draw a best fit line, then

    asked by Linda
  13. math

    Thank you so much!! Nicky is a 60% free-throw shooter in a two-shot free-throw situation. Is she likely to score 0 points, 1 point, or 2 points? can you please explain to me how to get the answer. Assuming each shot is an independent event.. Pr(0)=.4*.4 Pr

    asked by Amaris
  14. Algebra 2

    Replace each of the question marks with a value that will make the polynomial a perfect square trinomial. 1. 4x^2+12x+? 2. ?+90x+81 Could someone show me how to solve these? Take the first: factor out the 4 4x^2+12x+? 4( x^2 + 3x + ?) take half the center

    asked by Christian
  15. Social Studies --Repost -- Sam

    Sam, Monday, May 21, 2007 at 4:01pm i need to write a paragraph on a world problem any ideas. World problems include: global warming war in Iraq Palestinian-Israeli conflict destruction of rainforests illegal immigration Wow! Take a look at the front page

    asked by Ms.Sue
  16. Algebra 2

    Completing the square method allows you to solve any quadratic equation. For each of the following determine what number completes the square. I cannot find my notes on completing the square, can someone please help with these two problems? 1. x^2+8x 2.

    asked by Christian
  17. physics

    A block of mass m1 = 4.50 kg sits on top of a second block of mass m2 = 13.9 kg, which in turn is on a horizontal table. The coefficients of friction between the two blocks are µs = 0.300 and µk = 0.100. The coefficients of friction between the lower

    asked by micole
  18. science

    What does equation for salt mean (2Na+CI2->2NaCI)? IT represents sodium chloride being formed from the elements (it is not formed that way in nature, chlorine gas is not naturally occuring in nature).

    asked by Maryelis
  19. Chemistry

    If a solution of Ca(OH)2 has a pH of 12.31 how can I calculate the concentration of calcium hydroxide in mol L-1 ? Write the dissociation equation: Ca(OH)2 >>Ca+ + 2OH So the concentration of the OH ion is twice the Ca(OH)2 . Find the concentration of the

    asked by Fiona
  20. BCIS

    You need to use the help section in your Excel program (press the F1 key and then use the search feature). If you need additional information about Excel, you can use your textbook or go to, select the particluar

    asked by Writeacher
  21. A Tail of Two Cities

    I have two questions 1)In A Tail of Two Cities, Monsieur Defarge keeps M.Manetter locked in his room because? A)M.Manetter is sick B)freedom may scare her C)Monsieur is a mean and cruel man D)M.Manette cannot be trusted 2)In A Tail of Two Cities the fact

    asked by Abby
  22. math, help

    can someone give me suggestions i am learning how to graph linear equations with two variables. What are two methods of graphing lines? That include order pairs, axes,slope, and intercepts. Can some help me when you get a few minutes i'll appreciate it....

    asked by math student 05
  23. algebra

    First: solve for k. Then, go back to the original equation c=k(d-3) and solve for c when d is ten. Second: Area=k*s^2 Put in the fist conditions, solve for k. Then, knowing k, solve for A when is eight. direct variation 1)if c varies directly as d-3, and

    asked by SraJMcGinn
  24. ray

    Ray AB is the same as Ray BA That is not true. Rays are directed. Ray AB starts at A, and goes through B. Line segement AB is the same as line segment BA.

    asked by angie
  25. English Survey(please post)

    what book do you think should be made into a movie? and why?(please state reason clearly.) consider the questions below: what's the benefit if it was made into a film? is there something that you think can be presented in the movie better than the book?

    asked by Anita
  26. Spanish

    Answer the following questions about demonstrative adjectives. Answer whether the noun modified is singular or plural. Then fill in the blank with the correct demonstrative adjective in Spanish. 1. They prefer that restaurant. Prefieren -------restaurante.

    asked by Aubrey
  27. Algebra

    Completing the square method allows you to solve any quadratic equation. For each of the following determine what number completes the square. I cannot find my notes on completing the square, can someone please help with these two problems? 1. x^2+8x 2.

    asked by Christian
  28. Science

    ____ may occur when an essential factor is in short supply. commensalism mutualism mating competition Please anwser ASAP thanks. When gasoline is in short supply, what is the result (besides high prices!)? When personal computers were relatively new, and

    asked by Stevi
  29. Calculus

    Let f be defined by f(x)= 4x^3-2m, x is less than or equal to -1 , 7x^2+5m , x is greater than -1. Piece wise function. a. Find lim-->-1 from the right side(in term of m) B. Find lim-->-1 from the left side (in term of m). I don't get what do they mean by

    asked by jimmy
  30. Debating

    Hi Im debating a difficult topic and was hoping that people could help on this topic the topic is that single sex schools are best. Please Help

    asked by Uddaka
  31. math algebra 1

    Who is the inventor of the FOIL method? some one answer me!! The history of mathematics in India is ancient. The Hindu Vedic tradition is an oral tradition of knowledge passed down in short verses, dating to before the invention of paper. The Vedas

    asked by amy
  32. Science

    In meiosis what is nondisjunction?

    asked by Tabby

    what is the countries origin of Hinduism Hinduism originated in India. Check this site for more information.

    asked by SERITA
  34. math 1st. grade

    Adding Doubles just means adding the same numberr to itself. Like 2+2=4, 3+3=6, So addind doubles to 18 would be 0+0=0, 1+1=2, 2+2=4, and so forth up to 9+9=18. Maybe this will help you solve the problem. I have a work sheet that has Add Doubles to 18 with

    asked by Lance
  35. graphing

    which of these is correct description of each inequality as it would be graphed on a number line. x 2 Closed dot on 2, arrow to the left Closed dot on 2, arrow to the right Open dot on 2, arrow to the left Open dot on 2, arrow to the right nevermind

    asked by Santos
  36. Algebra

    Graph the inequality y>=3x Draw the line y=3x on a graph. The line and everything above it satifies y>= 3x

    asked by Linda
  37. English

    I am trying to help my son do "word extensions". I don't know what that means. Can someone help me? Example? rate Extension ? Extensions?? Would they be suffixes or extended meanings from the base word, do you think? rate ~~> ratio ?? Thank you for using

    asked by Tami

    WHO was a former governer of tennessee and proven military leader

    asked by BEEZY
  39. Programming

    Hi. I am taking a computer programming class (C++). I need some help on some programs. I tried going to my teacher - he was of no help and there are no tutors. I have a lot of code, but I'm having problems. I looked online for help, but they're using

    asked by Jay
  40. Can someone help me

    multipy both sides by 44x Then take the square root of each side. Math question here. Can someone solve this for me?1/x=x/44

    asked by bobpursley
  41. Social Studies - Geography

    I need some help on the General Information of China for class. I'm doing a worksheet and there's a question I'm kind of stuck on. The main way personal communication in China takes place by the _____________. My first guess is technology, because the 2nd

    asked by Nikki
  42. english

    poem is to ________ as novel is to chapter Stanza? or couplet or line ?? or verse sonnet?

    asked by Phil
  43. web design

    How can information systems affect a company’s bottom line (such as financial performance)? What are other non-financial values that information systems can add to a business? Well obviously with slick website sales can be boosted. Example: Ford motor

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Algebra

    The equation y=15x-100 describes the amount of money a high school class might earn from a paper drive. What are the slope and y-intercept for this equation? Slope is the coefficent of x, and the y intercept is the value of y when x=0 Please try the

    asked by Linda
  45. math-i have another question

    Player A and B invented a new game. The probability for Player A to win a round is 1/3 and the probability that Player B will win a round is 2/3. To make the game fair, Player A will score 3 points when he/she winds a round and Player B will score 2 points

    asked by Amaris
  46. Hyperbola's vertics? and parabola's orientation

    y^2= 9(x^2)+20x+3 how to identify its orientation and the locaation of its vertices? sqrt(x^4+8x^3)=sqrt(9x^2+20x+3) How to identify the parabola's orientation? up or down? thank you

    asked by jay
  47. Art

    Do you just become a baker or do you need to stay at a lower level and work your way up to a higher level? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You don't just BEGIN as a baker. Please visit the following sites to learn more: 1. (the skills

    asked by Emily
  48. math

    g/5+2>10.......solve Please read: Now try adding -2 to both sides. then multiply both sides by 5

    asked by jc
  49. science

    what is the relation between a solide and a liquid Well ice can turn into water. Try reading:

    asked by sammy
  50. maths

    the function y = 5 + 3 sin (pie t /3 + pie /2) choose one option which gives the value of the funtion when t = 3. choose the option which gives the period of the function. from the options below. 0, 1/6, pie/6, 2, 3, pie, 5, 6 wod the value of t=3 be 5 ?

    asked by kat
  51. algebra question

    Find the sum and express in simplest form. (x^2)/(x^2-9)+(2x-15)/(x^2-9) combine the numberator terms: x^2 + 2x -15 which is factorable (x+5)(x-3) Factor the denominator (x+3)(x-3) simplify.

    asked by mike
  52. Algebra

    -8x+6(x+7)=1 expand that part 6(x+7) subtract 42 from both sides. expand that part 6(x+7) subtract 42 from both sides.

    asked by Dionna
  53. inequity

    can someone show me how to solvde this 1.2W > -10.8 nevermind

    asked by Santos
  54. maximum and minimum problems when function unknown

    Hi, can anyone please help me with this problem, i have no idea what to do! The question is: a window frame is in the shape of a semicircle joined to a rectangle. Find the macimum area of a window using 300 cm of framework. i can usually solve these sorts

    asked by elle
  55. math

    slove for y y-(-3)=(x-(-3)) Get rid of the () y+3=x+3 subtract three from each side. y=x

    asked by mario
  56. math

    List all possible rational zeros of... h(x)= 2x to the (4th power) - 5x (to the third power) + 3x (to the 2nd power) + 4x - 6 Use the Rational Roots Theorem. Any root of the form p/q with p and q relatively prime must be such that p divides 6 and q divides

    asked by Kate
  57. graphing

    Can someone show me how to solve these inequalties for me? I cannot figure any of them out -6 < x and 3 < 6 (Remember this is an "and" statement) -3x < -6 or x + 5 < -2 x - 2 > 2x + 1 or -10 > -2x - 2

    asked by mike
  58. Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

    Can someone solve these for me?Can someone correct meif I didn't type these right (m-2)/(m-5)*(m+5)/(m-2) 4(x+2)/5x*(6x^2)/2x (5x-5)/(16)/(x-1)/6 (6-3x)/(5)/(4x-8)/25 (x^2-9)/(4X+12)/(x-3)/6 (x^2+13x+12)/(x+2)/(x+1) or can someone do a few for me

    asked by mike
  59. please read over my law

    i'm supposed to write a law for abortion for my government class. And can you please read this over and give me any advice on how to make it more formal.

    asked by dave
  60. Math

    hi how would we solve a question like this? for the curve with eq'n 2x^2 - x - 1 y= _______________ x^2 - 2x - 3 determina all x- and y-intercepts I assume you meant y = (2x^2 - x - 1)/(x^2 - 2x - 3) both top and bottom factor but there is no advantage

    asked by luke
  61. Math- Algebra

    hi wat method would i use and how would i solve this system of equations x^2+xy=3 3x^2+2xy-2y^2=7 In your first equation, solve for y... you should have xy= -x^2+3... divide this by x... so y = x^2+3/x plug what you solved for y into your second equation

    asked by Anonymous
  62. how to determine the vertices of a hyperbola?

    y^2=25x^2+20x+3 anyone knows which way does it open?? and the location of its vertices??

    asked by wi
  63. Science

    A(n)____ animal is an animal that lives in a group. Social Independent Predatory Scavengering Please anwser ASAP thanks. Social animals live in groups. Thought so thanks.

    asked by Stevi
  64. english

    i need help coming up with a question that could be the basis for a research essay. I don't know what topic you have in mind, but here are a few ideas to get you started. If there's nothing here, maybe one of these will trigger another idea in your mind.

    asked by stacy
  65. French for Juliane

    Juliane, Let's take this in the order it is usually presented in a textbook. In case the links don't turn blue (so you can click on them) I'll also give you the "address" you can copy & paste: 1. The Passé Composé with avoir:

    asked by SraJMcGin
  66. Art

    WHo are the people who decorate cakes called and what other things do they do? They are called cake decorators. Here is a very interesting site. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Emily
  67. French 1

    Can Someone please check these for me please. Thanks Rewrite the following sentences adding the correct form of the adjectives in parentheses. 1.Je mets un impermeable. (beau) Je mets un bel imperméable 2.Tu mets des chaussures. (beau) Tu mettez un belles

    asked by DANIELLE
  68. Art

    Do you need special schooling to be a baker? Is there a certain steps you take to be a star baker? Some bakers get their training on the job working with trained bakers. There is professional training available. This is a good site for what great bakers

    asked by Emily
  69. math

    f/2+>10......sole this inequality Frankly, it makes no sense If it is f/2 >=10 multipy both sides by 2 i meant f/2+5>10 subtract five from both sides, then multiply both sides by 2.

    asked by jc
  70. Social studies

    how come in the middle ages, wealth equaled power? Wealth meant a man could have land, substantial housing, armor, weapons, horses, food for his horses, people who could care for his armor and weapons, etc. These

    asked by Emily
  71. Ethics 2 ( College ) How well do you think Native American orginizations like the Bureau of Indian affairs (BIA), The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and the National Indian Gaming Association, are helping Native

    asked by Writeacher
  72. math

    Consider the area between the curve y=x^2 and the x-axis over the interval 0

    asked by too
  73. math

    consider the curve defined by the equation y=a(x^2)+bx+c. Take a point(h,k) on the curve. use Wallis's method of tangents to show that the slope of the line tangent to this curve at the point(h,k) will be m= 2ah+b. have to prove this for tow cases: a>0 and

    asked by iew
  74. complete the square

    the quartic equation x^4+8x^3=9x^2+20x+3 how to complete the square on the left hand side? I tried to factor out an x^2 first

    asked by jay
  75. French

    I hope you very kind people out there will correct my French essay! Some places I have problems with past tense, so there I could use some help. Here's my essay: Chère mère et père, Comment Va va? Ici il va bien! Hier nous arrivér dans la colonie de

    asked by Juliane
  76. Science

    What is a common waste substance in the urine that is produced from protein digestion? urea water salt none of the above Please anwser ASAP thanks.

    asked by Stevi
  77. social studies

    has there been any relgious issues in ghana These two sites will help you answer that question.

    asked by ciara
  78. how many solutions are real?

    hi, I am stuck on this question. y=x^2+4x and y^2= 25x^2+20x+3 how many of the solutions are real? and how many of the real roots are positive and how many are negative? thank you for any suggestions I suggest you solve for the roots. y=x(x+4) At y=0, what

    asked by wi
  79. english

    What rhetorical devices do they use when doing a advertsing campaigns, and why do you think they are so effective? See the Search box at the top of this webpage? Type in rhetorical and click Go. Read through the results. You'll find the answers you're

    asked by ann
  80. Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

    I would highly appreciate it if someone could solve these forme.I think I typed them out correctly. (n-2/n+4)+(8/[n+4]) (5m+8/[m-1]) - (m-3/[m-1]) (x^2/[x-1]) - (1/[x-1]) (4x+y/[2x+3y])-(2x -2y/[2x+3y]) (x^2+3x+2/[x^2-16] + (3x++6/[x^2-16]) 7/(x-5) -

    asked by mike
  81. Wallis's method of tangents

    consider the curve defined by the equation y=a(x^2)+bx+c. Take a point(h,k) on the curve. use Wallis's method of tangents to show that the slope of the line tangent to this curve at the point(h,k) will be m= 2ah+b. have to prove this for tow cases: a>0 and

    asked by jeff
  82. maths

    please help im quite stuck with this question a boat sails in a straight line, its position at time t is (-t+600,2t-300). a man stands on a small island, at position (200,100). due to fog, he can see objects of radius 200m centred at his position. a) find

    asked by braidy
  83. lanuage arts

    how can readers distinguish between prjudical and non-prejudical use of rhetorical devices?

    asked by mary