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May 19, 2007

  1. anatomy

    I am so confused about this question but What is the principal function of the subcutaneous layer of the skin? The subcutaneous fat layer, or hypodermis, bridges between the overlying dermis and the underlying body constituents. In most areas of the body

    asked by blondie
  2. Chemistry

    Hydrogen iodine is a strong acid that is used in chemical synthesis to produce some common drugs as well as a source for iodine, I2. Data for the formation of hydrogen iodine was obtained as shown. The reaction was found to be first order with respect to

    asked by Christian
  3. science

    What is considered the main trunk of the respiratory system? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'respiratory system' main trunk" to get these possible sources:

    asked by bridget
  4. Chemistry

    In a experiment to determine the molecular weight and the Ka for ascorbic acid (vit. c.) a student dissolved 1.3713g of the monoprotic acid in water to make 50 mL of solution. The pH was monitored throughout the titration. The equivalence point was reached

    asked by Tri
  5. chem

    How is the process of drying clothes on a clothesline different than drying clothes in a dryer? Thanks. Just more heat in the dryer. It dries quicker because the fast moving hot air will hold more water vapor. thank you

    asked by Gloria
  6. English-Brave New World

    I need help getting different perspectives on this book for a class discussion..please help me!! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites on Brave New World to help you: 1.

    asked by Sara
  7. riddle

    What two coins will make up 30 cents but you cannot use a nickel ? What two coins will make up 30 cents but you cannot use a nickel ? The way you phrased the question, there is no answer. The usual way the problem is worded is, "What two coins total 30

    asked by Peggy
  8. maths

    find the gradient and y ntercept of the line with equation: y = 9 - 4x choose the one option which gives the gradient and one option which gives the y intercept from the list below. -9, -4, -9/4, -4/9, 4/9, 9/4, 4, 9 can any1 help me this is very

    asked by sarah
  9. Chemistry

    How can you predict whether the change in entropy for a system will be positive or negative? Like if the enthalpy is negative what will the entropy be? Try these 2 sites:

    asked by Christian
  10. Economics

    What would be the economic implications for both exporting countries and importing countries be if the world were not so interdeendent?How would a world with less interdependence affect your life? For a start, look at where your clothing was made. Probably

    asked by Christian
  11. physics

    i need a topic for an eei (extended experimental investigation). i want a simple experiment that i can do. however, i need one that has a lot of physics behind it, and has a lot of information on the net about it. it can be on any topic within physics. if

    asked by shamstar
  12. science

    Which type of muscle is resposible for moving fluids through the urinary system Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "urinary system muscle" to get these possible sources:

    asked by suzie
  13. science

    Where does the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen with the blood occur the bronchi bronchiole alveolar ducts alveolar sacs It seems that you are asking different questions under different names. You can ask more than one question on a post. Think of it

    asked by dimples
  14. caculus

    A rectangle is inscribed with its base on the x-axis and its upper corners on the parabola y=11-x^2. What are the dimensions of such a rectangle with the greatest possible area? Width=? Height=? Area= height*width=y(2x) Area=(11-x^2)(2x) solve for

    asked by jimmy
  15. prejudice

    What are other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice? Other than what? Check each of these links (except the first one, yours) to see previous answers to this same question. =)

    asked by davonda
  16. maths

    The data in table below gives marks for an exam of a particular tutors students in 2005 and 2006. Year students marks on the exam 2005 75 86 91 65 83 75 88 90 66 99 2006 60 78 75 98 79 90 80 88 81 90 from the following choose two options which are true

    asked by angel
  17. algebra

    find the slope of the line through the folling pairs of points. (-5, -3) and (-5,2) Since the two points are on a vertical line (how does one know that?), the slope is infinite.

    asked by dee

    Where can I find a chart that shows the solubilities of various chemicals for the qualitative analysis lab? I'm trying to determine if the compounds are soluble in HCl, NaOH, and AgNO3, but there are many of them of which I am unsure. Therefore, I need

    asked by George
  19. maths

    for this simultaneous equations: x + 2y = 1, -x + 5y = 12. would the two solutions be x = -3 and y = 2 sorry i mean -x + 5y = 13 i really need help with my math homework excuse me..does that have anything 2 do wiv my queation?? unless ur dng the same

    asked by sarah
  20. social studies-HISTORY

    information on ajanta caves-physical environment,ways to protect,need to protect Please check these various links (except the first one, yours) to find previous answers to this question. =)

    asked by julie
  21. Calculus

    Use implicit differentiation to find the slope of the tangent line to the curve y/(x+7y)=x^5+7 at the point (1,(-8/55). can anyone help me work out the problem step by step? y (x+7y)-1 = x5 +7 dy(x+7y)-1-y((x+7y)-2*(dx +7dy)=5x4 multiply it out, gather the

    asked by jimmy
  22. MATHS

    PLEASE REARRANGE FOR B THE FOLLOWING R=S*B SQUARE/2*T FOR B= *=MULTIPLY R= S*B sqrt(2T) divide by S*Sqrt(2t) R/(S*Sqrt(2T) ) = B

    asked by mo.
  23. Ratio and Proportions

    If a person cross-country ski for 15 minutes, how many calories will be burned? rate of sking is 700 cal/h would I take 700cal over 1 h times x over .25? Yes. That ratio works. como sacar el ratio y proporciones gracias como sacar el radio

    asked by Ashley
  24. Pork

    I love pork. I want to learn more about pork. Give me information on about pork. Thank you for sharing with me your information about pork. Check this site for information about pork.

    asked by Bulger
  25. science

    write an account that considers what conditions would be required on an earth-like extrasolar planet for the carbon based life to evolve. In your answer you must keep in mind what is thought to have happened on earth, and you must: according to this i have

    asked by kat
  26. history

    What events caused the National Security Council to suggest the U.S. triple its current defense budget? What time period are you talking about? This might give you some ideas

    asked by Anonymous
  27. chemistry

    thanks Can someone please help me with these questions please? 1) How is evaporation different than boiling? 2) What advantage is there to using hot water to make ice cubes? 1)

    asked by Heather
  28. maths

    does this quadratic equation: 3x^2 - 2x - 9 = 0 have two solutions?? or none? and if there are solutions will it be either 1.431 or -1.431 (correct 2 3 decimal places) or 4 also 2.097 remember there is a + or - sign in the equation. You have to try both.

    asked by kat
  29. anatomy

    Hypospadias refers to the abnormal location of what?

    asked by blondie
  30. anatomy

    Tonsillitis, Hepatitis B, Reyes Syndrome, and chicken pox, Which one of these if left untreated can lead to heart disease and kidney failure Hepatitis B devistates the kidneys, and at the end, congestive heart failure is not uncommon.

    asked by blondie
  31. Math

    Write the decimal equivalent, using the bar notation. 5/11 I am wondering if I am doing this correct? 11divided by 5 which equals 0.4545 with the 45 repeating. 5 divided by 11. Not 11 divided by 5. But you came up with the correct answer. It would be .45

    asked by Fonda
  32. Mini Beasts

    How many babys do a butterfly have each time It is not uncommon to find fifty or so hatching eggs in a clutch.

    asked by Caitlin
  33. english

    Each member of the sorority has to make their own bed. Sounds like a little Freudian tounge in cheek here. make their own bed should be make her own bed. Unless boys are now allowed in sororities, in this topsy-turvy world.

    asked by joanna
  34. chemistry

    Balance the following equation CH4+NH3+O2=HCN+H20

    asked by mo.
  35. english

    I have to write a research paper.My paper topic is Explain how the treatment of women in !@#$%^&en's novel Hard Times reflects the Victorian age. I SHOULD HAVE A CLEAR THESIS IN THE INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH, A CLEAR LINE OF DEVELOPMent and arguments.Title

    asked by jessy
  36. Art and History

    Can anyone please help me design a memorial for three civil rights workers? Creativity is very important to me. The civil rights workers are: James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman. A little background info: James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, Andrew

    asked by Jacob
  37. Business

    What types of heuristics would I use to influence my boss's decision? Convince your boss you know (if you do) what you are talking about.

    asked by jnttsikes
  38. chemistry

    What are the acids and bases of the following salts? Na3PO4 PbS KIO3

    asked by Carter
  39. maths

    i have to make y the subject of this equation: 4t + 7y - 9 = 0 wod it be y = 4t + 9/7 ?? You need to do the same processes to both sides of the equation. First, add 9 to both sides. 4t + 7y = 9 Subtract 4t from both sides. 7y = 9 - 4t Divide both sides by

    asked by kat
  40. Writing

    I have to write a page on my take about Oprah Winfrey speech at Howard university. Where can i find a transcript of her speech at Howard? I've looked at,, and searched, but all I find are excerpts. The entire

    asked by Devon
  41. chemistry

    What are the acids and bases of the following salts? Na3PO4 PbS KIO3 Do you meant on dissociation? phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide lead hydroxide, hydrogen sulfuric potasslim hydroxide, idoic acid. I am not certain of your question.

    asked by Carter