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May 15, 2007

  1. calc

    how do you start this problem: integral of xe^(-2x) There are two ways: 1) Integration by parts. 2) Differentiation w.r.t. a suitably chosen parameter. Lets do 1) first. This is the "standard method", but it is often more tedious than 2) You first write

    asked by walex
  2. chemistry

    Aluminum reacts with sulfuric acid, which is the acid in car batteries. If 20.0 grams of Al is placed into a solution contain 115 gram of H2SO4, how many grams of hydrogen ga could be be produced? 2Al + 3H2SO4 ---> Al(SO4)3 + 3H2 20.0g/27 = .741 .741 X 3/2

    asked by mike
  3. math

    A parabola has the equation y = 4(x-3)^2-7 Choose 2 true statements: A) The parabola has a minimum value B) The parabola has a maximum value C) The parabola does not cross the y-axis D) The parabola does not cross the x-axis E) The vertex of the parabola

    asked by claudia
  4. Calculus - Find volume of cylinder

    There is a cylindrical tank lying horizontally on the ground, its diameter is 8 feet, and length is 25 feet, the depth of the water currently in the tank is 2 feet. (1 gallon=231 cubic inches) How many gallons of water are in the tank? How many gallons of

    asked by Ashely
  5. To Kill a Mockingbird

    What does the jail in To Kill a Mockingbird represent? the knothole in the tree? the Radley house? Please help with any of these... I'm so confused! Scroll down to read about symbols. One of the things

    asked by Sally
  6. algebra 1

    Can someone solve theses for me? Factor the polynomial x2 + 7x + 12 completely Factor the polynomial x2 – 4 completely Factor the polynomial 18a2b – 4ab + 10a completely x2 + 7x + 12 = (x+4)(x+3) x2 – 4 = (x+2)(x-2) 18a2b – 4ab + 10a = 2a(9ab - 2b

    asked by mike
  7. Trig

    sin(2 tan-1 7/24) (that is inverse tangent) Draw a 7 24 25 right triangle. Label the angle whose tangent is 7/24. What is its angle? What is the sin of twice that angle.

    asked by Jeane
  8. new era public school social studies

    ways to protect sun temple konark? materials of which the sun temple konark is made up of? Check out several of the answers given here to this same question! =)

    asked by varun
  9. english

    That, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue is this a simile? how? Yes. It's a simile. It compares whatever "That" refers to to mouths. It also uses the word "like," making it a simile, not a metaphor. An easy

    asked by irv
  10. chem

    HCl is a strong acid and ionizes 100%. NaOH is a strong base and ionizes 100%. We have no way of knowing the pH of HCl + H2O because the problem doesn't state the amount of HCl added or the concentration of HCl. For the NaOH + HCl ==> NaCl + HOH. NaCl in

    asked by DrBob222
  11. chem

    Help with this one please? If you place a piece of blue litmus paper in 200mL of dilute hydrochloric acid, the litmus paper turns pink. If you then add 2 drops fo phenolphthalein, the solution remains coloreless. If you add a few drops of dilute calcium

    asked by Horacio
  12. Chemistry

    A 63 gram block of an unknown metal at 88 degrees C was dropped into an insulated flask containing approx. 30 g of ice and 30 g of water at 0 degrees C. After the system had reached a steady temp. it was determined that 12.1 g of ice had melted. What is

    asked by Lindsay
  13. polynomials

    lol, i also have these Factor the polynomial x2 + 3x – 18. Which one of the following is a factor? Factor the polynomial 12x2 + 11x – 5 completely. Factor the polynomial 18a2b – 4ab + 10a completely Factor the polynomial 2x2 – 50 completely. Here's

    asked by mike
  14. Managerial ECON

    Suppose that during a given year: (1) the price of TV sets increases by 4% in Japan, (2) the dollar depreciates by 5% with respect to the yen, (3) the consumers’ incomes in the U.S. increase by 3%, (4) the price of elasticity of demand for imported TV

    asked by Monica
  15. history

    Find two Web sites dealing with indigenous cultures and/or religions. Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples you explored. Are the indigenous religions still being practiced today? If so, how have the

    asked by Michelle
  16. Chemistry

    delta G reaction = delta G products - delta G reactants. Hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleachin agent, a disinfectant and medicinally as a topical antibacterial agent. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes according to the reacton 2H^2O^2(l)-->2H^2O(l)+o^2(g) A.

    asked by DrBob222
  17. Chemisty

    In titrations of acids and bases, what is the difference between the end point of the titration, and the equivalance point? Also, what is chemically occuring during the buffer zone? Thanks! Good question and one that students sometimes have trouble with.

    asked by Jessie
  18. physics

    A football is thrown horizontally with an initial velocity of (16.5 m/s). Ignoring air resistance, the average acceleration of the football over any period of time is (-9.81 m/s2). Find the magnitude and direction of the velocity at this time and direction

    asked by micole
  19. economics

    what do the principles of economics influence your decision making, interaction with others, and the economy as a whole Im not sure what you are asking. Is it "what pricipals of economics affect decision making..." If so, I would use the principals of

    asked by stacy

    asked by Writeacher
  21. polynomials

    i also have theses to solve Factor the polynomial x2 + 5x + 6 completely Solve the given equation by using the quadratic formula. x2 – 7x – 4 = 0 What value is under the square root (or radical) in your answer? (Note: You are asked to identify only the

    asked by mike
  22. Chemistry

    Hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleachin agent, a disinfectant and medicinally as a topical antibacterial agent. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes according to the reacton 2H^2O^2(l)-->2H^2O(l)+o^2(g) A. Given the standard free energy of formation values shown

    asked by Christian
  23. economics

    How do an economist as a scientist and an economist as a policy advisor help to create understanding of economics? As a scientists, we conduct experiments and do research following the scientific method. (e.g., we observe a phenomena, form a hypothesis,

    asked by tracey
  24. Chemistry

    Icebergs in the North Atlantic present hazards to shipping, causing the length of shipping routes to increase by about 30 percent during the iceberg season. Attempts to destroy icebergs include planting explosives, bombing, torpedoing, shelling, ramming,

    asked by Lindsay
  25. Economics

    Describe the effects of protective tariffs. Why might a government limit free trade in this way? I know that a protective tariff is designed to protect a domestic industry but i can't figure out the rest of the question. Governments impose tariffs on

    asked by Kayla
  26. Holocaust

    what date and year did the Holocaust begin and when did it end? Different experts define the Holocaust in different ways. Some date its beginnings to the start of World War II. The first site below dates the Holocaust from the first day that Hitler became

    asked by Brooke
  27. Chemistry

    X2 + Y2 2XY 0.50 mole each of X2 and Y2 are placed in a 1.0 litre vessel and allowed to reach equilibrium at a given temperature. The equilibrium concentrations of XY is found to be 0.025 mol/L. What is the equilibrium cosntant for this reaction? Do I just

    asked by Janna
  28. math

    Snell's law of refraction can be written as sin i = n sin r, where n is the refractive index from air to water, i is the angle of incidence, and r is the angle of refraction. In an experiment where a ray of light is directed from air into water, if the

    asked by claudia
  29. physics

    If the distance between two slits is 0.0620 mm find the angle between the second and third order bright fringe for light with a wavelength of 503nm. Is the answer 0.48? Find the angle for the k=2 max, then

    asked by anonymous
  30. Fractionsss

    Thirty-five slices of chocolate cake were sold at the bake sale. If each slice was a tenth of a sake, how many cakes were sold? By dividing each cake into 10 pieces (1/10), you'd need three and a half cakes to get 35 slices.

    asked by Karlee
  31. Math

    How do I figure out this question? Is there a formula I need? For which of the following sets of line segments is it possible to consturct a triangle? 1. Sides of length 17cm, 18 cm,and19 cm 2. Sides of length 11m, 18m, and 6 m 3. Sides of length 46ft,

    asked by Priscilla
  32. Math

    I don't get this on if someone can explain it to me Estimate 121% of 600 1.21 times 600 would be the exact figure ok I get 726 I forgot to put the choices here they are.. A) 75 B) 750 C) 72 D) 720 and what i got is not in those choices so what am I doing

    asked by Norma
  33. Holocaust research paper

    Did more people survive the Holocaust than the amount who have died? At the beginning of the Holocaust, 8 million Jews lived in Europe. At the end of the war, only 2 million were still alive. Please check the many sites that have been posted for you. Thank

    asked by Brooke
  34. spanish

    What is the tourism like in El Salvador? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites for you to visit: 1. 2.

    asked by tanya
  35. polynomial

    can someone solve this one aswell? ax + 2ay + bx + 2by a(x + 2y) + b(x+2y) = (x+2y)(a+b)

    asked by mike
  36. Algebra

    Find the discriminant and solutions for the following equations. #1) 9x^2+6x+1=0 #2) -2x^2+3x-2+0 I will be happy to critique your work. what is b^2-4ac? #1) 9^2-4(6)(1)= 81-4(6)= 81-24=57 so then 57 is the solution but what is the discriminant or is 57

    asked by Algebra Student
  37. Macroeconomics

    Has anyone ever done a project on Macroeconomics in the Middle Earth? (based on Lord of the Rings?) I need help NOW! What a wonderful idea!! I presume you have read LOTR. You could do the whole middle earth or just a just an area such as the Shire or

    asked by Erin
  38. Astronomy

    Imagine that you are on a mission to explore a pulsar type star. What will you find there on pulsars and pulsar planets. Using this information, describe what you might encounter on your space mission. Be sure to include references of your sources. Be

    asked by Ron
  39. chem

    which are electrolytes: ethanol, benzene, CuSO4 A CuSO4 SOLUTION is an electrolyte. Ethanol and benzene do not ionize; therefore, they are not electrolytes.

    asked by billie
  40. chem

    what is a liquid solution and a gaseous solution? [define plz] liquid solution: sea water gas solution: air i don't need examples. i need definitions. they are not in my book. a liquid solution is a mixture of atoms/ions/chemicals, etc. dissolved in water.

    asked by revie
  41. biology

    what are the factors needed for the growth of bacteria? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "bacteria 'growth factors'" to get these possible sources:

    asked by menali
  42. History

    In creative writing, I need to write a short historical biography by a fictional person. For example, a pioneer, or an Indian when the Pilgrims came. I have to write it from that person's point of view. I chose a soldier in General Grant's army, in April

    asked by Jenna
  43. grammar

    Is it incorrect to say "She is more funny than her sister"? I know you could say "funnier", but is more funny grammatically incorrect? Funnier is correct.... more funny is not correct.

    asked by Krystal
  44. physics-bobpursley/drwls

    Good morning! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. This was my first time taking Physics ever and it was like a foreign language to me. For a long time during this semester I had an "F" average, because of you both I have passed my physics

    asked by Mary
  45. reputable sources

    What would be the most reputable sources I can use? Your most reputable sources for the type of research you are doing will be in books from the library. (Librarians have already sorted out the good stuff from the garbage!) Ask your reference librarian for

    asked by Brooke
  46. I can write it instead

    Leo, a similar prediction is often made about arithmetic since the invention of the calculator. in one of Isaac Asimov writings they discover a man who is actually able to perform an operation like 368 x 4821 with something called a pencil and paper. My

    asked by Reiny
  47. Chemistry

    Do you know how to set up the ICE? That's what you need to do. If you know but are confused, tell us what you don't understand about it. At 55 degrees celcius, the K for the reaction: 2NO2 (g) N2O4(g) is 1.15 Calculate the concentration of N2)4(g) present

    asked by DrBob222
  48. Holocaust

    How would I start off my Topic for my research paper? Write an introduction. I searched Google under the key words "research paper introduction" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Brooke
  49. polynomial

    can show me how to solve this one?x2 + 4x - 21 = 0 (x+7)(x-3)

    asked by mike
  50. english

    Do all authors that write novels are literary writers? For example Hemingway is a literary writer and he writes novels. Will F. Scott Fitzgerald also be a literary writer since he is a novelist? yes. Check a dictionary, either dead tree or online, for a

    asked by claudia
  51. Managerial ECON

    A researcher estimated the Ep for autos in the U.S. is –1.2, while the Ei is 3.0. Next year, U.S. automakers intend to increase the average price of autos by 5%, and they expect consumers’ disposable income to rise by 3%. A) If sales of domestically

    asked by Monica
  52. Science Question

    How can you post this under Science? The question is better asked in a grouping of adherents to magic, and fancy. Explain the nature and use of Vril energy. What are some of the potential dangers and drawbacks of the use of Vril energy in modern

    asked by bobpursley
  53. music

    what is ballade ,rondo and lai? =)

    asked by candy
  54. College/Writing

    How do i start off writing an letter to a college? what type of things do they want to hear? What is the purpose of writing the letter? Start it off with stating the purpose. We will be happy to critique your work. Can you proofread my letter when i'm

    asked by anonymous
  55. Astronomy

    Imagine that you are on a mission to explore a pulsar type star. What will you find there on pulsars and pulsar planets. Using this information, describe what you might encounter on your space mission. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum.

    asked by Ron
  56. chemistry(DrBob222)

    did you read my previous post? I just want to mke sure understand what the answer is I think it's 1.11 No, the answer is 2.22 grams. 1.11 is the number of mols H2 which you calculated correctly. Then you converted 1.11 mols to grams by 1.11 mols H2 x molar

    asked by mike
  57. science

    does methane have anything to do with ozone depletion? What Drainage basin does Michigan belong to? I have answered this one a couple of times already. Can I direct you to the statement in the

    asked by Anonymous
  58. business

    How should this sentence be hyphenated? As the number one credit union owned and operated EFT network and processor in the country, ... Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "hyphenation" to get these possible

    asked by Barbara
  59. geogry

    Where is the white house? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Debate.

    I'm needing opinions right now. This is probably one of the stupidest topics (in my opinion) that we've discussed on our debate team, but the argument sparked between the teacher and I. We were talking about people bringing pills to school, and there was

    asked by Adrienne
  61. Math

    BASIC MATHEMATICS MAT/115 I have this problem and it is my last one and I can not figure it out can someone help me the question is. Find the missing length of the right triangle, 7,25 it is a scalene triangle I have been fighting with this problem for the

    asked by danny
  62. Architecture Question

    It looks as if what you need to do is learn how to conduct thorough and effective searches for yourself. That's what research is, and I'm sure that's what your teacher expects you to do -- conduct research. You are searching for information that is so

    asked by Writeacher
  63. typing my research paper

    If I am a slow typer and my research paper is due tommorow when I started researching about 3-4 weeks ago. How can I finish by tommorow? I only have my works cited page ,title page,and 3 body paragraphs. Don't waste time posting messages when you should be

    asked by Brooke
  64. algebra

    Okay, how do you factor a polynomial when there is a number in front of the highest x term. For example: how would you factor 2x^2-11x+15 i know the answer is (2x-5)(x-3), right? So you put the 2x on one side and then you put an x on the other. And then

    asked by Fidelia
  65. research

    What year did the Holocaust begin?when did it end and how? I've already answered that twice in the last day or so on this board. Please look back on all of your posts and their answers. If you don't want to read the answers you get on this board, fine. But

    asked by Brooke
  66. science

    What is on pulsars and pulsar planets. Using this information, describe what you might encounter on your space mission. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum. Rather than my posting an entire page of sites, please go to the following, which I

    asked by Rahul
  67. simple question! i sware!!

    Can you tell me how the number twenty-eight (28) is in everyday life? Or in other words where can you find it in everyday life? thank you! i don't need a website just give me an idea... thanks! Look at the calendar. help.. I got that already but thanks

    asked by marissa
  68. IT

    What skills are needed to perform the business functions of computer operations? I am assuming they are needing more than the basic function like keyboard and on and off but not sure what that would be. I tried to think of what i needed to know if i had an

    asked by CINDY
  69. astronomy

    what do scientists and public say about Pluto these days? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Pluto planet" to get these possible sources:

    asked by singh
  70. Geography

    My question is Why is Milan cooler than Palermo although Milan is in the North and Palermo is in the south of Italy Does rain fall got to do with it cause Milan has the most rain fall Milan:

    asked by QER
  71. History

    What can be a soultion to the issues facing India for example Nulclear Tension with Pakistan and Feeding a population of over 1 billion people? Make friends. Quit fighting over wasteland to the North. Figure out what the citizens want, and make it happen.

    asked by Bryan
  72. Math+ confused?!

    I had to solve for this: 1) choose 4 people from a class of 12 My answer: n=12 r=4 12C4 = 495 2) chosse 8 people from a class of 12 my answer: n=12 r=8 12C8 = 495 why is it that they both eqaul 495? maybe I am doing it wrong but I am confused why do they

    asked by Math
  73. health

    how do child abuse programs reflect the scientific theory and human disorders theory? Which "scientific theory and human disorders theory" are you referring to? We need more specific data to provide help. Please repost, and we will do our best to help.

    asked by Anonymous
  74. kaplan university

    Since all economies are faced with scarcity, how might nations attempt to minimize the human hardship associated with scarcity? Please post your answer and we'll be glad to critique it.

    asked by elena
  75. english

    how's this for a topic sentence

    asked by irv