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May 14, 2007


    How many moles of Calcium chloride can be added to 1.5L of 0.020potassium sulphate before a precipitate is expected? Assume that the volume is not chnaged significantly. CaSO4 ==> Ca^+2 + SO4^= Ksp = (Ca^+)(SO4^=) = ??. Look it up. (SO4^=) = 0.02 M Use Ksp

    asked by Delli
  2. psychology

    Provide one example each of classical and operant conditioning in life? Identify the stimulus, response, and reinforcers in each case. Which type would you prefer for learning and why? This should give you plenty of information to find your answers.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Algebra

    How do you graph the inequality when equal to or lees than 1/4+1 That means y is less than or equal to 5/4. Draw a horizontal line at y=5/4 and shade the region below it. That is the region that satisfies the inequality.

    asked by chris
  4. chemistry

    balance this equation. prove that it obeys the law of conservation of mass by using formula masses. HNO3 + Mg(OH)2 ---> HOH + Mg(NO3)2 is this balanced? 2HNO3 + Mg(OH)2 ---> HOH + Mg(NO3)2 I don't understand the formula masses part do i just find the mass

    asked by mike
  5. chem!

    Calculate the heat of reaction for the incomplete combustion of 67.0g propane producing carbon monoxide gas and water vapour. how would I go about and do this question? What are you studying? Do you know how to use the thermodynamic tables (delta Ho, etc).

    asked by Chem
  6. International business

    I need help with finding a potential market and product to get my export operations started. I need a 15to20 PowerPoint presentation with detailed speakers notes that analyze a potential international business opportunity. Thank you for using the Jiskha

    asked by Tammy
  7. math

    John and Susan hiked up an 18-mile mountain trail at 5mph. They hiked down at 4mph. How long did the hike take? Up time = 18 miles/5 mph Down time = 18 miles/4 mph Compute and add the two times. Most people go up mountains slower than they come down. They

    asked by Marie
  8. chemistry

    An unknown was prepared with the concentration of 0.000331 M. A Beer's Law plot was prepared using the absorbance values from standard solutions of ASA and a line drawn through all the points passed through the origin with a slope of 1646.3 M–1 . The

    asked by jared
  9. social studies

    what do th usa and korea have in common They are both democracies with high standards of living and healthy economies. Major industries of both countries are electronics, automaking and steel. I am refering to South Korea only. The US and South Korea

    asked by ryan
  10. physics-please check

    is this right?: when a form of energy changes from one form to another some energy may transfrm into a useful form, those useful form of energy is high grade energy.while the rest of the energy will always change to form we cannot use.which is called the

    asked by Emma
  11. physics

    at a picnic a frind asks you for advice about cooling his warm bottle of soft drink.he can submerge the bottle in a bucket of water, or wrap the bottle in a cloth and then wet it with the water from the bucket.which should he do? i think the first option

    asked by Emma
  12. physics

    in different parts of a car air conditioner a liquid changes to a gas and a gas changes to a liquid. a)which of these changes causes the cooling?why? b)describe how the air conditioner removes heat from the car's cabin. can someone please help??thank you

    asked by Emma
  13. -Chemistry-

    I have asked this question before but I was wondering if I solved this question correctly. A solution of barium chromate is prepared by dissolving 6.3 x 10-3 g of this yellow solid in 1.00 L of hot water. Will solid barium chromate precipitate upon cooling

    asked by Linda
  14. math

    I have an equation: 2x + 3 = 11 is this correct? x = 4? Can you show me the workings Yup 2x + 3 = 11 Subtract 3 from each side, and you get 2x = 8 Divide both sides by 2, and you get x = 4. =)

    asked by claudia

    Wondering If I did this correctly so far 50.0 ml of a 0.0500 M solution of lead (II) nitrate is mixed with 40.0 ml of a 0.200 M solution of sodium iodate at 25°C. Calculate the Pb2+ and IO3- concentrations when the mixture comes to equilibrium. At this

    asked by Jason
  16. Algebra

    Write the equation of the line passing through (1, 5) and (7, 5). when I work it out I get y=x+1/5 would that be right? no first you have to find the slope, notice it is zero, so you have a horizontal line horizontal lines have form y = b, where b is a

    asked by jessica
  17. math

    Snell's law of refraction can be written as sin i = n sin r, where n is the refractive index from air to water, i is the angle of incidence, and r is the angle of refraction. In an experiment where a ray of light is directed from air into water, if the

    asked by claudia
  18. math

    A parabola has the equation y = 4(x-3)^2-7 Choose 2 true statements: A) The parabola has a minimum value B) The parabola has a maximum value C) The parabola does not cross the y-axis D) The parabola does not cross the x-axis E) The vertex of the parabola

    asked by claudia
  19. ~Chem

    Check my work please The solubility product of nickel (II) hydroxide at 25°C is 1.6 x 10-16. Calculate the molar solubility of nickel (II) hydroxide in 0.100 M sodium hydroxide. Ni(OH)2 Ni2+ + 2OH– I = Ni2+ is 0 & 2OH– is 0.1 Change = Ni2+ is X and

    asked by Mel
  20. Algebra 1

    I need help to this mathe problems... 1.Elimination using Multiplication x-5y=0 2x-3y=7 Find the value of x in one equation. x = 5y Then substitute that value for x in the second equation. Solve for y, then find the value of x. Insert both values into the

    asked by Cristina
  21. chemistry

    Could someone help me with this please? In chemistry, we did a lab in which he put brands of commerical vinegar in a microplate. We put in 10 drops of each vinegar in each plate thinger then we added 1 drop of phenolphthalein and then put in as many drops

    asked by Jeffrey
  22. Chemistry

    Ethanol boils at a temp. of 78.29 degrees C. What amount of energy, in joules, is necessary to heat to boiling and then completely vaporize a 23 g sample of ethanol initially at 12 degrees C? I know that the molar enthalpy heat of vaporization is 35.56

    asked by Lindsay
  23. Science

    Knowing what you do about food chains and the flow of energy through an ecosystem,why are there less lions than gazelles on the African plains? Hmmm! This question asks YOU to synthesize what YOU've learned about food chains and then draw a conclusion.

    asked by Elizabeth
  24. astronomy

    Why is there a argument about Pluto the planet. There's an argument about Pluto the planet because some people say that Pluto should not be part of our solar system and not be considered a planet due to it's size but other people think it should remain a

    asked by singh
  25. astronomy

    What do you think should pluto be called a planet or not? I think it should, because it has been. Changing terms and lots of texts is silly over a name, in my opinion. See here: So, you see what happens if

    asked by singh
  26. math

    How do you do this one? Almir can seal a driveway in 4 hours. Working together, he and Louis can seal it in 2.3 hours. How long would it take Louis to seal it working alone? Thanks in advance. D:3+4D=19 Driveway (D) = Rate * Time let Louis' time alone be t

    asked by Guadalupe
  27. Holocaust

    when did the Holocaust begin? Different sources give different dates for the beginnings of the Holocaust. Many say it began in the early- to mid- 1930s as Germans increased the discrimination and violence against the Jews. But many sources -- as this one

    asked by BeM
  28. Holocaust

    How many people all together died durring the Holocaust? Six million Jews died during the Holocaust.

    asked by Brooke
  29. Civics

    What are the 4 roles a government takes in regulating market activities???

    asked by Drew
  30. Economics

    What are the 4 roles a government takes in regulating market activities and What is a popular measure of the price level Do some research, then take a shot. How does govt regulate markets? 2) CPI

    asked by Drew
  31. research paper

    whta is the actual number of victims who died in the Holocaust? Six million Jews died in the Holocaust.

    asked by Brooke
  32. Chemistry

    This is sort of like the one I last posted, only it asks for the final temp. instead of energy... What is the final temp. (in degrees C) after a 15.5 g piece of ice at 0 degrees C is placed into a styrofoam cup with 125.0 g of water initially at 72.0

    asked by Lindsay
  33. reaearch paper

    How can I narrow down all my research to 3 pages? Smaller font, no run on sentences, no useless info if you have to dubble space don't (hearts) Edit out all of the parts that don't directly pertain to your thesis statement.

    asked by Brooke
  34. Holocaust

    How many Germans died in the Holocaust? like none unless they were Jewish

    asked by Brooke
  35. Holocaust

    How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Six million.

    asked by Brooke
  36. Holocaust

    Were there other races in the Holocaust? And how many died?Please give me the correct information?!!! Yea there were jypsies (i can't spell) catholics? and that's i all know Please check this site.

    asked by Brooke
  37. Economics

    the 2 main parts to a federal budget??? anyone? how bout revenues and outlays??

    asked by Drew
  38. Holocaust

    What were the most common places Jews hid?Can someone give me examples of where a few victims hid? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. They hid in basements, in attics, even on ships. I had a friend who had a sailboat with a false bottom on

    asked by Brooke
  39. spelling

    What is the relationship between the word assignment and the following sentence? "The noble elephant marched near Goshen, Indiana," said Sam's aunt. Please rephrase and repost. Your question is not clear. Thanks. =)

    asked by Rachel
  40. Physics

    If you lay a steel needle horizontally on water, it will float. If you place the needle vertically into the water, it will sink. Explain why. Think about surface tension, and what causes it. I will be happy to critique your thinking.

    asked by Claire

    Do you know the story about "The Old Man" by Daphne du Maurier? I've never read it, but someone else might have. Here are search results for that title and author:

    asked by CHO
  42. Question

    Do you the different comma's? I don't know what your exact question is, but here is a webpage that includes excellent explanations and examples for the different comma uses: =)

    asked by J
  43. sra mcgin

    What was you rfriends name? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Johann & Trude (He was Dutch with German submarine friends and she barely escaped Vienna, where her father was a furrier. I forgot the last name now as he died and she moved to

    asked by Brooke

    DOES ANYONE HAVE A WEBSITE TO LOOK UP BOOKS? PLEZ HELP! Here is a good one: Be aware, though, that not all books are available online. If the book is still under copyright, it's unlikely to find it or study guides for it online. =)

    asked by J
  45. Social Studies- Egypt

    Dudes, I need help: (Fill in da blank) Place the _apstone atop the completed pyramid. (its 1 letter) i don't know what "da blank" means... Capstone?

    asked by Shadeslayer

    Can you give me a example of a compound-complex sen. with two dependent clauses? This webpage discusses various types of clauses and how they fit together into different kinds of sentences. A

    asked by SANCA
  47. chemistry

    how many atoms of iron are in .0750 moles of the compound Iron(III) oxide? Fe2O3 my guess is .375 am I right .750/2=.375 No, don't guess. The molar mass of Fe2O3 is approximately 159. You should look up the molar mass and use the exact number. 159 grams (1

    asked by mike
  48. new brunswick college

    can any body send me information about algerba . i know the principle. when you have the four signes what you do to one side you do the opposite side. want to know some historyso i might understand it better . thank you randy go to gomath information on

    asked by randydemerchant
  49. chem

    Although CHsubscript4 has 4 hydrogens, it is an acid. Why? It is NOT an acid. Did you make a typo or misread your notes/question? It isn't an acid because CH4 is not a proton donor. sorry, that's what i meant-why isn't it an acid?

    asked by Fidelia
  50. writeacher help

    Can you give me a example of a compound-complex sen. w/2 dependent clauses?=\ And there are several examples here in this very old song (from

    asked by SANCA
  51. physics

    A football is thrown horizontally with an initial velocity of (16.5 m/s). Ignoring air resistance, the average acceleration of the football over any period of time is (-9.81 m/s2). (a) Find the velocity vector of the ball 1.62 s after it is thrown. (b)

    asked by micole
  52. physics

    You are riding on a jet ski at an angle upstream on a river flowing with a speed of 2.8 m/s. Suppose the jet ski is moving at a speed of 18 m/s relative to the water. (a) At what angle must you point the jet ski if your velocity relative to the ground is

    asked by micole
  53. poetry

    i need to write a question poem with 10 lines and that asks a lot of questions i have no ideas please help! Pick a theme, then the questions, then put them in verse. Example: Theme Love questions.. What is how it began where will it lead how will it end

    asked by christina
  54. dance

    for dance i need to have a song but my song is too long how do i cut songs??? Eliminate verses. just get someone to turn it off when you are done the dance

    asked by anonymous
  55. carver

    there are lockerslined up numbered 1 to 1000.They are all closed . i walk by and open all the lockers . then Al walks by and goes to every second locker starting at #2and closes it. Then Mary goes to every third locker starting with #3 closing the opeaned

    asked by kiki
  56. more time

    Ok ok I swear after this I'm done asking questions. It's just that I'm trying so hard to understand all of this, but sometimes it just doesn't make sense to me! So here we go: How many J of energy must be removed when 124.0 g of steam, at a temp. of 167.0

    asked by Lindsay
  57. Social Studies

    I'm making this desert island project where you have no hope of getting rescued and you are with 149 other people. you must make your own currency, government, etc. with whatever. i don't know how to make my won government. what the? teachers are

    asked by Kayla
  58. Pre-Algebra

    this is the question please help me explain what to do its confusing. The rate that a hot tub drains is 5.9L/min.How many minutes does it take to drain a 160L hot tub? ~27 mins. Rate*time= volume solve for time. ((27.12 to be exact)) Hi Science. (And don't

    asked by Kemmaris
  59. health

    identify the type of abuse [mental, physical, sexual, neglect] by the clue given: pours milk over you just because you couldn't finish the second glass. mental. it is not phsyical because the person did not hit or touch them. it is not sexual for..obvious

    asked by serts
  60. Biology

    Larry is brought up on paternity suit charges as the father of baby Pat. Baby Pat has type O blood, and her mother has type B blood. if Larry has type A blood, can he be Pat's father? (Hint: think about the possible genotypes that can produce types A, B,

    asked by Matt
  61. Pre-Algebra

    how do i do these two. irene bought a typewriter at rocklanes in 1988 for $200.In 1999, she bought the same model of typewriter for $120.What is the percent decrease in the price of the typewriter. denise bought a typewriter at rocklanes in 1984 for $500.

    asked by Kemmaris
  62. Algebra

    Find the constant of variation k. yvaries directly with x; y=400 when x=1000 y = k x 400 = k * 1000 Solve for k

    asked by Linda
  63. social studies

    what are the relations between Christians, Muslims, and Jews today? How might these relations have been affected by events in the Middle Ages of Europe? please help me That first question is not one that has an easy answer. Here are search results that

    asked by jenny
  64. precal

    when i do the quadratic equation i get -17 plus or minus the square root of 193 all over 2. where do i get the two "cos 3x" roots?? solve the equation to the nearest tenth, where 0 degrees < or equal to x which is < 360 degrees. 8cos^2 3x-17cos3x+3=0 this

    asked by justy
  65. another precal

    i have two questions for you to check please! 6cos^2x+5cosx-4=0 where 0degrees < or equal to 0 which is < or equal to 360. I got that this factors to (3x+4)(2x-1) so the answer is x= -4/3 and x= 1/2 ?? right? and the second question: determine sin2theta,

    asked by justy
  66. chem

    what is a liquid solution and a gaseous solution? Do you intend to ask us to name a liquid solution and a gaseous solution. One example of a liquid solution is vinegar. It is acetic acid in water. That is a solution of two liquids. An example of a gaseous

    asked by revie
  67. Chemistry

    Explain the significance of positive and negative values for each thermodynamic quantity in the free energy equation. (enthalpy change, entropy change, and free energy change) I think this is something you can find in your text/notes. If not, explain what

    asked by Dave
  68. It's Brooke

    Can you give me more information on this person for my research paper.Information on where they hid and what happened to them durring the Holocaust? Well, Brooke, I can only tell you what I remember. Johann was Dutch and because he was dead when I met

    asked by sra mcgin
  69. Business Math

    Kelly Melcher Furnishings made purchases at a net cost of 36,458.00 after a series discountof 20/20/10. Find the list price. let the original list price be $x and now use this argument: after the first discount the price would be .8x -----> (100% - 20% =

    asked by Janean
  70. Holocaust

    Is tere any other survivors whom may have a really well written history of their view of the Holocaust? Look up Corrie Ten Boom -- she and her family hid Jewish people in The Netherlands.

    asked by Brooke
  71. Writing

    How can I write my research paper to where my research makes sense? The first thing you have to do is come up with a point. I saw you were asking a lot of questions about the holocaust (I assume this is the same Brooke), so assume this is what you're

    asked by Brooke
  72. Science

    True or False Louisiana's delta region accumulates sediment slower than it is subsiding. Most urban sewer systems in the United States were built in the late 1900's Sediment cores measured for containment levels have the highest levels of PCB's from the

    asked by Suzi
  73. Social Studies

    What was a major result of the Civil War on the US? The Union was preserved as a single country, and slavery was abolished. Is that major enough? In addition to the answers drwls gave, you might consider the total change of America's status in the world.

    asked by Jaden