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May 13, 2007

  1. MATH!!!

    To measure the length of a hiking trail, a worker uses a device with a 2-foot diameter wheel that counts the number of revolutions of wheel makes. If the device reads 1,100.5 revolutions at the end of the trail, how many miles long is the trail, to the

    asked by megan
  2. Physics HELP

    1.If a particle moves in a plane so that its position is described by the functions x=A*cos(wT) and y=A*sin(wT), the particle is ( w-angular velocity, T-period) A) moving with constant speed along a circle B) moving with a varying speed along a circle

    asked by Kelly
  3. MATH!

    graph the following system of inequalities on the accompanying set of axes and label the solution S. y>x-4 i got this one. but how would you graph y+x> or = to 2. How do you find the slope and y intercept? Change it to read (subtract x from both sides y>-x

    asked by megan
  4. MATH!!

    A fish tank with a rectangular base has a volume of 3,360 cubic inches. The length and width of the tank are 14 inches and 12 inches, respectivily. Find the height, in inches, of the tank? V=LxWxH 3360=14x12xH 3360=168xH H=3360/168 H=2O 14x12=168

    asked by megan
  5. algebra

    The length of a rectangular garden is 5 ft less than 3 times its width. If the perimeter of the garden is 22 ft, find the dimensions of the garden. I will start you off with... let the width be w, then the length is 3w - 5 I am pretty sure you can form the

    asked by Dee
  6. algebra

    Write the equation of the line that passes through point (5, 4) with a slope of 0. would this be x=5 then? no x=5 is the equation of the vertical line passing through (5,4) Any horizontal line, (slope=0), has an equation of the form y = b notice that this

    asked by stressed
  7. chemistry

    Write the equation for the reaction, if any, that occurs when each of the following experiments is performed under standard conditions. a) crystals of iodine are added to an aqueous solution of potassium bromide. b) liquid bromine is added to an aqueous

    asked by Krystal
  8. english

    If you are writing a formal paper, how do you write 1600s (as in the century)? Is there an apostrophe: 1600's? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is what the MLA guide says concerning dates: Full dates when written in the text may be

    asked by Annette
  9. Electrochem

    An electrolytic cell produces aluminum from Al2O3 at the rate of ten kilograms a day. Assuming a yield of 100% a) how many moles of electrons must pass through the cell in one day? b) how many amperes are passing through the cell? c) how many moles of

    asked by Keith
  10. environmental science

    economic policies and practives affect society's progress toward achieving sustainable resource use. discuss one policy or practice that facilitates this progress, and one that impedes it. What about California's rebate system for buying/installing home

    asked by Anonymous
  11. English

    I desperately need to contact a publishing company for my new book. I am not sure how to go about doing that. And how would my draft get to whatever company? Would I just mail it or..........? Let me put it this way: does anyone know of a company that can

    asked by brie
  12. physics

    A ball is thrown upward from the top of a 27.0-m-tall building. The ball's initial speed is 12 m/s. At the same instant, a person is running on the ground at a distance of 31.2 m from the building. What must be the average speed of the person if he is to

    asked by micole
  13. algebra

    Can someone please help me with these problems? Please and thank you. 1)Solve the equation: (1/x)+[x/(x+2)]=1 2)Simplify the complex fraction: 3-(3/4) ------- (1/2)-(1/4) (1/x)+ [x/(x+2)] = 1 Convert left side to the sum of fractional terms with common

    asked by Lydia
  14. environmental science

    I am having trouble with this assignment. Please help! Larvae of a certain insect are found in pond but not in pond B. Design a controlled experiment that would help explain the observed distributio of these insect larvae. Be sure to include the following

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Algebra

    I spend hours trying to factor an equation! I need help trying to factor 2x^2+19x+24 Hours? (2x+3)(x+8)

    asked by Avalon
  16. maths

    which solution is the correct for this equation 4x^3 - 3x = 15 -1.8, -1.7, -1.6, -1.5, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 ?? What is your thinking, and why? Have you considered graphing y= 4x^3 -3x -15 ? Kat, what level of study are you at. This is an equation which can

    asked by kat
  17. reward & supreme ordeal- eyes were watching god

    I am doing a project for the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God and I have to do the archetypal steps in order. In the archetypal journey, the supreme ordeal comes before the reward but I am thinking that in this novel the reward comes before the supreme

    asked by Anonymous
  18. English

    I need help thinking of something to put on my poster board for an archetypal journey project over Their Eyes Were Watching God. I want a creative poster with something symbolic on it that represents the novel. If you read it you will know how and why she

    asked by Anonymous
  19. word pronunciation

    I have to do a presentation and I just wanted to verify that the word heroine (female hero) is pronounced hair-oh-in, like the drug. Yes, they have the same pronunciation. There is something ironic about that. Once they get into your heart, you can't get

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Physics Work and Energy, Momentum

    Let g be the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of a planet of radius R. Which of the following is a dimensionally correct formula for the minimum kinetic energy K that a projectile of mass m must have at the planet's surface if the projectile is

    asked by Kelly
  21. Algebra

    I get facturing but it takes me forever to guess and check and then 30 minutes later to get it. Am I doing this right? I need help with this problem 8x^2-34x+35 Here are a couple decent sites:

    asked by Avalon
  22. Reply to grant about a regression problem

    This is a reply to the question posted here As I explained there, you can find the parameters by defining: x1 = Sin(0.49 t) x2 = Cos(0.49 t) and treat this as an ordinary linear regression problem. If we

    asked by Count Iblis
  23. math

    if a=b=1 and a^+b^=2, then what does a cubed +b cubed equal??? ok I don't know if "ok" means that you answered your own question. If both a and b = 1, any power of either a or b will still be 1. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by janice
  24. algebra

    plot points (0,6) and (-3,5) plot points (0,0) and (3,1) how do i graph Get some graph paper. Label the x and y axes. For (0,6), place a mark where x = 0 and y=6. Do simillarly for the other points.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Government

    What are some reasons why the President was given almost unlimited military powers? What are some possible positive and negative effects resulting from the scope of the President's military power? The effective conduct of a war requires a strict obediance

    asked by Nichole
  26. Physics Thanks

    Please help... Let g be the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of a planet of radius R. Which of the following is a dimensionally correct formula for the minimum kinetic energy K that a projectile of mass m must have at the planet's surface if the

    asked by Kelly
  27. Government

    Suppose major officeholders from one particular party are not performing well, and this party is not monitoring these officeholders. In what ways could this situation affect the party as a whole? In the United States, the popularity of the poorly

    asked by Nichole
  28. science geology

    explain how a crosscutting feature is always younger than the rock layers it cuts across? Wouldn't it require the underlaying rock to be formed well before it was crosscut?

    asked by megan
  29. physics

    Driving along a crowded freeway, you notice that it takes a time t to go from one mile marker to the next. When you increase your speed by 4.0 mi/h, the time to go one mile decreases by 11 s. What was your original speed? I used the equation V=d/t; I

    asked by micole
  30. physics

    A car is behind a truck going 23.0 m/s on the highway. The driver looks for an opportunity to pass, guessing that his car can accelerate at 2.2 m/s2, and he gauges that he has to cover the 24.0 m length of the truck, plus 10 m clear room at the rear of the

    asked by micole
  31. Math

    When you have 4xy^3 * 2x^2y * 5xy^2 Would you add the first number and then add the powers? 11x^4y^6 ??? Thank you multiply, multiply, multiply 4*2*5 * x1+2+1 y3+1+2 You got the powers right, but the coefficent is 40

    asked by Erin
  32. math

    How do you divide, and multiply decimals???

    asked by DeAndrea
  33. algebra

    if a+b=1 and a squared + b squared=2 what does a to the 3rd + b to the 3rd equal? If b is 1, b cubed is one. That would work for the first half, but doesn't extend to a to the 3rd+b to the 3rd and what weould 2 squard be? Thank you so much for helping Are

    asked by janice
  34. Mat 116/algebra

    A cylinder has a radius of 5 in. If the volume of the cylinder is 250 ¦Ðr¡¼in¡½^3, what is the height of the cylinder? Volume cylinder is AreaBase*height where area of the base is PI*r^2 Volume=PI*r^2 * h solve for h.

    asked by Dee
  35. environmental science

    Describe and compare total resource use per capita in developed and developing countries. I know that resource use per capita in developed nation must be much larger than that of developing countries but I don't know how much larger. Please help! Check

    asked by Anonymous
  36. social studies

    what are the 3 causes of the holocaust? purification-Hitler wanted to purify the world to be like Germans. He wanted pepple to have blond hair and blue eyes. He wanted to create the "perfect race." getting rid of political enemies-The first people that

    asked by taylor
  37. Biology

    Kim who is heterozygus for polydactyl (6 fingers and toes) marries Tony who is homozygous normal (5 fingers and toes). What is Kim's genotype? What is Tony's genotype? What is the chance of having children with 6 fingers? Please include the Punnett Square.

    asked by Matt
  38. Biology

    Joe has freckles but Sue does not. Both have attached earlobes. Some of their children do not have freckles. Freckles and earlobes are inherited independently. What is Joe's genotype? What is Sue's genotype? What is the chance that their next child will

    asked by Matt
  39. mat 116/algebra

    A cylinder has a radius of 5 in. If the volume of the cylinder is 250Ĉ in.3, what is the height of the cylinder? [Hint: The volume of a cylinder is given by V = Ĉr2h.] I think I wrote it wrong the first time. The volume of a cylinder is pi r^2 h.

    asked by Dee
  40. algebra

    I have no clue what to do here can you tell me how to figure this? If y varies directly with x, and y = 500 when x = 200, find the constant of variation k. Whenever you have a statement such as "....y varies directly with x..." you can write it as an

    asked by stressed
  41. macro economics

    calculate the following recessionary gap =$18 mps=.10 mpc=.90 I calculated the recessionary gap and I got 45,236 huh?? What do you want to calculate? and have you presented all the information needed to solve ? I need help with a hw question on

    asked by gil
  42. Exam

    Hello I have exams coming up and I was wondering if any of you guys know where I can get some practice exam papers or questions that I can do or download from the internet. I am in year 11, high school, and I have exam on geometry and trigonometry, intro

    asked by Jarin
  43. Algebra2

    Find the polynomials roots to each of the following problems: #1) x^2+3x+1 #2) x^2+4x+3=0 #3) -2x^2+4x-5 #3 is not an equation. Dod you omit "= 0" at the end? #2 can be factored into (x+1)(x+3) = 0, so the roots are x=-1 and -3. #1 Use the quadratic

    asked by Haylee
  44. Ethics 2

    What can individuals do to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice in their towns and cities? You can start in your own school. One of the most segregated places in the country is the school cafeteria. You can sit with people who are different from you and

    asked by Kelli Evans
  45. French for Brie

    P.S. You may have been on for 3 hours but you post first of all 2-1/2 hours ago. I tried to find an earlier posting but found none. Please don't be too impatient with us as we are volunteers and not online 24/7.

    asked by SraJMcGin
  46. Physics

    In a machine, an ideal fluid with a density of 0.9*10^3 kg/m^3 and a pressure of 1.3*10^5 Pa flows at a velocity of 6.0 m/s through a level tube with a readius of 0.5 cm. This tube connects to a level tube that has a radius of 1.5 cm. How fast does the

    asked by Anonymous
  47. chemistry

    Why is a solution of KNO3 neutral and not acidic? K^+ doesn't hydrolyze (H2O has a stronger attraction for the OH- than K^+) and NO3^- doesn't hydrolyze (H2O is a stronger base than NO3^- meaning that H2O will not donate a proton to NO3^-). Looking at it

    asked by Fiona
  48. Math

    List the terms and coefficients. 8x3 – 4x2 + 3 Write using positive exponents only. b–2 Factor completely. 3(x – 2)2 – 3(x – 2) – 6 State which method should be applied as the first step for factoring the polynomial.

    asked by Tomika
  49. Algebra

    Factor completely. 6z3 – 27z2 + 12z State which method should be applied as the first step for factoring the polynomial.

    asked by Monic
  50. Algebra

    Rewrite the middle term as the sum of two terms and then factor by grouping. x2 – 2x – 63 Factor. 9x(x – 7y) – 6(x – 7y) Factor completely. x^2+8x+15 Rewrite the middle term as the sum of two terms and then factor completely.

    asked by Jakhari
  51. Math

    Rewrite the middle term as the sum of two terms and then factor completely. x2 + 19x + 90 Factor completely. ax – ay + x2 – xy Rewrite the middle term as the sum of two terms and then factor by grouping. x2 + 4x – 12 Complete the following statement.

    asked by Frostie
  52. Business Management

    I have just came across the words product-led and market-led and have no idea what they mean, could someone please give me a detailed explanation thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Look at "market-led" as "what the customer wants."

    asked by Louise
  53. Mat 116-Algerba 1a

    -3(x +8) = -6 I keep getting it wrong. Help x+8 = -6/-3 - = 2 x = -6 compare the numbers -2.002 and -2.02 using an inequality. compare the numbers -2.002 and -2.02 using an is 2 because there is no diferrence!

    asked by Dee
  54. maths

    Choose the two true statements from the following. a)if the AEI increases by 30% a year and the RPI increases by 11.0% in the same year, then real earnings have gone down by 8.0% b)a new baby’s parents are given £400 to invest for the baby, to be left

    asked by sarah
  55. maths

    You are asked to write a program for the course calculator to help a fellow student practise changing the subject of a formula. The formula will be of the type Y = AX + B, with different integer values of A and B, and the student is to rearrange the

    asked by kat
  56. algebra

    Write the equation of the line with slope –2 and y-intercept (0, 0). Then how do i graph this? do i insert -2x 0y and then 2x 0y to make my graph?

    asked by stressed
  57. algebra

    The equation y = 6x – 50 describes the amount of money a class of students might earn from candy bar sales. What are the slope and y-intercept of this line? In the general linear equation y = mx + b, m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. The y

    asked by stressed
  58. Chemistry

    If 500.0 mL of hydrogen are collected over water at 20.0 C and 99.3 kPa what will the volume of the dry gas be at STP?

    asked by Christian
  59. algebra

    Write the equation of the line passing through (–5, –6) and (5, –6). Is this wrote y=10+12 ?????? find the slope first. m= (-6 - (-6)) / (5 - (-5)) = 0/10 = 0 y + 6 = 0(x+5) y= -6 well i was like way off on this thank you so much for sending me how

    asked by stressed
  60. algebra

    Write the equation of the line with x-intercept (–8, 0) and undefined slope. would this by y=-8x?????????? You're close! The only line with an undefined slope is a vertical line. Therefore the equation of a vertical line passing through (-8, 0) is: x =

    asked by stressed
  61. Science Question for Homework

    This weekend I have to write a paper on ....?

    asked by Joey
  62. Science Question Take 2

    Sorry, my last post got cut off. Here it is again: For my science homework this weekend, I have to write a paper on how crystals absorb and focus the etheric energies of the sun and how they can be used by adepts for the good of mankind. I am having

    asked by Joey
  63. Engineering

    I need help solving the following simultaneous equations, for the values of Vo and a: 1.4 = Vo e^-32a 4 = Vo e^-6a I've never come across simultaneous equations like this (e is the base of natural logarithms, so perhaps taking logs of both sides might

    asked by Stuart
  64. solar science

    could you give me any ideas on the stages of chemical evolution that would need to occur towards the development of life and the timescales many thanks

    asked by bex
  65. maths equations

    could you please help me on this equation r = sx2/2t im really stuck Your non-use of parenthesis makes in difficult to know what the equation is. What are you trying to do with the equation? sorry im trying to make x the subject divide each side by s r/s=

    asked by bex