Questions Asked on
May 9, 2007

  1. physics

    A 650 kg weather balloon is designed to lift a 4600 kg package. What volume should the balloon have after being inflated with helium at 0 degrees celcius and 1 atm pressure to lift the total load? The buoyancy force must equal the weight lifted. Let V be

    asked by Anonymous
  2. chemistry-

    How do I construct an ICE table for this question. CH3COOH + NaOH --> CH3COONa + H2O Fill in the equilibrium line of the table. [Think about the initial pH and think about the pH at the end point of the titration. Initial pH 2.72 When the solution turned

    asked by Jason
  3. physics

    A submerged submarine alters its buoyancy so that it initially accelerates upward at 0.325 m/s^2. What is the submarine's average density at this time? (Hint: the density of sea water is 1.025*10^3 kg/m^3). The difference of densities will give you the net

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Chemistry

    A .682 g sample of an unknown weak monoprotic acid, HA, was dissolved in sufficient water to make 50mL of solution and was titrated with a .135 M NaOH solution. After the addition of 10.6mL of base, a pH of 5.65 was recorded. The equivalence point was

    asked by Sara
  5. Geography.

    Explain how each of thse affect climate. -latitude -ocean currents -winds and air masses -elevation(altitude) -relief(mountain barriers) -nearness to water Please help. I need straight forward answers. I read some info online about these...but I do not

    asked by Kim
  6. maxima/minima problems

    A regular box is open at the top and has a square base. To construct the box costs $4 a square foot for the base and $3 a square foot for its sides. Find the cost of the least expensive box and the dimensions of this least expensive box. There is not

    asked by maricela
  7. math

    A box with a rectangular base and rectangular sides is to be open at the top. It is to be constructed so that its width is 8 meters and its volume is 72 cubic meters. If building this box costs $20 per square meter for the base and $10 per square meter for

    asked by maricela
  8. algebra 2

    The volume of the box is represented by (x^2+5x+6)(x+5). Find the polynomial that represents the area of the bottom of the box. can some explain how to get the solution Divide the volume by the height to get the area of the bottom. You don't say what the

    asked by carrie
  9. MATH!!!!!!!

    PLEASE HELP!!! A standard doorway measures 6 feet 8 inches by 3 feet. What is the largest dimension that will fit through the doorway without bending??? o and i also need work shown Do you mean what length of stick or pole would fit through a doorway? If

    asked by Grayson
  10. chemistry

    Use an activity series to identify two metals that will not generate hydrogen gas when treated with an acid. We never did the activity and I don't know what the answer is. Please help. Thank you. Look in your text or notes for the activity series or

    asked by ashley
  11. math

    Could u help me with this question. The number, N, of people who have heard a rumor spread by mass media at time, t, in days is modelled by N (t) = a / 1+ be^ -kt a. If 50 people have heard the rumour initially and 300,000 people hear the rumour

    asked by sean
  12. Native American Cultures

    Consider the choices of Native Americanws who decide to stay on their tribe's native land (reservation) and those who choose to relocate to a city. If you were presented with this decision, which would you choose and why? Consider the choices of Native

    asked by Linda Wortham
  13. Research Paper: jack london/call of the wild

    Hi. I need some good sources to use. Lots of them. I'll explain I need to write a 6 page research paper on Jack London and the book "The Call of the Wild" (yes both), using only things told to me from sources. Here's another thing: I can't plagiarize any

    asked by Andrew
  14. geography

    the inner core is solid, why is this so when high temperatures tend to liqiudify matter? High pressures at the core tend to solidify, despite the higher temperatures there.

    asked by milcah
  15. Algebra

    Can someone please help solve this? Solve by using addition or substitution or addition. 10x+2y=7 y=-5x+3 the answer my got was x=11/10 y=-2 My teacher said that was wrong. Never mind this post I found out how to solve it. Try substitution. 10 x + 2(-5x

    asked by jessica
  16. physics-energy conservation

    a mordern power station,or, more correctly, an energy station, converts heat energy into electrical energy at an efficiency od 50% if the station produces electrical energy at a rate of 1.00GW from burning coal, calculate the mass of coal it burns each

    asked by Emma
  17. A Buddhist Parable By Me :)

    Hello everyone! A few days ago, I promised I would post a Buddhist koan (or parable) that I wrote so that I could get some feedback on it. Here is the koan: One day the Buddha was going on a long journey, and his disciples were gathered around him. Turning

    asked by Tyler
  18. science

    FeS+HC1--->FeC1(2)+H(2)S. what is the balanced equation thanks. Wouldnt you need a coefficent of two in front of HCl? the balanced equation would result like this: FeS+2HCl-->FeCl2+H2S therefore, each side is equal Fe- 1 S- 1 H- 2 Cl-2

    asked by dillon
  19. math

    You did not watch your units, you are mixing inches and feet Your equation should have been 1/2 = 1/di + 1/120 (I changed 10 feet to 120 in) solve this for di and you get 2.03 inches. Please help me I am so confused I think I am losing my mind. The focal

    asked by Reiny
  20. psychology

    Explain the effect of hormones on a person's behavior. Describe the influence of heredity on human behavior.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Chemistry

    Hello Jiskha, I'm hoping you are able to help me with my homework. Its on General Chemistry. Question One - When the solid NH4NO3 is dissolved in water at 25 C, the temperature of the solution decreases. What is true about the signs of enthalpy (H) and (S)

    asked by Katrina
  22. correction

    One of people’s favorite hobbies is to listen to music. is there another word to say for people. it sounds too informal for an essay. Many people have a hobby of listening to music. The favorite hobby of many people is to listen to music. Listening to

    asked by dave
  23. english

    help on how to write a narrative like a first lecture in the university What are you trying to do? Write a story? Please be specific.

    asked by milcah
  24. math

    please help cuz i been trying for ages and cant get the answer each telephone call made to the emergency services either is or is not legitimate. suppose that each call received has probability 0.02 that it is not legitimate. assume that the legitimacy of

    asked by smartypants
  25. Math

    The area of a rectangle is 220 square centimeters. The height of the rectangle is two more than twice the base. What is the rectangle's perimeter? I know you can solve this employing a guess-and-check strategy, but I want to know if this can be solved

    asked by Chadd
  26. Cultural Deversity

    What information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped people in the United States better understand or relate to specific minority groups? Have people learned something new about there own cultural history in the last few years? Trends

    asked by Asheley
  27. algebra

    Find all positive values for k for which each of the following can be factored. x^2+3x+kthe coefficent of the middle term is 3 3=2+1 k=2*1=2 did i do this right This one I had no Idea where to start can some one please explain it to me x^2+x-k The second

    asked by allen
  28. Accounting

    My non-profit company received 4 parcels of land from another affiliated non-profit for "one dollar". I originally booked: Debit Property Asset $1 Credit Cash $1 I'm reconciling my checking account and I'm off $1, because we never actually paid $1 for the

    asked by Michele
  29. algebra2

    Solve each of the following quadratic equations. can some explain how to do these kinds of problems 4x^2=13x+12 i believe if i am understanding this i am supose to add to where i get =0 4x^2-13x+12=0 now what do i need to do I am thinking factoring but I

    asked by Tina
  30. reading

    sentense with 11 elephant Please keep in mind that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you write a sentence, please re-post and someone here will let you know if you're right or need to work on it some more. =)

    asked by kelly
  31. Chemistry

    How do you find a molality and molarity of a solution? given the equations Molarity=moles/liters molality=moles solute/kg.of solvent Just that way. Use the definiton. You must have a problem which you can't solve. Post it and tell us what you don't

    asked by Angie
  32. Pre-Calc

    I'm stuck on a pre-calc problem. I need to find y as a function of x, where the constant c is a positive number for In(y-1)+In(y+1)= -x+c express your question as ln[(y-1)(y+1)] = -x+c change that to exponential form e^(-x+c) = (y-1)(y+1) e^(-x+c) = y^2 -

    asked by Sarah
  33. math

    I need help finding x for this equation e^x (x^2 + 4x + 2)=0 thanks. e^x = 0 or x^2 + 4x + 2 = 0 the first has no real solution (actually x would have to an infinitely large negative number) The second is a quadratic, use the formula to solve it.

    asked by eric c.
  34. math

    whats -2y+3(4-y)=12-5y? -2Y+(12-3Y)=12-5y -5Y+12=12-5Y 0=0 i do not like reading but now i am sleepy all day and need help with my reading homework as Maricela showed, the left side = right side. So it is an identity and true for any value of y you choose.

    asked by BRYANNA
  35. social studies

    Is King Tut and Tutankhamen the same person? Yes. =)

    asked by grace
  36. Elem. Ed.

    Can you help with this question? Which statement is not true when a teacher exhibits defensive behavior during a hostile conversation with a parent? 1. it may lead to an explosive situation. 2. it will tend to escalate tension. 3. it suggests to the parent

    asked by Jill
  37. maths and english

    i have trouble with my subtractioin i also have problems with my spellings please help Please check these sites for games to help you improve your spelling. Please post a

    asked by sophie
  38. English

    I have a report that I need to do using superscripts for my sources. Do I have to put a superscript after every sentence? Or can I put in like 3 sentences from a source and put the superscript in at the end of the 3rd sentence? Hope that made sense. If

    asked by Brad
  39. algebra

    How do you simplify [2/(x+4)]+2 ----------- [3/(x+4)]+1 I know the answer is 2(x+5)/(x+7), but I have little idea how to get there! Please help?! multiply your fraction by (x+4)/(x+4) you end up with [2 + 2(x+4)]/[3 + (x+4)] simplify and you will get your

    asked by Lydia
  40. Science

    Can someone tell name 6 effects of ocean currents? Thanks Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'ocean currents' effects" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Erica
  41. maths

    The ‘body mass index’ is used to find the body weight that is appropriate for a person’s height. It is calculated using the formula. I = W/H^2 Where I is the body mass, W is the person’s weight in kg, and H is the person’s height in metres. Use

    asked by katie

    How do i convert temperature? from what to what. Celsius + 273.16 = Kelvin

    asked by Sarah
  43. French 1

    I have to Rewrite the following sentences using future proche. 1. II dine restaurant II vous dine restaurant 2. Grand-maman va a' son e'glise. Grande maman ira à l'église Please check for me.Thanks I believe that for the first scentence you should have

    asked by DANIELLE
  44. Science

    How do you descirbe how gas exchange in the air sacs? Well i do not get this may you help me !

    asked by Hot Stuff
  45. Palindromes

    What is a female sheep? Check the first paragraph in this site.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. science

    The specific heat capacity of the lava is 1600 J kg -1 degrees Celsius -1 . When all the erupted lava cools from the eruption temperature of 1050 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius, the heat released is 2 x 10 15 J. Calculate a value for the total mass

    asked by k
  47. maths

    A town planner is using a map of a town centre with a scale of 1: 1250 A path in the town is 8cm long on the map. How long is the path in the town? Give your answers in metres. how do i work this out?? set up the proportion: 1/1250 = 8/x x=1250*8 cm =

    asked by k
  48. English

    I have a question regarding citations. How do I cite an encyclopedia using the CSE style? What information do I include in the bibliography? I can't find it anywhere. I searched Google under the key words "CSE citation style encyclopedia" to get these

    asked by Brad
  49. maths

    A car hire company makes the following charges: •A one-off charge of £20: •A charge of £25 for each day that the car is hired. •A charge of 10p for each mile that car is driven. Write down a formula that gives the total cost (£C) of hiring a car

    asked by kat
  50. maths

    A shop reduces all its prices by 30% in a closing down scale. What is the original price of a television now priced at £175? can any1 help me on this? Price*.70=£175 divide both sides by .70

    asked by sarah
  51. correction 2

    Listening to music devices at school has negative stuff, but also postive stuff..... i will have add more and make it look like a complete organized sentence but what can i say instead of stuff. How about: Listening to music devices at school has both

    asked by dave
  52. Algebra word problem

    I have no idea how to start this problem can some one explain to me am i suppose to divid 1/10 by 1/4 which i get 4 but i feel i am missing some thing am i am Fungicides account for 1/10 of the pesticides used in the United States. Insecticides account for

    asked by Tom
  53. Biochemistry

    I'm desperate and I cannot find the answer to this question.... As the name implies, globular proteiens tend to have a roundish, globular shape. What types of side chains might you expect to find on the amino acid residues that face the outside of a

    asked by Suzi
  54. chem

    Is lithium hydroxide a strong or weak base? It is 100% ionized so, by definition, it is a strong base. Try looking up Kb for LiOH in a set of tables. It won't be there, further proof that it is not a weak base. thank you!

    asked by Anna
  55. research paper

    what year did the Holocaust begin? Scroll down to the outline (table of contents) and click on 4. Read carefully. =)

    asked by brooke
  56. CHEM!

    Okay well I suddenly got confused for a lab I did We took pH meter than we calibrate it. Then we measure the pH of the acetic acid solution, which was used to determine the Ka of the acetic acid using the first method. We made a 1M solution of NaOH which

    asked by Linda
  57. Obese Heroes....

    Who are some obese people who have had a positive impact on society and been good role models? Good role models for what, the American Heart Association? This is an odd question. Obesity is a serious condition, becoming very shortly the number 1

    asked by Pablo
  58. English

    I have to modernize an Ancient Greek myth, does anyone have any ideas? Sure. Reset the place and time of the Siren sisters (cheerleader sisters?) occupying a booth at the local Ice Creame shop, tempting Jason (basketball dude hero), Argo (Computer

    asked by Raj
  59. maths

    how do i Rearrange the formula Y = 5X + 7 so that X is the subject. and i need to show my method carefully. subtract seven from both sides. divide both sides by five. Y=5x+7 Y-7=5x Y-7/5=x

    asked by m
  60. English

    I have a question regarding citations. How do I cite an encyclopedia using the CSE style? What information do I include in the bibliography? I can't find it anywhere. I don't know about encyclopedia, but for a book, I found you can do this: Mech LD. 1988.

    asked by Brad
  61. Geo.

    The climate regions in Canada Describe the main characteristics of each region. -Pacific Maritime -Cordilleran -Prairie -Boreal -Taiga -Arctic -Atlantic Maritime -Southeastern pleaseeee help.

    asked by Jenny
  62. science

    If you replaced an electron with a proton would the magnitude of the electric and gravitational forces increase, decrease or stay the same? Would the direction or each of the forces reverse or remain the same? Thanks I will be happy to critique your

    asked by jet
  63. MATH!!!

    I have 3 2/3 + 7 1/8 = I 1st got 10 19/24 then I got 239/24 please HELP!! What is the right answer? 10 19/24 or 259/24 depending if you have to express it as a fraction or not

    asked by Jenifer