Questions Asked on
May 8, 2007

  1. phyiscs

    Many kayaks are made of plastics and other composite materials that are denser than water. How are such kayaks able to float in water? Does the kayak displace water? What exactly is Archimedes's Principle?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physics

    Which of the following objects will float in a tub of mercury? a. a solid gold bead b. an ice cube c. an iron bolt d. 5 mL of water The three less dense materials will float on mercury. Look up the density of all four.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Physics

    When light of a certain wavelength is incident normally on a certain diffraction grating the line of order 1 is at a diffraction angle of 25 degrees. The diffraction angle of the second order line is : a) 25 b) 42 c) 50 d) 58 e) 75 I am not sure how to do

    asked by Susan
  4. Physics

    A trapeze artist, starting from rest, swings downward on the bar, lets go at the bottom of the swing, and falls freely to the net. An assistant, standing on the same platform as the trapeze artist, jumps from rest straight downward. Friction and air

    asked by Papito
  5. Circumference and Area of Circles

    can someone help me with these:Find the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle with an area of 64 cm2. Write your answers as decimals rounded to the nearest hundredth. Find the circumference and area of a circle that has a rectangle inscribed

    asked by mike
  6. chemistry

    I have the chemical equation: CH4 + NH3 + O2 => HCN + H2O, I have to write a balanced equation using the lowest whole number coefficients, including the state of each compound -- HELP PLEASE All are gases, even

    asked by Desmond
  7. ~Chem

    I was looing over this question and the answer I got was not correct, I noticed that somone already posted this question up before but maybe if I provide the answer I could get an understanding of the steps. @462degrees the reaction heat + 2NOCl 2NO + Cl2

    asked by Jason
  8. Chemistry

    srry I placed the question in the wrong spot. The equation is 2NH3 N2 + 3H2 1 mole of NH3 injected intoa 1L flask 0.3 moles of H2 was found the concentration of N2 at equlibrium is 0.1M how do I find the concentration of NH3 at equlibrium? (N2) = 0.1 (H2)

    asked by Bethany
  9. Foreign Language, How to use a dictionary.,

    First of all purchasing a good English/X and X/English dictionary is an investment in your future. For "generic" purposes X represents any foreign language (French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.) Here is the "key" to using a dictionary for a vocabulary

    asked by SraJMcGin
  10. Math - Counting

    Hi. The question is: A, B, C, and D are nodes on a computer network. There are two paths between A and C, two between B and D, three between A and B and four between C and D. Along how many routes can a message from A to D be sent? My thinking: I came up

    asked by Iah
  11. physics-energy conservation

    when you apply the brakes of a car its kinetic energy or energy of motion decreases. a)to what form of energy is the kinetic energy converted? b)where does the resulting energy end up? Do the brake drums on the wheels heat up? so does it convert into heat

    asked by Emma
  12. Chemistry``

    A substance (CD) decomposes into C and D. CD(g)  C(g) + D(g) At the temperature of the experiment, 15.0 percent of CD is decomposed when equilibrium is established. a) If the initial concentration of CD is 0.200 mol/L, what are the equilibrium

    asked by Linda
  13. biology

    describe two practical applicatons for being able to extract DNA from cells Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "DNA extraction use" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Anonymous
  14. spheres

    Find the Volume of a hemisphere with a diameter of 17 cm. Use pi = 3.14 and round to the nearest hundredth. can some one show me what i'mdoing wrong? this is what i got: 4/3*3.15*17^3 you forgot to split the diameter in half to get the radius. You used the

    asked by mike
  15. science

    1.) Any object having a very large mass would necessarily have a very large weight. true or false? False 2.)For a freely falling object, A) the total distance covered doesn't change. B) the velocity doesn't change. C) the acceleration doesn't change. D)

    asked by mike
  16. math

    the length of a rectangle is 6 cm more than its width. the area is 11 cm squared. find the length and width. look at the post by anonymous at 8:55, it is almost the same as yours. Do it the same way. length= x+6 width=x x(x+6)=11 x^2 + ^x =11 x^2+6x-11=0

    asked by help me plz
  17. Physics HELP!!!!!!!!

    A string is attached to a wall and vibrates back and forth, as in Figure 17.18. The vibration frequency and length of the string are fixed. The tension in the string is changed, and it is observed that at certain values of the tension a standing wave

    asked by Mary
  18. Education

    Does the Individuals Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Education for the Handicapped Act Ammendments of 1986, focus on services provided to families, children, communities, or to schools? I am thinking they provide services to families. Don't they?

    asked by Shyanne
  19. finacial question

    is there anywhere i can find this information or if someone could help me with it... who are the internal and external users of a company's financial statements? For what purposes do they use this information? External users include stockholders and

    asked by jasmine20
  20. Economics

    (This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by K12 Inc.) What do you think???? I think it might be a merit good. I think the government has to provide a free education but am not sure why.Is this right? First, I cant think of any

    asked by Christian
  21. Chemistry``

    I answered this question but I did not get the right answer. CO2 + H2 H2O + CO CO2 = 0.5 mole and H2 he 0.5 mole both sollutions were forced into a 1 Litre container. K = 2 what is the equlibrium concentration of each reactant and product. as I calculated

    asked by Linda
  22. Physics Help!!!! Please check

    We had worked this one out before but due to my bad note i really don't understand what is going on in the question. Following the question I will post what I wrote done. Please help me make some sense of it. A 3.2 kg block is hanging stationary from the

    asked by Mary
  23. physics

    when a power station converts chemical or nuclear energy to electrical energy it converts about 50% of the energy to low grade heat suggest how people could use this energy before the power station operators allow it to enter the environment. why is this

    asked by Emma
  24. physics

    jack measured that his racquet gives a squash ball 45.0J of kinetic energy when he hits it with a particilar shot.he also measures that it has 18.0J of kinetic energy after one bounce off the court wall. what percentage of its mechanical energy does the

    asked by Emma
  25. Math-Fast pleasee :]

    Which of the following is the equation for a line parallel to the y-axis & passing through (3,2)? a) x=3 b) y=2 c) y=3/2 D) x=2/3 I know in slope intercept form it would be y=mx+b. But how do i do this in standard form? any vertical line has the equation

    asked by Emily
  26. Economics

    1. What is the % of GDP is the national debt? My Answer: The percentage of GDP is national debt is approx. 77%. Is this correct? I went and used the latest figure of Real GDP which was the third quarter of 2006 being $11,443,000,000,000.50, which came from

    asked by Sarah
  27. physics

    Can someone check these? 1. What device, developed in 1970, is able to make images of individual atoms? 1. The X-ray crystallographer 2. The laser 3. The Brownian motion detector 4. The scanning electron microscope My answer: 4 2. Which of the following is

    asked by jake
  28. Physics

    Can you please help with this problem. I don't know how to solve it at all. A uniform solid disk with a mass of 32.3 kg and a radius of 0.464 m is free to rotate about a frictionless axle. Forces of 90.0 N and 125 N are applied to the disk. (a) What is the

    asked by Jim
  29. Toilet Paper

    I am studying the history of toilet paper. When and how was toilet paper invented? What did people use before the invention of toilet paper? What are some of the future advances in Toilet Paper manufacturing that we can look forward to? Thank you, Fred

    asked by Fred Mullens
  30. Calculus

    Why can't a equal 1 in y=log(base a) x. And why is x always positive in that? Hmmmm. a^y=x (from the problem statement). If a were to equal 1, then x would be 1 (1 to any power is 1). So if a is not one, but a positive number, then x has to be a positive

    asked by Raj
  31. macroeconomice

    Will marginal propensity to spend (d) will be low if, propensity to import (m) is low, marginal propensity to consume (b) is low and tax rate is (t) is low? Take a shot. Do some research, then tell us what you think. hint: think about how each of your

    asked by tinky
  32. Cultural Diversity

    I need help with this question: It is culturally assaultive when: 1. parents try to discuss their cultural beliefs with the teacher. 2. a teacher tells a child his behavior is unacceptable. 3. a teacher does not accept a family's cultural differences. 4. a

    asked by Amy
  33. Science

    Which substance is NOT a mixture. A. Soil B. Concrete C. Soda D. Gold Which of those substances do you think is not a mixture? Which is only made up of one thing?

    asked by Missy
  34. physics-energy conservation

    some people refer to heat as "low grade energy. a)how is low grade energy different from high grade energy? b)give two example of high grade energy When heating a cup of tea, which would be preferable...a stove with a burner on top, or a heating pad? High

    asked by Emma
  35. Algebra

    Find the vertex of the functions given below. 1. y=(x-4)(x+2) 2. y=2x^2-4x+1 The midpoint of the x-intercepts of a parabola has the same x value as the vertex. the x-intercepts are obviously x=4 and x=-2 so the x value of the vertex is...... sub that back

    asked by Algebra student
  36. Chemistry

    If one mole of the compound Al4C3 has a mass of 144g and one mole of carbon has a mass of 12g, calculate the relative atomic mass of the element aluminium. 4 Al + 3 C=144 C=12 4 Al + 3 *12=144 solve for Al So C=36 which leaves 108 divided by 4 - so 1 mole

    asked by Desmond
  37. Calculus - Challenge question

    Our teacher gave us this problem as a challenge. Some of us have been working on it for a few days help! Prove that the largest area of any quadrilateral is obtained when opposite angles are supplementary. Wow, what a classic and nice question, haven't

    asked by Monica
  38. Science Food Chain

    Hey, I'm doing a report on the Savannah Animal Food Chain and I can't find a picture of one! Or even what eats what! Can someone help me here? I don't know whether you are seeking a picture of the food chain or of specific animals involved in the food

    asked by Kirby
  39. history of sport

    Name the first baseball player !@#$%^&ceived the first 1 million dollar contract in history?

    asked by SAM
  40. unscramble word

    Try these: =) what is aenco?

    asked by Writeacher
  41. business law

    Hi can you tell me if i am opening a videogame company. What will be my LLC, reason for selecting that entity. Go over the pros and cons for a business to select an LLC over the other possible business entity types. Then ask, what business entity type is

    asked by Ronnie
  42. Child Develpoment-- Question

    Can you help with this question? As a caregiver of an infant, meaningful communication between you and the parent, gently introducing new parenting techniques, can sometimes be done lightly by which? A. "talking through the baby." B. waiting until the

    asked by Rachel
  43. algebra

    Help with these please?! Simplify the complex expression: -3 --- 5 - + y x and 2 -- + 2 x+4 ---------- 3 -- + 1 x+4 I cannot decipher what you meant to type. Try using parentheses instead of changing to a new line for fractions. -3/[(5/x)+y] (2/x+4)+2 over

    asked by Annabelle
  44. social studies

    can you help me with my project about the women in the west? what do you need to know?

    asked by Lakyna
  45. Retorical Devices

    What is the role of rhetoric in influencing people's attitudes and beliefs? Please tell us what you think, and we'll be glad to add our comments and critique. I really love this website. I just went back to college. And thank goodness fortechnology. Use

    asked by Maree
  46. MacroEconomics HELP!

    I just need a little help on a few questions: - Why does a tax cut have a smaller multiplier than a hike in government spending if its the same amount? - Federal tax drops from 20 to 30 percent. Due to that income increases from 600BLN to 800BLN, logical

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    What is the formula for Volume? Volume of what?

    asked by mars
  48. Segments in a Circle

    If PT = 5.3, TU = 3.8, and UV = 6.4. Solve for the measure of VS and round to the nearest hundredth. What is PT, TU etc Are they length of line segments? What kind of geometrical shape do you have? I can't figure out what you are asking.

    asked by mike
  49. Enviornmental Science

    What is the climate and physical characteristics of that biome and the types of organisms that live within it? You will have to specify the biome that is being discussed

    asked by Serita
  50. Human Religious

    Can you explain to me what is Hindiuism Religious? Here are several websites that will help, especially the first one (Wikipedia): =)

    asked by SERITA
  51. Algebra

    what is the value of (n) ? (n+3)! = 5040 the prime factorization of 5040 = 2x2x2x2x3x3x5x7 since the ! function involves the multiplication of consecutive integers, it makes sense to arrange these factors so they form consecutive numbers. I got 2,3,4,5,6,

    asked by abdo
  52. Organizational Psychology

    How should companies mesh vision and goals with the system dynamics? Please tell us your ideas and we'll try to critique them. I think the main problem in answering a question like this written in pedantic language is to define the terms in plain English.

    asked by Ivonia
  53. help

    Okay I need to know which readability formula fit each one of these Scenarios. Scenario 1: The trip scheduled for Mexico during spring break has been cancelled due to the bankruptcy of the bus company. You must tell 25 of your classmates that the trip has

    asked by noreen
  54. Nonverbal and Verbal Communication

    Use the table below to compare and contrast characteristics of nonverbal and verbal communication for audiences in relaxed situations (family members and friends) and audiences in tense situations (supervisors and instructors). List at least three items

    asked by Linda Wortham
  55. Math (Logarithms)

    How do u do logarithms where there is a log on one side and a number on the other... Example- -21.044=log(P/30) I don't want just an answer to the example, i need to know how to do it please... convert your log equation into an exponential equation.

    asked by Emily
  56. science

    what does an enzyme NEVER do with its substrate? the answer is 1 word that is 6 letters long. There are probably 300 words in any dictionary that will fit this. Do you have a vocab list in your lesson?

    asked by michelle
  57. Dogs

    Do dogs eat rodents, fish, and rabbits? no. dogs do not eat any of those stuff. except maybe fish. Many dogs will eat anything they can get there jaws around. They aren't particularly picky. I won't tell you what mind get into.

    asked by Lily
  58. animals

    Do dogss eat rodents, fish, and rabbits? This is a school project. Someone help me PLZ!!!! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since dogs are carnivors, yes they could. However it's my cat that catches rodents and leaves the headless

    asked by swm4ever
  59. Math - Complex Numbers

    Could someone show me how to get the work for: 3/4 (sqrt)-16/25 ? The answer says 3/5i. Could anybody tell me how to get there and work with complex fractions and simplify them? Thanks! 3/4 SQRT(-16/25) 3/4 SQRT( 16/25*-1) 3/4 *4/5 *SQRT( -1) but the sqrt

    asked by Danielle
  60. algebra

    -3/[(5/x)+y] Can someone please tell me how one goes about simplifying this? Multiply numerator and denominator by x. would the answer be -3x/5+y? No. YOu forgot to multpy the y by x, it would have an xy in the denominator. gotcha thanks

    asked by Anna
  61. Algebra

    Please show me how to solve this problem. 8/x^2-16 + 3/4 = 1/x-4 multiply each of the terms by x^2, collect your like terms and bring them all to the left side. You will have a quadratic equation. BTW, since you did not use brackets I will assume your last

    asked by Marie
  62. English

    What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? How can stereotyping effect group relations? Here are some sites that will help you with this question.

    asked by Queline
  63. maths

    6y=9-3x rearrange for x= Change 6y = 9 - 3x to: 3x = -6y + 9, then solve for x by dividing both sides by 3 to get: x = -2y + 3 when you divided both sides by 3. there is a rule where you cant divide the answer if theirs an addition sign. so 3x=-6y+9

    asked by forest
  64. science

    Couple of questions. Why does the earth keep moving? The engine of a rocket applies a continual force to push the rocket along. When the engine stops what will happen? I think the rocket will stop acceleration You need to be aware of the concept of

    asked by Kim
  65. midpoint question

    find the midpoint between these points (-2,7)and (-8,-5) thank you midpoint is (sum of the x values/2,sum of the y values/2) (really you are just finding the "average" of the x's and y's.) tell me what you get.

    asked by cecilia lopez
  66. english

    my writing is not very nice and neat should i practice more Here is what you can do: Start a Journal (blank book), writing on alternate pages. Write in it every day. Weekly, give it to a trusted friend (mom, aunt, friend) who can take the journal and mark

    asked by sophie
  67. Math

    What is a "sample space" when you are listing outcomes? Pls respond!

    asked by Hi
  68. math

    the length of a rectangle is 1 cm less than twice its width. the area is 28 cm squared. find the dimensions of the rectangle. Just translate the English into "math" "the length of a rectangle is 1 cm less than twice its width" l=2w-1 "the area is 28"

    asked by anonymous
  69. Calc

    1. Determine an expression for dy/dt if x^2+2y^2=8 and dx/dt=3. 2. A point is moving along the right branch of a hyperbola defined by 4x^2-y^2=64. What is dy/dt when the point is at (5, -6) and dx/dt=3? I will start you on the first, using implicit

    asked by Icy
  70. Public Policy

    Drawing on the courses in the public policy stream of the curriculum, answer the following question. Assume you have been asked to set up a policy analysis unit in the state of Ohio. The unit will report directly to the Governor and will be responsible for

    asked by Jason
  71. Dogs

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum but posting so close together is considered "flooding." Only repost if you don't receive an answer in several hours. The volunteers here are not on 24/7.

    asked by SraJMcGin
  72. English

    I've went over many search engines and I still cannot find anything to do with competetion betweeb employees can someone help thnnkx Please state your complete question. If you posted something earlier, I don't remember the question. Thanks. =)

    asked by QAE
  73. Algebra

    Solve the polynomial x^2+35x+27 Is this polynomial equal to something? Assuming it is equal to zero x= (-35 +- sqrt (35^2 -4*27) )/2

    asked by A
  74. Algebra

    Take the real-life situation and create an equation or inequality that could be used for analysis, prediction, or decision making. Then, draw a graph to depict the variables in your situation. Use your graph and what you know about linear inequalities to

    asked by Jon
  75. Math

    2.50x + 1.75y < or = to 15 y < or = 1.43x + 8.57 y = 8.57 I'm having a brain cramp and trying to find x has been a lost time tonight. Plese help what is x The second inequality can be derived from the first one. The third statement, y=8.57, does not follow

    asked by Amanda
  76. Biochemistry

    I'm desperate and I cannot find the answer to this question.... As the name implies, globular proteiens tend to have a roundish, globular shape. What types of side chains might you expect to find on the amino acid residues that face the outside of a

    asked by Sam
  77. Science

    I'm desperate and I cannot find the answer to this question.... As the name implies, globular proteiens tend to have a roundish, globular shape. What types of side chains might you expect to find on the amino acid residues that face the outside of a

    asked by Sam
  78. macroeconomice

    Will marginal propensity to spend (d) will be low if, propensity to import (m) is low, marginal propensity to consume (b) is low and tax rate is (t) is low?

    asked by tinky
  79. Math

    It's been a long time!!!! but I need to express a ratio of 5416 to 9934 in the form of 1 : x give answer to 1 dec point. All I could get was 2708 : 4967 but it doesn't appear right. 5416/9934 = 0.5452, or 1/1.83419 in 1/x format If you want the answer to

    asked by kevin
  80. math

    How do you simplify this? 1/{(x/y)+1} multipy numerator and denominator by y. y (1)/y(x/y +1) then simplify y/1+x?

    asked by Drew
  81. physics(airplane)

    Hi, Does anybody know any websites or ideas of how to make an airplane without any paper (cardboard is allowed). Please help.

    asked by Ron
  82. segments in a circle

    If PT = 5.3, TU = 3.8, and UV = 6.4. Solve for the measure of VS Is there a figure that goes with this question? Without some further description, we can't help you.

    asked by mike