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April 27, 2007

  1. Chem 2

    Propane (C3H8) burns in oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. The balance equation for this reaction is C3H8 + 5O2 ----> 4H20 + 3CO2. What volume of carbon dioxide id produced when 2.8 L of oxygen are consumed? Here are the steps for solving

    asked by Katie
  2. astronomy

    A line in star's spectrum lies at 400.0 nanometers. In the laboratory, that same line lies at 400.2 nanometers. How fast is the star moving along the line of sight; that is, what is its radial velocity? Is it moving toward or away from us? Since the

    asked by Sethi
  3. Chemistry

    The complex ions of Zn2+ are colorless. Why? Keith, Natali, Cindy, Joel, or whoever, Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. If there's not a

    asked by keith
  4. Chemistry

    What is the molality of a glucose solution prepared by dissolving 18.0g of glucose, C6H12O6 in 125g of water? A)0.000794 B)0.144 C)0.699 D)0.794 Molality is the number of moles of solute per kilogram of solvent. Because the density of water at 25°C is

    asked by CIndy
  5. CHemistry

    Which one of the following is expected to be the strongest Lewis acid? Fe, Fe+, Fe2+, Fe3+ Which do you think would accept electrons the easier? Fe(s) or Fe^+? Do that same kind of logic on the others one by one.

    asked by Joel
  6. Chemistry

    MF17083:For the following reaction find Kp at 25°C and indicate whether Kp should increase or decrease as the temperature rises. NH4HS(s) H2S(g) + NH3(g); DH° = 83.47 kJ and DG° = 17.5 kJ at 25°C. - A. B. C. D. E. F. Kp = - A. B. C. D. E. F. Kp

    asked by Chris
  7. Social Studies

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Excellent choice: Mansa Musa commissioned great mosques to be built in Timbuktu, Mali's capital, and in other Mali cities. Under Musa's patronage, Muslim

    asked by SraJMcGin
  8. Economics

    2. The economy is in a recessionary gap, wages are inflexible downward, and there is complete crowding out. Which of the following is consistent with this state of affairs? a. The economy will soon self-regulate and produce Natural Real GDP. b.

    asked by Sarah
  9. Economics(please check)

    What might the changes brought about by the influence of interest groups affect the public? It can affect the public by inforcing their views on a subject. This, in turn, can affect public policy. For instance, if a group can convince the majority that

    asked by Jon
  10. Chemistry

    If an equal number of moles of the weak acid HOCN and the strong base KOH are added to water, the resulting solution will be acidic, basic or neutral? There is a complicated answer and a sensible answer. Both arrive at the same answer. But here is the

    asked by Joel
  11. history

    what was the source of conflict between japan and china from 1931 to 1945 It was initiated by the 1931 invasion of Manchuria by Japan, but you should look into the background around this time. It is often referred to as the "Sino-Japanese War or conflict"

    asked by kaydee
  12. Chemistry

    I am really confused about polar and non polar molecules. I really don't understand how to know if something is polar or not. Or about bond polarity vs. molecular polarity (net dipole moment). Also, if it has a lone pair when you draw a lewis structure

    asked by Gabriela
  13. Chemistry

    a solution of 0.2113 g of water dissolv ed in 25g of a solvent freezes at 11.5 degrees celcius below the freezing point of the solvent. what is the Kf for the solvent? A)0.735 B)1.36 c)5.39 D)24.5 Help!!! delta T = Kf*molality Calculate molality = #mols

    asked by natali
  14. chem

    For the following reactions, name the Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases. Then name the conjugate acid and bases. H3O+(aq) + CN-(aq) HCN(aq) + H2O I'm really confused on this whole concept even thought it's not really difficult. I said: acids: H3O+ bases: CN-

    asked by Chris
  15. Please Teach Me More About Buddha!

    How many different "Buddhas" are there in the Tibetan pantheon? How does this differ from Theravada Buddhism? Let us know what you think. =) While you read

    asked by Tyler
  16. statistics

    the following data represents the percentages of family income allocated to groceries for a sample of 50 shoppers: percentage of family income #of shoppers 10-19 6 20-29 14 30-39 16 40-49 11 50-59 3 1.calculate the value of mean 1.1 meadian percentage of

    asked by mary
  17. Chemistry

    the solubility of argon in water at 25 degrees celcius is 0.0150M. what is the henry's law constant of Ar if the partial pressure of argon is 0.00934 atm. A)0.000140 M/atm B)0.623 M/ atm C)1.61 M/atm D) 4.10 M/atm K=Pgas/Cgas Post your work if you get

    asked by natali
  18. history

    What are 5 ways that Jefferson and Republicans simplified Government? Which Republicans are you refering to? The Democratic-Republican Party of Jefferson or the Republican Party of Lincoln? Jefferson Jefferson

    asked by Mack
  19. algebra

    Find the points of discontinuity and any holes. y=x^2-1/(x^2+3x+2) please and thank you y =(x^2-1)/((x+1)(x+2)) =(x-1)/(x+2) we cancelled the (x+1)/(x+1) which is 0/0 for x=-1 so in our simplified expression when x=-1 y = -2 There is a "hole" at (-1,-2) in

    asked by Harry
  20. Radiometric Dating

    I have to answer the question 'The age of granite can be determined using radiometric dating. Explain the basis for the determination of a 238 U-Pb radiometric date of 1120 Ma for granite'. Can anyone suggest any sources to help me? Thanks!

    asked by Bean
  21. record declaration and payment of cash dividend

    How are entries recorded for the declaration and payment of cash dividends. A Corportation has 50,000 shares of common stock outstanding. It declares a $2 per share cash d ividend on November 1 to stockholders of record on d=december 1. The dividend is

    asked by Wanda Floyd
  22. Social Studies

    The journals of early travelers such as Ibn Battuta of Morocco, Zheng He of China, and Mansa Musa of Mali are examples of?

    asked by Parth
  23. statistics

    25% of the houses in a certain area have swimming pools. if 5 houses from this area are selected at random, what is the probability that no one has a swimming pool. 1.1 at least two have swimming pools. question2 an automatic boling machines fills cola

    asked by mary
  24. operations management

    project management can be best described as a set of related activities which have a definite starting point and end state, which pursues a defined goal and used a definite set of resources with reference to this discuss the project life cycle, the

    asked by lineo
  25. Physics

    for our lab, we had to fill a semi-circle plastic dish (with a scratch on one side) with water and find the index of refraction of water by putting a pin on one side of the dish, looking through the water, and put a pin on the other side of the dish to

    asked by JJ
  26. English

    Do you mean Raisin in the Sun? (no "dry" in it) b cuz that's what I'm reading now and I have Langston Hughes poem Dream Deferred i can help you I am writing an essay on Raisin in the dry sun I have to write about a major theme in the book, and I have

    asked by Anonymous
  27. SoCiAl(again)

    Which Enlightenment writer expressed the idea that the relationship between government and the people it governs is a social contract? a- Cincinnatus b- John Locke c- Cicero d- Baron de Montesquieu could it be d? I've never even heard of

    asked by brie
  28. stastics

    a car dealer estimates that they sell two cars on average per week. they only have space in their showroom for 4 cars. if stock replacement cannot take place within a week, what is the probability assuming that weekly car sales follow a poisson

    asked by mary
  29. physics

    How does the width of the central region of a single-slit diffraction pattern change as the wavelength of the light increases? Look at the formula on this.

    asked by anonymous
  30. business law

    what does LLC means. I know the full form of it. I want to know your definition in simple english ( english is my 2nd language). I read the internet, i still don't understand it. This seems like a simple definition: "Business owners form a Limited

    asked by praveen
  31. Chemistry

    1.a radioscope which is neutron poor and very heavy is most likely to decay by? alpha , beta, electron capture, positron emission 2. When a 235-U nucleus is struck by a thermal neutron, fission occurs often with the release of neutrons. If fission

    asked by keith
  32. physics

    Why is white light separated into a spectrum of colors when it is passed through a diffraction grating? The diffraction angle (theta) is given by n x (lambda) = d sine(theta) where lambda = wavelength theta = diffraction angle d = grating spacing n = order

    asked by anonymous
  33. A.R.I.T.S.(please check Ron)

    do you know the answer: 1. Does the name Alaiyo fit Beneatha? thanks... brie:'} Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are still referring to "A Raisin in the Sun," Asagai calls Beneatha gAlaiyoh, which in Yoruba means gOne for

    asked by brie
  34. math

    Ihave to evalaute expressions can someone tell me which whay is the correct way. 15+ 20 ÷ 5 Is 15 + 4= 19 or 5 ÷ 5=9 210-5 x 30 Is it 210-150=60 or 205 x30=61590 Have you heard of BEDMAS? it shows the correct order of operation in arithmetic B-brackets

    asked by lacy
  35. Physics repost please help

    The mass of a string is 6.0 x 10^-3 kg, and it is stretched so the tension in it is 195 N. A transverse wave traveling on this string has a frequency of 260 Hz and a wavelength of 0.60 m. What is the length of the string? Isn't wavespeed=

    asked by Mary
  36. English

    Yes, A rasin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry OK what is your question? Are you looking for a theme? do you have any questions that need to be answered, cuz I have a whole list of them for every act First off thank you for helping me! This the? What are

    asked by Ron
  37. history

    can some one check my work? i can where is it It's the one with the one that says order the sequence. Hi! brie. My work is on the 2nd page. Count the BLACK dots next to everybody's name until you find the 35th dot. Check that work. You'll see it next to my

    asked by Mack
  38. Chemsitry

    Which of the laws of thermodynamics provides a criterion for spontaneity? the zeroth law, the first law, the second law, and the third law? This site will give you zeroth, first, second, and third laws. You may need to scroll down a little but it on the

    asked by Cindy
  39. Algebra 2: Radicals URGENT!!

    Could some kind, saintly soul help me solve this problem? Simplify: 8w sqrt(48w^5) - x^2 sqrt(3xw^2) . . =8w(√16)(√3)(√w^4)(√w) - x^2(√3)(√x)(√w^2) =32w^3(√3w) - wx^2(√3x) not much of a "simplification" really 8w sqrt(16*3w^5) - x^2 w

    asked by Maria
  40. physics

    The entropy of a system is a measure of that system's disorder. Why is it appropriate to describe a laser as an entropy-reducing device? I take some issue with the first sentence. It is better, in my view, to describe entropy as a measure of chaos. As

    asked by anonymous
  41. English

    Hello! i have to pick 3 news articles on a topic that i have chosen,and i have to write an essay to show "how these newspapers and or news magazines present representation of truth and reality designed to appeal to a particular audience.discuss, making

    asked by Twinkle
  42. business

    What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you ? African Americans Why are these concepts important to the United States? The teacher apparently is asking for your opinions. However, having information will help you to develop your own opinions. Since

    asked by Nene
  43. Science

    1.what term best describes the measure of the increase in the concentration of a product per unit time? A)activation energy B)kinetics C)reaction rate D)reaction time 2. In the following equation, which of the reactants that is a bronsted-lowry acid

    asked by keith
  44. astronomy

    The parallax of the red giant Betelguese is just barely measurable and has a value of about 0.005 arc seconds. What is its distance? Suppose the measurement is in error by + or -0.003 arc seconds. What limits can you set on its distance?

    asked by Rohit
  45. physics

    Laser light is commonly used to demonstrate double-slit interference. Explain why laser light is preferable to light from other sources for observing interference. Doesn't double slit interference work best on monochromatic light? yea

    asked by anonymous
  46. math

    I need help with write the equation of the line which contains the point (0,negavtive 3), or written ars(0, -3) and whose slope is 4. if you want the equation in the form y = mx + b sub in -3 for y, 4 for m, and 0 for x for -3 = 4(0) + b so b = -3

    asked by Don
  47. math

    help please find the greatest common factor of 385 and 1365. 385=5x7x11 1365=3x5x7x13 now which factors do you see common? 5x7 or 35 Here is what I had 385=5x7x11 1365=3x5x7x13 5x7=35 is this correct yes, exactly how I showed you thank you yes your math is

    asked by taylour
  48. history

    what is the difference between Vietcong and Vietnamese? Let us know what you think. =) I still don't get it. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Did you think of using a good dictionary? Main Entry:

    asked by Anonymous
  49. operations management

    explain the methods one would use in evaluating location alternatves. illustrate your answer with suitable examples There are many criteria that come into play, but all have to be judged in the context of life cycle costs, project mission objectives, and

    asked by khoeli
  50. Science

    I have an assignment that wants me to describe the topographical factors that intensify the air pollution. What does it mean by topographical mean? I thought it was a type of map? Please help me :) Rindi: That post was an impersonation. It has been

    asked by Rindi
  51. astronomy

    Arcturus is about half as hot as the Sun but is about 100 times more luminous. What is its radius campared to the sun.

    asked by Rohit
  52. algebra

    how do I convert 9/16 into a percent? Is this done differently in a algebric form? Divide 16 into 9.000, using the normal procedures of long division. This should give you 0.5625; then multiply the decimal by 100. This isn't algebra, by the way.

    asked by help me understand
  53. chemistry

    Which element is obtained primarily from the distillation of liquid air? N, He, P, Sb, Ar There are two answers to this question.

    asked by keith
  54. SoCiAl

    ~The history of the U.S. can be seen as a struggle- not always successful- for rights. How can this theme be seen from the time of the American Revolution to the present?~ Does anyone have ideas about what I could write about besides stuff like the Civil

    asked by brie
  55. math

    what is 27^(-1/2)? thanks. i don't have my calculator on me. well, that's the same as 1/(square root of 27).. so if you simplify it, you will end up with 1/(3square root of 3).

    asked by Me
  56. math

    Money made for a sandwich shop was directly proportional to its advertising budget. When the owner spent $2000 a month on advertising, the revenue was $120,000. If the revenue is now $180,000, how much is the owner spending on advertising? 120,000 simplest

    asked by Amanda
  57. Science

    I need to identify ways to reduce forms of pollution that my classmate put in their paper. Iron sulfide and coal seam was mentioned and how they react when exposed to air and water in the mining process, as well as form a mix of acid, sulfates, and metals

    asked by Mike
  58. algebra

    Solve the system by graphing. x + y = 4 –x + y = 2 confused where do i start do i need to solve for x and find points I'll bet that after doing a few like this you would be able to do this one in your head. just add then up. The x's will cancel and you

    asked by TAMMY
  59. ENGLISH Literature

    In A "Room of One's own" Virgina Woolf think it would have been impossible for a woman of Shakespeare time to have written plays of the level of Shakespear's play why? Virgina believe that women minority status and lack of privacy are socieconomic factors

    asked by DANIELLE
  60. Cultural Diversity

    Describe the role civil disobedience played in the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King employed many civil disobedience ideas,

    asked by Mary
  61. math

    yes i need some tips on learning my times tables, mutiplcation please help,i'm in the 3rd grade thanks SAVANNAH Savannah. It is not very safe practice to post your full real name on the internet. Discuss this with your mom. Thanks. I recommmend you make

    asked by savannah pitchford
  62. astronomy

    Two stars in a binary system are determined from their position on the H-R diagram and the mass-luminiosity relation to have a combined mass of 8 M. Their orbital period, P, is 1 year. What is their orbital seperation, a?

    asked by Sethi
  63. SoCiAl

    1. How were British troops able to surprise the French at Quebec? a- climbing the walls before dawn b- storming the gates c- rowing into the seaport d- climbing a steep cliff is it a or b??? 2. Which statement BEST describes the mood of the Continental

    asked by brie
  64. math word problems

    The sum of two numbers is 69. The second is 9 more than 4 times the first. What are the two numbers? would the equation i have be right 4x+y+9=69 4*15+0+9=69 60+9=69 No. Let the two numbers be x and y, with x the smaller number. x + y = 69 y = 4x + 9 5x +

    asked by TAMMY
  65. history

    Should the United States have supported the Contras? Your question is an opinion question. Your teacher undoubtedly wants to know what YOU think about this issue. =)

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    What was the percentage increase in motor vehicle production in countries outside the United States from 1950 – 1997? 1950- 10,577 1997- 53,463 I'm trying to figure out the percentages of population increases between different countries at different

    asked by Sissy
  67. history

    What was the name of the sturdy vehicle used to trasport westward bound pioneers and their possessions? covered or "Calistoga" wagon. This type of wagon was also used... for carrying freight.

    asked by Mack
  68. claculus

    graph Y=log3(x+1) graph Y

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Physics

    A wave traveling in the +x direction has an amplitude of 0.45 m, a speed of 6.1 m/s, and a frequency of 16 Hz. Write the equation of the wave in the form given by either Equation 16.3 or 16.4. (Answer in terms of t and x. Assume standard units.) You have

    asked by Mary
  70. european history

    hi. I was wondering if this is a good concrete detail. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the leaders of 11 of the 15 constituent republics of the Soviet Union met in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, and signed the Charter of the Commonwealth of Independent States,

    asked by Anonymous
  71. statistics

    a training manager wants to know if there is a link between the hours spent by particular category of employeee in training and their productivity on the job. a ssmple of 10 employee files was randomly selected and the following data extracted: employee

    asked by mary
  72. Physics

    A recording engineer works in a soundproofed room that is 47.5 dB quieter than the outside. If the sound intensity in the room is 1.40 x 10^-10 W/m2, what is the intensity outside? -47.5=10log( 1.40 x 10^-10/Io divid each side by ten, then the antilog of

    asked by Mary
  73. Chemistry

    The Boltzman formula is S=k In W. A perfect crystal has a molar entropy of 0 at absolute zero because. W=O W=1 W=Na k=1 K=r/Na Why don't you try substituting W = 0 and W = 1, take the ln and see what you get.

    asked by Cindy
  74. Math

    Posted by Lance on Friday, April 27, 2007 at 9:47pm in response to math. please give us one set of numbers so we can work an example for you. What was the percentage increase in motor vehicle production in countries outside the United States from 1950 –

    asked by Sissy
  75. history

    The precedent that Marbury v. Madison set was a lawsuit right?

    asked by Mack
  76. Math HELP!! FAST!!

    Can someone help me solve this and write the answer in simplified radical form? (z - 5)^3 + 32 = 0 Oh, solve for "z"... obviously. . . z-5 = (-32)^(1/3) z-5 = 8^1/3) (-4)^(1/3) z = 5 - 2(4)^(1/3) or 5 - 2cuberoot(4) Thanks!!! But one other question, it's

    asked by Namine
  77. geology

    if gabbro cut across sandstone and schist and schist is the oldest meaning the bottom layer of sediment would the gabbro be the youngest layer im getting really mixed up ive searched on the web for a diagrame but they show intrusions of all kinds i need

    asked by jane
  78. math word problems

    The sum of two numbers is 69. The second is 9 more than 4 times the first. What are the two numbers? would the equation i have be right 4x+y+9=69 4*15+0+9=69 60+9=69 couldn't it also be: 4x+y+9=69 4*14+4+9=69?

    asked by TAMMY
  79. MATH!!!

    CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME WITH A CALCULATOR AND TELL ME WHAT 27^(-1/2) IS? THAT READS "27 TO THE NEGATIVE ONE HALF". THANK U! enter 27 press the y^x or x^y key, whichever you have enter (1/2 +/- ) press = to get .19245

    asked by Me
  80. social studies

    What were the mummy-shaped figures that worked in the afterlife's fields for the mumy?

    asked by Eric S.