Questions Asked on
April 24, 2007

  1. Physics

    A cylinder is fitted with a piston, beneath which is a spring, as in the drawing. The cylinder is open at the top. Friction is absent. The spring constant of the spring is 4100 N/m. The piston has a negligible mass and a radius of 0.023 m. (a) When air

    asked by Mary

    Ok I don't understand how to find similar figures when using proportions. Can someone explain it to me? Two figures that have the same shape are said to be similar. When two figures are similar, the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are

    asked by Ashley
  3. Chemistry

    Describe how you would obtain pure crystals of Sodium chloride from a muxture of solid sodium chloride and solid zinc carbonate Step1 Step 2 Step 3 1. Add HCl to react with the carbonate. The products are zinc chloride, CO2, and water. The CO2 leaves as a

    asked by Ali
  4. Physics please check

    An electric clock is hanging on the wall in the living room. The clock is unplugged, and the second hand comes to a halt over a brief period of time. During this period, what is the direction of the angular acceleration of the second hand? a. clockwise b.

    asked by Mary
  5. Physics repost please check

    A lunch tray is being held in one hand, as the drawing illustrates. The mass of the tray itself is 0.280 kg, and its center of gravity is located at its geometrical center. On the tray is a 1.00 kg plate of food and a 0.210 kg cup of coffee. Obtain the

    asked by Mary
  6. Math--Volume and Surface Area

    The volume of a cube is 125 cubic inches. Find the surface area. I know that the volume formula is V=Bh where v=volume, B=area of the base, and h=height. How do I get the surface area though? Also, The surface area of a cube is 384 square cm. Find the

    asked by Emily
  7. AP Chemistry

    This questions has 5 parts but I already have the answers for a and b. I need help on the last three parts. In an electrolytic cell, a current of 0.250 ampere is passed through a solution of a chloride of iron producing Fe(s) and Cl2(g). a) write the

    asked by anonymous
  8. Physics please check

    A cylinder is fitted with a piston, beneath which is a spring, as in the drawing. The cylinder is open at the top. Friction is absent. The spring constant of the spring is 4000 N/m. The piston has a negligible mass and a radius of 0.022 m. (a) When air

    asked by Mary
  9. Chemistry - Heat of Fusion

    When water is frozen into ice cubes in the freezer, where does the released heat go? I think it just goes into the air in the freezer, nowhere special. Because won't the heat become cold air then? That's right. The heat just adds to the heat load that the

    asked by M and V
  10. Science

    What is the name of the process by which energy reaches the walls of the house directly from the sun ? In case you are posting under difference addresses, please only post your questions once. Repeating posts will not get a quicker response. In addition,

    asked by 12345
  11. social studies

    What are three things that Paraguay, South America look like? I don't comprehend your question. Please restate it more lucidly. My teacher is making us name three items that Paraguay looks like and I can't think of anything. Can you help? You mean the

    asked by bailey
  12. algebra

    The cost for a long-distance telephone call is $0.36 for the first minute and $0.21 for each additional minute or portion thereof. Write an inequality representing the number of minutes a person could talk without exceeding $3. Well, Cost= .36 +

    asked by stumped

    which of the following is not highly ionic? BeO, BaO, CaO, SrO, MgO BeO has the least ionic character of those listed.

    asked by Robert R.
  14. Math. Help Me!..please!

    How do u find similar figures when using a proportion?'cause I don't get it dude. **EXAMPLE-On two sides-72m On the other 2-45m The next one says On one side-50m On the other- 80m Determine whether they are similar. I don't get it. Please help! THANX! it

    asked by Fred
  15. about this site please read

    im trying to post something but it says I cant because youre not allowed to post internet addresses but I don't have any in my post please help. You likely have a www in the text. nope read it over and over .is that the only thing it could be because I

    asked by Jon
  16. math

    Let a(t), v(t) and s(t) be the acceleration, velocity, and position functions respectively of a particle. If a(t)=5cos(t/2)+sint and s(0)=0, v(0)=-5. How do i find the position function s(t)?? find s(t) as the second integral of a(t) s(t)= INTINT a(t) dt

    asked by JC
  17. Math

    A small truck is to be driven 300 miles on a freeway at a constant speed of x miles per hour. Speed laws on the freeway require that a truck must be driven between 30 miles per hour and 70 miles per hour. assume that fuel cost $3.50 per gallon. in

    asked by nancy
  18. government part 5

    Interest groups frequently get information from public agencies and pass it to their members.Interest groups are vehicles for political participation.They are a means through which likeminded citizens can pull their resources and channel their energies

    asked by Jon

    Does this sentence make any sense and is it accurate? The Soviet Union, however, rejected the Marshall Plan due to the belief that they could not keep a close eye on the satellite states in the Eastern bloc and that the West was trying to enforce their

    asked by Noel
  20. ALGEBRA 1

    Please check for me.Without drawing the graph of the given equation determine (a)how many x-intercepts the parabola has (b)whether it vertex lies above, below or on the axis. 1. y=x^2-5x+6 I use the determinant sqrt b^2 -4ac (-5)^2-4(1)(6))=1 There are two

    asked by DANIELLE
  21. HISTORY...

    What is the EU (European Union)? Was is successful? Why or why not? The EU now consists of most countries of Europe. It started out as the "Common Market" following World War II and kept growing. It is very successful. More countries are eager to join. The

    asked by Noel
  22. Chemistry

    What is the name for materials that do not allow heat energy to pass through them easily ? insulators. There are conductors and insulators. Conductors allow heat to pass. Insulators hinder it.

    asked by Family
  23. Chemistry

    Why is it important to determine the wavelength of maximum absorption? I assume we are talking spectroscopy here? When describing the spectrum it is usual to record the wavelength of a maximum absorption (there may be several absorptions) as this is a

    asked by Janna
  24. Physics. Urgent

    A vertical spring with a spring constant of 450 N/m is mounted on the floor. From directly above the spring, which is unstrained, a 0.30 kg block is dropped from rest. It collides with and sticks to the spring, which is compressed by 3.0 cm in bringing the

    asked by Papito
  25. Physics please check

    A uniform solid disk with a mass of 32.3 kg and a radius of 0.414 m is free to rotate about a frictionless axle. Forces of 90.0 N and 125 N are applied to the disk. (a) What is the net torque produced by the two forces? (Assume counterclockwise is the

    asked by Mary
  26. science

    what like charges do? like electrical charges repel each other. it doesnt fit in my crossword? An Example of an electric discharge? lightning repel

    asked by molly
  27. Physics

    Can someone please provide me with some insight on this question? A pair of scissors is being used to cut a string. Does each blade of the scissors have the same angular velocity (both magnitude and direction) at a given instant? yes no Give your

    asked by Jim

    at the end of the novel Ralph cries. what is he crying about? I take you didn't read the book. Check this site... it explains it carefully. See top quote.

    asked by rachel
  29. algebra help please

    The area of a rectangle of length x is given by 3x^2+5x find the width of the rectangle a=l*w =x*(3x+5) I stoped here I am not sure if I am correct i was taken the 3x+5 as the width and x as the length but i am not sure if the 3x+5 should be the area and

    asked by larry
  30. government part 3

    Interest groups help stimulate interest in public affairs. Interest groups raise awareness of public affairs mostly by developing and promoting those policies they favor and by opposing those they see as threats to their interests. Interest groups, like

    asked by Jon
  31. Chemistry URGENT

    I have to match the items to the statements below, and I'm stuck! My answers are in parentheses, but I know that some of them are wrong. Please help if you know how...I would GREATLY appreciate it! A Dilute B Unsaturated C Saturated D Supersaturated 1.

    asked by Lindsay
  32. Capital Budgeting

    A company has revenues of 100 per unit sold. Current sales are 7500 units. Labor rates are 15 per hour. It takes 1.2 hours of labor to make each buggy. Material costs are 13.50 per unit. Figures are expected to remain the same permanently if the company

    asked by Ash
  33. math

    What is an Improper Fraction? An improper fraction has a numerator that is larger than its denominator. 13/4 is an improper fraction. It needs to be converted into a proper fraction by dividing the numerator by the denominator: 13 ÷ 4 It would become 3¼.

    asked by Abbey
  34. Chemistry

    I have to match the items to the statements below, and I'm stuck! A Dilute B Unsaturated C Saturated D Supersaturated 1. Sodium acetate solution after the excess solute fell out of solution. 2. There is visible solute on the bottom of the container. 3. The

    asked by Lindsay
  35. algebra

    Solve for x x/6-x/8 equals 1 Do fraction busters Find the least common denominator, which is 24. Change the fractions to where they have the same denominator. Change 1 to equal 24/24, and solve. Did this help? x/6 + x/8 = 1 multiply each term by 24, the

    asked by Tony
  36. ALGEBRA 1

    Please check for me.Without drawing the graph of the given equation determine (a)how many x-intercepts the parabola has (b)whether it vertex lies above, below or on the axis. 1. y=x^2-5x+6 I use the determinant sqrt b^2 -4ac (-5)^2-4(1)(6))=1 There are two

    asked by DANIELLE
  37. Physics please check

    A lunch tray is being held in one hand, as the drawing illustrates. The mass of the tray itself is 0.280 kg, and its center of gravity is located at its geometrical center. On the tray is a 1.00 kg plate of food and a 0.210 kg cup of coffee. Obtain the

    asked by Mary
  38. Physics please check

    For the highest accuracy, would you choose an aluminum or a steel tape rule for year-round outdoor use? a. steel tape rule b. either of the two c. aluminum tape rule Why? I am not quite sure what this question is asking. I took an educated guess of steel

    asked by Mary

    help!!! arrange the following binary hydrides in order of increasing melting points CaH2, AIH3, NH3, GeH4, CH4 i don't understand how i cant figure it out I suggest the easy way is to look up the melting points of each and arrange them. The most covalent

    asked by Robert R.
  40. Computers

    Is there a way to delete the record of a site you have been to: ex. if you went to Google, but then every single time you type in w w w . g it comes up with "google" right below, is there a way to stop that from happening?? You might want to try clearing

    asked by Laura
  41. Science

    Warm air often goes to the upper parts of the house. Whar is the name of the process by which air moves and carries heat energy with it ? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "heat convection" to get these possible

    asked by ASD
  42. Article

    I need to find an article by tommorow to show my class that shows injustice. I checked the Buffalo News and other newspapers and websites, but I can't find anything. Any ideas? Do you know of any recent cases of injustice? The only thing that I can think

    asked by brie

    is the oxidation number for platinum larger than the oxidation number for osmium? The oxidation number of any element is zero; therefore, both Pt and Os have an oxidation number of zero if they are not in a compound.

    asked by Robert R.
  44. part 6

    It is sometimes hard to tell just who or how many people a group really represents.Many groups have titles that suggest that they have thousands or even millions of dedicated members.Many groups do not in fact represent the views of all of the people for

    asked by Jon
  45. british english

    I have to find out what this part of a story is about. 1) don't know where professor got it 2)I think it might pertain to Victorian era: They measured each other with the eye. to her he was a spidery thing against the velvet blackness and hard silver

    asked by elda
  46. Physics

    A ball of radius 0.300 m rolls along a horizontal table top with a constant linear speed of 3.30 m/s. The ball rolls off the edge and falls a vertical distance of 2.50 m before hitting the floor. What is the angular displacement of the ball while it is in

    asked by Mary
  47. Chemistry

    Quick question: How can I be sure that a slow reaction is not running out of reagents? Thanks The question is too general for a quick answer. Depending upon the reaction, intensity of color (either decreasing or increasing) might be one way, the odor of a

    asked by Chrissy
  48. Economics

    Who can raise the required reserve ratio? How does raising the required reserve ratio lead to a reduction in the money supply? do a little research then take a shot. Hint: find "money multiplier" on the web or in your text.

    asked by Economics student
  49. ss

    What was the first ocean to be found? Probably the Indian Ocean since the most ancient people originated in eastern Africa. The vast ocean that once surrounded the supercontinent of Pangaea has been named Panthalassa, which would be the first ocean. Is

    asked by ssare
  50. math

    Hi. I'm having trouble with the summation of n from i=2 of ((2^n-i)(2^n)). Any help would be greatly appreciated! the way I am reading the question you have i is going from 2 to n so there will be n-1 terms using i = 2,3,4,..,n I get 2^(2n-2) + 2^(2n-2) +

    asked by relle
  51. Please read 6 part government question

    please read my 6 part question it is 6 parts but its only 1 question. that was the only way I could post it I am sooo sorry for the inconveinence I've only recently heard the term "interest groups." For a long time, I've thought of them as "lobbyists" or

    asked by Jon
  52. 12 chemistry

    What is the average ion concentration in a 7.9 mL saturated solution of calcium hydroxide containing calcium chloride (CaCl2)?

    asked by Erica
  53. Chemistry

    I have two substances potassium sulfate and potassium carbonate. They are unlabelled and I need to know which one is which. If I add HCl to each substance ie K2SO4(s) + 2HCl(aq)-->2KCl(aq) + H2SO4(aq) K2CO3(s) + 2HCl(aq)--> 2KCl(aq) + H2O(l) + CO2(g) What

    asked by Fiona
  54. Economics

    Problem #2: A Consumption Function: C = Co + MPC(Yd). Suppose that autonomous consumption is inversely related to the interest rate. It follows that as… a. interest rate falls, consumption falls b. interest rate rises, saving falls c. interest rate

    asked by Sally
  55. government part 1

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the influence of interest groups. Do they have too much influence? Should there be more regulation of their activities?

    asked by Jon
  56. Growing salt crystals

    What kind of common salt compounds can be found at the local grocery or drug store to grow crystals?

    asked by Ami
  57. math

    Use the number sentence 78 x 12= 936 to find each product. a. 7.8 x 1.2 = ? i don't get this. can you help me? it's decimal point thing 7.8 x 1.2=9.36 two decimal places

    asked by John
  58. algebra

    7x-8y=1 5x+37=y sub the second equation into the first: 7x - 8(5x+37) = 1 expand, simplify and solve

    asked by gabe
  59. algebra

    3x-5(3x-7)= 2(x+9) + 45 You won't learn unless you try these yourself. Multiply out the term in parentheses, combine the x terms together and the constants together, and then put all the x terms on one side of the = and the constants on the other. Show

    asked by Anonymous
  60. algebra

    how do i translate this to a inequalities 2 times a number increased by 28 is less then or equal to 6 times that number 2x + 28

    asked by stumped
  61. safety

    What does the World Health Organization do to prevent starvation, aids/hiv, or other health issues? I recommend this article to you. You will find most answers there. WHO does not specifially distribute

    asked by Amanda
  62. Science - Geology

    Could anyone suggest any good sources for examples of geological cross sections? I have to draw a cross section of igneous metamorphic and sedimentary rocks where the igneous cuts through the others and my head is not responding to this at all! Many thanks

    asked by Bean
  63. English

    Sorry if I ask on this too much. Could you tell me what is the Sumatra Crescent in relation to a quarrel between two, persons, animals or some other living form, associated with possibly the sublimity in literature of the Romantic era. I Googled Sumatra

    asked by elda
  64. third grade math

    reed's bookstore is open 9 hours each day. it opens at 9:30a.m. when does it close? i know the answer but i don't know how to show my work. please help. Two ways to do it. 12:00 noon - 9:30 = 2:30 hours in the morning. That leaves 6:00 hours - 2:30 minutes

    asked by zeke
  65. Physics Urgent

    A 3.2 kg block is hanging stationary from the end of a vertical spring that is attached to the ceiling. The elastic potential energy of this spring/mass sytem is 2.2 J. What is the elastic potential energy of the system when the 3.2 kg block is replaced by

    asked by Papito
  66. comma splice

    Dr. Frankenstein flung a power switch, blue streamers of static electricity cracked about the table the creature gave a grunt and opened smoldering eyes. I think the semicolon is required because each is a sentence by itself. Dr. Frankenstein flung a power

    asked by toby
  67. Social Studies - Geography

    I'm having some trouble with the worksheet I'm doing for geography class.It's on East Asia,and the thing that's messing me up the most is the spelling of the cities/bodies of water/physical features, like Mongolia's capital, Ulaan Baatar, which has

    asked by Nikki
  68. Social Studies (repost)

    I have a problem with two questions on my geography worksheet on East Asia. I need to know the city between Shanghai and Nanjing (Nanking?) and the mountains west of Tokyo. The catch is, the answer to the Shanghai/Nanjing question has the letter "o"

    asked by Nikki
  69. History

    What's the difference between COMECON and COMINIFORM? Thanks in advance!

    asked by Noel
  70. part 4

    Organized interests often provide useful,specialized and detailed information to the government for example,on employment,price levels, or the sale of new and existing homes.These data are important to the making of public policy,and government officials

    asked by Jon
  71. macroeconomics

    The interest rate were zero under the old government.The GDP is $700 and at that time people kept a total of $120 in cash stored as well as %50 worth of bonds. However, under new government the interest rate has risen to 36%. On average, cash is used five

    asked by sw
  72. safety

    what does the country Sudan do to prepare for the types of disasters they have such as terrorism, tornadoes, etc. and what agencies are in charge of taking care/preparing for these disasters Good question. In many cases, the Sudanese government is causing

    asked by Amanda
  73. british english

    I have to find out what this part of a story is about. 1) don't know where professor got it 2)I think it might pertain to Victorian era: They measured each other with the eye. to her he was a spidery thing against the velvet blackness and hard silver

    asked by elda
  74. economics

    What were the original causes of the u.s. trade deficit? Help please ASAP Check this site. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Tatiana
  75. business studies

    please can anyone help me with a report question i have to write. its from the aqa June 2004 paper. i need to write a companies strengths, weaknesses, why they are strengths, weaknesses, how they effect the business and then give a recommendation if the

    asked by Kiwi
  76. History

    What was the Civil War battle of Pea Ridge about? SEX You are inapropriatly using this site and you need to stop.

    asked by Juliet
  77. fused sentence

    The creature sat upright andtugged at the shackles binding his ankles, frankenstein uttered a piercing scream. We will be happy to critique your correction to this fused sentence. Fused sentence, comma splice (which is what this is), or run-on -- they're

    asked by ogundare
  78. algebra

    x/x-2 - x+1/x = 8/x^2-2x notice the last denominator factors to x(x-2) and those factors are found in the other two fractions so x(x-2) is the lowest common denominator. now multiply each term by that x(x-2) to get (x)(x) -(x+1)(x-2) = 8 simplify and solve

    asked by Tony
  79. science..HGD!

    OK So we r learning about HGD AND THE body parts and crap.So how do u do the box thing when you are determinig the color of the eyes or hair. Like the phenotype.... and ya... How do u do that?? Thanks man.

    asked by THE DUDE.
  80. chemistry

    I tested baking soda with Litmus paper and it appeared to be basic, I just want to know if I interpreted the experiment correctly. Thanks in advance Baking soda is a base

    asked by claudia
  81. junior/senior projects

    i have until this friday to finish and its a graduation requiriment and i am not done can i have as much info on concession stands and the prices for food Only thing I can think of to do is to find different concession stands and their prices. Matt

    asked by Nicole
  82. History

    yeah i have seen that but it doesnt label the borders so i don't know what they are or the river names and stuff like that i have been looking all over the web to finish a wrting i am doing about the roman empire and i need to know what the boundaries were

    asked by Scott
  83. algebra

    2 (x-3)-3(x+5) = 3(x-2) -7 distributive property 2x -6 -3x -15 = 3x -6 -7 combine like terms -x -21 = 3x -13 add x and 13 to both sides -7 = 4x multiply both sides by 1/4 -7/4 = x

    asked by Anonymous
  84. government part 2

    Can someone please help me try to word this differently. I understand everything they are saying all I need help with is how to say it another way I'm not on here begging for answers so here it is right from my text.

    asked by Jon
  85. English

    Here is part of a story; no name, no title. the quarrel in Sumatra Crescent with its suggestion of vast and unmentionable antagonisms; her swift race through the moon-drenched countryside, all crepitant with night noises: .... (This is part of a question

    asked by elda
  86. Career

    What are some counter or window display ideas for an auto detailing business? Drawings or photos of excellently cleaned and polished parts of cars -- interior sections and exterior sections??? Before and after photos?? ??

    asked by Bryan
  87. algebra

    I've seen the exclamation point (!) put after numbers (ex. 3!), but I don't know what they mean. Can somebody tell me the steps on solving a problem like this? Thanks!! ! means factorial. 5! means 5*4*3*2*1 5!/3! means (5*4*3*2*1)/(3*2*1) which is equal to

    asked by Emily
  88. math

    2/3x+5/3x=14 7\6x=14 then multiply a4 my 6\7 what is the circumferenceof a satellite dish which has a diameter of 21m you do 2 times pie and radius since you have the diameter then its 21 times pie . for futher info if your trying to find the area then you

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    After doing an experiment you learn that 70 percent of the carrot seeds from Company A germinated within 10 days, while only 50 percent of the seeds from company B germinated within 10 days. What was the comparative germination ratio? looks like a simple

    asked by Tara
  90. chemistry

    Hi is me again I just tested liquid soap, in red and blue litmus papers. the blue did not turned red which means is not acidic, but the pink looked kind of turning blue and although I try it different times it still looks like wanting to turn blue, I don't

    asked by claudia
  91. algebra

    How do I solve and graph 3¡Ý 2x-4 Also this one 2(x-3)> 5x-14

    asked by Anonymous
  92. science

    Whar is the name of the process by which hrat energy is tranferred through the walls of the house ? Conduction, convection, and radiation are the three ways energy is transferred. Look up each in your text/notes/dictionary and make your choice. In case you

    asked by QAQA
  93. poetry(list poems)

    I am having trouble making a list poem, I am supposed to do it on one of my favorite things. My favorite things are horses. Can anyone help me plzzz?!?!?!?!?!?!?! List Poems A list poem is a poem in which every line is one item in a list. For instance,

    asked by Holly = )
  94. Chemistry II

    If 15.0 mL of 1.2e-4 mol/L HI is added to 26.0 mL of 9.2e-4 mol/L HI, what is the pH of the solution? M x L = mols. Calculate mols for solution 1, do the same for solution 2, add mols together and divide by total liters. That will be the new molarity. Then

    asked by Jayd
  95. algebra

    Sam must have an average of 70 or more in his summer course to obtain a grade of C. His first three test grades were 75,63, and 68. write an inequality representing the score that sam must get on the last test to get a C grade

    asked by stumped
  96. algebra 1

    -4/3x-3 what is the answer to this problem write the fraction for it please Are you sure you typed it right? Is it negative 4 divided by 3 times x minus 3?

    asked by kalisha
  97. Math

    Which is less 2t or 2,600 pounds 2 tons is 4000 lbs. 2 tonnes (t) are equal to 2000 kg, which is considerably more than than 2600 pounds. help i need hw help badd!

    asked by Zack
  98. literature

    Two quotes dealing with puns in act one and two in Romeo and Juliet.And a 3-5 analysis. Best look in the text for these items. Here's a link in case you left your book at school: Once you have some ideas,

    asked by michelle
  99. science

    water from the earths surface moves in the air by ? and becomes ?. evaporation, and becomes water vapour in the earth's atmosphere

    asked by bob
  100. 1st grade math please help!!!


    asked by Noel
  101. algebra

    how do I graph the solution set of x›4

    asked by Anonymous
  102. calculus please help

    the actual problem is integral(2 to +infinity) (1/x^2) dx and after integrating and plugging in the bounds, i got -1/(infinity sign)+ 1/2 does that converge to 1/2, Ln2, 1, 2 or is the answer nonexistent? what i was thinking that everytime the bottom

    asked by Anonymous