Questions Asked on
April 20, 2007

  1. Chemistry

    I wanted to now what is the molecular geometry of SeBr4, because I believe is a trigonal bipyramid...but I am not sure...please help me.... I thought it was a see-saw shape. See You can see SeF4,

    asked by Ross
  2. geo/science

    is sandstone a sedimentary rock that consists of minerals of quartz and feldspar, does it have any other minerals. I believe it is formed by layers of sand accumulated resulting in sedimentation because the sandstone is formed when compacted under

    asked by Bex
  3. Vitamins

    Vitamins that may cause toxicity if ingested in too large amounts are: 1.vitamin A,vitamin C, and thiamin 2.vitamin C, riboflavin, and thiamin 3.vitamin A,vitamin D,and pyridoxin(B6) 4.vitamin D,vitamin C, and B12 Doesn't vitamin A,vitamin D, and

    asked by Gail and Trish
  4. Environmental Science

    Ninety seven percent of the world's water resources are found in a.fresh water b.salt water c.icecaps and glaciers d.groundwater This is my Science test that i got back from my Science teacher. My grade is a 69 0n it. She told me to work and check on it

    asked by Mack
  5. Environmental Science

    A hole that is dug into the ground to obtain fresh water is called a.the recharge zone b.a well aquifer d.a watershed a. right? I don't agree with that... re check Try and look up each term. Then let us know what you think the

    asked by Mack
  6. maths

    O is the centre of the circle and A and B are points on the circumference of the circle. The radians of the circle is 12 cm and the angle AOB is 54 degrees. Choose the one option which gives the length of the circle joining A and B , correct to one decimal

    asked by katie
  7. Chemistry

    Suppose you are studying coordination compounds of Co(II) with the ligand pyridine (py, C5H5N, MW = 79.10). You isolate a crystalline compound and since the only available ions are chloride and nitrate, you hypothesize the empirical formula of the

    asked by Ray
  8. Chemistry

    Choose the group from the given list: a) 1A b) 2A c) 3A d) 4A e) 5A The elements in this group are termed alkali metals. a b c d e nvm....choose the wrong question to post the question I wanted to post is: Choose the group from the given list: a) 1A b) 2A

    asked by Ray
  9. Health

    I posted this question yesterday and I got confused. The determinant of total energy requirement that may most appropriately be manipulated in a weight loss program is: 1. basal metabolic rate 2. physical activity 3. dietary thermogensis 4. body

    asked by Lana
  10. Calculus URGENT test tonight

    Integral of: __1__ (sqrt(x)+1)^2 dx The answer is: 2ln abs(1+sqrt(x)) + 2(1+sqrt(X))^-1 +c I have no clue why that is! Please help. I used substitution and made u= sqrt(x)+1 but i don't know what happened along the way! Your first step was a good one.

    asked by Gabriela
  11. Environmental Science

    Earth's surface water is found in a.lakes b.rivers c.streams d.all of the above I picked d. because that's where SURFACE water is at right? yup ditto.....

    asked by Mack
  12. Environmental Science

    How is fresh water used in industry? manufacturing processes the disposal of waste products generate power d.all of the above i picked b. I'm no expert on environmental science, but wouldn't it be (d)? I thought that because: a. People use

    asked by Mack
  13. Environmental Science

    Which of the following is a source of point pollution? a.unlined landfill b.runoff from city streets c.precipitation containing air pollution d.runoff from farms d Yep, it is d.

    asked by Mack
  14. maths

    In a triangle ABC, AB = 2 cm, BC = 3 cm and AC = 4 cm. Choose the two options which give a triangle PQR which is similar to triangle ABC. Options: A. PQ = 1 cm, QR = 2 cm and PR = 3 cm. B. PQ = 1 cm, QR = 1.5 cm and PR = 2 cm C.PQ = 2.5 cm, QR = 1.5 cm and

    asked by katie
  15. Environmental Science

    I need help trying to figure out what the main idea of the passage is because I don't really understand it. The natural process of eutrophication is accelerated when inorganic plant nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, enter the watr from sewage and

    asked by Mack
  16. english Go through the character analysis section as well as the section on themes, motifs, and symbols. You should get plenty of ideas in those two sections. =) what american traits or characteristic presented in the book

    asked by Writeacher
  17. Chemistry

    Can you find me a sample data of the experiment on the standardization of a basic solution, NaOH? (with initial and final readings for HCl buret and NaOH buret)

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Physics repost please check

    Good morning. This is a repost. The system is telling me my calculations is incorrect. I thought a fresh pair of eyes would help. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Suppose a monatomic ideal gas is contained within a vertical cylinder that is fitted

    asked by Mary
  19. geo/science

    could you please tell me if schist is a sedimentary rock or metamorphic. Is it formed by high temperature and high pressure. I have to draw a sketch of schist would you be able to suggest a web page that shows a sketch Yes it is metamorphic.

    asked by Bex
  20. geo/science

    I have to write a brief geological history of a region starting with the oldest events with schist being the oldest it says i should not speculate but concentrate on the evidence have what i wrote on the right lines if not can you give me some pointers The

    asked by Bex
  21. jasmine20

    I just wanted to say I have seen you getting better in math as time goes on. You take the ideas presented to you and do a really good job of figuring out how to apply them. Noticed your hard work and thought I'd give you a kudos. I notice other hard

    asked by MattsRiceBowl
  22. US Goverment

    1. how can the House rules committee be passed? 2. How Congress has become more indidualistic? I don't really understand your first question -- but I'm sure you'll find what you need in this site. Congress has become more

    asked by Jenny
  23. Biology

    Can you please help me with this question? Which word is the most appropriate to use in the blank? Normal growth is dependent upon the quantity and quality of proteins eaten. The quality of protein--whether it is complete or incomplete --is dependent upon

    asked by Francine
  24. written communication

    plan for interview for a job you would like to have. Consider how you might manage the resume, job-application letter, follow-up letter, and interview. Create a table that lays out a day-to-day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search that spans

    asked by nicole
  25. Vectors

    I hope that the diagram I have drawn for myself matches the one in your question. I have a triangle with sides 20 and 10 and an angle of 120º between them By the cosine law I found the third side to be 26.4575. You said you found the maginitude, I hope we

    asked by Reiny
  26. Vectors-another angle confusion

    On an x-y grid, label them N-S, E-W, draw a line from the origin to the right and label it 425 (you are going East) From the end of that line draw a vertical line upwards of 40 (you are going North) Use an approximate scale, realizing that 425 is just

    asked by Reiny
  27. Chemistry

    I need help determining a concentration. A voltaic cell has a Hg/Hg2^2+ electrode and a Sn/Sn^2+ electrode (Enaught cell = -0.14V), Ecell = 1.04V at 298K. If [Hg2^2+]=0.24M calculate[Sn2+]. I used this formula, Ecell=Enaught Cell - (0.0592/n)logQ. my Q

    asked by amy
  28. French study help

    Could anyone please give me some useful web site to learn and practise my french on? I have trouble with the tense, forming sentences,pronunciation etc.(I get confused over these stuff a lot.)and I am a beginner. Or if anyone have any advise on learning

    asked by Pauline
  29. spanish

    which is the best way to express: "I am calling in reference to your child" Estoy llamando en respecto de su nina/nino. estoy llamando en referencia de su nina/nino. Estoy llamando en referente de su nina/nino. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help

    asked by jules
  30. anatomy and physiology II

    Define PNS Peripheral Nervous System? = contains only nerves and connects the brain and spinal cord (CNS) to the rest of the body. The axons and dendrites are surrounded by a white myelin sheath. or Parasympathetic Nervous System= a subdivision of the

    asked by rachel moreno
  31. French for Pauline

    Some of this may be repetitive, but "repetition" is the "key" to success! These all came from separate sheets, just put together. So you want to learn another language? The first thing to do is analyze what type of learner you are. If you learn best by

    asked by SraJMcGin
  32. math

    i would like any help or suggestions you have please as i am very stcuk on these questions thanks here is the scene: each phone call made to the emergency services has probability 0.02 that it is not legitimate. assume that the legitimacy of one call is

    asked by smartypants
  33. science

    if one mole of the compound AL4C3 has a mass of 144g and mole of carbon has a mass of 12g, calculate the relative atomic mass of the element aluminium any ideas to the answer would be great thanks 4*(Al, amu)+ 3*12 = 144 Solve for "Al,amu", the atomic mass

    asked by brainywaney
  34. science

    rearrange the following equations to make x the subject: sx2 r= - 2t 6y=9-3x thaks any ideas would be great hey , i see u got ur mailing of the ECA as well , i find it hard too maybe we cod help each other out yeh i did! it looks quite hard so any help

    asked by brainywaney
  35. elderly people

    Which were the roles of elderly people in mesopotamy,egypt,greece or rome? Here are previous answers to this question. Please read through as many as possible. =)

    asked by regina
  36. UK Commercial Law

    Commercial Law Coursework Assignment Instructions Background Information You have recently started employment with Marvel Conservatories Ltd (MV) as sales and purchasing manager. MV has only been in business for 6 months. Its main business activity is the

    asked by Nikesh Patel
  37. can someone please edit my intro paragrah thanks?

    Should Gorbachev be blamed for the current economic woes of Russia? Is a very important question asked today? Why? Because many wonder what would have happened if Gorbachev would have not turned Russia into perestroika, would Russia still be the same as it

    asked by goe!
  38. French sites: Pauline

    Chapter 2! Some sites for you to visit: 1. French Pen Pals 2. International Pen Friends/ Pen Pals 3. Comptines, chansons et poésies 4. The French Alphabet Pronounced 5. French Audio Dictionary - Introduction and Key to Abbreviations 6. Pronunciation 7.

    asked by SraJMcGin
  39. science geo

    I have to write a brief geological history of a region starting with the oldest events schist being the earlisest and then i have sandstone and gabbro, could you see if what i have wrote is correct The schist would have probably originally been deposited

    asked by Bex
  40. geology

    there are 3 rock types:(a)igneous,(b)sedimentary,(c)metamorphic.If rock (a)were to cut across both other rocks and (c) is the oldest rock, describe the new relationship between the rocks. are you doing 103 by any chance im stuck on this q as well and

    asked by ruby
  41. Government

    I have to write an essay on the question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the influence of interest groups. Do they have too much influence? Should there be more regulation of their activities? My question is, my textbook lists the advantages

    asked by Jon
  42. Chemistry

    Which group in the periodic table (1A... 5A) reacts with H2 to form compounds with the general formula MH2? Which reacts with F2 to form compounds with the general formula MF2? Any help would be great, thanks. Wouldn't Group IIa fit this bill?

    asked by Londy
  43. Primates

    Where can I find information regarding when different types of primates showed up in earth's history?

    asked by tricia
  44. French: Pauline

    Chapter 3: les chansons (songs) 1. Les Paroles de vos Chansons préférées - Paroles.Net - ABC de la Chanson Francophone (Do not click on the large red or green button unless you want ads and/or how to pay to download the karoake or sonnière. On this

    asked by SraJMcGin
  45. math,help

    can someone help me set this word problem up into equations so i can solve. I don't want the answer just if you could help me with how to set it up. thanks The base of ladder is 14feet away from the wall. The top of the ladder is 17feet from the floor.Find

    asked by jasmine20
  46. math,help

    Also, can someone set this problem up into equations so i can solve.thanks A plane took 1 hour longer to travel 560 miles on the first portion of a flight than it took to fly 480 miles on the second portion. If the speed was the same for each portion, what

    asked by jasmine20
  47. Calculus

    Find the exact area of the region enclosed by the square root of (x) + the square root of (y) is = 1; x = 0 and y = 0. I moved the first equation around to get: y = [1- the square root of (x) ] ^2 Unfortunately, this gives me bounds from 1 to 1. So I'm

    asked by Mike
  48. Chemistry

    I am still not understanding how to calculate n in Ecell=Enaughtcell-(.0592/n)logQ. Example: Au/Au^3+ and Cu/Cu^2+ If I am correct it should look like this Au->Au^3+ + 3e- (Enaughtcell = 1.50V) and Cu->Cu^2+ + 2e- (Enaughtcell = 0.34V). The Cu/Cu2+ is the

    asked by amy
  49. maths

    Which three options are true about the quadratic equation?? y= 4t^2 + 16t + 18 A. The graph has a minimum. B. The graph of y crosses the horizontal axis at t = 10 and t = 20. C. The equation 4t^2 + 16 + 18 = 6 has one real solution. D. The function has a

    asked by missy
  50. science

    If one mole of the compound Al 4 C 3 has a mass of 144 g and one mole of carbon has a mass of 12 g, calculate the relative atomic mass of the element aluminium. any one helppp please..

    asked by katie
  51. math,help

    how can i factor this out completly x^4+x^3-12 i know that4*-3=-12 but how can i get that middle term x^2*x^2=x^4 first you cannot take out any GCF. so if you decide to use grouping, you can create an equivalent problem: x^4 + x^3 - 6 - 6 then by using

    asked by jasmine20
  52. cultural diversity

    Which is the cultural diversity (of other countries) in Mexico city? Check these sites. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is another

    asked by regis aramb
  53. math,help


    asked by jasmine20
  54. Math,help

    how do i evalute this problem if possible. i will decribe it it has an index of 3 then a squaroot sign then for the radicand (-64) since the cube root of 64 is 4(4 times 4 times 4 = 64).. the (-) part, you just tack on, since a (-) times (+) times (-)

    asked by jasmine20
  55. math,conversition

    how do i convert -2.25 into a fraction? OK, if dis is a calculator question, den all u gotta do is follow the steps... 1. Type into calculator -2.25 and press the equals button. 2. Press the Shift button 3. Press the button dat has ab/c And dis should giv

    asked by jasmine20
  56. math,correction

    Is this correct factor by grouping: x^3-5x^2+2x-10 My answer: (x^2+2)(x-5) *question do i need to go further?* Errm dats almost done exept derz one more step, as you still need to chnage the quadratic equation into 2 linear ones as a Cubic equation has 3

    asked by jasmine20
  57. math,correction

    is this correct? factor completely: 9x^2-4 my answer: x is approx. +/- ((sqrt (14)/(3)) nope (3x-2)(3x+2) nope (3x-2)(3x+2)

    asked by jasmine20
  58. math,correction

    is this correct? simplify: ((1+(2)/(3))/((2+(1)/(2)) My answer: (2)/(3) assuming that 2/3 and 1/2 are separate fractions, 8/3 x 5/2 40/6 20/3 hmm.. perhaps you need to check your arithmetic. unless i'm wrong, which wouldn't be surprising It is hard to read

    asked by jasmine20
  59. French: Pauline

    I see the links did not post. When you let me know the ones you want specifically, I'll type out the http://www.

    asked by SraJMcGin
  60. Pre Algebra

    I need help. This eguation is solving equations with variables and integers. 5x=-25 I need help getting how to do this equation. The other set ups I get but this one just seems to confuse me big time. Please help 5x=-25 multiply both sides by 1/5 to get

    asked by Amy L.
  61. Pre Algebra

    Here is another one I need help with. -5x+20=-60 ( remember it is a equation with variables and integers.) Thank you once agian add -20 to both sides -5x=40 then multiply both sides by -1/5 x=-8 Lance, Nice job, but you missed a negative sign. -5x+20 = -60

    asked by Amy L.
  62. S.S

    The question is Wich statement BEST describes the mood of the continental congress in may 1775? a.Few delegates wanted a formal break with britian. b.most delegates wanted to break all ties with britian. c.a majority of delegates believed that war with

    asked by kelly
  63. government please read

    I have to write an essay on the question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the influence of interest groups. Do they have too much influence? Should there be more regulation of their activities? My question is, my textbook lists the advantages

    asked by Jon
  64. Chemistry

    24.5 ml of water are added to a 1.20 molar solution of nitric acid. If the concentration decreases to 0.55 molar, what volume of the concentrated solution was used? 1.20 M x mL = (24.5 mL + mL) x 0.55 M Solve for mL. Check my thinking. When you finish the

    asked by Veronica
  65. sociology

    Is modernization a world-wide trend? Yes. Using the definitions of modernization in this site, it's clear that people want to modernize. However, what is modern to some people may not seem modern to

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Environmental Science

    Most of the oil that pollutes the ocean comes from a.operating boats and personal watercraft b.spills from oil tankers c.runoff from cities and towns d.leaking underground storage facilities I picked d. That made sense to me. something that is leaking from

    asked by Mack
  67. Environmental Science

    The three major global uses of fresh water are a.manufacturing goods, wastewater disposal, and irrigation. b.drinking, bathing, and growing crops. c.drinking, manufacturing goods, and generating power d.residential,agricultural,and industrial uses. I

    asked by Mack
  68. social

    Which of these were the two great West African trading kingdoms that arose between 1200 and 1400? a- Zimbabwe and Mali b- Mali and Swahili c- Songhai and Zimbabwe d- Mali and Sonhai Please check this site for the answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Environmental Science

    What is the purpose of adding alum to water during the water treatment process? filter and remove large organisms and trash form flocs that bacteria and other impurities will cling to prevent bacterial growth remove unwanted gases I

    asked by Mack
  70. social

    What was the ultimate result of Zheng He's voyages of discovery in the 1400s? a- expanding China overseas b- spreading the Japanese language c- spreading the Islamic religion d- expanding trade with Native Americans

    asked by brie
  71. cultural diversity

    Cultural diversity of immigrants from other countries in Mexico city and another city Already answered -- yesterday and today.

    asked by gringrin
  72. Environmental Science

    Many areas of the world that do not have adequate fresh water have become habitable because a.rainfall patterns have changed b.water management projects have diverted water to the areas c.icebergs have been towed in to provide fresh water d.people have

    asked by Mack
  73. maths

    choose one option which is the equivalent in radians of an angle of 135 degrees. ( ð = pie 3.14...) A. ð / 2 B. 3ð / 2 C. 7ð / 8 D. 5ð / 4 E. 3ð / 4 F. 5ð / 8 da answer is E, Simply because with radians, pie iz treated as 180, so in respect to E, 3

    asked by katie
  74. Environmental Science

    Which of the following is one way that a person can conserve water? a.Take a bath instead of a shower b.Wash laundry in small, partial loads c.use a low flow shower head to take short showers d.water the lawn daily and at nidday. I picked a. right? Because

    asked by Mack
  75. Environmental Science

    Polluted groundwater is difficult to clean up because a.groundwater is deep in the ground and dispersed through large areas of rock. b.pollutants cling to the materials that make up the aquifer and contaminate the clean water c.the recycling process of

    asked by Mack
  76. Nutrition

    which of the foods is Not a common allergen? eggs, orange juice, rice, or whole wheat bread Rice is not a common allergen. Am I right? It is in some parts of Asia. But the others are more common here. So I would GUESS Rice is the correct answer. I would

    asked by Paula
  77. Childcare

    Can you help with this question? Infants should not be given semi-solid food supplements of meat or meat alternatives before the age of _______ because their kidneys can not handle the extra nitrogen until this age. 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, or 12

    asked by Haley
  78. English

    I have to write a poetry analysis paper. I do not know how to start the first paragraph. Do I startwith telling the teacher what I'm writing on and then go into the different parts or should i take another approach? I'll give you some of the best links

    asked by ABC
  79. Chemistry

    I have two questions: 1. Which group in the periodic table reacts with H2 to form compounds with the general formula MH2? A. Group 1A B. Group 2A C. Group 3A D. Group 4A E. Group 5A 2.Which reacts with F2 to form compounds with the general formula MF2? A.

    asked by Londy

    Can someone please tell me how to solve this problem? A buyer for a lumber company must determine wheter to buy a piece of land containing 50,000 trees. if 2000 tress are at least 48 feet tall she will purchase the land; otherwise she will not. the owner

    asked by DEE-DEE
  81. Chemistry

    Which element is most important for helping eyesight? Se S As Pu Po I found this on the web. I don't now how reliable it is so check it out with yout text and class notes. I also found reference to Mn being important but that isn't in your list from which

    asked by Lisa
  82. Chemistry

    Match each of the questions below with either "True" or "False" as appropriate. -The metals with the highest ionization energies are most likely to be found in nature in the elemental state. - Metals usually have higher melting points than nonmetals. -

    asked by Lisa
  83. government

    from m previous post. I don't know if I can put the information from my text into my own words because it says the facts and that's it theres no extra to paraphrase If you cannot paraphrase and cite, then you must quote and cite. (Broken Link Removed) Read

    asked by Jon
  84. Chemistry

    Ionic hydrides of the type MH2 are most likely to form between hydride and elements of group A. Group 1A B. Group 2A C. Transitional Metals D. Nonmetals E. Halogens F. Noble Gases This was answered below with a question from Londy. About half the page

    asked by Lisa
  85. math

    can someone please help me solve this? the u.s weather bureau has provided the following information about the total annual rainfall (in inches) in hawaii for the years 1965 to 1984. 15 12 31.5 17 11.2 13 12.4 16.3 14.6 10 12.8 14.1 14.7 10.7 15.2 10.9

    asked by dee-dee
  86. Physics

    How do you calculate the wave speed of waves that are 0.15 m apart, and have a frequency of 2 Hz? Wavelength is given, frequency is given. frequency*wavelength = wave speed. Thanks a whole lot

    asked by Sam
  87. English

    What could be the theme of this poem? What I would like to know is the subject matter and also what could be the author's commentary on the poem. Sonnet - Silence by: Edgar Allen Poe There are some qualities- some incorporate things, That have a double

    asked by James
  88. maths

    Compass bearings of a carin are taken from two points A and B, 400 m apart, along a strsight north-south path, A being due north of B. the bearings of the carin from A and B are 110 degrees and 80 degrees, respectively. choose the two options which give

    asked by katie
  89. Information MGT

    What are some Metrics that can be used during the SDLC? List various steps and applicable metrics?,10801,71151,00.html what are some metrics that can be used during the SDLC

    asked by Ms Brown
  90. Environmental Science

    Here is a sentence that says: In bodies of water polluted by phosphorus, algae can form large floating mats, called algal blooms. What substance causes an alfal bloom to form? (I don't understand the sentence) That's "algal bloom" See:

    asked by Mack
  91. Environmental Science

    Name another cause of artificial eutrophication. (Is it bar b queing?)

    asked by Mack
  92. Environmental Science

    Could you please explain the distinction between eutrophication and artifical eutrophication sense eutrophication is the natural process by which a body of water gains an abundance of nutrients? One is natural and occured long before man's time. The other

    asked by Mack
  93. Environmental Science

    Here is another part of my test that my teacher told me to check. Could you please help me check them? Write the letter of the term or phrase that best matches the description. Mississippi River- I picked b.recharge zone. area above an aquifer- Ipicked

    asked by Mack
  94. Environmental Science

    Oh! and I forgot one more. Bacteria - I picked e.watershed Is that correct?

    asked by Mack
  95. Communication

    Is this statement correct? She is a very capable black woman? Remove the word "black" and it's fine. Or simply say, "She's very capable." The simpler, the better. =)

    asked by Simone Blake
  96. anatomy and physiology

    during a cesarean section a transverse incision is made through the abdominal wall. Name the muscles incised and state teir functions

    asked by Nancy
  97. Algebra

    2 divided by 5w+ 10, minus 3 divided by2w-4 2/(5w +10) - 3/(2w-4) ? That can be rewritten with a common denominator. (2/5)/(w+2) - (3/2)/(w-2) = [(2/5)(w-2) - (3/2)(w+2)]/(w^2-1) = [(-11/10)w - (19/5)]/(w^2-1) But it doesn't look any simpler that way.

    asked by Tony
  98. anatomy and physiology

    Alfred suffered a mild stroke, leaving him partially paralized on his left side. Physical therapy was ordered to prevent left sided muscle weakness. Prescribe some exercises for Alfred' shoulder and thigh.

    asked by Nancy