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April 14, 2007

  1. Physics HELP!!!!!!!!

    The brass bar and the aluminum bar in the drawing are each attached to an immovable wall. At 29°C the air gap between the rods is 2 x 10^-3 m. At what temperature will the gap be closed? The length of the brass rod is 2.0m The lenght of the aluminum rod

    asked by Mary
  2. physics - SHM

    Two sinusoidal waves with identical wavelengths and amplitudes travel in opposite directions along a string with a speed of 11 cm/s. If the time interval between instants when the string is flat is 0.33 s, what is the wavelength of the waves? wavelength =

    asked by COFFEE
  3. Math URGENT!!

    The speed of a runner increased steadily during the first three seconds of a race. Her speed at half-second intervals is given in the table. Find a lower estimate for the distance that she traveled during these three seconds. t(s) 0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0

    asked by Christina
  4. calculus

    dy/dx=(1+Lnx)y and if y=1 when x=1, then y=? i know i have to find the integral by multiplying dx to the other side and bringing y to left. and i got Ln(y)+ C = x + 1/x + C what do i do next. ln(y)=x+1/x+c e^(ln(y))=e^(x+1/x+c), so y= e^(x+1/x+c) y=

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Physics Help!

    Q.1:What would a drummer do to make the sound of a drum give a note of lower pitch? a.hit the drum skin with a larger force. b.hit the drum skin with a smaller force. c.hit the drum skin nearer the edge. d.loosen the drum skin. d will work.

    asked by Candy
  6. Physics/ Chemistry please help

    The active ingredient in the allergy medication Claritin contains carbon (C), hydrogen (H), chlorine (Cl), nitrogen (N), and oxygen (O). Its molecular formula is C22H23ClN2O2. The standard adult dosage utilizes 1.480 1019 molecules of this species.

    asked by Mary
  7. math

    I am doing something wrong when I work this question. Can someone show me the steps. I have the answer. x

    asked by priscilla
  8. Nutrition

    Can you help with this question? Dietay assessment can provide useful information about: A. a child's eating pattern B. physical symptoms of nutritional deficiences. I am confused with this question because I thought clinical assessments provided

    asked by Patty
  9. math

    The length of a rectangle is 2 times its width and its perimeter is 42 cm. A ssquare is formed by putting together 2 rectangles like this. Find the length and width of the edge and the area of this square. "A ssquare is formed by putting together 2

    asked by kyle
  10. Physics

    Q.1:When a force is applied to a body,several effects are possible.Which of the folloeing could NOT occur? a.The body speeds up. b.The body rotates. c.The mass of the body decreases. d.The body changes direction. e.The body remains as it was. Force does

    asked by Candy
  11. math

    I need help with part b of this question. A racquetball club charges $15 per month plus $6 for each hour of court time, and only whole numbers of hours of court time can be purchased. Let x be the number of hours of playing racquetball in a given month,

    asked by Taylour
  12. Calc.

    sketch the curve using the parametric equation to plot the points. use an arrow to indicate the direction the curve is traced as t increases. Find the lenghth of the curve for o

    asked by Sammy
  13. Thesis Statement for Research Paper

    I need a thesis statement for my research paper on The Place de la concorde.How can I do that? Above are two very good sites on how to write a

    asked by margie
  14. math

    Baseball Nick throws a baseball upward with an initial velocity of 60 feet per second. What is the maximum height of the ball after Nick releases the ball? Formula for the problem - h(t)=v0t-16t^2, h(t)= the height of an object in feet, v0=an object's

    asked by Angel
  15. Trig

    Verify the identity: tanx(cos2x) = sin2x - tanx Left Side = (sinx/cosx)(2cos^2 x -1) =sinx(2cos^2 x - 1)/cosx Right Side = 2sinx cosx - sinx/cosx =(2sinxcos^2 x - sinx)/cosx =sinx(2cos^2 x -1)/cosx = L.S. Q.E.D.

    asked by Ashley
  16. Poetry

    Still having problems here. Can the character be the plot of poem? No. The plot is the story told. It can evolve around a character, but the character is not the plot. Remember Cinderella? The plot is not her, it is about the fairy tale change in the

    asked by april13
  17. math

    Compute delta(y) and dy for the given values of x and dx=delta(x) y=x^2 , x=8 , delta(x)=0.5 Delta(y)= ??? dy = ??? I got dy=8 by doing: dy= (f prime of x)dx dy=2xdx dy=2xdelta(x) dy=2*8*0.5 dy=8 but I have not clue how to find delta(y) please help! deltay

    asked by Julia
  18. chem!

    A common flaw in calorimetry experiments to determine the molar enthalpy of solution is to have a mass of solute that is inappropriate for the volume of water used resulting in a temperature change that is too small or too large. A temperature change of

    asked by bob
  19. Biology-homologous chromosomes

    please settle a bet with a friend. I say all these statements are true about homologous chromosomes but my friend says they are not. homologous chromosomes have genes that control same traits and control same functions. homologous chromosomes have

    asked by Hollie
  20. mathematics

    A car braked with a constant deceleration of 45ft/s^2 producing skid marks measuring 55 ft before coming to a stop. How fast was the car traveling when the brakes were first applied? Please round the answer to the nearest hundredth. Vo= ft/s Vintial^2 -

    asked by Julia
  21. circular (trigonometric) functions

    hi, i need help solving this trigonometric equation: sinx+3cosx=0 i don't know what to do as i can't just diviide the two to create tanx which is what i have been doing in previous questions... yes, you are on the right track sinx = -3cosx sinx/cosx = -3

    asked by elle
  22. Calculus

    find the equation for an ellipse that satisfies the following condition Vertices at (-3,1) and (9,1) one focus at (7,1) I will assume you know the general equation of an ellipse and its properties in terms of a,b and c. the centre would be the midpoint of

    asked by Kelly
  23. Trig

    If secx = 8 and -pi/2 < x < 0, find the exact value of sin2x Use the identity sin 2x = 2(sinx)(cosx) if secx = 8, then cosx = 1/8 where x is in the fourth quadrant. consider a right angled triangle with x=1, r=8, then y=?? by Pythagoras 1^2 + y^2 = 8^2 y =

    asked by Ashley
  24. URGENT!! PLEASE Calc

    Verify that the function satisfies the three hypotheses of Rolle's Theorem on the given interval. Then find all numbers "c" that satisfy the conclusion of Rolle's Theorem. f(x)=sin4pix , [-1/2,1/2] Well according to Rolle's Theorem, it has to be continuous

    asked by Julia
  25. Calculus

    For the parametric curve defined x=2t^3-12t^2-30t+9 and y=t^2-4t+6 ..find dy/dx and then where is the tangent to the curve vertical (give the cartesian coordiantes of the points. and find the tang. to the curve horizontal dx/dt= 6t^2-24t-30 dy/dt= 2t-4

    asked by Sammy
  26. math

    * I posted this before, but I left out the equation, sorry. A company estimates that the marginal cost (in dollars per item) of producing x items is 2.08x-0.002x. If the cost of producing one item is $531 find the cost of producing 100 items. Please round

    asked by Sam
  27. math, algebra

    how can i rewrite the following inequality in the form y = mx + b f(x) > x you can't change an inequality into an equality. were you thinking something like f(x) > 1x + 0 ?? no this is how its written in my homework that's why i am confused .

    asked by jasmine20
  28. 9 word sentence, please help!!

    aamaesneadsiainnacedgthteohkhmecy * it's 9 words long * it has to do with sports * it rhymes those are my clues....please help.. Try these: =) Thank you for

    asked by megz
  29. calc

    Verify that the function satisfies the three hypotheses of Rolle's Theorem on the given interval. Then find all numbers "c" that satisfy the conclusion of Rolle's Theorem. f(x)=sin4pix , [-1/2,1/2] Well according to Rolle's Theorem, it has to be continuous

    asked by Julia
  30. pH- part 2

    how much .10M Base (in mL) is needed to neutralize 8.00mL of .10M Acid? base- NaOH, acid- HCl, base volume (mL)- ? base- NaOH, acid- HC2H3O2, base volume (mL)- ? VaNa=VbNb Vb= 8ml*.10N/.10N= 8m.

    asked by Christine
  31. taxes

    Why does the constituition allow the federal government to levy taxes? I've looked in my book and i got parts of the constituition that talks about taxes but it doesnt answer the question of WHY. I really need some help. Please read the Preamble again. It

    asked by jon
  32. physics - SHM

    Calculate the speed of the pulse from the following: y(x,t) = 2/((x - 3t)^2 + 1) Well the speed of the pulse is given by: y(x,t) = f (x - vt) for a pulse traveling to the right and y(x,t) = f (x + vt) for a pulse traveling to the left but in this case the

    asked by COFFEE
  33. Maths Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello I'm in grade 9 and i still get confused with the expressions and how to make then in maths although i'm queit very bright ! Any tips on this please thanx Practice. We learn by experience. You may want to buy an extra workbook at the bookstore, which

    asked by QA
  34. scial studies

    what kind of story could you wright about saint joan of arc You could write about the visions she saw. You could also write about how and why she fought the English. You could also write about why she was burned at the stake. Here are a couple of excellent

    asked by Ana
  35. advertising

    although a democracy is based on freedom of expression, most people recognize the need to allow the government to excercise control over such things as false and misleading advertisements or advertisements of illegal products.Is the banning of cigarette

    asked by raven
  36. Elem. Ed.

    Can you please help? The teacher is concerned about Tom. He often appears easily frustrated, quick to anger,agressive towards other children,and in constant motion. His teacher should suspect: 1 problem of attention and hyperactivity 2. behavior problem

    asked by Keisha
  37. Music

    Was Richard Wagner ever commited into an insane asylum? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some bios on Richard Wagner. They are most interesting and I saw Parsifal at the Bayreuth Festival one summer. Skimming these bios, I did

    asked by april13
  38. pH

    what's the pH of the acid HCl with concentration of .15? the acid HC2H3O2 with concentration of .15? I figured out the pH of HCl, but I'm still not sure how to find the other one... What is the dissociation constant for acetic acid? K= [H+][ace-]/.15 pH=

    asked by Christine
  39. maths

    2(n-5) = 4 (n+2) Solve the equation is the answer -0.3 ? 2(n-5) = 4 (n+2) Solve the equation is the answer -0.3 ? If the intent of 4 (n + 2) is 4 times (n + 2), Expanding, 2n - 10 = 4n + 8 Therefore, 2n = -18 making n = -9. If the intent of 4 (n + 2) is 4

    asked by asa
  40. Math

    Hi, I have to do a project on the Shell Method in my Geometry class. I have been trying to find information on that topic, but have no luck... can someone point me to the right direction as of what keyword to search for, or is there any sites or books or

    asked by Billy
  41. math

    A stone was dropped off a cliff and hit the ground with a speed of 160 ft/s. What is the height of the cliff? Take the free fall acceleration to be 32ft/s^2 h= _______ft? vfinal^2= 2gh you are given g, and vfinal. A stone was dropped off a cliff and hit

    asked by Jessica
  42. Calculus

    Determine whether the sequence A(n)=nsinn/n^3 converges or diverges. Eplain why it does or does not converge. It is converges find the limit

    asked by Kelly
  43. math,help,algebra I

    I need help can someone help me get unstuck and let me know if i am correct.thank you. solve by completing the square. 4x^2+2x-3=0 this is what i am doing: i used the quadratic equation. so where i am is in this step: x = (-2 (+-) sqrt (-44))/(8) from this

    asked by jasmine20
  44. math,algebra,help

    Is this right: Solve: x^2+16x+60=0 this is what i did: i used the quadratic formula and this is what i ended up with. x = -8 +- (sqrt(16))/(2) Which is -8 +-2 Or you could have factored the quadratic (x+10)(x+6) Which is -8 +-2 Or you could have factored

    asked by jasmine20
  45. Elem. Ed.

    I asked this question yeasterday, and was told that I was correct in thinking the most appropriate word to fill in the blank,was the word "expressive." Would someone please make sure that the word "expressive" would be the most appropriate word to use?

    asked by Keisha
  46. Mathmatics

    hi I'm confused with this question it says Using a trial and improvement method, slove the following equataions giving your answers to 1 decimal place a) a squared - 28 = 0 b) a squared - 104= 0 c) a cubed - a = 15 how ? start with some estimation 28 is a

    asked by Flamingo
  47. Trig

    If cosx = 10/19 an pi < x < 2pi, find the exact value of cos x/2 Use the double angle formula. Cos 2Y= sin^2 Y - cos^2Y = 1-2Cos^2 Y. let y= x/2, and 2Y=x

    asked by Ashley
  48. math

    Help. I have not done math in a long time. I need help making the equation. I will be able to complete the equation if I only knew how to write out the equation. At a depth of x feet under water, the pressure in pounds per square inch is .43x + 14.7. What

    asked by Dean
  49. math, algebra

    How can i solve for this would it best to factor or use the quadratic formula. solve: x^2+2x-8=0 How about for this problem as well: solve : x^2+7x-1 = 0 in the first, can you think of two multipliers of -8 that have a sum of 2?? how about 4 and -2 so it

    asked by jasmine20
  50. Sales Tax

    A video games price was 90$. The store offered 10% discount. How much did a costumer pay if there was a 8% sales tax on the selling price? 10% of $90 = a (90 x .10) $90 - a = b b x .08 = sales tax To add to what Writeacher said, Multiply b x 1.08 and that

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Poetry

    the poem I have to use is about a shepherd asking someone to be his love and live with him. He goes on to state things he'd like to give her if only she would accept his "proposal" Could the plot be.... the temptation of the maiden to give herself in

    asked by april13
  52. Calculus

    Topic being the linearization (finding the equation of the tangent lines), how do you determine if it's overestimate or underestimate? thanks!

    asked by Jin
  53. earth science

    how can the interactions between the earth systems affect the climate?? any one help me i don't knw where to start and i need to write 700 words on it Step one is to read your S103 course materials rather than try to get someone else to answer it for you.

    asked by angel
  54. Math

    Hi, I really need help on this question, I'm stuck. Lake View Middle School is having elections for Class President. Shawn has received a certain amount of votes. April has 6 more votes than Shawn, and David has 6 times as many votes as April. Michael

    asked by Robert
  55. arts

    I am looking for information on Around The World by Jehan Goerges Vibert, to write a paper about the colors, textures, and techniques used. search on Around The World by Jehan Georges Vibert on google. Notice how I speled his name.

    asked by tica
  56. math,correction,algebra

    is this correct: rewrite the equation 4x-10y = 11 as a function of x. My answer: f(x) = 0.4x-1.1 ok

    asked by jasmine20
  57. help

    Y^3Y/Y^-2 If you post with the correct word in the Subject line, you'll usually get help faster. Y^6 Move the denominator to the top.. y3Y1y+2= y3+1+2

    asked by terry
  58. Math

    Susan finished typing 1/9 of an article in the first houe and finished 1.4 of the remaining in the second hour. she then typed 2.3 of the leftover from the first two hours in the third hour. left over from the first hour= 8/9 fraction of article typed on

    asked by Anonymous
  59. evolutionary standpoint

    speaking from an evolutionary standpoint, would you say mitosis preceded meiosis or meiosis preceded mitosis or synapse preceded cell division or cell division preceded synapse.

    asked by Melissa
  60. Health

    Lead poisoning is a concern for someone living in rural areas,new homes, or in older homes? Isn't it a concern for someone living in older homes? Yes. Years ago, it was common to use lead-based paint.

    asked by Letha
  61. math,algebra

    is this correct? solve: 9x^2=14 this is what i did: i divide 9 by both sides x^2=1.6 is this first step right Then take the square root of both sides. x^2=1.6 you said to take the squar root of both sides. so is this correct x = 1.264911

    asked by jasmine20
  62. math,algebra,correction

    x = (-5 +/-ã85)/10 do you mean -0.5 or -5 is this right? solve by using the quadratic formula: 5x^2+5x=3 i get: x= -0.5 (+/-)((sqrt(85)/(5)) check up on your proper use of the formula I got x = (-5 +/-√85)/10 which, if you want to separate it into two

    asked by jasmine20
  63. math

    7k^2-6k+3=3 7k^2-6k+3=3 7k^2 - 6k = 0 7k^2 = 6k 7k = 6 k = 6/7

    asked by am
  64. math

    5+[4-2(8-5)] 8-5=3 3x2=6 4-6=-2 5+-2=3 so 3 is the answer. set it up in proper mathematical form 5+[4-2(8-5)] =5+[4-2(3)] =5+[4-6] =5+[-2] = 3

    asked by ashley