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April 13, 2007


    WHAT ARE SOME ADVANTAGES FOR BOTH REVIWER AND WRITER-OF PEER REVIEWS? HOW WOULD YOU ENCOURAGE A RELUCTANT Idella, when you type in all-caps, two things happen: ~~it's harder

    asked by IDELLA JONES
  2. physics

    35 amps of current goes through a 40 amp fuse. What happens? 25 amps of current goes through a 15 amp fuse. What happens? Think about what a fuse is used for. Why would you put a fuse in a circuit?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Sales tax

    tom paid 695.5 for a tv when 7% sales tax was included in that price what was the price of the tv before the tax and how much sales tax did tom pay? You can set it up this way: 1.07x = 695.5 x = _______ That will tell you the price of the TV. The

    asked by Arkuk
  4. Physics please check

    Please tell me where i went wrong. During an all-night cram session, a student heats up a one-half liter (0.50 10-3 m3) glass (Pyrex) beaker of cold coffee. Initially, the temperature is 19°C, and the beaker is filled to the brim. A short time later when

    asked by Mary
  5. English

    whats figurative language? Check this site for a great explanation and examples. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are seeking a definition for "figurative language" it is used

    asked by kev
  6. Physics

    During an all-night cram session, a student heats up a one-half liter (0.50 10-3 m3) glass (Pyrex) beaker of cold coffee. Initially, the temperature is 19°C, and the beaker is filled to the brim. A short time later when the student returns, the

    asked by Mary
  7. work force

    a force of 10 pounds is required to stretch a spring of 4 inches beyond it's natural length. assuming hooke's law applies, how much work is done in stretching the spring from its natural length to 6 inches beyond its natural length. what i did so far:

    asked by david
  8. Physics

    Suppose the skin temperature of a naked person is 34 degree celsius when the person is standing inside a room whose temperature is 23 celsius. The skin area of the individual is 1.5m^2. (a) Assuming the emissivity is 0.80, find the net loss of radint power

    asked by Coreen
  9. Chemistry

    A certain mine produces 2.5 108 kg of copper from chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) each year. The ore contains only 0.80% Cu by mass. (a) If the density of the ore is 2.0 g/cm3, calculate the volume of ore removed each year. (b) Calculate the mass of SO2 produced by

    asked by Chemistry
  10. experimental probability

    you spin a spinner 50 times. it lands on red 8 times, yellow 12 times, green 20 times, and blue 10 times. based on the results, what is the experimental probility of its landing on green or yellow? thanks I will be happy to critique your work on this. i

    asked by dillon

    i need help solving the system by addition. 5x-7y=5 x+3y=1 this is what i think but i am not sure 3y=-x+1 y= -(1/3)x+(1/3) 5x - 7 (-1/3x + 1/3) = 5 5x+2.3333331x-2.3333331=5 7.3333331x-2.3333331=5 7.3333331x=7.3333331 x=1 x+3y=1 1+3y=1 3y=1-1 3y=0 y=0 so

    asked by jasort120
  12. Science

    What differences between high-quality matter and low-quality matter The quality. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "high low quality matter" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Lynn Butler
  13. calculus

    The circumference of a sphere was measured to be 76 cm with a possible error of 0.2cm. 1. Use differentials to estimate the maximum error in the calculated surface area. Please round the answer to the nearest tenth. 2. What is the relative error in the

    asked by Sam
  14. Constitution

    if an amendment violates the constitution,why should the Supreme court block its ratification? How can an amendment violate the constitution? THe amendment once adopted is a PART of the consititution. Now proposed amendments are all unconstitutional

    asked by h
  15. Physics

    A skier wears a jacket filled with goose down that is 15mm thick. Another skier wears a wool sweater that is 7.0mm thick. Both have the same surface area. Assuming the temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of each garment is the same,

    asked by Cj
  16. Math please

    A 75% alcohol concentration mixture of water and alcohol was made by mixing 30ml of pure alcohol with 150 ml of original mixture of water and alcohol. what was the alcohol concentration of the orignal mixture The amount of water has not changed. Since the

    asked by Carllll needs help
  17. calculus

    1) Integrate Cos^n(x) dx 2) Integrate e^(ax)Sinbx dx 3) Integrate (5xCos3x) dx I Will be happy to critique your thinking on these. 1) Derive a recursive relation. 2) Simplest by replacing sin(bx) by Exp[i b x] and taking imaginary part at the end. 3) First

    asked by Febby
  18. math

    you roll a number cube. what are the odds in favor of rolling a 1 or a 5?thanks. There are 6 sides of a cube. You want one of 2 numbers to show up. So it's 2/6 chance....or 1/3 Matt I assume that you are talking about a die (Singular for "dice"), it has a

    asked by dillon
  19. Math expression

    If the customer uses more than 450 minutes the payment is $39.99 for the first 450 minutes plus $0.45 for each minute over 450. How do I convert this into an expression? this is what I got, but my teacher says its not right,but its close and I am not sure

    asked by Soly
  20. poetry

    is plot the same as a conflict? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. No, they are not the same but one is not much good without the other! plot = the plan or main story conflict = the dramatic action in a drama

    asked by april13
  21. Integral calculus

    Please do help solve the followings 1) Integrate e^4 dx 2) Integrate dx/sqrt(90^2-4x^2) 3) Integrate (e^x+x)^2(e^x+1) dx 4) Integrate xe^x2 dx e^4 is a constant. 3) let u= e^x + x du= (e^x + 1)dx 4) let u= x du=dx v= e^x dv= e^x dx

    asked by Febby-1
  22. Chemistry

    Given four unlabeled compounds and four labels (potassium sulfate, potassium carbonate, chromium sulfate, and cobalt bromide) is there a simple test that will allow correct labelling of each compound? I take we are looking for a simple school lab type

    asked by Fiona
  23. Math

    A pentagon is formed by putting together three identical equilateral triangles and one larger equilateral triangle with length of edge equal to 2 times that of the smaller equilateral triangle. If the perimeter of the smaller triangle is 42 cm, what is the

    asked by Cindy
  24. Physics

    A rod made from a particular alloy is heated from 23.5°C to the boiling point of water. Its length increases by 8.21 10-4 m. The rod is then cooled from 23.5°C to the freezing point of water. By how much does the rod shrink? I will be happy to critique

    asked by Mary
  25. Physics

    A skier wears a jacket filled with goose down that is 15mm thick. Another skier wears a wool sweater that is 7.0mm thick. Both have the same surface area. Assuming the temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of each garment is the same,

    asked by Cj
  26. Integral calculus

    Please can anyone help with the following problems - thanks. 1) Integrate X^4 e^x dx 2) Integrate Cos^5(x) dx 3) Integrate Cos^n(x) dx 4) Integrate e^(ax)Sinbx dx 5) Integrate 5xCos3x dx The standard way to solve most of these integrals is using partial

    asked by Febby
  27. Chemistry

    An indicator has the reaction HIn(aq)+In-(aq). Explain how the indicator can change color when a strong acid is poured into a solution of this indicator. Did you intend to write HIn(aq) H^+(aq) + In^-(aq) addition of H^+ from an acid causes the equilibrium

    asked by Chrissy
  28. Health Question

    Dietary assesment can provide useful information about which? A. a child's eating pattern (or) B. physical symptoms of nutitional deficiencies. Isn't it B? Yes, it's B. =)

    asked by Laura
  29. equilibrium question

    For the reaction N2(g)+o2(g)2NO(g), you have the initial concentration [N2]=0.03 and [O2]=0.08 Keq for the reaction at this temperature is 5.7*10^-5. What are the equilibrium concentrations for N2, O2, and NO? Please help me with this!

    asked by Chrissy
  30. Poetry

    I am supposed to give a literal explanation of this poem, but I am really confused by it. Your help will be much appreciated. Snow & Ice by Quincy Troupe ice sheets sweep this slick mirrored dark place space as keys that turn in tight, trigger pain of

    asked by Tracey
  31. algebra help

    The line graph below shows the number of stray dogs in a certain city for the years listed the bar graph shows the years in 1998 5 stray dogs 1999 2 stray dogs 2000 6 stray dogs 2002 8 stray dogs 2003 9 stray dogs Between which two years did the greatest

    asked by Amanda
  32. Geometry

    A photocopier wants to enlarge a work by 120%. The original area is 10 inch^2. What would be the area of the enlarged copy? Thanks. 10^2 = 10 * 10 = 100 square inches. Find 120% (1.2) of 100 square inches by multiplying the two. I hope this helps. Thanks

    asked by Jen
  33. How to find the enlarged area- Geometry

    Reposting.. The original area is 10 inch^2. If the area is enlarged by 120%, what is the new area? Please help. Thanks. Ten multiplied by 1.20 No, the answer is 14.4 Nope! bobpursley is right, a 120% increase of 10 inches^2 is 12 inches^2 Perhaps you

    asked by Jen
  34. math

    8 workers together at the same rate finished a painting job in 5 hours. hour long would it take 12 such workers working at the same rate to finish the same job? each worker finished____(fraction) of the job in one hour. 12 workers finished_____(fraction)

    asked by Jonathan
  35. graphing question

    Write the equation of the line with slope 4 and y-intercept (0, –5). Then graph the line i wrote the equation which i think is y=4x-5 i point the y intercept (0,-5) in the graph how do i find the other point would the 4x become 4/1 x y=4/1x-5 then move

    asked by linda
  36. math

    to write 116 2/3 as a fraction would I multiply the 116x 2/3? Multiply 116 x 3 and add the remaining 2/3 to get the answer in thirds. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by patti please help
  37. Math

    Tap A fills up a water tank in 45 mins. Tap A fills up_____(ugh soo right here for the answer... do i put it in a fraction or something?)of the tank in one min. Tap B fills up the same tank in 75 mins. Tap B fills up_____of the tank in one min Tap A and

    asked by karen j.
  38. Admissio Appeal Letter, the most updated one

    Plz give some helps for my appeal letter. Thanks Dear Undergraduate Admission Office, I recently received a letter from Purdue University informing me that I have been offered an admission to The College of Engineering for Summer 2007 at Purdue University

    asked by crzyadmi
  39. Hearing Question

    Middle ear infections can result in a conductive hearing loss. A person who experiences this type of impairment is likely to have difficulty hearing loud sounds or soft sounds? Don't they have difficulty hearing soft sounds? Thank you for your help! yes,

    asked by Brandie
  40. Elem. Ed.

    Can you help me to fill in the blank to this sentence? Molly is an older 4-year-old and her teacher is concerned about her _________ speech development because she is difficult to understand and this has not changed in the last year. 1. receptive 2.

    asked by Keisha
  41. math,algebra,help

    I need help this is for homework this problem but i feel like i can't solve because i am missing some information or am i wrong. If so what am i suppost to me THe height "h" in feet of an object after "t" seconds is given by the function : h =

    asked by jasort120
  42. calculus

    how do you calculate the instantaneous rate of change. is that the derivative. also: if f is the antiderivate of (x^2)/(1+x^5 such that f(1)=o then f(4)=? How would i find the integral of that? i don't even know what the first step is to get the answer.

    asked by david
  43. MATH

    1/(X^-2Y)-1(XY^-2)=____ XY (square root of 84 - square root of 5.25) I don't understand the first equation. sqrt(84)=sqrt(4*21)=sqrt(16*5.25)=4sqrt(5.25) so sqrt(84)-sqrt(5.25)= 4sqrt(5.25)-sqrt(5.25)=3sqrt(5.25)

    asked by JORDAN
  44. english

    I need to know how to find the plot in a poem. The poem is "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" by Christopher Marlowe Scroll down to the list in Typical plot structure and see how the events in this poem

    asked by april
  45. Chemistry

    Can u tell me the practical details of how you would prepare 0.5mol/dm3 hydrochloric acid solution from a stock of 34% (w/w) with a relative density of 1.18. Figure the number of moles per liter of the concentrate. Say is is 17 for example sake. You want a

    asked by Kimoya Davy
  46. algebra

    twice the length L of a rectangle is equal to 3 times its width W. Its perimeter is 120 cm. translate the English into math.. "twice the length L of a rectangle is equal to 3 times its width W" 2L = 3W "Its perimeter is 120 cm." 2L + 2W = 120 but 2L=3W so

    asked by Carllll needs help
  47. business

    What is the impact of electronic commerce on the entire United States legal system? Describe the impact of e-commerce on the global legal environment That sounds like a major research paper -- or maybe several books. What have you found from your research?

    asked by Tim
  48. Chemistry

    Would it be correct to say that it is harder for a weak electrolyte to dissociate in a solution than it is for a stronger electrolyte to dissociate? If a weak electrolyte can't dissociate completely it wouldn't be able to form an equilibrium reaction

    asked by Chrissy
  49. Math

    3/4 of the seats in a school bus were occupied. after 3 students got off the bus, only 2/3 of the seats were occupied. The 3 students are equivalent to________of the bus seating capacity, then seating capacity of the bus=_____________. I will be happy to

    asked by mary
  50. Math

    a car travelled 60 km in 25 mins. its speed is equilent to _____km/hour. In 2 1/3 hours this car travelled______km if it maintained at this speed. when you change mins to hour to you divide 60 into 25 to get the km/hour??? im confused. 60km/25 min. =

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    Two perpendicular diamters(cutting each other at right angles) of a circle cut the circumference at four(4) points. A square is formed by joining the 4 points. If the circumference of the circle is 132cm, find the area of the square. so right here they

    asked by Cindy
  52. chem

    45.0 grams of water vapor is cooled from 150 to 101 degrees celsius. How much heat energy was lost? heat= mass*specificheatsteam*deltaTemp

    asked by jess
  53. calculus

    1) Integrate (e^x+x)^2(e^x+1) dx 2) Integrate xe^x2 dx Let u=(e^x+x) du=(e^x +1) dx I will be happy to critique your work or thinking. You are posting work for me to do, and I am not inclined to do that, it will not help you for me to do it. I think I gave

    asked by Febby
  54. spanish

    "Do you know the requirements?" Which translation is appropriate for the above question: 1. Conoces alquien con estos calificacones? 1. Conoces alguien que puede llenar estos requisitos? Thanks! Or am I totally off! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework

    asked by jules
  55. math

    a bag contains 33 green marbles and 25 blue marbles. you select a marble at random from the bag. find the theoretical probability of selecting a blue marble. thanks Pr(blue)= number blue/total marbles

    asked by dillon
  56. language

    Which word sounds better to use in this sentence? You are the coolest person I ever met. OR You are the coolest person I ever meet. Which word do I use? Is it the word MET or MEET? The first sentence is correct. You cannot compare "you" to people in the

    asked by Mack
  57. Accounting

    This is in regards to adjusting entries. If I own a hotel and In order to reserve a room you must pay $220.00 in advance, what type of adjusting entries do I make, How do I determine the amounts of the adjustments, and which accounts are affected?

    asked by Lynn
  58. math

    I am helping my child with this. Can you show me how to Solve word problems by writing an equation with a variable to represent the given information and then solve the equatin.

    asked by prscilla
  59. math

    problem is solve for the unknown 2/3 over 10 = 1.8 over r dont even know where to start to solve this please help cross-muliply 2/3 r = 18 multiply both sides by 3/2 thank you

    asked by patti please help
  60. Statistics

    Can somebody please help me get started on this problem? In a study that was highly publicized, doctors discovered that aspirin seems to help prevent heart

    asked by Frederick
  61. math

    am I right here the problem is 72divided by8-9 divided by 3 I came up with 72 divided by 8 =9 and 9 divided by 3 =3 so it would be 9-3=6 write your arithmetic this way: 72/8 - 9/3 yes, you are right. thanks

    asked by patti please help
  62. Health

    Screening tests are often provided for young children for the purpose of: 1. identifying children !@#$%^&quire professional evaluation. (or) 2. diagnosing a specific health impairment. Would the correct answer be 1, because screening tests don't diagnose a

    asked by Laura
  63. health

    what is and aorta and were is it Lots of good websites with descriptions and illustrations for you. =)

    asked by tamra
  64. math

    José rode his trail bike for 10 miles. Two-thirds of the distance was over a mountain trail. How long is the mountain trail? Two thirds of 10 miles 10/1 X 2/3 = 20/3 = 6 2/3

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math againnn

    A rectangle prism is measured 84cm (L)X 42cm (w) X 56cm (H). What is the largest size cube that fits the dimensions of the prism? What number of cubes is required? i don't even know how to start it T_T The question is poorly worded Interpretation #1 The

    asked by Cindy
  66. word question in algebra

    oh i think i see instead of ft/miles because i changed the 13 miles to ft it would be 0.61 ft/ft An airplane covered 13 miles of its route while decreasing its altitude by 42,000 feet. Find the slope of the airplane's line of descent. Round to the nearest

    asked by carla
  67. Business

    Nataly works in Young Women's fashions in a department store. Within this apartment she specializes in knitware. This is example of which of the following departmental schemes? a. customer, functional b. product, customer c. function, process d. customer,

    asked by CYNNA
  68. chemistry

    what is the clinical importance of doing the amino acid sequence determination Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "amino acid sequence determination" to get these possible sources:

    asked by angel
  69. Integral calculus

    A particle is put inside an accelerator at time t=0. After t sec, its velocity is 10^5t^2 m/s. How far does the particle move during the first 10**-2 sec? distance= int velocity dt = INT 1E5 t^2 dt limits 0 to 1E-2 sec

    asked by Febby
  70. m m a t h

    Starting from 1993 john saved 5 dollars in that year for the subsequent years, he saved 3 times the saved amount of the preivous year. what is Johns total savings at the end of 1998? looks like a geometric sequence with a=5 r=3 n=5 You should know the

    asked by Anonymous

    A example of a nonprogrammed decision for a clothing manufacturer is a. allocating bonuses to employees. b. acquiring a new supplier for cloth. c. deciding to market products using the internet. d. selecting which customers to offer discounts to. This

    asked by CYNNA
  72. Math

    Susan finished typing 1/9 of an article in the first houe and finished 1.4 of the remaining in the second hour. she then typed 2.3 of the leftover from the first two hours in the third hour. left over from the first hour= fraction of article typed on 2nd

    asked by Anonymous
  73. English

    hey im doing analogies... and i need help on some of them Seatbelts : Cars:: a)filters:coffee machines b)oven:stove c)radio:sound waves d)color:paper e)bricks:contruction and i thought A would fit into the seatbelts and cars but whats a sentence that i can

    asked by anna