Questions Asked on
April 11, 2007

  1. physics

    Three point charges, q1, q2, and q3, lie along the x-axis at x=0, x=3 cm, and x=5 cm, respectively. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the electric force on each of the three points when q1=+6.0 muC, q2=+1.5 muC, and q3=-2.0 muC. I would add the

    asked by Mischa
  2. chemistry

    Why if you dissolve cobalt chloride solution in distilled water and then pour acetone in it, the bottom part of the graduated cylinder is red and the top part is blue? What do you mean by it has one color with water of crystallization? CoCl2*6H2O is a

    asked by Lydia
  3. calcq

    2- The earth’s atmospheric pressure p is often modeled by assuming that the rate dp/dh at Which p changes with the altitude h above sea level is proportional to p. Suppose that the pressure at sea level is 1013 millibars (about 14.7 pounds per square

    asked by kaela
  4. Chemistry

    Calculate the percent yield of iron if 950 g of Fe3O4 underwent the reaction shown in the chemical equation below and 533 g of Fe was isolated from the reaction mixture. Fe3O4 (s) + 2 C(s) ----> 2 CO2 (g) + 3 Fe(s) 1). 25.9% 2). 77.5% 3). 56.1% 4). None of

    asked by Van jan
  5. Electric forces

    An electron is released above the earth's surface. A second electron directly below it exers just enough of an electric force on the first electron to cancel the gravitational force on it. Find the distance between the two electrons. I thought if I just

    asked by Sara
  6. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction Zn(OH)2(s) + 2CN-(aq) Zn(CN)2(s) + 2OH-(aq) a) Calculate K for the reaction. (Ksp Zn(CN)2= 8.0 x 10^-12) b) Will Zn(CN)2 precipitate if NaCN is added to a saturated Zn(OH)2 solution? I tried splitting this into two equations:

    asked by Kristina
  7. Calculus

    3) Consider rectangles located as shown in the first quadrant and inscribed under a decreasing curve, with the lower left hand corner at the origin and the upper right hand corner on the curve y = sqrt(9 - x2) Find the width, height and area of the largest

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physical Science

    What are the 4 nuclear forces? Out of the 4 which one is the strongest and which one is the weakest? Thanks THANK YOU As a side note, these are not nuclear forces. They are the four fundamental

    asked by Zach
  9. Finance

    A 12-year bond has an annual coupon rate of 9%. The coupon rate will remain fixed until the bond matures. The bond has a yield to maturity of 7%. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? (Points: 4) The bond is currently selling at a price below its

    asked by Rajini
  10. Chemistry

    Wow, ok, that helps a LOT!! I guess you can't very easily balance an equation that can never happen! :) Thanks a lot! Just to make things clear, wouldn't it have to be Mg3(PO4)2, from balancing the charges? Because PO4 is -2 and Mg is +3, so it would need

    asked by Lacey
  11. Finance

    Which of the following events would make it more likely that a company would choose to call its outstanding callable bonds? (Points: 4) Market interest rates decline sharply. The company's bonds are downgraded. Market interest rates rise sharply. Inflation

    asked by Rajini
  12. finance

    Which of the following statements is CORRECT? (Points: 4) Junk bonds typically provide a lower yield to maturity than investment grade bonds. A debenture is a secured bond that is backed by some or all of the firm's fixed assets. Subordinated debt has less

    asked by Rajini

    Aluminum hydroxide reacts with an excess of hydroxide ions to form the complex ion Al(OH)4- a)Write an equation for this reaction b) Calculate K. c) Determine the solubility of Al(OH)3 in (mol/L) at pH 12.0 My equation was Al(OH)3 + OH- --> Al(OH)4- but

    asked by Jessica
  14. Finance

    Rollincoast Incorporated issued BBB bonds two years ago that provided a yield to maturity of 11.5%. Long-term risk-free government bonds were yielding 8.7% at that time. The current risk premium on BBB bonds versus government bonds is half of what it was

    asked by Rajini
  15. Chemistry

    Using the following information, identify the strong electrolyte whose general formula is Mx(A)y * zH2O Ignore the effect of interionic attractions in the solution. a. A"-is a common oxyanion. When 30.0 mg of the anhydrous sodium salt containing this

    asked by Gaby
  16. Chem

    Hydrochloric acid can be prepared using the reaction described by the chemical equation: 2 NaCl(s) + H2SO4(l) ----> 2 HCl(g) + Na2 SO4(s). How many grams of HCl can be prepared from 393 g of H2SO4 and 4.00 moles of NaCl? A) 4.00 g B) 2.49 g C) 146 g D) 284

    asked by Jessica
  17. Maths

    Solve this equation fo rx in the interval 0

    asked by Edward
  18. Math

    In a collection of nickels, dimes, and quarters worth &6.90, the ratio of the number of nickels to dimes is 3:8. The ratio of the number of dimes to quarters is 4:5. Find the number of each type of coin. Use a coin value chart to help. well, 4:5 is the

    asked by Natasha
  19. Math

    The sides of a triangle measure 2, 3 and 4. If the smallest side of a similar triangle measures 8, then the measure of the largest side is? Since eight is four times as large as two, the new triangle largest side will be four times four.

    asked by Pam
  20. children/violence

    Many children grow up with a considerble amount of violence in their lives protrayed in movies,video games,television,witnesing family violence,or being victims of child abuse themselves. Research on the effects of violence on children indicates: 1.that

    asked by Nikki
  21. math, algebra,graphs help

    THe directions state: (A)Complete the table, (B) describe the resulting graphs by identifying the vertex point, (C)the graph’s direction, (D) and any axis intercepts gleaned from the table or graph Problem #3 Equation : y = 2x^2 My answers: A) Table:

    asked by jasort20
  22. Anatomy

    Destribe the mechanisms that permit the movement of each of the following substances into the cell water gluteincose oxygen pro water glucose oxygen protein

    asked by Tina
  23. Easy (yet confusing) Algebra

    These problems are pretty easy, but confusing (as stated in the subject line). |2x+5|-x=10 |3x+4|-2x=11 I know there are supposed to be two answers for each problem, for the first problem I got 5 and for the second problem I got 7. I can't figure out the

    asked by Emily
  24. math

    n added to a number equals 14. A number added to 14 equals 114. What does the variable y represent? And what number plus 14 equals 114? I keep coming up with n = 0 and x = 100 I think we are all trying to understand what your problem really says. Where

    asked by geo
  25. Finance

    Which of the following would be most likely to increase the coupon rate that is required to enable a bond to be issued at par? (Points: 4) Adding a call provision. Adding additional restrictive covenants that limit management's actions. Adding a sinking

    asked by Rajini
  26. vocab URGENT!

    what is an antonym of paraphernalia and a sentence using it? and i also need if it can be translated to a noun verb adjectvie and adverb thanks!!!! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since you are working on vocabulary, be sure to have a

    asked by anonymous
  27. Early Childhood Ed.

    Careful teacher supervision and the establishment of rules are keys to preventing the chances of unintentional injuries during indoor and outdoor play. What is the most important quality of a good free-play supervisor? 1. Someone who knows when and how to

    asked by Thalia
  28. Algebra,Math, graphs help

    This is what the directions state to do: (A) Complete the table,(B)describe the resulting graphs by identifying the vertex point, (c) the graph’s direction, (d) and any axis intercepts gleaned from the table or graph. Problem #1 Equation is : y = -x + 1

    asked by jasort20
  29. chemistry

    what is the thermal energy change as 175.0g, of water drops from 75.00 dgrs C to 15.50 dgrs C??? q = mass H2O x specific heat water x (Tfinal - Tinitial). mass H2O = 175.0 g specific heat water = 4.184 J/g*C Tf = 15.50 Ti = 75.00 Solve for q. Check my work

    asked by crystine cole
  30. calculus

    Differentiate y=lnx You ought to have this memorized. y'=1/x for y= ln x dy/dx = 1/x This is the most basic and fundamental of log derivatives. If you are studying Calculus, and the topic is logs, I fail to understand why you asked that question. IS there

    asked by quita
  31. Physics

    2 Questions. 1. If you wished to produce a sound with a wavelenght in air equal to the length of the room, 10m, what would be its frequency? 2.You note a 4.0 second delay for an echo in a canyon. What is the distance to the wall of the canyon? 1. Use the

    asked by Trey
  32. Math

    The sum of two numbers is s. If one of the numbers is n, the second number can be expressed as? I will be happy to critique your thinking or work. what are polygons with the same size

    asked by Pam
  33. Finance

    If a financial institution is backed by any government program or indirect guarantee, any bonds purchased must be "rated" at investment grade or better. The rating agency is a third party with no connections with the bond issuer or the bond investor. Which

    asked by Rajini
  34. Algebra

    Can you pleas Solve the quadric equation step by step 4x square =13x+2 4x^2 = 13x + 2 subtract 13x and 2 from both sides 4x^2 - 13x - 2 = 0 Now use the quadratic formula, since it does not factor.

    asked by Tony
  35. statistics

    The average time in data to process orders received by a metal fabrication company is to be estimated. A sample of 20 orders is randomly selected from a total of 200 orders processed over a 6 month period and the sample mean is 5.4 days with a standard

    asked by angel
  36. Phoenix

    In planning for a new item, a manufacturer assumes that the number of items produced x and the cost in dollars C of producing these items are related by a linear equation. Projections are that 100 items will cost $10,000 to produce and that 300 items will

    asked by Sarah
  37. english

    the unknown citizen. Please clarify your three words and ask it as a question. what is the situation [speaker, setting, audience and occasion] in the poem the unknown citizen by w.h. auden. Please tell us your thoughts and we'll be glad to critique it for

    asked by janelle
  38. Algebra

    If the sides of of a square are decreased by 2cm, the area is decreased by 36cm square. What are the dimensions of the original square? original square: x by x new square: x-2 by x-2 old area = x^2 new area = (x-2)^2 The difference in these area = 36

    asked by Tony
  39. Elem.Ed.

    Which would be one of the best ways that a teacher can help a student deal with stress? A. Applying proper management techniques. B. Counseling children and families on the effects of stress. C. Providing soothing and relaxing hands-on activities. I do not

    asked by Keisha
  40. alg2

    how would you set this problem up using pascal's triangle? (x+y)5 (raised to the 5th power) 5th row, 6 terms.'s_triangle 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 4 6 4 1 1 5 10 10 5 1 1 6 15 20 15 6 1 so (x+y)^5 = x^5 + 5x^4y + 10x^3y^2 +

    asked by sara
  41. English

    Teenagers’ parents, often busy, can not set aside sufficient time... Is the 'often busy' part an appositive? No. Doesn't often busy describe parents? Busy describes parents. But it's an adjective phrase.

    asked by Katie
  42. Finance

    Some institutional investors prefer zero coupon bonds over coupon bonds of the same maturity (and same quality). They will ever purchase a lower YTM zero coupon than the same maturity coupon bond. Which statement below best describes why they do this?

    asked by Rajini
  43. Safety

    How does worker's compensation work in West Virginia? What has it been designed to do? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. If you have a search engine, such as Google, you will find lots of information. Here is some of it: 1.

    asked by Cindy
  44. Geology

    1) Granite is an intrusive, felsic rock, which may be produced by partial melting or fractional crystallization. Explain how these processes can produce felsic magmas from more mafic parent magmas 2)The age of granite can be determined using radiometric

    asked by Adam
  45. if you're in the mood for riddles

    The riddle forum is back up: There are some truly clever riddles being posted. The following is one of my favorites. Try not to scroll down because then you'll see the answer(s):

    asked by Leo
  46. combinations help

    a menu has a list of seven appetizers. your party will choose three. which of the following represents the number of possible choices? 7/3!, 7c3,or 7!-3!. 7 appetizers, choose 3. Clearly the answer is 7 choose 3.

    asked by dillon
  47. english - media

    what are four cinematic techniques used in the film Rocky? -Thanks so much I used Google to search for cinematic techniques rocky, and here are the results. I hope you can find your answer in here:

    asked by ana
  48. math

    High Rise Worksheet Mr. H. Y. Perbole- Mr.Ridge, we have a serious problem. The summer heat has caused the mile-long bridge you built for us last fall to expand 2 feet in length. This matter needs your immediate attention. Since the bridge is only

    asked by sydney z.
  49. biology s103

    Has anyone got any clues on tma 7 q3? I have posted the question regarding meiosis and Huntington disease but im still stuck.

    asked by Hol
  50. Science

    Describe 3 ways to make it easier to move a load up the ramp other than by making the ramp longer or less steep. Reduce friction (ie wheels) Put it under water (reduces effect of gravity) Use a tool to move it (pulleys)

    asked by Haya
  51. thermochemistry

    what is the mass of a lead block that if heated to 100.0 dgrs C and placed in a container with 50.0g of ice at 0.00dgrs C produces a final water sample of 15.0dgrs C? Sh of Pb= 0.128J/g dgrsC step by step solution and answer q1 for Pb block = mass x sp.h.

    asked by crystine cole
  52. Finance

    Yield to maturity (YTM) is the calculation utilizing the current price of the investment, the coupon cash flows and the par amount at maturity. However, the mathematics of the YTM calculation is virtually wrong or incorrect in the real world for coupon

    asked by Rajini
  53. math

    how do I find the mode of each set of numbers.9, 8, 10, 9, 9, 10, 8 Mode is most common: which is the most common?

    asked by carmen
  54. Algebra

    I need some help multiplying these two sets of binomials. 1. (x+5)(x+3) so I think the answer to this one is x^2+15 is this correct? 2. (x-5)(x+3) I think the answer to this one is x^2-15 but how do you know when to make it a + or a - in the solution? 1.

    asked by Aubrey
  55. maths

    rufus and christable share 120 tadpoles in the ratio 3:5.How many tadpoles the easy recive do u mean how many do they each receive?? it is simple.. there are 8 parts so divide 120 by 8 to get one part then work it out divide by 120. That gives you ONE

    asked by ryan
  56. Algebra

    What is the factorization of x^2+8x+15? 3*5=15, and 3+5=8.

    asked by Aubrey
  57. English

    i need ajectives (5), adverbs(5), similie (1), idiom (1), metphor (1) decribing Violet Beauregarde i reli need this i don't have the movie so i cant not watch it and my some of my internet doesnt work soo i cant watch it on youtube or otha sites so can

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Finance

    Most institutional investors purchase long-term bonds, as assets for their investment portfolios, to offset long-term liabilities they have on their balance sheets. Which statement below helps explain why do they not like call provisions in bonds? (Points:

    asked by Rajini
  59. finance

    Which of the following statements is CORRECT? (Points: 4) Junk bonds typically provide a lower yield to maturity than investment grade bonds. A debenture is a secured bond that is backed by some or all of the firm's fixed assets. Subordinated debt has less

    asked by Rajini
  60. Math

    What is the union of X and Y? X. (3,5,9) Y. (5,10,15) Is the answer 5? The Union of two sets are all those elements that belong to one set OR the other. so X U Y = {3,5,9,10,15}

    asked by Chris
  61. US Department of Labor

    I asked this question eariler and told it needed to be rephrased...this is how my teacher asked it: Find the top ten violations that most United States industries are guilty of conducting. Pick a couple of other foreign countries and try to determine what

    asked by Cindy
  62. Science Fair

    I'm doing my AMAZING (my teacher is hovering over me right now, I don't think that) project over dissolving sugar into different liquids in different temps. It's super boring, but I'm forced to do it anyway. Does anyone here know of some science fair

    asked by Kirby
  63. science

    what is a fungi that doesnt fit into the other standard groups of fungi? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "fungi grouping exception" to get these possible sources:

    asked by preston
  64. vocab

    what does waylaid mean?

    asked by christina
  65. Math

    Brock and Buzz have 10 friends. Buzz has 2 fewer than Brock. How many friends does Brock have? Is the answer 8? x + (x-2) = 10 take it from there

    asked by Chris
  66. English

    I am looking for article talk about bird flu? also if you can tell me about the companies that tell that people who afraid from the bird flu to buy their product( what i mean by that how they manipulating their products) Here's a collection of articles

    asked by matt
  67. Physics

    Express the acceleration as a multiple of the gravitational acceleration, g (9.8 m/s^2) a=15 m/s divide by g, ie 15g's = 15*9.8m/s

    asked by Katie
  68. math

    how do you convert 2pie radians per min. to miles per hour? You cant, unless you have some way of relating the angle to distance. If this is circular motion, you need the radius.

    asked by anna
  69. MATHS

    Solve the following equations if 0

    asked by T_om
  70. SCIENCE HELP!!??

    Hello My question which is making me totaly confused is that my teacher has given me the test for starch slightly different to what the bbc website had gave The bbc website says : First of all you add the leaf into boiling water in order to kill it. Then

    asked by Blossom
  71. US Department of Labor

    I need to know the top ten violations that most United States industries are guilty of conducting. also i need to know what are some of the others countries top violations are. thanks You should probably research OSHA on Google and other search sites. You

    asked by Cindy
  72. Statistics

    For Mathguru_ from statistic question on Tuesday April 10, 2007 follow up question- what if I wasn't given the standard deviation either- how would I solve this problem Other tutors can help, but without the previous information, it is impossible to help

    asked by Angel
  73. Math

    If 4x + y = h then x is equal to? I will be happy to critique your thinking or work.

    asked by Pam
  74. calc

    differentiate y=ln(x^5-e^x) Please show the steps in solving change it to y=ln u dy/dx= dy/du * du/dx and of course, dy/du= 1/u I will be happy to critique your work. 1/4x * 4/4x = 4/x Is this correct?

    asked by quita
  75. math

    Business and finance. The following scores were recorded on a 200-point final examination:193, 185, 163, 186, 192, 135, 158, 174, 188, 172, 168, 183, 195, 165, 183.(a) Find the mean final examination score.(b) Find the median final examination score.(c) Is

    asked by carmen
  76. science

    what is tetrahydrocannabinol? thanx alot

    asked by LYNN
  77. math

    w2+1/64 In my Adv. Math class my teacher shaded in my to dark to I can't see the height. Can you give me a formula to find the height of a triangle? Jennifer, I don't know what you are asking. Please repost with more information. Thanks for asking.

    asked by jennifer
  78. roots

    what root goes in this blank? i can't figure it out. She wore ________sox at the beach. argyll bobby crew (none of which are roots, however; sorry) =( How about "no" (root of "nothing")? I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Jordan
  79. math fractions

    the mendozas videotaped a bulldogs game to watch later. the game lasted 93minutes. the family watched the tape until it became obvious that the bulldogs would lose. if the mendozas watched 2/3 of the tape did they watch for more or less than an hour?

    asked by cayman
  80. sports

    can anyone unscramble oeblssaetn its a baseball word. if you can you're my hero =] stolen base

    asked by Jane
  81. Economics

    "The Household sector has devoted much of this windfall gain in income towards a greater hunger for imports" When referring to a L-J (Leakages-Injections) graph will this be a change in EXOGENOUS IMPORTS or Marginal Propensity to Import? With your

    asked by Julian
  82. Thailand & South Africa

    I need to know the occupational health and safety statistics for Thailand and South Africa. and how they compare? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully the sites I gave Ashley earlier on Worldwide Occupation Health and Safety will

    asked by Cindy
  83. Anatomy & physiology

    Describe the passage of a protein molecule from its origin on a prtion of the rough endoplasmic reticulum to the secretion out of the cell.

    asked by Tina
  84. Anatomy

    Describe the mechanisms that permit the movement of each of the following substances into the cell water glucose oxygen protein

    asked by Tina
  85. ALGEBRA 1

    change 50 to 25*2 sqrt 50 = 5 sqrt2 change 8 to 4*2 Nope: (sqrt3-sqrt5)(sqrt3-sqrt5). remember (a-b)(a-b)= a^2-2ab + b^2 Simplify.Express in simpliest radical form. 1.3sqrt2 +sqrt50 Cannot be solve. Terms have unlike radicals 2.3sqrt8+2 sqrt16 Terms have

    asked by bobpursley
  86. math

    the mendozas videotaped a bulldogs game to watch later. the game lasted 93 minutes the family watched the tape until it became obvious that the bulldogs would lose if the mendozas watched 2/3 of the tape did they watch for more or less than an hour? 2/3 of

    asked by cayman
  87. Psychology

    I need to find a source for my paper and it is on Sigmund Freud's panic disorder.

    asked by Bobby
  88. early childhood

    Can someone please help me with this? I think I have the right answer--just need verification. Which statement most accurately describes "normal" growth and development of the pre-school child? 1.It occurs at a uniform rate for all chidren. 2.It is a

    asked by Bethany
  89. journalism

    you're laying out an inside page in a 5-column format. the ads stack up pretty high; your available space for news is 6 inches deep and the full page (5 columns) across. you need to dummy two stories: one 15 inches long, the other 10 inches. neither has

    asked by juliek
  90. Finance

    Asset-liability management is the term where the maturity of an asset is similar to the time that the liability expires. Which of the following is not good asset-liability matching? (Points: 4) Brand new quality car financed by a 5-year loan. Retirement

    asked by Rajini
  91. Algebra I

    Am I correct with this using (a-b)^2 (sqrt3)^2-2(sqrt3)(5) +(sqrt5)^2 =3-2sqrt15+5 =8-2sqrt15 If you were doing (sqr(3) + sqr(5))^2 yes, you are right.

    asked by DANIELLE
  92. Maths

    if 0

    asked by T_om
  93. math

    please help me to find the median of each set of numbers 1, 4, 9, 15, 25, 36 Median: the dividing point. Since there is no middle number (the number of elements is even), take the average of the two in the middle.. median= (9+15)/2=12 225

    asked by carmen
  94. math

    Please help me to find the mode of each set of numbers.41, 43, 56, 67, 69, 72 There is no mode here. Mode is the most frequent value, all are the same frequency here.

    asked by carmen
  95. Social Studies

    Rome began as a settlement on the what? With regard to ALL your posts, this is a homework help board and not a homework do board. Someone may help by providing links to information but that probably is available in your text or notes, too. Check your atlas

    asked by Quagabaga Miller
  96. math

    how would u solve this: 2sin(x)-1=0 exact step to solving would be nice thanx Add one to both sides and divinde both sides by 2. sin x = 1/2 Now look up the angle that has a sine of 1/2. That's the answer what is a derpeciation expense The word

    asked by anna
  97. reading

    i have to read the hobbit for school and i don't get the first 2 chapters please help! Then look it up in the H section. =)

    asked by anonymous