Questions Asked on
April 7, 2007

  1. chemistry

    Which solution would CaC2O4 be most soluble in? Na2C2O4 NaHC2O4 H2C2O4 NaCl HCl I due to common ions i think it would be one of the first three and i think it is Na2C2O4 because the other 2 have Hydrogen. Is it Na2C2O4? No, the common ions work just the

    asked by jacob
  2. physics

    A water bed has dimensions of 1.83mx1.86mx.238m. The floor of the bed room will tolerate an additional weight of no more than 6660N. Find the weight of the water in the bed and determine whether it should be purchased. The weight of the water in the water

    asked by CJ
  3. Physics

    An electric motor has 72 turns of wire wrapped on a rectangular coil, of dimensions 3cm by 4cm. Assume that the motor uses 14A of current and that a uniform 0.5T magnetic field exists within the motor. 1)What is the maximum torque delivered by the motor?

    asked by Belle
  4. science

    about how many diffrent rocks are there Directly from the site I gave you: "The three classes of rocks: the igneous, the sedimentary and the metamorphic — are subdivided into many groups. There are, however, no hard and fast boundaries between allied

    asked by Caitlyn
  5. math

    hi! Im having trouble with this question about matrices the matrix X = (4 2) (2 4) X to the power of two = 2 (10 8 ) or ...(8 10) 4(5 4) ..(4 5) X to the power of three = 2 (56 52) ...(52 56) or 8 (14 13) .......(13 14) and so on... I have to figure out an

    asked by garaj
  6. math

    The minimum daily values (MDVs) for certain foods are given. They are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Find decimal and fractional notation for the percent notation in each sentence.1 ounce of Tostitos provides 9% of the MDV of fat. 9%. Simply divide

    asked by carmen
  7. Math

    I have 4 math problems that need to be solved by using factoring. I am unable to figure the following out. I have used the FOIL method but it seems not to be working out. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks ^ exponet 3x^3-7x^2+2x x^2-2x+5

    asked by Mary
  8. Art

    Can someone please help me with this question because I am confused with this question. When doing mirror painting,children should: 1. draw and paint an object by looking at the object in the mirror. 2. draw or paint on handheld or full-length mirrors. 3.

    asked by Chrissie--please read --bobpursley!!
  9. Math!

    Find the sum of the seix even multiples of 18 starting from 36 six* Sum= 18 (2 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 10 + 12)= =18*2(1 +2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6) =36(21)= 36*20 + 36 = 720 + 36= 756 check my math.

    asked by jake p
  10. Early Childhood Ed. Question--Please Help!

    To capitalize on children's different learning styles, teachers should: 1.teach lessons using a multi-sensory approach. 2.use their own learning style to teach and let the children match them. 3.separate children by learning styles and seat children near

    asked by Bethany
  11. math

    The minimum daily values (MDVs) for certain foods are given. They are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Find decimal and fractional notation for the percent notation in each sentence.

    asked by carmen
  12. speeches

    What should i do right after i mess up on a speech???/? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you have a problem during a speech, just continue. Without an example of what you mean, it is extremely difficult to advise you. If the speech is

    asked by Caitlyn
  13. Biology

    pair up your nucleoide sequence with the mRNA sequence then you will find from the amino acids in the codons what amino acids are present in the lactase production. Each dna sequence coincincids with the appropriate mRNA sequence unless there is a mutation

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Medea Trial

    My teacher assigned my class to play out a trial of Medea vs. Jason. I was assigned to the Medea side and I am a lawyer who will try and prove it was Jason's fault that caused all the trouble (killing of Medea's two sons and, princess, and king.) My group

    asked by Joe
  15. **WORLD GEOGRAPHY 30**

    Which of the following statements is not true? a) rural settlement is north america is primarily dispersed. b) agglomerated rural settlement is most commong in the world. c) the agglomerated pattern exists in lands colonized by europeans. d) an

    asked by Joe
  16. Early Childhood Ed..

    Would creating a sensory-rich classroom enviroment be an appropriate way for a teacher to help young children learn about aesthetics? I think that would be an exciting idea, and that children would enjoy it.

    asked by Bethany
  17. pre algebra

    C(7,3). formula? 7!/(3!4!)

    asked by brando
  18. Math

    When would a straight-line graph be applicable in a real life situation? I can not think of any? or could you apply this to the drinking age? You can purchase and drink beer once you are = or greater than 21 years old? Im I thinking on the right page?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. science

    what difference would there be in the product cells at telophase II of the meiosis if there had been one crossing over at a position half way betwwen the huntington disease gene and the centromere from one pair of autosomes (chromosome 4)has a short arm

    asked by angel
  20. calculus

    Find the distance from (3,7,-5) to each of the following. a. the xy-plane b. the yz-plane c. the xz-plane d. the x-axis e. the y-axis f. the z-axis **I just wanna check my answers because I didn't really understand it when the teacher was explaining it and

    asked by jean
  21. organic cehmistry

    I am totally lost on the subject of Fischer projection. I have no clue on where to begin solving : (S) 3-chloro-1-penten-4-yne

    asked by Becky
  22. Math

    Given f(x) = –x3 + x2 – x – 5, find f(–3), f(0), and f(1) Hmmmm. Put in the value of x, and compute. Here is f(0) as an example: f(0)=-0^3 + 0^2 -0 -5 = -5

    asked by Trista
  23. Math Please help

    Find the next number in the sequence -2,4,-8,16,____ 243,-81,27,-9,____ 34,-68,136,-272,____ on the first, the sequence alternates signs, and is 2^n. Next term is -32 On the second, divide by three, alternate signs. Third, alternate signs, double...

    asked by Anonymous
  24. English

    Is there a literary term for the (first) use of the title of the novel in the text of the novel? If so, what is that term called? Thank you! :)

    asked by Keith
  25. math

    The minimum daily values (MDVs) for certain foods are given. They are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Find decimal and fractional notation for the percent notation in each sentence.

    asked by carmen
  26. Math

    Given f(x) = x2 – 3x + 4, find f(0). If f(x) = x^2 – 3x + 4 then substitute 0 for x to get f(0).

    asked by Trista

    imean you know how sedanetery and metamorphic rocks care i mean how many rocks like coal and limestone are there

    asked by Caitlyn
  28. math stuff

    Do the exact calculation: 7182 x 2123= ________ Approximate to the nearest hundred _____x_____=__________ Difference between exacct and approximate value=_______ Can you help me with another problem too? N of the 20 coins are quarters and the rest are

    asked by Marisol
  29. Living Enviroment

    In order to unite with an egg, a sperm cell must travel from? Boston? Chicago? Heaven? The male? There are hundreds of possible answers here.

    asked by Jessica