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April 4, 2007

  1. Math

    Each exterior angle of a regular polygon is 15 degrees. How many sides does the polygon have? and What is the sum of the interior angles? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "polygon angles" to get these possible

    asked by Shay
  2. Math--Area

    Find the area of each regular polygon to the nearest tenth. Octagon with side length of 10 kilometers. Heres what I tried; but I don't know if im on the right track. Area=1/2 * Perimeter* Apothem Perimeter=base of octagon* number of sides Perimeter=10*8=80

    asked by natalie
  3. Economics

    What components of GDP (if any) would each of the following transactions affect? Explain. (b) Aunt Jane buys a new house. (c) Ford sells a Mustang from its inventory. (g) Honda expands its factory in Marysville, Ohio. My Answers: (b) Investment since I

    asked by Sally
  4. Physics

    A vertical spring with a spring constant of 450 N/m is mounted on the floor. From directly above the spring, which is unstrained, a 0.30 kg block is dropped from rest. It collides with and sticks to the spring, which is compressed by 3.0 cm in bringing the

    asked by Mary
  5. Physics HELP!!!!!!!!

    When an object of mass m1 is hung on a vertical spring and set into vertical simple harmonic motion, its frequency is 12 Hz. When another object of mass m2 is hung on the spring along with m1, the frequency of the motion is 4 Hz. Find the ratio m2/m1 of

    asked by Mary
  6. algebra

    Solve for s in this equation. Depreciation. D=C-s/n This is my answer D-C=C-s/n-c D-C=-s/n -n(D-C)=-s/n*(-n) -nD+nC=s s=n(C-D) Please chack to see if this is correct Looks fine to me. A slightly shorter (by 2 lines) rearragement is: D=C-s/n D+s/n=C s/n=C-D

    asked by jessica
  7. Chemistry

    The coefficients of a balanced chemical equation indicate the relative number of _______ of the reactants and products. All stoichimetric calculations begin with a _______. Only ______ and ______ are conserved iin every reaction; moles, volumes, and

    asked by Bryan
  8. earth science

    24. emormous masses of ____ rock all over the world, such as the Columbia Plateau in the northwestern U.S., give evidence of some huge catastrophic action. granite mountainous sedimentary volcanic volcanic right? Yup.... absolutely

    asked by tiff
  9. Chemistrey

    Lab exercise 10C Calibrating bomb Calorimeter Before Molar specific enthalpies of reaction can be determined, a bomb calorimeter must be calibrated using primary standard of precisely known molar enthalpy. Complete the analysis of the investigation report.

    asked by Calorimeter
  10. law

    how can i advise Robert about the proposed meeting to change the constitution of Wellbuilt Pty Ltd with particular reference to his rights in relation to the his shares? Wellbuilt Pty Ltd is a large proprietary company running a medium sized commercial

    asked by Nina


    asked by LATUNJA JONES
  12. Math

    If x,y > 0 and the x³y³ term of (x + y)^6 is 20, then y^-3 equals:

    asked by Jason
  13. chemistry

    what does amines plus acids yeild? salts. RNH2 + HCl ==> RNH2*HCl ==>RNH3Cl

    asked by kim
  14. bio

    given: 6 fingers is an x-linked trait and is recessive (5 fingers being dominant question: if you have a father with 6 fingers and a mother that has 5 fingers, but carries the 6 finger trait, what is the chance that they will have a child with 6 fingers?

    asked by cookie
  15. calculus please help

    what is the integral of x/(1+x^2)^2 dx This is a question of a past AP exam of calculus BC i know i have to use the substitution method where u=(1+x^2), du=2xdx. I have to find the integral but i'm just focused on the coefficient because i get a different

    asked by david
  16. American Customs Question

    Is it illegal to eat dog meat in America? My American friend says that you cannot buy dog in American grocery stores, that it would be against the law. Is it against the law to sell dog meat, or to eat it also? If my Korean grandparents send me dog meat by

    asked by Kung Li
  17. I Want To Learn....

    I want to learn how to do the American "square dance." Would anyone here be willing to teach me how to square dance like American cowboy? Hello again, This is related to my last post on vocabularly. My American friends tells me that the caveman is not

    asked by Kung Li
  18. Algebra

    Please help me complete the square...I'm lost! x^2+y^2-1/2=-x-y

    asked by Beth
  19. Math

    how an I tell if this is a circle or an ellipse? also, how am I supposed to solve it? -x^2+2y^2+8x+3=0 I answered a similar question for Jordan last night at 11:20 divide your equation by -1 to make it start with a positive x^2 term. At this point you

    asked by Darrin
  20. Physics SHM

    An automobile can be considered to be mounted on four identical springs as far as vertical oscillations are concerned. The springs of a certain car are adjusted so that the oscillations have a frequency of 4 Hz. (a) What is the spring constant of each

    asked by COFFEE
  21. Physics Phase Constant really stuck on this. can someone please explain? ------- Figure A [[which i tried to recreate below]] is a partial graph of the position function x(t) for a simple harmonic oscillator with an angular frequency of 1.1 rad/s. [a].....x(cm).......

    asked by COFFEE
  22. geometry

    Theres a circle with an equilateral triangle in the middle. The traingles edges all touch the circle. The radius of the circle is 8 meters. How do I find the area of the triangle? Sorry The triangles edges don't touch the circle, the points do. Did you

    asked by Emily
  23. Health

    What are the requirements for the career of medical assistant? Do you have to be certified? Is there a special section of state goverment in MN that deals with certification or other necessary requirements? This site will give you the information you need

    asked by Sue
  24. Jennifer

    I asked this question yesterday and it was answered, but I still have a question on it. Standard entropies for substances are defined at a pressure of exactly 1 bar in some books or exactly 1 atm(760 torr) in different books. For gases, this correction

    asked by Chemistry
  25. algebra help please

    Business and finance. The cost of producing a number of items x is given by C = mx + b, in which b is the fixed cost and m is the variable cost (the cost of producing one more item). (a) If the fixed cost is $40 and the variable cost is $10, write the cost

    asked by jackie
  26. earth science

    21. Billions of fossils of plants, fishes, and land animals, many almost perfectly preserved, could not have been buried by natural _______ observable in the world today. DEATHS DISEASES EVELOUTION PROCESSES processes right? That makes good sense to me.

    asked by tiff
  27. pre-algebra

    0.85 m=____cm 1 meter (m) = 100 centimeters (cm) You're going from the larger measurement to the smaller measurement, in a way. So which way will you move the decimal? Or ... what will you do: multiply or divide by 100?

    asked by john
  28. earth science

    22. an illustration of the fact that a sudden and great _____ struck the earth is the millions fo mammoths and other large animals frozen instantly and preserved, whole and undamaged. catastrophe cold front ice age permafrost ice age right This also makes

    asked by tiff
  29. Biology

    I am given the structual formula for lactose howere i have to write out the equation for the hydrolosis of lactose is the following what is required C12H22O11 +H2O>>> C6H12O6 +C6H12O6 all the numbers are subscript, would appreciate if someone would guide

    asked by Bex
  30. math,help.algebra

    I am stuck form this point i need help. the problem states: A ball is thrown upward from the roof of a building 100 m tall with an initial velocity of 20 m/s. Use this information for exercises 35 to 38. Science and medicine. When will the ball reach a

    asked by jasmine20
  31. Physics

    A block is connected between two springs on a frictionless horizontally level track. The other end of each spring is respectively anchored to a vertical pin set at opposite ends of the track. The spring constant for one spring is k = 100N/m and the mass of

    asked by Bobby
  32. Math

    Suppose A,B, and C are positive integers such that 24/5 = A + 1/B+1/C+1 The value of 1A + 2B + 3C equals: (A) 9 (B) 12 (C) 15 (D) 17 (E) 20 hey i am trying to solve the problem, is it written like A+1 _____ B+1/C+1 A + 1 ______ B + 1 ____ C + 1 sorry it

    asked by Jason
  33. C++

    Can anyone help me with my c++ program? Its a program I have to write using structs and arrays and i'm stuck. If anyone can help can you post back and I'll show you what i've got and maybe you can tell me why its not working correctly. Thanks I can try. I

    asked by Christina
  34. Math

    Three circular pipes with 30cm diamters are strapped together. Find the length of the strap to the nearest centimeter. I got the circumference of the circle which is 94.25cm but that's where i got stuck. Can you please help? you are wrong sorry to tell ya.

    asked by Shay
  35. earth science

    what class of minerals contains the element oxygen bonded to a metallic element

    asked by tiff
  36. earth science

    what is the most common sedimentary rock? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "sedimentary rock common" to get these possible sources:

    asked by tiff
  37. to kill a mockingbird

    why does tom robinson escape from prison knowing that he will face an appeal? Please Help This site will help you with that question:

    asked by will
  38. Graphs

    The vertices of a triangle are A(13,13), B(9,3), and C(-1,1). Determine the equation of the median AM, where M is the midpoint of BC. Midpoint M of BC = ((9-1)/2,(3+1)/2) =(4,2) slope AM = (13-2)/(13-4) = 11/9 So the equation of the median is 11x - 9y + c

    asked by Shay


    asked by LATUNJA JONES
  40. science

    what ruling or decision did the government make this week about greenhouse gases?

    asked by caleigh
  41. Physics Phase Constant

    Figure A [[which i tried to recreate below]] is a partial graph of the position function x(t) for a simple harmonic oscillator with an angular frequency of 1.1 rad/s. [a] ............x(cm).............. .................5-|-.................

    asked by COFFEE
  42. english

    i am doing similies and what does love have to do with wind a rainbow, and a sail on a sail boat Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Work Forum. First of all, what IS a similie? a figure of speech comparing two unlike things that is often introduced by

    asked by mo\ary
  43. algebra help

    What was the percentagw increase in motor vehicle production in countries out side the united states from 1950 to 1997? 1997 world total 53,463 the united states 12,119 1950 the world total 10577 the united states 8,006 these number are in thousands i

    asked by roy
  44. Factors in math

    what are factors they make no sense whats a GCF and whats the factors for 28 and 77 13 52 91 56 70 64 96 112 88 121 24 36 60 18 63

    asked by jess
  45. Art

    I am studying the Middle Ages, and am supposed to whittle something. I have never whittled anything more than the point to the spear I made from a stick, and don't know what to whittle. Any ideas for a simple beginner's project? Thanks for any help. Thank

    asked by Jenna
  46. Chemistrey

    Problem: What is the heat capacity of the newly assembled oxygen bomb calorimeter? Experimental design: An oxygen calorimeter is assembled and several samples of the primary standard, benzoic acid are burned using a constant pressure of excess oxygen. The

    asked by Calorimeter
  47. Math

    Can somebody please explain to me how to factor trinomials that contain two unknown variables and are complex sum & product?? Examples: 2x^2 + 13xy + 15y^2 11x^2 + 14xy + 3y^2 I understand how to factor trinomials that only have x as the variable, but

    asked by Danielle
  48. Infomation MGT

    Some people are afraid to use credit cards for online shopping. Is their fear justifiable? Yes. I got another letter this week (Johnnie's Seeds) in which my info had been hacked from their website.

    asked by Ms Brown
  49. math

    Graph the function y = -2x + . Tell whether or not each ordered pair lies on the line. Explain. (0,1) (-5,3) (1,-1) (-2,5) Graph it. Then you can see if the points are on the line.

    asked by sharon
  50. math

    On grid paper, draw the grahp of y=4x and the graph of y=-4x on the same set of axes. How are the graphs alike? How are they different Graph them. I suspect one goes up, and one down.

    asked by cindy
  51. math

    Is a glass of water equal to 30 grams or 300 grams? More likely 300 grams. 30 grms would be nearly two tablespoons.

    asked by dan
  52. math

    Is a glass of water equal to 30 grams or 300 grams? A "glass" of water could designate any size. If you mean a cup of water, Lance's answer should be sufficient. I hope this helps a little more. Thanks

    asked by dan
  53. Chemistry

    Write the formulas of the ions (including charges) present in aqueous solutions of the following: K2CO3 NH4NO3 NA2Cr2O7 Mg(C2H3O2)2 Make sure it is both mass and charge balanced. Here is a listing of many polyatomic ions. This should give you a start. Post

    asked by Alison
  54. math

    How do u graph y= -2x = 1. in baseball,the pither's mound is 6 in. more than 20 yd from many is this. First, Kylie, if you have a question, it is much better to put it in as a separate post in rather than attaching it to a previous question,

    asked by cindy
  55. Spelling

    What do baseballs and kings have in common? The answer is supposed to be two sets of homophones thrown (throne) has to be one.

    asked by Lisa
  56. algebra 1

    in equation 5x+y=-1,m= I will be happy to critique your work on this. -1

    asked by kim
  57. algebra 1

    in the equation y=3x-4, a point on the line is I will be happy to critique your work on this. When x is zero, what is y? (1,-1)

    asked by kim
  58. algebra 1

    change the equation x-y=4 to the form y=mx+b I will be happy to critique your work on this. y=x+4

    asked by kim
  59. algebra 1

    the difference between 2x2+4xy-3 and x2-2xy-4 is I will be happy to critique your work on this.

    asked by kim
  60. algebra 1

    factor 6ab-8b: Common factor: 2b 2b (3a-4)

    asked by kim
  61. algebra 1

    factor 2x3y2+12xydivided by 2xy Divide 2xy into each term, term by term. xy+6

    asked by kim
  62. algebra 1

    in the equation 5x+y=-1,m= I will be happy to critique your work on this. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with attempts to answer YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone

    asked by kim
  63. genetics

    you have performed a genetic cross, and in the final results, you get 3/4 dominant phenotype and 1/4 recessive phenotype. what other info would you need to know to determine if the characteristics is normal or sex influenced? in addition explain why you

    asked by cookie
  64. Calculus

    You have a conical tank, vertex down, which is 12 feet across the top and 18 feet deep. If water flows in at a rate of 9 cubic feet per minute, find the exact rate of change when the water is 6 feet deep. You know the rate of dV/dt (inflow), and you can

    asked by Tezuka
  65. equilibrium

    The standard solution of FeSCN2+ (prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN) has an absorbance of 0.510. If a trial's absorbance is measured to be 0.250 and its initial concentration of SCN– was 0.00050 M, the

    asked by Christine
  66. romeo and juliet

    Hi. I have a question. Wasn't the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare based off of a poem by Arthur Brooke? This is what I was taught in school and have read on several websites, but someone else told me that what I know is completely wrong, but

    asked by Savannah
  67. equilibrium concentration

    A standard solution of FeSCN2+ is prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN. The equilibrium concentration of FeSCN2+ ([FeSCN2+]std) for this standard solution is assumed to be ? M. Wouldn't that be 0.002 x 1/11 = ??

    asked by Christine
  68. chemistry structures

    what is the stucture for heptanoic acid i need a to draw it CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2COOH Molarity Calculate the molarity of 9.25 mol HCL in 2.25L of solution. mols/L = Molarity

    asked by kim
  69. meiosis

    you start with a cell that has a 2N number of 84. this cell goes through meiosis. for each of the following stages, determine the number of chromosomes, chromatids, and bivalents present a single cell. a. Prophase I b. Anaphase I c. Metaphase II d.

    asked by cookie
  70. math!!

    what is 73.44 divided by 3.6?? punch it in a calculator yeah exactly use a calculator!! the answer is 20.4 Just in case the calculator is not available, it might be better if you learn how to do long division without a calculator. You will feel more

    asked by princess pink
  71. math!!

    8500mg=? g Scroll to Mass and weight when you get to the link above "mg" designated a "milligram" which is 1/1000 of a g ("gram"). I hope that helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

    asked by princess pink
  72. analogies!!

    i have tried to figure out the answer a lot of times but i can't figure it out. indelible:erasure::infallible: mistake, schedule, reason, emotion, or pleasure You have to make the exact connection between the first two; then make the same connection

    asked by Megan
  73. math!!

    what does median mean...? median is the middle number when u put them in order from least 2 greatest Or... a median is a line drawn from a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of its opposite side. Another name for the median in statistics is the 50th

    asked by i m a pretty pink princess
  74. Physics-Sound Waves

    I'm not sure how to go about answering this question... I have all these equations and none seem to apply. The question is: If you have two speakers on opposite sides of a concert stage producing identical sound waves with a wavelength of .8m. If you

    asked by Nikki
  75. social studies i think

    ummm what was hurricane katrina ricter scale # The Richter Scale is for earthquakes, not hurricanes.

    asked by i m a pretty pink princess
  76. social studies

    what latitude is congo in?

    asked by katie
  77. math

    (ab+a)c=dac abc + ac = dac divide each side by ac to get b +1 = d 200

    asked by Anonymous