Questions Asked on
March 30, 2007

  1. Paris

    Need help finding a good website on Paris? Ones I find always are the same info or are just adds for places you can stay in paris. These sites have a lot of information about the history of my favorite city plus the backgrounds of some of its most famous

    asked by Milly
  2. chem

    Forty miles above the earth's surface the temperature is 250 K and the pressure is only 0.20 mm Hg. What is the density of air (in grams per liter) at this altitude? (Assume the molar mass of air is 28.96 g/mol.) PV=nRT n/V= molar desity= P/RT mass

    asked by Helpme
  3. statistics

    I have 6 bills that total $63 and there are no $1 or coins? what are the bills? In US or Canadian currency there is no way to create $3 with no coins or $1 bills. How bout 2 20-dollar bills, 1 10-dollar bill, 1 5-dollar bill and 4 2-dollar bills. (Yes, the

    asked by katrica
  4. math

    The circumference of a sphere was measured to be 86 cm with a possible error of 0.2cm. Use differentials to estimate the maximum error in the calculated surface area. Please round the answer to the nearest tenth. What is the relative error in the

    asked by Tina
  5. Chemistry

    Hope you don't mind I have 3 more that I don't understand 1)Draw the structure of the reaction product of 2-methyl-1pentene with H2 in the presence od platinum catalyst 2)Draw the structure of 4-methylcyclohexanol 3)Draw the structure of 2,3-dibromotoluene

    asked by Kellie
  6. Chem

    . State whether each of the following samples of matter is a gas. If there is not enough information for you to decide, write "insufficient information." (a) A material is in a steel tank at 100 atm pressure. When the tank is opened to the atmosphere, the

    asked by Luis
  7. Chemistry

    Acid Question!? An unusual category of acids known as superacids, which are defined as any acid stronger than 100% sulfuric acid, can be prepared by seemingly simple reactions similar to the one below. In this example, the reaction of anhydrous HF with

    asked by Anonymous
  8. corporate law help

    what would be the revelent issue Tom, a new director has found he has not been re-imbursed for expenses he incurred when he went on a familiarisation trip to various company premises. What did his employment contract say? What did his company's written

    asked by Nina
  9. ss

    Does anybody know how many states celebrate there independance. Probably only Texas, as it was the only state that was an independent nation.

    asked by Macy emergency
  10. Reading

    I am a teacher. I teach the fifth grade. Dose any body have an idea of a good book I could read them. Thank YOU. Please check the many books listed at this site. (Broken Link Removed) Thank You very much

    asked by MS.A
  11. dogs

    In school I am writing a report on a dog called Min-Pei. I cant seem to find any info. Thank You Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Why are you writing on the Min-Pei? It is only listed as "rarebreed" list and I couldn't even find a

    asked by Kila
  12. math

    Need to find the real number. Someone performed a trade of 20,000 less than it made, this caused a negative trade balance. To represent the quanity as a real number when I know that a positive real number names the points to the right of 0 on the number

    asked by geo
  13. Sports

    Good website on Pat Tillman. Know doing on Pat instead of football. If this is a report for school, here are some suggested topics: The use of illegal drugs in professional sports. The effect of sports finances on

    asked by Andrew
  14. Algebra

    Yancy wrote two novels that together contain 580 pages. His longer novel has 160 pages more than his shorter novel. How many pages are contained in Yancy's shorter novel? How about: let the number of pages in the shorter book be n then the number of pages

    asked by Toby
  15. Algebra

    Amir has $100 and is saving $5 per week to buy a new DVD player. Pete has $80 and ius saving $7 per week to buy the same DVD player. Which system of equations can be used to find w, the number of weeks it would take them to have m, the money needed to buy

    asked by Toby
  16. dogs

    A website on a Basenji Here are three good websites about basenjis.

    asked by Kila
  17. science

    Identify the three dwarf planets in our solar system. Identify the three dwarf planets in our solar system.

    asked by michaela
  18. horse

    Do a report on Paliminos any websites.

    asked by Amy
  19. Chemistry

    I have a table that has the vapor pressure of water at selected temperatures. It is converted from celsius to torr. For example: 18°C = 15.5 torr 19°C = 16.5 torr Unfortunately, the temperature I got is 18.5°C. How do I convert it to torr? The book has

    asked by Alan
  20. math

    The illumination of an object by a light source is directly proportional to the strength of the source and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. If two light sources, one three times as strong as the other, are placed 10 ft

    asked by Fabiola
  21. math

    A Norman window has the shape of a rectangle surmounted by a semicircle. (Thus the diameter of the semicircle is equal to the width of the rectangle.) If the perimeter of the window is 46 ft, find the dimensions of the window so that the greatest possible

    asked by Fabiola
  22. math

    Find an equation of the line through the point that cuts off the least area from the first quadrant. Please enter your answer in the slope-intercept form. What were the coordinates of the point? (4,16)... sorry about that.. thanks!

    asked by Tina
  23. math

    Atmospheric pressure V decreases as altitude h increases. At a temperature of the pressure is 101.1kilopascals kPa at sea level, 86.4 kPa at h = 1 km, and 77.1 kPa at h = 2 km. Use a linear approximation to estimate the atmospheric pressure at an altitude

    asked by Tina
  24. chemistry

    A helium-filled balloon of the type used in long-distance flying contains 420,000 ft3 (1.2 times 107 L) of helium. Suppose you fill the balloon with helium on the ground, where the pressure is 737 mm Hg and the temperature is 16.0 °C. When the balloon

    asked by Helpme
  25. chemistry

    Equal masses of gaseous N2 and Ar are placed in separate flasks of equal volume at the same temperature. Tell whether each of the following statements is true or false. Briefly explain your answer in each case. (a) There are more molecules of N2 present

    asked by Gabriela
  26. Chemistry

    You have two gas-filled balloons, one containing He and the other containing H2. The H2 balloon is twice the size of the He balloon. The pressure of gas in the H2 balloon is 1 atm, and that in the He balloon is 2 atm. The H2 balloon is outside in the snow

    asked by Luis
  27. law help plz

    what would be the argument Susan Smith (the company accountant) has been approached by XYZ Ltd, a major client of Wellbuilt Pty Ltd, with a business proposal that appeared too attractive to refuse. Susan incorporated her own company to enter this contract.

    asked by Nina
  28. Physics

    A sanding disk with rotational inertia 1.1 x 10^-3 kg*m^2 is attached to an electric drill whose motor delivers a torque of 6 Nm about the central axis of the disk. What are the following values about the central axis at the instant the torque has been

    asked by COFFEE
  29. Physics

    A 1.1 kg particle-like object moves in a plane with velocity components Vx = 30 m/s and Vy = 90 m/s as it passes through the point with (x, y) coordinates of (3.0, -4.0) m. (a) What is its angular momentum relative to the origin at this moment? _____

    asked by COFFEE

    I heard that i m having a pop quiz today on the beginning of the civil war. my textbook is called creating america. i need the vocab words for that chapter (15-3 and 15-4). can someone plz help me find website to study on or i m going to be in so much

    asked by somebody
  31. ss

    can somebody help me pick out key topics for the begginning of the cicil war Best thing to do with stuff like this, since you already have a textbook, is learn how to scan for the information. Look through and see if you have titles for subsections in the

    asked by somebody
  32. math

    input- output numbers input output 1 21 2 40 3 59 4 5 6 7 inputx19+2

    asked by bob
  33. thesaurus

    she did not respond when i called. Please let us know what your question is. Thanks. =) Books generally don't return phone calls.

    asked by antonio
  34. math--fast please

    If I have a polygon with x+2y sides, how do I find the interior and eterior angle? I know that to find the interior angle you use 180(x-2) and for the exterior you use 360/x. But do i just plug in x+2y for every x? I'm lost 180(x-2) gives you the SUM of

    asked by Emily
  35. Math

    10 times [5 times the square root of 2] How do you figure that out? 50√2 if you want a decimal answer, use your calculator.

    asked by Emily
  36. Geometry

    In what direction must a plane head if it can maintain 350 km/h in still air, wishes to fly 500km in a diirection 040degree and the wind is blowing at 56km/h from 100 degree? howlong would the journey take(to the nearest minutes)? how long would the return

    asked by Pauline
  37. Accoutning

    Identifying cost flows in process cost system

    asked by Kelly
  38. stats

    In a given situation, suppose H0 (null hypothesis) was not rejected at alpha= .02. Would H0 also be retained at alpha = .01? would H0 also be retained at alpha = .05? I'm thinking yes and can't tell. I agree If you did not reject Ho at P = .02, You would

    asked by nick
  39. Art Question

    The best enviroment for art activities is which? 1. equipped with all materials in one place that is easily accessibe to children. 2. one that can accomodate a large number of children. 3. clean and arranged to avoid accidents. 3rd, unless u want children

    asked by Kendra
  40. history, pretty pleeaase quickly

    I need info on the formation, benefits, and detriments of the european union. I stayed up all night looking for this stuff, and the only thing i can find is the formation, and maybe a little bit of benefits-i think-but i have to have a 3-pg essay done

    asked by Alene
  41. critical thinking

    When using rhetorical devices, how can you restate your position twice, each time using a different rhetorical device. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all you need to select the rhetorical devices that will work best for you.

    asked by GIGI
  42. Writing

    Can you give an example of a thesis statement, then re-write it so that it's preserving what's at the heart of your thesis. Re-write it so that it captures the heart of your readers. Finally, identify whether your thesis is a claim of fact, definiton,

    asked by GIGI
  43. english

    i need to a prepostitional story like the one "inside outside upside down" by Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain. please i need it by 1:30 P.M.!!!!! Please note that no one here will do students' homework for them. Please give your assignment a try. Once

    asked by Anonymous
  44. On Line Texts

    How can I find on line texts for high school level? Here's a really good reading list for high school students (college-bound or not!): You can go to any of these sites to see what's available as e-texts online:

    asked by jules
  45. Calc

    I have a test soon.. and I really need to know how to do this problem.. please help!!! lim as x-->0 sin^2(x)/tan(x^2) the answer is 1, but I have no clue how to get that! Use series expansions. Look up Taylor expansion on google and study that topic first.

    asked by Urgent
  46. algebra 1 help

    One number is 6 more than another. If the sum of the smaller number and 3 times the larger number is 34, find the two numbers. what am i suppose to do i am reading as this but i know i am wrong 34=(x+6)+y*3 n + 3(n+6)=34 n is the smaller. the sum of the

    asked by linda
  47. science

    Some types of soil bacteria can form the nitrogen compounds that plants need. This is known as........... fixation bacteria. There are many kinds of them. THe most important belong to the genus Rhizobium

    asked by Hillary
  48. Chemistry

    Is it the second law of thermodynamics that provides a criterion for spontaneity? I don't think so yes

    asked by Jennifer
  49. social studies

    Characterize the united states culture according to the five categories of value orientation theory:man-nature,activity, time,human nature, relational. What is your view on Us culture. I am reading a book about the US cultures. I just wanted to hear or

    asked by cheryl
  50. algebra

    A consultant traveled 7 hours to attend a meeting. The return trip took only 6 hours because the speed was 10 miles per hour faster. What was the consultant's speed each way? I am trying to use the formula d=r*t how can i get the speed with out the

    asked by Ray
  51. Sports

    Can you name the six quarterbacks taken in the first round of the 1983 NFL draft and the order in which they were selected? We are a homework help service, helping students who are stuck with homework. If this is homework,I recommend you get your parents

    asked by Andrew