Questions Asked on
March 27, 2007

  1. Physics

    A hollow, spherical shell with mass 2.00 kg rolls without slipping down a slope angled at 38.0 degrees. (a) Find the acceleration, the friction force, and the minimum coefficient of fricition needed to prevent slipping. You will find the moment of inertia

    asked by Karla
  2. physics

    The emf of a battery is equal to its terminal potential difference: A) under all conditions B) only when the battery is being charged C) only when a large current is in the battery D) only when there is no curent in the battery E) under no conditions my

    asked by susane
  3. Physics

    Forces F1=7.50N and F2=5.30N are applied tangentially to a wheel with radius 0.330 m. What is the net torque on the wheel due to these two forces for an axis perpendicular to the wheel and passing through its center? It depends upon whether or not the

    asked by Karla
  4. Physics

    A woman with a mass of 50kg is standing on the rim of a large disk that is rotating at an angular velocity of .50 rev/s about an axis through its center. The disk has a mass of 110kg and a radius of 4.0m. Calculate the magnitude of the total angular

    asked by Karla
  5. Law of cosines

    A tree on a hillside casts a shadow 215 ft down the hill. If the angle of inclination of the hillside is 22 degree to the horizontal and the angle of elevation of the sun is 52 degreess, find the height of the tree. TIA sorry this is law of sines. sorry

    asked by Jen
  6. Physics

    In the old days, on a cold winter night it was common to bring a hot object to bed with you. Which would be better to keep you warm through the cold night - a 10 kg iron brick or a 10 kg jug of hot water at the same temperature? 10 kg iron brick 10 kg jug

    asked by Kristina
  7. math

    The measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon is 135 degrees. Find the number of sides in the polygon. This is what I tried: 180(x-2)=135 [Interior Angle Sum Theorem] x-2=.75 x=2.75 That can't be right though. Help? Not sure about your formula.

    asked by Emily
  8. Navigation

    A fisherman leaves his home port and heads in the direction N 70 degree W. He travels 30 mi and reaches Egg Island. The next day he sails N 10 degree E for 50 mi, reaching Forrest Island. a) Find the distance between the fisherman's home port and Forrest

    asked by Jen
  9. launguage arts

    What does Adhere mean?? stick to to stick to Here are some good online dictionaries you can use when you need them: =)

    asked by melody
  10. inequality expresion

    The cost of a long distant telephone call is $0.36 for first minutes and $0.21 each additional minutes or portion thereof. Write an inequality representing the number of minutes a person could talk with out exceeding $3.00 would this be written as

    asked by linda
  11. physics (thanks)

    in the context of the loop and junctions rules for electrical circuits a junction is: a) where a wire is connected to a resistor b) where a wire is connected to a battery c) where only two wire are joined d) where three or more wire are joined e) where a

    asked by susane
  12. Animal Art

    1. Which of the following statements regarding the use of pastels with other mediums is true? A. Pastels should never be used for accents in a watercolor painting. B. An artist can effectively add charcoal over a pastel rendering. C. Pastel tends to deaden

    asked by Erin
  13. math

    A Ski jumper starts at point A and leaves at point B. Assume a(naught)=gsin(theta) tangent to path, where g=9.81m/s^2. Determine takeoff speed, v, if r=60m and theta=40 degrees. (Hint: You will need the chain rule.)

    asked by Callie
  14. math

    Find the slope of 0,0 3,5 please help i stink at math rise = 3 run = 5

    asked by amanda
  15. Physics - KE/inertia

    The rigid body shown in Figure 10-66 (it is a triangle with the upper mass = to M and the bottom two corners/masses equal to 2M. The bottom side length equals .70 cm with point P in the middle of the side and the other two sides equal .55 cm)consists of

    asked by COFFEE
  16. calculus

    A Norman window has the shape of a semicircle atop a rectangle so that the diameter of the semicircle is equal to the width of the rectangle. What is the area of the largest possible Norman window with a perimeter of 33 feet? I got

    asked by jimmy
  17. Math

    How do you remember all the regruping stuff love Ally pethebridge First, for your own safety, use only your first name in posting. Thanks. Remembering "regruping stuff" is accomplished by the same methods used for studying any subject. These sites might be

    asked by Ally Petehbridge
  18. science

    How is homeostasis maintained in the digestive system? Homeostasis is maintained by negative feedback - For example.....a thermostat controlling temperature. When the temp goes down, the thermostat senses it and turns on the heat. When it gets to hot,

    asked by j
  19. Chem 12

    Okay, this is a two-part question and the unit is acids and bases. Ka for NH4 is 5.6 x 10^ -10 Kb for NH3 is 1.8 x 10^ -5 1. Determine the pH of a solution prepared by adding 0.0500 mole of solid ammonium chloride to 100mL of a 0.150 molar solution of

    asked by Kevin
  20. Short translation Spanish

    How would you say, 'that is just a fraction of many representations.' (an idiomatic expression yet again) Last post! Sorry and thank you so much for helping me on this oral. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. "Eso es no más que una

    asked by Anna
  21. Ecconomics

    Explain the factors that limit the growth of firms. do some research, and then take a shot. There are multitudes of factors that limit the growth of firms.

    asked by Laxman
  22. economics

    What is goal limitation in relating to the growth of firm? sorry, i have never seen the term "goal limitation" as a reference to an economic concept or economic modeling.

    asked by Nuwan
  23. safety

    i need to find information on the history of the automobile and how it has impacted the world (changed the world as well) economically and socially. thank you History of the automobile: As far as the

    asked by Amy
  24. Computer programinng

    How do I write a switch statement that displays "hello", "goodbye", and "Have a nice day"? In which language?

    asked by lisa
  25. Chemistry

    Could someone check my answers? 1. Why was 95% ethanol alcohol added when titrating aspirin in an experiment? Because it helps the aspirin dry quicker and become pure while the titration is going on. 2. Would the following mistakes cause the calculated

    asked by Jim
  26. word expressions

    2 times a number, increased by 28 is less than or equal to 6 times that number is this how i should write this 2*x+28 28 x > 7

    asked by tom
  27. math

    Find the measure of a exterior angle and a interior angle of a polygon with x+2y sides. How do you do that?

    asked by Emily
  28. algebra

    The electricity costs of a business decreased from $12,000 one yeart to $10,920 the next. What is the rate of decrease? the formula i am suppose to use i believe is amount/ base= rate/100 is this way i should do it 12,000/10,920=r/100 I seem to get the

    asked by RAY
  29. accounting- need help ASAP

    Write the transaction to record employer's payroll taxes. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Although I'm not exactly sure what you need, hopefully the following link will help you:

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Physics

    The 2-cm (radius) current loop shown in the figure is changing from θ1 = 11 degrees to θ2 = 66 degrees in a magnetic field 2 T in 0.5 seconds. What is the magnitude of the induced emf to the nearest hundredth of a millivolt? The wire in Problem 2 has

    asked by Jonathan
  31. Germany and China

    I have to find out how people in Germany AND China get their drivers it what process do they have to go through Thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The first links will be about Germany. If you have an American license,

    asked by Amy
  32. Genetics Biology

    Please if anyone could help me with a few suggestions about how to answer this question. A mutation produces a change to produce the dominant gene for continued lactase production throughout adult life. This occurs very frequently and is present in almost

    asked by Katie
  33. Physics

    A cord is wrapped around the rim of a wheel .250 m in radius, and a steady pull of 40.0 N is exerted on the cord. The wheel is mounted on frictionless bearings on a horizontal shaft through its center. The moment of inertia of the wheel about this shaft is

    asked by Karla
  34. government

    Suppose major officeholders from a particular party are not performing well, and the part is not monitoring these officeholders. In what ways could this situation affect the party as a whole? my answer is that it could be affected by the party not taking

    asked by Debra
  35. safety

    I have to find out was sort of specific impact on the economics of Germany and China has automobile accidents had. And the number of individuals killed and injured, property damage, etc. How does the United Nations see the outcome of the automobile

    asked by Amy
  36. Traffic Safety

    I have to find the top 5 reasons that causes traffic accidents on this website but I can't seem to find it anywhere thanks NHTSA is past of the Department of Transportation (DOT). The correct web address is I found this aite more

    asked by Amy
  37. math

    3/4x-2/5y=2 1/2x-3/5y=-2 im having trouble re aranging the y and the x values and im saposed to be sovling it with either substition or elimination Try this: Double the last equation to get x = -4 + (6/5) y Then substitute that x into the first equation

    asked by robynn
  38. English

    Can you please put this into iambic penatmeter: It is the end of time as we know it The end of four years is coming very near It is time to look at my yearbook a bit, It's the yearbook of my past times, so dear Iambic pentameter sounds something like this:

    asked by Jackie
  39. word unscramble

    xhfzhgzhoita Check the spelling. I found no matches.

    asked by lynne
  40. math,algebra,correction

    the direction say to calculate to approximate radical(22) to the nearest hundredth. Using the calculator. so i get this: 4.6904157 so if i round to the nearest hundredth would it then be4.69 only how do you write and equation for this condition: center

    asked by jasmine20
  41. Physics

    The Spinning Figure Skater. The outstretched hands and arms of a figure skater preparing for a spin can be considered a slender rod pivoting about an axis through its center . When his hands and arms are brought in and wrapped around his body to execute

    asked by Karla
  42. Calculating distance(law of cosines)

    Observers P and Q are located on the side of a hill that is inclined 32 degrees to the horizontal as shown(picture given). The observer at P determines the angle of elevation to a hot air balloon to be 62 degrees. At the same instant the observer at Q

    asked by Jen
  43. Math

    A survey on 25 people on how they got news resulted in the following data. M

    asked by Carlos
  44. Math

    ) Find the a) mean, b) median, c) mode, and d) midrange, for the given set of data.

    asked by Jennifer
  45. Calculus

    Given f and g are differentiable functions and f(a)=-4, g(a)=c, g(c)=10, f(c)=15 f'(a)=8, g'(a)=b, g'(c)=5, f'(c)=6 If h(x)=f(g(x)). find h'(a)? i'm not really sure how to get the answer. g'(a)=b, f'(b)=? How do i go about doing this. My reasoning must be

    asked by Sara
  46. Calc AB

    What is the area of the region in the first quadrant enclosed by the graph of y=e^(x^2/4) and the line y=0.5? When I graphed the two functions they don't even connect so the answer would be infinity. What am I doing wrong> Integrate y=e^(x^2/4) from x=0 to

    asked by Mischa
  47. Chemistry

    if the pressure was increased in this reaction : 2NO(g)+ O2 =====> 2NO2

    asked by Happy Camper
  48. Math

    If a rule is (3x,y) and a scale factor of 4 is used to transform it , what will the new rule be??? Show work

    asked by Jessica
  49. math

    Hank Kerchief went to the sale, bought a cd at 30% off and received a $6.00 discount. What was the original price of the cd??? Show work The $6 discount WAS the 30% reduction off the original price, P. Solve this equation for P: (1 - 0.30) P = 6

    asked by Katelyn
  50. math

    Find the equivalent measure. 45 feet=___________yards show work I suggest looking up the conversion factor between the two and working from there

    asked by Katelyn
  51. Math

    Use each function rule. Find y for x = 1,2,3, and 4 Question y = 2x you multiply all the x numbers by 2 and that will give you your number for variable y =)

    asked by Mike
  52. Math

    Below are the grades of 50 students on a marketing test.

    asked by Mark
  53. social studies

    how did the war with mexico lead to conflict between the north and the south? Texas was pro-slavery.

    asked by caleigh
  54. Math

    A survey on 25 people on how they got news resulted in the following data. M

    asked by Carlos
  55. Chem

    if the pressure was increased in this reaction : 2NO(g)+ O2 =====> 2NO2

    asked by Hello Kit
  56. Math

    The objective of statistics is best described as: A) To make inferences about a sample based on information we get from a population B) To use population mean, ƒÝ as an estimate of the sample mean, C) To make inferences about a population based on

    asked by Carla
  57. Science

    How does friction affect the mechanical advantage of a machine? It lowers it

    asked by Kelly
  58. math

    If a rule is (3x,y) and a scale factor of 4 is used to transform it , what will the new rule be??? Show work 12x, 4y?

    asked by matt
  59. Science

    Name a compound machine and tell what simple machine it contains? pencil sharpiner wedge and wheel and axle

    asked by Kelly
  60. help math

    Find the equivalent measure. 45 feet=___________yards show work Isn't there three feet in a yard. So multlply by 1yard/3feet. so its 3

    asked by matt
  61. Sciene

    The question is list ten habitats in the picture and the picture is a running water commujnity and the animals are limpet, bivalve, water louse, caddis fly lava, crayfish, flatworm, shrimp, snail and dragon fly.

    asked by Sarah
  62. Math

    Construct a histogram and a frequency polygon for the following frequency distribution Miles

    asked by michael
  63. science

    You move a 300N object 2 meters in 3 seconds. a. How much work do you do? b. What is your power?

    asked by angel
  64. Math

    A governor would like to find out how people in his state feel about state subsidized public art. How might a cluster sample be selected? I searched Google under the key words "cluster sampling" to get these possible sources:

    asked by jenn
  65. social studies

    world war 2: what happened to the Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel's men as a result of Operation Torch?

    asked by cori
  66. Science

    Who discovered/named the first case of melanoma and when was it?

    asked by Taylor
  67. math

    find slope 5,-2 -7,4 i think its 6 over 11

    asked by hottty
  68. Physics

    If you wish to warm 120 kg of water by 16°C for your bath, how much heat is required? ((The heat capacity of liquid water is 4186 J/(kg·oC) ) Q = M C *(delta T) delta T = 16 C (it means "change in temperature) M = 120 kg C = 4186 J/(kg·oC Multiply it

    asked by Paula

    a lyrics that is best describe patroclus character in the novel of iliad. another lyrics that is best describe andromache in the novel of iliad

    asked by cassandra
  70. Math(Please Help)

    Problem: x/4 - 4/x = 0 Directions:Solve the rational expression. x = -4 x = 4

    asked by margie
  71. Physics - KE

    In Figure 11-32 (which shows a ball at the top of an incline, at the bottom of the incline a loop begins with radius R and Q a point on the loop lined up with the center of the loop), a solid brass ball of mass m and radius r will roll without slipping

    asked by COFFEE
  72. Math2(PLease Help)

    Directions:Solve the rational expression. Problem: 1/(x+3)+1/(x-3)=1/(x^2-9) get (x+3), (x-3), and (x^2-9) to the same denominator...

    asked by margie
  73. science

    A gear with 30 teeth turns a gear with 5 teeth. How many turns will the driven gear turn for every turn the drive gear makes? Is this type of gear train usedto increase force or speed and distance? The tumber of teeth engaged is the same for both gears,

    asked by kelly5
  74. math

    If a rule is (3x,y) and a scale factor of 4 is used to transform it , what will the new rule be??? Show work

    asked by my world
  75. math

    There are 3 feet per yard. Do the division and what do you get? ?? Find the equivalent measure. 45 feet=___________yards show work 15

    asked by Writeacher
  76. math

    what is the slope of-6,3 -2,-9 help -6,3 -2,-9 I take these are coordinates. Gradient of a line is given by: (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) so y2=3, y1=-9 x2=-6, x1=-2 substitute in to the above and calculate the gradient.

    asked by amy

    REcognizing Antecedents And others: =)

    asked by Nicki S.
  78. Social Studies

    Does anyone know a website in which you can view Americas favorite pets? I need it ASAP, please. You could try this: Go to and click on Images. Type in america's favorite pets and see what happens. Dogs and cats will come out on top,

    asked by Dawins
  79. Writing lesson plans

    I have to prepare a lesson plan on a health unit "What Makes Our Bodies Grow" for a class size of 15 kindergarteners. Any ideas would be welcome. Does anyone know of websites that can help? Thanks! you could go to the library and maybe get some kid book

    asked by Thalia
  80. govenment

    1)In what ways does the existence of minor parties also work to strengthen the United States' two-party system? 2)What does the fact that aliens generally are not allowed to vote show about American beliefs? It shows that Americans believe that no one

    asked by Debra
  81. social studies

    does anybody know a good web site to get info on Samual Adams go to wikipedia and type him in WLCM :) why did hamitlon fee; it was so important to pay back the national debt what is the answer for a rule by the people is called

    asked by pi
  82. us history

    what is a political party? please respond me A political party is a political organization that seeks to attain political power within a government, usually by participating in electoral campaigns thank you for your answer

    asked by lezou jonathan
  83. humanities...NEED BY TONIGHT!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what is some things about ancient egyptian art and culture THNX :) I went to Google and searched for ancient egypt art culture and here are the results:

    asked by vahnna
  84. math

    Jose rode his trail bike for 10 miles. Two-thirds of the distance was over a mountain trail. How long is the mountain trail? what answer did you get 6 2/3 minles 6 2/3 miles

    asked by geo
  85. humanities...NEED BY TONIGHT!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also need things about egyptian education Use the same method I gave you in your first question. =)

    asked by vahnna
  86. calculus

    what is the property that distinguishes finite sets from infinite sets (give examples of each to accompany explaination). finite sets are countable. Infinite sets are not. so what would be an example of an infinite set? one that never ends? yes.

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Ap European History

    Discuss the characteristics and consequences of imperialism in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In your essay explain the various motives for imperialism and provide and example of each. also analyze the positive and negetive effects of imperialism on

    asked by Alicia
  88. Chem

    At 58.8 degrees C and at a total pressure of 1.00 atm the mole percent of acetone in the vapor state above a solution of acetone and water containing 70. mol % acetone is 87.5%. Assuming the solution to obey Raoult's Law, determine the vapor pressure of

    asked by Chris
  89. Germany and China

    I need to know if Germany and China both have liability insurance and what does it cover? (need references) also driving under the influence/BAC and punishment for (both countries) are selt belts required for these countries? Thank you for using the Jiskha

    asked by Travis
  90. Chemistry

    I have this awful problem due tomorrow; if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Most introductory chemistry texts provide a formula for the freezing point depression/boiling point of elevations: delta-T(f,b)= K(f,b) * m (m = molality) In fact,

    asked by Megan
  91. Physics - KE

    In Figure 11-32 (which shows a ball at the top of an incline, at the bottom of the incline a loop begins with radius R and Q a point on the loop lined up with the center of the loop), a solid brass ball of mass m and radius r will roll without slipping

    asked by COFFEE
  92. history

    who is the doctor that is working on the first car that will drive in th sky Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "flying car history" to get these possible sources:

    asked by none
  93. Information MGT

    How would today's business environment's be affected if we decided to get rid of all computer and information systems? Do you think it would have a serious affect on the global economy considering that mankind has been involved in various businesses much

    asked by Ms Brown
  94. PRECAL!

    Prove: (3cosx + 4sinx)^2 + (4cosx - 3sinx)^2=5 ...this is all under the square root sign. this is what i did please check. i multipied both binomials. but i get cos square x..and sincosx do i combine them..please help! In this case, after multiplying

    asked by just
  95. calculus

    a security camera in a bank is mounted on the wall 6.2 ft above the level of the counter and 9.4ft behind the front edge of the counter. What is the angle of depression of the camera if it is to be aimed 2 ft beyond the front edge of the counter. i

    asked by sam
  96. calculus

    express in sinx 1 1 ---------- + -------- cscx + cotx cscx - cotx and express in cosx 1 + cot x ------- - sin^2x cscx = 1/sinx so what do i do w. that extra one on the top!?? im so confused cscx Your fractions aren't lining up. This question is also not

    asked by linds
  97. math

    how many microseconds are in a minute. A microsecond is one millionth of a second there are 60 seconds in a minute. So 60 times one million is what? or (60)(1,000,000)=? got it thank you so much..

    asked by kg
  98. Molecular Cell Biology

    How do you knock out a gene in cell culture?

    asked by Susan