Questions Asked on
March 26, 2007

  1. Physics

    A ball is tossed straight up from the surface of a small spherical asteroid with no atmosphere. The ball goes to a height ewual to the asteroid's radius and then falls straight down towardd the surface of the asteroid. What forces if any act on the ball

    asked by Tammy
  2. Physics

    When a block slides a certain distance down an incline the work done by gravity is 300 J. What is the work done by gravity if this block slides the same distance up the incline? a) 300 J b) zero c) -300 J d) It cannot be determined without knowing the

    asked by Tammy
  3. Chemistry

    a change in pressure would have the greatest effect on the solubility of a A. solid in a liquid B. gas in a liquid C.liquid in a liquid D.liquid in a solid in an aqueous solution of potassium chloride, the solute is A. Cl B. KCl C. H20 D. K B for the

    asked by Kat
  4. Chemistry

    a lolution in which the crystalizing rate of the solute equals the dissolving rate of the solute must be? saturated?

    asked by Kat
  5. Spnaish- Translation

    Hi, I am trying to translate "It is still an everyday struggle to compete in this male dominated world, but there are many women who are defying adversity." Is this accurate: Es una problema para hoy a competir en este mundo de hombres, pero hay mujeres

    asked by Anna
  6. Chemistry

    which solution has the highest boiling point? a. 1 mole of NaNO3 in 500 g of water b. 1mole of NaNO3 in 1000g of water c. 1mole of NaNo3 in 750g of water d. 1mole of NaNo3 in 250 g of water The boiling point of water is elevated by about 0.5 degree for a 1

    asked by Kat
  7. Chemistry

    Just some homework. Would like to know if I am right, thanks. 1. Adding salt of a weak acid to a solution of the weak acid: a)lowers the concentration of the nonionized acid and the concentration of the H30+ b)lowers the concentration of the nonionized

    asked by Trish
  8. biology

    what difference would there be in the product cells at telophase II of the meiosis if there had been one crossing over at a position half way betwwen the huntington disease gene and the centromere from one pair of autosomes (chromosome 4)has a short arm

    asked by jane
  9. Reading

    The Great Depression

    asked by Catie
  10. discrete math

    Could someone help me with this induction proof. I know its true. given then any integer m is less than or equal to 2, is it possible to find a sequence of m-1 consecutive positive integers none of which is prime? explain any help is greatly appreciated

    asked by Kai
  11. Science

    How is friction involved in Volleyball? Hand touches volleyball maybe.... i know that but what type would that be?? Spinning friction orrolling friction??? The type of friction would relate to exactly how the hand comes in contact with the ball. Since

    asked by Aaron
  12. Physics

    A force F is exerted by a broom handle on the head of the broom, which is of mass m. The handle is at angle theda to the horizontal. (where it's tilted towards the left at about 30 degrees to the horizonal). The work is: a)fdsin theda b)fdcos theda This

    asked by Tammy
  13. chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution of KNO3(molecular mass=101) that contains 404 grams of KNO3 in 2.00 liters of solution? A. 1.00M b. 2.00M c. 0.500M d. 4.00M The definition of molarity is #mols/Liter of solution. Convert 404 g KNO3 to mols (mols =

    asked by Kat
  14. Chemistry

    What Occurs as a salt dissolves in water? the number of ions in the solution increases and the freezing point decrease the number of the ions in the solution increase and the freezing point increase the # of ions in the solution decrease and the freezing

    asked by Kat
  15. Discrete Math

    Could someone help me with this induction proof. I know its true. given then any integer m is greater than or equal to 2, is it possible to find a sequence of m-1 consecutive positive integers none of which is prime? explain any help is greatly appreciated

    asked by Kai

    We know that chloroform does not dissolve or mix with water. But why does chloroform, under some conditions, dissolve in a mixture of acidic acid and water? Do you mean acetic acid? whoops sorry, i think it is suppose to be acetic acid. I would imagine

    asked by Amy
  17. Physics please check

    A rotating door is made from four rectangular glass panes, as shown in the drawing. The mass of each pane is 88 kg. A person pushes on the outer edge of one pane with a force of F = 53 N that is directed perpendicular to the pane. Determine the magnitude

    asked by Jim
  18. Algebra

    Find Ó x for the following set of numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11. If I knew what that funny looking symbol represents I may be able to do the problem. Can someone explain please. Ok I think I have the answer now. All that symbol means is the mean. The

    asked by jeff
  19. help

    The interest rate on a second mortgage was5 7/8 % last month. This month the interest rate is 7 3/2 %. How many percentage points has the interest rate increased? Are you sure you mean 7 3/2% ? No lender would write an intereest rate that way. Perhaps you

    asked by carmen
  20. Math

    At an annual flower show, 6 different entries are to be arranged in a row. a) How many different arrangements of the entries are possible? b) If the owners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries will be awarded prizes of $100, $50, and $25 respectively,

    asked by Jennifer
  21. IT Information Systems Technology

    Why are database management systems important in the business community? Give atleast two reasons. Let's begin with what a database is. A database is a collection of data records. These records are on your computer and a program is used to access the

    asked by Maria
  22. Data Management Systems

    A stationary business is interested in starting a Web site for their Stationary shop, so their existing customers can submit stationary and custom orders online. They want this Web site to help them reach new customers. What type of database management

    asked by Maria
  23. calc

    I assume the poster was trying to type "oblique asymptote" from your answer of 3x+2 + 7/(x-1) we can conclude that there is an oblique linear asymptote of y = 3x + 2, and a vertical asymptote at x = 1 for the original function given. how do u find obblique

    asked by Reiny
  24. math

    How many different ways are there for an admissions officer to select a group of 7 college candidates from a group of 19 applicants for an interview? Since the order in which they are picked does not matter, the number of combinations is 19!/(7!*12!)=

    asked by Carla
  25. Algebraic proof.

    can someone help and explain these to me? AngleWXZ and Angle ZXY is complementary the measure of AngleWXY=3x+3 a.)measure of angle=______ =measure of angle WXZ+the measure of AngleZXY(Angle Addition Postulate) b.) measure of AngleWXZ+ the measure of

    asked by Mike
  26. sociolinguistics

    i need to describe the grammatical features in this sentence: " we kept going on the sea, hunting for fish, and a wind arose. now we were going in canoes, and an immense wind arose now, and we were thrown around and were moving very fast. It looks like you

    asked by Carla Robinson
  27. humanities

    For this question Marlow is typical of many of his contemporizes who go to Africa. is this answer true. thanks We need to know the context of this question, before we can respond adequately to you. Please repost with more information. I hope this helps.

    asked by casey
  28. math

    if 1 inch equals 10 feet, than how many inches is 13 feet? 1.3

    asked by mikki
  29. math

    In how many ways can 7 instructors be assigned to seven sections of a course in mathematics? seven factorial. The first instructor can go to seven classes: THe second to six classes, ... 7*6*5*... 7! so... 5040 7X6X5X4X3X2X1 = 5040 7

    asked by Carlos
  30. Chemistry

    a.) All the compunds are electrolytes, although not all of them are strong electrolytes. Compunds C and D are ionic and compund B is covalent. b.) Nitrogen occurs in its highest possible oxidation state in compunds A and C; nitrogen occurs in its lowest

    asked by Amanda

    As cells get older, DNA gets damaged and lowers in DNA repair process what is the initial effect? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "DNA aging" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Casio
  32. Algerbra

    how do you solve 7(3x+4)=8(2x+5)+13 expand the parenthesis...I will do the left side.. 21x + 29= Now, subtract sixteen x from both sides, and subtract 28 from both sides. I will be happy to check your work. 7(3x+4)=8(2x+5)+13 21x + 29 is 7 times 4 28? 21x+

    asked by Tony
  33. math

    A specific brand of bike comes in two frames, for males or females. Each frame comes in a choice of two colors, red and blue, and with a choice of three seats, soft, medium, and hard. a) Use the counting principle to determine the number of different

    asked by Jennifer
  34. math

    how do you factor 5h^3-20h? its pretty simple. the answer is 5h(h+2)(h-2). you find it by first taking out 5h and you end up with (x^2-4) left which factors out.

    asked by stacy
  35. Language

    What is a topic sentence? Since I do not know what grade you are in, here are two sites on Topic Sentences. The first is for beginning paragraph writers and gives a very simple explanation and examples. The second is for secondary students. If you have

    asked by Joy
  36. Physics - KE/Inertia

    The rigid body shown in Figure 10-66 (it is a triangle with the upper mass = to M and the bottom two corners/masses equal to 2M. The bottom side length equals .70 cm with point P in the middle of the side and the other two sides equal .55 cm)consists of

    asked by COFFEE
  37. English

    What words have ive on the end? Adjectives, nouns, and verbs:*ive&ls=a =)

    asked by Jody
  38. Economics

    How can government interference create inefficient production? Use at least one example. I can think of a plentitude of ways. Think of government programs or actions that change market equilibriums. (three hints: tarriffs, price controls, special tax

    asked by Chrissy
  39. math

    A specific brand of bike comes in two frames, for males or females. Each frame comes in a choice of two colors, red and blue, and with a choice of three seats, soft, medium, and hard. a) Use the counting principle to determine the number of different

    asked by michael
  40. science

    what needs electricity to work anything that you plug in Eg. tv, computer, playstation,

    asked by Jaechaun
  41. economics

    I have to find some articles on the Positive Externality(characteristics)of automobiles anad negative externality (Characteristics ) of automobiles I have found several negatives I am having a hard time finding any positive ones any suggestions While some

    asked by Laura
  42. science

    where can you see earth's atmospere clearly Well, you can see light that is scattered from microscopic dust particles in the atmosphere during the day from any point: That blue color of the sky is that scattered light.

    asked by talor
  43. Transition Math

    Maritza earns $9.75 an hour, and time ans a half for overtime. What will she earn per hour of overtime? Multiply $9.75 by 1.5. That will give her hourly rate for overtime.

    asked by Jessica
  44. Math

    what are the answers to the following questions? 6n+16=26, n=? 8a-6=18 a=? -16-10n=24 n=? 18+14z=-6 z=? etc? show work please? 8a-6=18 a=? 8x?-6?18 8x3-6=18 the answer is 3 6n+16=26 6n=26-16 6n=10 10/6=1.6 n=1.6 -16-10n=24 10n=24+16 10n=40 40/10=4 n=4

    asked by nicole
  45. math

    4c=16 c=___ i know the answer but i have to show the work. It is complicated. pleeese help! 4c=16 4 4 c=4

    asked by Alex
  46. music

    what is a pentotinc piece of music in china or japan? Please check your spelling of the term pentotinc.... then repost. We have not been able to find any information on that term as it is spelled. She's talking about pentatonic music. It's made up of do,

    asked by louise
  47. Government

    If a proposed ammendment violates the constituition, should the Supreme Court be able to block its ratification? explain. I say yes because the constitution should never be violated. i agree because the constitution is something that basically/kind of is

    asked by mika
  48. Chemistry

    Which of the two, benzoic acid and sucrose, has the largest heat of combustion and why? Can you look up the heats of combustion. I found -3226.9 kJ/mol for benzoic acid and -5637 kJ/mol for sucrose but you should look for yourself and confirm those

    asked by Amy
  49. Chemistry

    Why does chloroform, under some conditions, dissolve in a mixture of acid acid and water? sorry, i meant acidic acid not acid acid.

    asked by Amy
  50. help

    Describe an application for the use of ratios or proportions that is not mentioned in your text, or describe how an application problem in the text could be useful in your daily life. "Help" is not a subject, as far as I know. This is a math question. =)

    asked by carmen
  51. hELP!!!

    who was martha chase try typing it into google or wikipedia thanx alot anytime

    asked by LYNN
  52. algebra

    What is the difference between y=sqrtx +3 and y=2sqrtx +3 (I put spaces between x and the + to show that only the x is a squareroot) And what is the difference between y=2sqrtx +3 and y=sqrt2x+3 When I mean the difference, I mean how they would look

    asked by Lydia
  53. World Studies

    What are the national clothes that people wear in Switzerland? Also, what is some really cool places in Switzerland? There are several sites here that you will find helpful.

    asked by Emily
  54. Calculus

    What is the integral or e^(-x)? What is the derivative of - e-x ?

    asked by Ari
  55. Math

    i cant figure out how 2 reduce A negative squared B squared..... 12-8

    asked by Coley
  56. NEED TODAY BY 8:00 CST

    Cost of Debt. Olympic Sports has two issues of debt outstanding. One is a 9 percent coupon bond with a face

    asked by Cherie Cruz
  57. Biology

    What in milk, (Calcium, fat, ...) causes it to be an antidiuretic? In an experiment I conducted, the subjects drank the same amount of water as milk on separate days. There was a significant difference in the amount of fluid excreted after each drink. Why?

    asked by Carmen
  58. microeconomics

    Fixed costs are those costs that do not change with output is this True or False? do some reading, then take a shot.

    asked by carrie
  59. microeconomics

    If MP of labor is rising, then AV must be rising too. Is this True or False? do some research, then take a shot. Hint: your text probably has a graph with both marginal and average (cost or production) curves. Is there a level where the M curve is rising

    asked by carrie
  60. Physics

    A spring has a force constant of 100N/m and an unstretched lenght of .07 m. One end is attached to a post that is free to rotate in the center of a smooth table. The other end is attatched to a 1 kg disc moving in uniform circular motion on the table,

    asked by Tammy
  61. Economics

    What is the difference between a buyer's market and a seller's market? How can a buyer's market turn into a seller's market? In a buyers market, the buyers have all/most of the bargaining advantages. Buyers can often get the "proverbial" good deal. Sellors

    asked by Chrissy
  62. English Essay

    CAn someone please find an analytical essay on David Sedaris' "ME Talk Pretty One Day". I would greatly appreciate it. You should be able to find something useful in this collection of sites:

    asked by Dave
  63. math

    can someone help me set this up so i can solve. Problem #3 the posted speed limit for trucks along national route 3 is 35 MPH. how many kilometers will a convoy cover after 3.7 hours on the road traveling at the posted Problem # 5 IF the formula to figure

    asked by jasmine20

    Including yourself, you have an 11-man squad prepared to build fortifications for the next six hours. It is 98-degrees in the shade. You have directed each soldier to drink one quart of water per hour duing this period. Each individual has two 1-quart

    asked by jasmine20
  65. Chemistry

    What is the entropy of CH3OH? My CRC tables list 239.865 J/K*mol @ 298.15o K. Do you also know the enthalpy? deltaHof= -201.000 kJ/mol according to the CRC Handbook,1995-96 edition.

    asked by Meg
  66. chemistry (heat of fusion/vaporization)

    i need help setting this problem up. You have an insulated container of water that has a temperature of 83.2 C, you continue to add ice until the temperature reaches .6 C and you remove the excess ice, your volume increased by 79.8 mL. What amount of hot

    asked by abby
  67. algebra1

    two consecutive integers such that the sum of 3 times the frist integer and 6 times second integer is 24. Expalin the variables that you used. If I could get help in solving this ASAP, I wiould really appreicate it? Let the two consecutive integers be x

    asked by cheryl
  68. MATH!

    5x^2-7xy+12y^2 _______________(OVER) x^2+xy-20y^2 Please if anyone can help in the steps to answer this...i would be greatful.=) What is a reflex angle Are you sure you copied the question correctly? If the top is 5x^2-17xy-12y^2 it works out really

    asked by megan
  69. Chem

    Why does chloroform, under some conditions, dissolve in a mixture of acidic acid and water?

    asked by Amy
  70. Foreign Languages- Spanish

    Hi, How would you say, "We should acknowledge the many achievements that women have brought to the table today." I need to include an idiomatic expression. Thanks so much! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. "To bring to the table" is an

    asked by Gerald
  71. Math

    Can any1 help me find the midpoint that is between the following points C(-3,9) and D(4,-11)? sure. Easy. xm= 1/2 (-3 + 4) ym= 1/2 (9-11) thax... but my teacher said that's confused

    asked by Lovepreet
  72. Math

    11. (3 pts) The results of a survey for an airline are shown below Traveler

    asked by Mark
  73. accounting

    . Stock Values. Integrated Potato Chips paid $1 per share dividend yesterday. You expect the dividend to grow steadily at a rate of 4 percent per year. a.

    asked by sara
  74. accounting

    Constant growth model. Here are data on two stocks, bth of which have discount rate of 15%.

    asked by sara
  75. history

    What concerns were brought during Lincoln's Presidency in the election of 1860 Already answered. =)

    asked by Mack
  76. math,algebra

    can someone help me i've tried different numbers but i can come out to factor this: 2b^2+6b-216=0 why don't you divide the equation by 2 to get b^2+3b-108=0 now by trial and error, can you find two factors of 108 that have a difference of 3? (b-9)(2b+24)

    asked by jacky
  77. history

    What does "BULLY PULPIT" mean and which of our 54 presidents bests represents that term

    asked by Mack
  78. Chemistry

    Think about this. Then let us know what you think and why! The answer should be obvious if you think about it. A liquid in a stoppered flask is allowed to stand at constant temperature entil the liquid level in the flask remains constant. which condition

    asked by DrBob222
  79. math-calculus

    1.For any function y+f(x), express dy/dx using limit notation. Give a clear explanation for your given answer. you probably meant to type y=f(x) By definition dy/dx = Limit (f(x+∆x) - f(x))/∆x as ∆x-->0 The explanation of this equation is the whole

    asked by Chris
  80. history

    I need help trying to fill in the blank. Wilson says he alone represented the people__________________

    asked by Mack
  81. Calcium

    Does calcium cause the body to retain fluid? I can't find any information. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "calcium 'fluid retention'" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Cadence
  82. Chemistry

    How many moles of H2SO4 are needed to prepare 5.0 liters of 2.0M solution of H2SO4? a. 5.0 b. 10 c. 2.5 d. 20 Go back to the definition of molarity. M = #mols/L is the answer d If M = # mols/L, then L x M = #mols. 5.0L x 2.0M = 10 mols.

    asked by Kat
  83. Chemistry

    what is the total # of grams of NaOH(formula mass=40) needed to make 1.0 liter of a 0.20 M solution a. 80.g b. 2.0g c. 8.0g d. 20.g Go back to the molarity definition. is the answer b molarity = #mols/L 0.20 M means we want # mols in 1 L to be 0.20 mols.

    asked by Kat
  84. math

    can you help me solve this problem using long division? 14 divided by 4 what is th volume of a 3 inch cube?

    asked by sonia
  85. history

    What does this quote mean? How does it establish a democratic government? "A President can never be heedless (or neglectful) with public opinion" It Means that he has to listen to everyones problems and try and fix them and do what is best for the US and

    asked by Mack
  86. history

    What did james Wilson propose for the American Presidency? P.S. I also answered this one last night for you!

    asked by Mack
  87. history

    Overall who is to remain above politics,is George Washington able to do this? no

    asked by Mack
  88. history

    Who was the first president to be impeached? none have ever been impeached....yet Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again, but didn't you ask this question last night? I remember answering it for you:

    asked by Mack
  89. Chemistry

    In the Laboratory, a student mixes aqueous solutions of NiSO4 and NaOH. whatwill be the result of this experiment? Ni(oh)2 precipitates out of solution ..IS that right? yes. But I would right is as Ni(OH)2

    asked by Kat
  90. Chemistry

    what occurs when sugar is added to water.... It dissolves? the freezing point of the water will decrease and the boiling point will increase Thanks for your help i think i get it better now That't right.

    asked by Kat
  91. any grammatical errors with this sentence?

    The use of cell phones would not be as pervasive if it was indeed not remarkable. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This sentence is not clear to me. Are you saying that the use is remarkable or that phones are remarkable? At any rate, in

    asked by jenny
  92. history

    When does Lincoln calls his Presidency "A mandate from the people?" When Lincoln was reelected and the Republican majority in Congress was increased, he felt that he had a "mandate from the people" for the Thirteenth that what you mean?

    asked by Mack
  93. Math, rates

    Which rates are equivalent? 6 U.S. dollars = 18 U.S. dollars 8 Canadian dollars 20 Canadian dollars 6 U.S. dollars = 9 U.S. dollars 8 Canadian dollars 12 Canadian Dollars 6 U.S. dollars = 9 U.S. dollars 8 Canadian dollars 16 Canadian dollars 6 U.S. dollars

    asked by carol
  94. history

    (I need help filling in the blanks.) Wilson says he alone represented the people ______________. Teddy Roosevelt claims to be a __________________ of the people. The Roosevelt one is "Steward" of the people..he only did what was for the public's good.

    asked by Mack
  95. history

    (Please.) This is my last question of the night. I need help filling in the blank. Wilson says he alone represented the people__________________. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum yet again. You may not be receiving answers for the

    asked by Mack
  96. Math

    find two factors of 28 with the sum of 11. Surely by the time you posted this question, you should have been able to figure out that very simple question. Give it a try!!! Let me know what you came up with. well I think its 7 and 11. I was looking for

    asked by kg