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March 22, 2007


    The masses and coordinates of four particles are as follows: 40 g, x = -4.0 cm, y = 5.0 cm; 30 g, x = 5, y = 0.0 cm; 40 g, x = –5.0 cm, y = 3.0 cm; 20 g, x = 3.0 cm, y = 2.0 cm. What are the rotational inertias of this collection about the (a) x, (b) y,

    asked by wolfpak
  2. A few chemistry

    I got the rest of the homework, but these are confusing me so much...ugghhhh. 1. The pH of a .400 M solution of iodic acid, HlO3, is .726 at 25 degrees C. What is the Ka(acid constant) at this temperature? 2. The pH of a .150 M solution of HClO is found to

    asked by Trish
  3. chemistry check

    A) Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction between sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide. I got H2SO4 + KOH ---> H2OH + KSO4 B) Write the ionic equation for the reaction. H2 + S2O4-2 + K + OH- ---> H2 + OH + K2SO4-2 C) Write the net ionic

    asked by jon
  4. Econ MC

    !@#$%^& owns a dog whose barking annoys !@#$%^&'s neighbor Jane. Suppose that the benefit of owning the dog is worth $700 to !@#$%^& and that Jane bears a cost of $500 from the barking. Assuming !@#$%^& has the legal right to keep the dog, a possible

    asked by Econ
  5. chem

    How do you balance this equation?: (NH4)2SO4+Ca(OH)2==>CaSO4+NH3+H20 Thanks! 2 NH3 2H2O Others are ones. (NH)2SO4 + Ca(OH)2 --> CaSO4+2NH3+2H2O Thanks!

    asked by Fidelia
  6. math

    tan (u-v) given sin u=3/4 and cos v= -5/13 with U and V in quadrant 2 Use the identity tan (u-v) = (tanu tanv)/[1-tanu tanv) Get the values of tanu and tanv from the sines and cosines that you are given. For example, if cos v = -5/13, sin v = 12/13 and tan

    asked by lauren


    asked by Kim
  8. chemistry

    how do u calculate the percentage of water of cystallisation in FeSO4.7H2O percent water= 7*molmassH20/molmassFeSO4.7H2O * 100 now to get the mole mass of FeSO4.7H2O * 100, it is the sum of the atomic mass of one Fe, one S, four O, 14H, and 7 O.

    asked by janet
  9. Chem

    Given E° (Al3+|Al) = -1.66V and E° (Ag+|Ag) = .80V, calculate the overall cell potential when the two half-cells are connected. My answer: E°cell = E°(cathode) - E°(anode) E°cell = .80 + 1.66 = 2.46 Is this correct? That's right.

    asked by Marisol

    The masses and coordinates of four particles are indicated in the following table. 40 g

    asked by wolfpak
  11. science

    Please unscramble acronoc,glataroil, frete, estoroit, whockudoc.

    asked by Les
  12. Chemistry

    Is this correct? Thanks. What is the standard cell potential? Pb2+ ( aq ) + 2e „³ Pb (s) -0.13V Mn2+ ( aq ) + 2e „³ Mn (s) -1.19V Pb2+ ( aq ) + 2e „³ Pb (s) -0.13V Mn (s) „³ Mn2+ ( aq ) + 2e ¡V +1.19V The electrode potential for a given cell,

    asked by key
  13. math

    find all solutions in the interval [0,2 pi) sin(x+(3.14/3) + sin(x- 3.14/3) =1 sin^4 x cos^2 x Since sin (a+b) = sina cosb + cosb sina and sin (a-b) = sina cosb - cosb sina, the first problem can be written 2 sin x cos (pi/3)= sin x The solution to sin x =

    asked by lauren
  14. chem

    hey guys I posted this awhile ago im not sure if anyone has read it or whatever but here it is again find the PH of a .00580 M solution of the strong base KOH. is it -log(.00580)= 2.24 pOH = -log[OH-] pH + pOH = 14.00 Therefore, pOH = -log(.00580) pH +

    asked by chris
  15. Social

    What was the bonus army, why were they protesting and what happened to them? i cant find this anywhere soooo plez helppppp thanks

    asked by Joe
  16. ap chemistry

    What is the concentration (in M) of hydronium ions in a solution at 25 degrees C with a pH = 4.282? i got 5.22 x 10^-5 ? right on the money.

    asked by Jaron
  17. Chemistry

    Given the following information about xenon normal boiling point = -108 degrees C normal melting point = -112 degrees C triple point = -121 degrees C at 281 mmHg critical point = -16.6 degrees C at 58 atm a) Construct an appropriate phase diagram for xenon

    asked by Christopher
  18. Science

    I would like to know does this statement makes a good hypothesis for my paper(or)can someone give me some type of insight on how to word it correctly. "My paper will prove that homosexuality is a phenomenon that maybe due to biological factors,

    asked by GIGI
  19. sci/chemistry

    when 1.87 g of gypsum(hydrated calcium sulfate) was heated to constant mass, it lost 0.39 g of water. What is the formula of gypsum? YOu know it is of the form: CaSO4.XH2O the idea here is to find x. calculate the number of moles of water in .39g.

    asked by jas
  20. Carbon Isotopes

    I have a problem with my tree core samples. After graining them with a Wig-L-Bug, we noticed that some of the plastic material which the capsules of the Wig-L-Bug are made with was mixed with our samples turning a little dark the samples. We didn’t pay

    asked by Domingo Sancho
  21. Physics

    I have no idea of how to solve this problem. Please help. lunch tray is being held in one hand, as the drawing illustrates. The mass of the tray itself is 0.200 kg, and its center of gravity is located at its geometrical center. On the tray is a 1.00 kg

    asked by Jim
  22. physics again

    Why don't sparklers burn you? i don't understand if they're hot then how do they have little heat? and were learning about electric forces so it must have something with that Sparklers produce light by means of an electroluminescent reaction. A chemical

    asked by naomi
  23. Physics

    A personne walking at a speed of 1.7m/s see's a stoped bus 25m from him. At this moment this person starts to run with an acceleration of 1,3m/s2. After 4 secondes this personne has reached his maximum speed et it stays constant, but at the same time the

    asked by Nick
  24. 7th Grade Math

    Please help - I don't know where to begin. My problem is this: Find the numbers "Y" and "Z" if (1 and 3/5 times "Y") + (3/5 times "Z") = 5 AND (1 and 3/5 times "Z") + (3/5 times "Y") = 6. Thank You! change 1 and 3/5 to another fraction: 8/5 so the equation

    asked by Kyle
  25. science/chem

    calculate the percentage composition in NO2 Figure the mol mass of NO2 (atomic mass N + 2*atomic masss O) percent N= atomicmassN/molmassNO2 * 100 percent O= 2*atomicmassO/molmassNO2 *100

    asked by racheal
  26. Economics

    How do you proceed in calculating exchange rates between countries and what data do you need? Exchange rates are simply market prices of foreign currencies. The price can fluxuate on a daily basis. So, are you asking how you would build a model that

    asked by joe
  27. math

    I am a positive integer less than 100. two more than my value is a multiple of 6. the sum of my digits is a multiple of 7. I must show all my work This kind of problem can't be solved by writing and solving one or two equations. You have to use "trial and

    asked by steph
  28. Acounting 202

    Dokken & Dietrich’s Donut Company pays for 25% of its inventory purchases in the month of the purchase and the remainder in the following month. The company’s inventory purchases totaled $840,000 in October, $920,000 in November, and $600,000 in

    asked by merceda
  29. Honors Algebra II

    A runner and a walker begin on a track (oval shape) 1 mile in length at the same spot and depart in opposite directions. The runner goes steadily at 9 mph while the walker goes at a steady 3 mph. How long before they meet again? Show your work! Let the

    asked by Nicole
  30. chem

    For this problem, will someone please check my answer? How many grams of oxygen are produced in the decomposition of 5.00g of potassium chlorate? KClO3(s)--->KCl(s)+O2(g) [the equation may not be balanced] My answer is 1.96 g of O2. The balanced equation

    asked by Fiona
  31. Geog

    if the temperature at sea level is 70 degree F , according to the normal of average lapse rate of 3.6 degree F/1000', the temperature at 10,000' would be what? show work plz Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up

    asked by matt
  32. Geog

    2- at sea level the air temperature is 80 degree F. this air reaches the dewpoint at 6,000’. The air continues to rise, pushed up by trade winds, over a mountain that is 12,000’ high. If the dry adiabatic rate is 5.5 degree F/ 1000’ and the wet

    asked by matt
  33. Physics - drwls

    Posted by winterWX on Monday, March 19, 2007 at 11:51pm. A 2600 kg truck traveling north at 38 km/hr turns east and accelerates to 55 km/hr. What is the change in the truck's kinetic energy? What is the magnitude of the change in the linear momentum of the

    asked by winterWX
  34. Biology

    1. In an experiment, a man drank a litre of water, his urine output increases so that after hours he had eliminated the extra water. When he drank a litre of 0.9% of sodium chloride (common salt), there was little or no increase in his urine production.

    asked by Uduak
  35. Math

    I have a question I am having a hard time with..... 2 more than 6 times a number divided 3 Would this be read as (6p / 3) + 2 or 6 (p/3) + 2 thank you for your help!!! Both are correct. In the second one, 6 is equal to 6/1, so when you multiply it by p/3,

    asked by M
  36. grammar

    Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Never found out what really happened to them. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This should not be labeled "grammar" but "English." There was a lot of supposition about who exactly

    asked by Anonymous
  37. us history

    agree or disagree? During the 1920 stock amrket crash, tbankers invested their depositors money in unsound investments. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR questions, please re-post and

    asked by jessica
  38. Re: Physics - drwls #2

    Posted by winterWX on Monday, March 19, 2007 at 11:54pm. A small block of mass m = 4.0 kg can slide along the frictionless loop-the-loop. The block is released from rest at point P, at height h = 23R above the bottom of the loop (R is the radius of the

    asked by winterWX
  39. Humanities 130

    What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States? Check these sites about the development of Islam in the U.S. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Mike
  40. Calc

    Does 1/ln(x+1) converge or diverge? I've tried the nth term test, limit comparison test, and integral test. All I get is inconclusive. The other tests I have (geometric series, p-series, telescoping series, alternating series, and root tests) don't apply.

    asked by Mischa

    The length of a bicycle pedal arm is 0.152 m, and a downward force of 146 N is applied to the pedal by the rider's foot. What is the magnitude of the torque about the pedal arm's pivot point when the arm makes the following angles with the vertical? (a)

    asked by wolfpak
  42. spelling

    need a tongue twister out of these words stitch,switch,speech,stretch,scratch During my speech, I wanted to stretch to reach the switch to scratch the itchy stitch. Say that three times really fast.

    asked by josh
  43. Systems Physiology

    One morning you are lying in a meadow under the blue summer sky of Connecticut. You notice a small bird (likely a song sparrow but unfortunately you have forgotten your binoculars so you just assume) perched on a branch in the shade of an old oak tree. You

    asked by mike
  44. English

    Hello. I have a sentence that needs to be clarified. "In that country which begins at the foot of the east slope of the Sierras and spreads out by less and less lofty hill ranges toward the Great Basin, it is possible to live with great zest, to have red

    asked by John
  45. Economics (& Public Policy)

    I'm an idiot, but please let me know where to begin here. This is a distance learning course, and I CANNOT contact the professor, and cannot make sense of it in the textbook. If someone can please look at this and let me know where to begin, I thank you

    asked by KP
  46. Language Arts class

    Can you help me unscramble these words to make a sentence? bloom white lilies the were petals with and stems graceful the white bloom lilies with petals and stems were graceful . I don't think Keesha's answer makes sense, do you? Please rethink this and

    asked by Nick
  47. Chem

    I'm pretty sure this should be a fairly simple conversion factor problem, but I'm getting bad results. I want to go from molarity (mol/L) to density. Based on simply unit analysis, I figured that I could go in this direction: mol/L x g/mol x L/mL = g/mL

    asked by Tasha
  48. social

    After the dust bowl, many farmers moved East to New York because winds travel west to east? it asks if i agree or disagree n i don't know wat to say or were to look :( Scroll down until you see the maps;

    asked by rizzo
  49. Physics

    why are you not harmed by the greater-than-1000°C sparks from a Fourth of July-type sparkler? The sparks, while hot (high temperature), have little heat in them (low thermal capacity, or specific heat).

    asked by Naomi
  50. algebra1

    How do i solve this problem? 2(x-3)-3(x+5)=3(x-2)-7 what are the steps to solving this equation? HELP!!! Multply out the parentheses and then combine terms First step: 2x - 6 -3x -15 = 3x -6 -7 -x -21 = 3x -13 Nox add x + 13 to both sides of the equation

    asked by jason
  51. Math

    How many feet are in a mile? You can find these conversions on google by simply typing what you need to convert. For instance, "convert miles to feet" 1 mile = 5,280 feet

    asked by Jennifer
  52. Genetics/biology Advice

    Can anyone comment as to wether this solution is correct for this question please !! Draw a mating diagram where L is the dominant gene for the digestion of lactose and shows the crosses between two heterozygotes and wiht the the phenotypic and genotypic

    asked by Freddo
  53. algebra1

    The equation: 6x-(x+3) =5+2x First step in solving: 6x-x+3=5+2x Write a clear explanation of what error has been made and what could be done to avoid the mistake. The + 3 should be a -3. should have been 6x-x-3=5+2x if you have brackets with only a

    asked by keshia
  54. chemistry

    A titration was performed on 50.0 ml of .250 M NaOH. After the addition of 71.4 ml of HCl,the phenolphthalein indicator changed from pink to colorless. What was the concentration of the HCl? im not sure how to figure this one out but here goes

    asked by unknown
  55. ap chem

    A 9.00 M solution of a weak acid, HA, has a pH of 1.30 1.) calculate [A-] at equilibrium 2.) calculate [HA] at equilibrium Use pH to get (H^+). Ka = (H^+)(A^-)/(HA) (A^-) = (H^+). (HA) = 9 Plug and chug. Post your work if you get stuck.

    asked by Jaron
  56. math

    Rose's garden is in the shape of a trapezoid. The ht is 16m one base is 20m and the area is 224m2 find the length of the other base 290m2

    asked by tony

    ok this is the scenario 12. Industry: cell phones Event: 1.) cell phones are reported to cause brain tumors 2.) the cost of cell phone electronic chips are cheaper so in this scenario, demand decreases and the supply increases....thus demand shifts to the

    asked by tofu

    HOW CAN YOU COMPARE HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL, AND CONGLOMERATE COMBINATIONS? In terms of what? Profitability? size?, market share? Plz be more specific, then do a little research/reading

    asked by TAWNY
  59. Social Studies

    What originally established how congressional representation is determined? a. the Constitution b. Supreme Court decision c. Declaration of Independence d. presidential executive disorder I think it's B...not sure, though. Please check the first article in

    asked by Jessica
  60. histroy

    complete a paper on Hinduism. The paper will allow you to focus on the religion’s cultural and societal influences and compare them to its origins. You are also asked to explain the Hindu desire for liberation from earthly existence. We don't write

    asked by Trenet
  61. Biology

    How does the structure of green cell organelles relate to the metabolic processes of photosynthesis and aerobic respiration? Many thanks for any help.

    asked by Sam
  62. Biology

    Could anyone suggest a web site where i could get the structual formulae and the equation for the hydrolosis of lactose thanks

    asked by Bex
  63. math

    i sorda know how to do this problem, but i am gonna ask anyway. ADDITIONAL INFO: consider a regular deck of cards without the jokers. Cards are replaced after each draw. Find the probability of each of the following. QUESTION: P(pair of red kings) wow

    asked by Lindsey
  64. Social Studies

    I have a question. Could you give me some similarites that a prime minister and a president share? For example, they both are heads of the executive branch of a country. That's all I've got. I'm supposed to do a Venn Diagram on them. I just need

    asked by Claire
  65. Math

    I need to know how to answer this. 7-8b where b=-3 Please help. I have two different answers Substitute b and solve: 7-8(-3) 7+24 (-8 x -3 = + 24) 31

    asked by Jim
  66. juvenile class

    which one would be more consider important to sentence a juvenile age criminal history offense committed why do you guys think that of your answer? I think your teacher wants YOUR thoughts on this. Please post them and someone will be glad to critique

    asked by kln20
  67. language arts

    why are there so many different types of words Words reflect ideas, or actions. There are a lot of choices for these. And many people see the same thing differently, so use different words to describe it. I'm not sure, but I think you might be asking why

    asked by alec
  68. Systems Physiology 2

    I was a little unclear on this, what are considered to be several factors that determine the limits of the thermal netural zone of a homeotherm organism? Also when discussing freezing tolerance or prevention, for example, with anitfreeze proteins and

    asked by mike
  69. juvenile procedures

    does anyone have suggestions.... What are some factors to be consider most important in the creation of juvenile sentencing law? This site gives an overview of Juvenile Law in TX. This is an

    asked by kln20
  70. science

    i need awebsite for middle schoolers all about plant population density (overcrowded plants) Check out these sites.

    asked by kyla
  71. English

    “When my grandfather was in the hospital and was close to death, my parents did not take me to see him, as most parents with younger children would not. The reason behind this action is that they want the child to remember this person before they were

    asked by Christopher
  72. cavtities

    i have to get my cavity removed and i was wondering if you can tell what they do. Will the dentist give you me injection? Will it hurt? How long does it take? What do they do to fix the cavity. Also can you give me couple of websites where a practice exam

    asked by david
  73. theology

    human reason wedded to truth Is this a question? Are we supposed to somehow metaphysically know the question associated with this? Do you have any thinking on this matter? The "truth" is "human" and "reason" are very seldom associated much less "wedded".

    asked by jerry
  74. Math

    (6/7) * (-1/2) = -3/7 Is this correct? correct thank you!

    asked by M
  75. Genetics/biology

    Can anyone comment as to wether this solution is correct for this question please !! Draw a mating diagram where L is the dominant gene for the digestion of lactose and shows the crosses between two heterozygotes and wiht the the phenotypic and genotypic

    asked by Freddo
  76. ETHICS


    asked by LIXA
  77. science

    find the PH of a .00580 M solution of the strong base KOH. is it -log(.00580)=2.24

    asked by chris