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March 17, 2007

  1. Econ MC

    When externalities are present in a market, the well-being of market participants a. are directly affected and market bystanders are indirectly affected. b. and market bystanders are both directly affected. c. and market bystanders are both indirectly

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Econ MC

    !@#$%^& owns a dog whose barking annoys !@#$%^&'s neighbor Jane. Suppose that the benefit of owning the dog is worth $500 to !@#$%^& and that Jane bears a cost of $700 from the barking. Assuming !@#$%^& has the legal right to keep the dog, a possible

    asked by Anonymous
  3. culture diversity

    what are 3 charactertistic of nonverbal and verbal communication in a relak situation Non-verbal communication effective communication

    asked by sonja
  4. math

    Yuri has a board that is 98 in. long. He wishes to cut the board into two pieces so that one piece will be 10 in. longer than the other. What should the length of each be Let the shorter board's length be x. The other will be x+10. x + x + 10 = 98 2x = 88

    asked by cheryl
  5. Economics

    I learned that price level is the weighted average of prices of all goods and services in an economy. Does weighted mean that certain goods and service have different weight (in other words importance)than other goods and services like chewing gum having

    asked by Sarah
  6. chem

    How do these things shift the direction of a chemical reaction?: -adding/removing reactants -adding/removing products -adding/removing energy This is how I think I understand it: -adding more reactants pushes it to the right -removing reactants pushes it

    asked by Mira
  7. math

    convertng decimals to fractions examle like 16.5 divided by 10.75 multipy numerator and denominator by 100 giving 1650/1075 Now this can be reduced (divide each by 25) 66/43

    asked by geo
  8. bio (thnxs)

    Do transfer RNA have a poly A site? I know it is a anticodon area but I am not sure if this designates it as a poly A site. Thank you

    asked by Anne
  9. math

    2x+3y=6 (solve for x) 2x+3y=6 Get unknown on one side and everything else on the other side. To do this we ned to move 3y. How to do that? Subtract 3y from both sides. 2x+3y-3y = 6-3y combine terms. 2x = 6-3y Now divide both sides by 2 2x/2 = (6-3y)/2

    asked by cheryl
  10. business

    i know that if u have good grades or if u take driver's ed, ur insurance is less, but does anyone know if they choose both, or only one? That depends upon the insurance company. I suggest you check this site, then call agents for several different

    asked by michelle
  11. biology

    analogy of a cytoskeleton enter Cytoskeleton Tutorial

    asked by cory
  12. chemistry

    when 1.40 g of hydrated magnesium salfate is heated to constant mass, 0.68 g of the anhydrous salt remains. find the formula for the hydrated magnesium sulfate. MgSO4*xH2O ==> MgSO4 + xH2O grams water = 1.40 - 0.68 = ?? mols H2O = ??/molar mass H2O. mols

    asked by San
  13. math

    Am I correct to say that 5/0 = 5 or is it undefined no your ar incorrect becuase you cant divide 5 by 5 to get 5 dividing by is is impossible and it is undefined Zero (0) will go into 5 — any other integer — an infinite number of times. Therefore it is

    asked by geo
  14. chemistry

    strontium chloride can be obtained as the anhydrous salt, SrCl2, and as the hydrates SrCl2.2H20, and SrCl2.6H20. (ArSr = 87.5). 0.323 g of a sample of strontium chloride is dissolved in water and reacted with sliver nitrate solution. The mass of sliver

    asked by kate
  15. written communication

    I need help writing a positive message to the supervisor of someone who went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. We will be happy to critique you writing. Keep it short, to the point. Focus on what he did, the supervisor will make the decision

    asked by Tameka
  16. math

    i am having trouble on solving fractional equations such as: 2 3 7 ______ + _____ = ______________ x+3 x+4 x^2 +7x+12 factor the right side denominator, then look for what factors make up a common denominator. For each fraction, multiply the numerator and

    asked by Katherine
  17. Calc

    Problems, once again. 1. Compute the average value of: f(x} = x/(x+3) over the interval [-a,a] 2. Find the area of the region bounded by the graph of: y = 2√(x^2 + 1) X axis Y axis Line x = 1 On the first, integrate, then divide the integral by 2a. On

    asked by Tezuka
  18. MATH+ check

    okay the question is as follows: determine the coefficient of the middle term in the expanxion of (2x-3)^ 10 n/2 = 10/2 = 5 10C5 (2x)^10-3 (-3)^5 = 252(128X^5)(243) = 7838208x^5 is this correct? thanks in advance!?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Spanish Essay: Looking for Corrections

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone could look this over for me and make any corrections. It'd be really appreciated. I've never been a good writer in Spanish, and it's this once-a-quarter essay projects that cause me trouble. Thanks in advance for any help!

    asked by Andrew
  20. Musical Appreciation

    What is the song with the lyrics: Whoa Whoa Whoa WHoa Whoa deep voice with a pause in between each whoa. help asap! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum and here are the lyrics:

    asked by Summer
  21. science

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. "skyrocket" to shoot up suddenly: _ _ _ rock _ _

    asked by SraJMcGin
  22. mat

    how do I solve this problem for x? 2x/2=6-3y You need to finish the post. What is the question? I solved it for x for you. answered above, also.

    asked by cheryl
  23. Econ MC

    A local laundry advertises that clothes it washes smell "sunshine fresh" because it line dries everything outside. Then a steel factory moves in next door and emits black smoke which stains the clothes drying at the laundry. According to the Coase Theorem,

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    how do I solve this problem 2x/2=(6-3y)/2? 2x/2=(6-3y)/2? I solved it for you in my initial answer. The 2 in the numerator cancels with the 2 in the denominator on th left side and x = (6-3y)/2 which is the solution of the initial equation you had for x in

    asked by cheryl
  25. environmental science

    Where can I find info on cultivation practices that can be used to help control pests? I think some are: rotation, sowing, biological control (good bugs), timing and adjusting of harvesting...I need nine cultivation practices. I'm not sure I'm on the right

    asked by jules
  26. physics

    If a bowl of salt water is left in the sun long enough for the water to evaporate a layer of salt crystals will be left in the bottom of the bowl. Salt crystals are more ordered than dissolved ions. a. Is this an increase or decrease in entropy? Support

    asked by anonymous
  27. science

    how do u calulate the percentage composition of NO2 and mgcl2 You don't. There is no NO2 in MgCl2 which should be obvious.

    asked by kate
  28. physics

    Air is being forced in a cylinder with an initial volume of 0.025 m^3 under a constant pressure of 3.0*10^5 Pa. The volume of the air in the cylinder is increased to 0.035 m^3. a. The cylinder is thermally insulated, making the process adiabatic. What is

    asked by anonymous
  29. physics

    A theoretical gasoline engine runs with 76 percent efficiency. It is calculated that it expels 3.25*10^4 J of heat. a. Find the heat absorbed in one cycle. b. Find the work output in one cycle.

    asked by anonymous
  30. Science

    Name one physical property and one chemical property that you could use to distinguish between water and gasoline. Write down, on a sheet of paper, three or four physical properties. Place them in a column. On another column write three or four physical

    asked by Lisa
  31. Economics

    How can you tell if the short run equilibrium is also the long run equilbrium?

    asked by Bernice
  32. calculus-- need help desperately!

    The Taylor series about x=5 for a certain function f converges to f(x) for all x in the interval of convergence. The nth derivative of f at x=5 is given by f^(n) (5)= (-1)^n(n!)/((2^n)(n+2)), and f(5)=1/2. Write third degree Taylor polynomial for f about

    asked by Steven
  33. business presentation

    Sometimes, technology and visual aids can be more of a distraction than a helpful component to a presentation. Provide an example of this from the real world (focus on a business presentation)? How could it be changed to be more effective? I have found in

    asked by lucy
  34. science

    How many grams of hydrochloric acid are required to react completely with 4.30g of zinc? How many molecules of gas will be produced? 1. Write the balanced chemical equation. Zn + 2HCl ==> ZnCl2 + H2 2. Convert grams Zn to mols. mols = grams/atomic mass Zn.

    asked by Josh
  35. chem

    how do u calulate percentage composition of NO2 [mass N/mass NO2] x 100 = %Nitrogen [mass O2/mass NO2] x 100 =%oxygen

    asked by san
  36. Zoology Question

    Hi everyone, Our class is studying moogles and I was hoping that you could help me find some research materials to help me answer this week's take-home quiz questions. Here are the questions I am having difficulty with... 1) Identify the three common

    asked by Chris
  37. math

    The Randolph’s used 12 more gal of fuel oil in October than in September and twice as much oil in November as in September. If they used 132 gal for 3 months, how much was used during each month? Let the usage in the three months be S, O and N. O = S +

    asked by cheryl
  38. estimate

    Estimate the following products or quotients.

    asked by carmen
  39. math

    The river rose 4 feet above flood stage last night. If a= the river’s height at flood stage, b= the river’s height now (the morning after), which equations below say the same thing as the statement? Explain your choices by translating the equations

    asked by cheryl
  40. estimate

    Estimate the following products or quotients.17 11/12 ÷ 6 1/10 215/12*10/61 1,075/366 2.93715847 or 2.94 I actually wonder if they want you to estimate it BEFORE you figure it out. 17 11/12 is close to 18. So let's call that 18. 6 1/10 is close to 6 So

    asked by carmen
  41. English

    Could you please tell me if this is appropriate to sent to a college. In today's society where the youth of the world are bombarded by the influences from the media, peers, many beliefs, values and perception, it may be very difficult to differentiate

    asked by Tone
  42. english

    wat is moral imperfection? in your own words You need to do it in your own words. Moral imperfection is not immorality, but can lead to it. Lying is a moral imperfection, as is stealing, or cheating. Note to Michelle: When talking to your friends, using

    asked by michelle
  43. math,help

    Can someone show me how do i multiply the following fractions: (n^2-n-20)/(2n^2) times (n^2+5n)/(n^2-25) When you multiply fractions, you just multiply straight across. So if you have: 1/3 * 1/4 1*1 ---- 3*4 That's 1/12 With that in mind, let's look at

    asked by jasort20
  44. matt

    Main street in any town, USA is predominantly populated by car dealerships with huge parking lots full of new and used cars. Then one day a large national retailer (like wal- mart) approaches the city council of any town and says, “ we are looking for a

    asked by business law
  45. chemistry

    At ph of 12 what charged groups would be present on glycine I said a NH2 and coo- Answered with some reluctance above.

    asked by alexandra
  46. biology

    What are invariant amino acids and where are they located? I keep googling it but I cannot find any information just journal articles Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since we don't know which links you have tried, here are some thay may

    asked by tia
  47. math

    you are trying to cool your house. The temp in the house is 85. Your ac is set for 78. The outside temp is 71. Which will cool the house the fastest leaving the windows open or leaving the windows closed? With the AC running, it will be better to open the

    asked by manoj
  48. algebra help

    The revenue for selling y units is R=3y^2-2y+5 and The cost of producing y units is C=y^2+y-3 . Find the expression that represents profit. can someone explain to me how to solve problems like this i have few of these needing to know trhe steps Profit is

    asked by tom
  49. Health

    unbroken skin blocks What is your question? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum BUT if your question is not clearly stated, you will get no answer. Hopefully you are questioning the following: 1. (Broken Link Removed) 2.

    asked by Brandon
  50. chemistry

    At ph of 12 what charged groups would be present on glycine I said a NH2+ and coo- because a base accepts protons. Thank you I am not an organic chemist; however, I wonder, at a pH of 12, how there would be sufficient H^+ to form the NH2^+ ion? I can see

    asked by alexandra (please help)

    Car headlight circuit - is this possible or do I need two separate circuit diagrams? I have the following components: 12 Volt Battery, 1 x Double filament lamp, two switches (assume stay closed when switched). Draw a circuit diagram using these components

    asked by BIGEYE
  52. chemistry

    How many moles in 10g of Cu(NO3)2 mols = grams/molar mass.

    asked by Dawnette
  53. math

    i m always having a problem in math. i can't do fraction easilly. im going to have an final exams , starting on 2 april . i hope if any one can help me. You need to tell us, in detail, what you don't understand about fractions. o!isnt the test the...SAT??

    asked by ammara