Questions Asked on
March 14, 2007

  1. physics

    A 10 ohms resistor has a constant current. If 1200C of charge flow through it in 4 minutes what is the value of the current? A) 3.0 A B) 5.0 A C) 11 A D) 15 A E) 20 A ok I used the I=Q/t, 1200C/240s to get 5A which is an answer. You said I was right but

    asked by susan
  2. science

    which is the largest digestive organ in the earthworm - how does its size make it well suited for its function? Compare the sizes of the earthworms digestive organs? There is a good picture of Earhtworm anatomy at the link below. You will see intestine and

    asked by lisa
  3. physics (thxs again)

    Thank you for the help :) A certain sample carries a current of 4A when the potential difference is 2V and a current of 10A when the potential difference is 4V. This samples is: a) obeys ohm's law b) has a resistance of 0.5 ohms at 1V c) has a resistance

    asked by susan
  4. physics (thxs for the help)

    A 10 ohms resistor has a constant current. If 1200C of charge flow through it in 4 minutes what is the value of the current? A) 3.0 A B) 5.0 A C) 11 A D) 15 A E) 20 A ok I see to main equation using dealing with resistance I=V/R and I=Q/t. My question

    asked by susan
  5. Physics

    Suppose you are told that only two colors of light (X and Y) are sent through a glass prism and that X is bent more than Y. Which color travels more slowly in the prism? The one that is bent more travels slower. If white light is sent through a prism, the

    asked by Bert
  6. com215

    I need an example of informative and positive message please!!!!! An informative message could be something like, "Your paper is due on my desk by three o'clock Friday, April 16." A positive message could be, "Congratulations! Your paper is fantastic!"

    asked by Meek
  7. Physics

    The warranty on a new tire says that an automobile can travel for a distance of 92,000km before the tire wears out. The radius of the tire is 0.33m. How many revolutions does the tire make before wearing out? hello CJ I think we are in the same class. I

    asked by CJ
  8. chemistry

    assuming the valencies of hydrogen nitrogen and carbon are 1,3,and 4. i need to draw a structural formulae for hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen that are consistant with these values H(triple bond)C-N N(triple bond)C-C(triple bond)N

    asked by notty
  9. Science

    Identify cliamte and topographical factors that(a)intensify air pollution and (b) help reduced air polluction. What sources of water pollution can you identify? How are people and the environment affected by the physical and economic effects of the air and

    asked by Sharon
  10. drivers ed

    when crossing multilane highways, you should treat each side as a one way street. TRUE FALSE??? I would say true. If there is an island in the middle, cross one half of the highway at a time. And nearly all US highways have an island in the middle. I think

    asked by [.andrea.]
  11. English

    What are the rules for possessives and plurals when it comes to names? For example, the last name Busch. Almost all nouns (including names) in English have four forms: singular, plural, singular possessive, plural possessive. I'll list a few for you in

    asked by Mary
  12. Physics

    I need help solving the problem below. Please respond. At the local swimming hole, a favorite trick is to run horizontally off a cliff that is 8.9 m above the water. One diver runs off the edge of the cliff, tucks into a "ball," and rotates on the way down

    asked by Jim
  13. Physics

    A pulsar is a rapidly rotating neutron star that continuously emits a beam of radio waves in a searchlight manner. Each time the pulsar makes one revolution, the rotating beam sweeps across the earth, and the earth receives a pulse of radio waves. For one

    asked by Mary
  14. English

    Is toast singular, plural, or both? Bring the toast here! Singular. The toasts were enlighting. Plural Whether there is a singular and plural or both, depends upon

    asked by Mary
  15. Physics- drwls please help

    A certain CD has a playing time of 80 minutes. When the music starts, the CD is rotating at an angular speed of 4.8 x 10^2 revolutions per minute (rpm). At the end of the music, the CD is rotating at 2.1 x 10^2 rpm. Find the magnitude of the average

    asked by Mary
  16. MATH

    HOW DO YOU MULTIPLY FRACTIONS? what is quik and easy way to mutply fractions Multiply the numerators (top numbers) and multiply the denominators (bottom numbers). Place the multiplication of the top numbers on the top of a new fraction and the bottom

    asked by LAURIE
  17. Algebra I

    Multiplying Polynomials...... Do you have a question? Use the general rule (a + b)(c + d) = ac + ad + bc + bd Form all possible products of terms in the two polynomials, and add them

    asked by Candace
  18. baasic geometry

    A rectangle has width the same as side of a square whose perimeter is 20m. the length of the rectangle is 9m. Find the perimeter of this rectangle. W=L+20m 2L+2W=9 2L+2(w+20m)=9 2L+2w+20=9 4l+20=9 4L=20+9 4L=29 L=29/4 answered below. This is the third post

    asked by vero
  19. Physics

    Can someone provide me some input on the question below. Please respond. A string trimmer is a tool for cutting grass and weeds; it utilizes a length of nylon "string" that rotates about an axis perpendicular to one end of the string. The string rotates at

    asked by Jim
  20. chemistry

    the isotope caesium-137 has a half life of 30 years how long will it take for the amount of this isotope in a sample of caesium to decay to 1/16th of its origional amount. thanks amountremaining=oriinalamount(1/2)^time/timehalflife. 1/16= (1/2)^t/30

    asked by notty
  21. finite

    In how many ways can the letters in Saskatchewan be rearranged and still maintain the order in which the vowels appear? My guess: 12!/2!3!(4!/3!) because the vowels aaea can only have four total arrangements.

    asked by R
  22. algebra,math,help

    can someone explain to me the following:thanks... one number is 2 times another. If the sum of their reciprocals is (1)/(4). Find the two numbers. We can begin by looking at the following. Let's use the letters "a" and "c.": "One number is 2 times

    asked by jasort20
  23. Physics/Math

    Ok...I figured out part a but I am having trouble with b. part a was: Zero, a hypothetical planet, has a mass of 1.0x10^23 kg, a radius of 3.0x10^6 m, and no atmosphere. A 10 kg space probe is to be launched vertically from its surface. (a) If the probe is

    asked by Technoboi11
  24. Physics

    an automobile tire has a radius of 0.350M, and its center forward with a liner speed of v=13.0m/s. (a) Determine the angular speed of the wheel. (Assume that there is no slipping of the surfaces in contact during the rolling motion.) (b) Relative to the

    asked by CJ
  25. math

    Recognize that rectangles that have the same area can have different perimenters. Do rectangles with the same area necessarily have the same perimeter?Give an example to support your answer. How I would handle this is to first look at the formula.

    asked by yoko
  26. basic geometry

    these is my homework, and I would like for some to tell me if I did rigth. 10. A rentangle has width the same as a side of a square whose perimeter is 20m. the length of the rectangel is 9 M. Find the perimeter of this rectangle. W=L+20m 2L+w=9

    asked by vero
  27. Statistics

    Suppose that the fit to the simple linear regression of Y on X from 6 observations produces the following residuals: -3.3, 2.1, -4.0, -1.5, 5.1, 1.6. a) What is the estimate of sigma squared? b) What is the estimate of sigma? c) What are the degrees of

    asked by MMK
  28. Physics

    Another problem I need help with. An auto race is held on a circular track. A car completes one lap in a time of 20.1 s, with an average tangential speed of 43.1 m/s. Find the following. The following did not follow. I apologize for that. Here is the

    asked by Jim
  29. Math Alg 1

    I never understood the system of inequalities and using a graph, help? Plot the graph as if there were an equal sign instead of > or < ; then use logic to decide where (which side of the line) the possible solutions exist. Example: for x>2, Plot an x=2

    asked by keeli
  30. basic geometry

    The length of a rectangular picture is seven iches longer than the width. Find the length and the width if the perimeter of the picture is 62 inches. 2L+2w=62 2L+2w+7=62 4L+7 =62 4L=7+62 4L=69 4L=69/4 2L+2w=62 You are ok to here. length is 7" longer than

    asked by vero
  31. math

    What are the challenges you have experienced regarding the use of fractions? Explain your answers. none I found the proof of: pi = 3 + 1/[6 + 3^2/[6+5^2/[6+7^2/[6+9^2/[6+11^2/[6+13^2/[6+.......]]]]]]] challenging 5yd=how many feet There are three feet in

    asked by carmen
  32. algebra

    i forgot to post these! f(x)=9x+4 and listed in interval notation also: f(x) x2+14x+40 in interval notation and: 1/x^2+81 (interval notation) and: x+11/x^2-121 (interval notation) and: f(x+2) f(x)=6x^2-x+7 You have listed a lot of functions but have said

    asked by valerie
  33. math,correction,plz

    can someone correct this forme solve 7/5 = 35/x My answer: x = 25 solve x/2 minus x/3 = 3 My answer: x = 18 Both are correct

    asked by jasort20
  34. psychology/exam

    Does anyone one know how to or where to find information to prepare for advanced placement (AP) exams in psychology or environmental science for high school seniors?? Exams are in May. Your teacher has old exams, and study guides available for the exams,

    asked by jules
  35. math

    this is dealing with line plots: if you have a box that has the following in it: number of clay models made by art club members in may 8 6 6 6 2 5 8 8 5 5 4 6 6 3 7 models in may then you have a line graph as such: how would you solve this? it just says

    asked by monica
  36. Computers

    how could I put the Word Count on my research paper? If you are using Microsoft Word, it's pretty easy. Once you have finished the text of your research paper, but before you add the title and works cited pages, have the document open, go to the menu

    asked by Candace
  37. science

    I need to know about the wind patterns, tides/high and low,or upwelling for the north sea,irish sea,and the bay of biscay Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is what I find: 1.

    asked by jamie
  38. Real Analysis

    If S1 and S2 are are compact sets. Why is S1 union S2 also compact?

    asked by Jennifer
  39. BIO?

    how would increase in adrenaline change blood glucose levels? Look under Actions in the body at:

    asked by Nelson
  40. essay research

    For my language arts class, I have to write about whether or not we agree with the idea of spanking children. I agree with the idea, but I need help with research on the topic, as I cannot find some noteworthy websites. This essay is due the day after

    asked by Emily
  41. trig

    how do you solve Fcos29(degree)-210.308-0.58Fsin29=0 Solving for F? F(cos269-.58sin29)=210.308 F= 210.308/(cos269-.58sin29)

    asked by natash
  42. Environmental Science

    List at least two benefits and two drawbacks of each form of perst control for: Pesticides, Genetic engineering, Biological control, insect birth control through sterilization, Insect sex attractants (pheromones) Insect harmones, Food irradiation, and

    asked by Sharon
  43. English

    In the book Brave New World, was Bernard Marx a hero or a rebel ? Why ? Scroll down and read about him here. =) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In addition to the link you already

    asked by Sarah
  44. math,help

    can someone show me these steps with the division like 2 --- 1 which would mean half. the following though. so i can see it. Simplify 3 --- + 1 x-5 ----------- 1 - (4)/(x-5) Get least common denominator. For top part, the LCD is x-5. So the 1 becomes

    asked by jasort20
  45. music

    how many steps would you have to go to translate from french horn to trumpet, for example if a trumpet is playing a C what would that be in horn Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The French Horn is in the key of B flat and F while a

    asked by jamie
  46. Macroeconomic

    Price Quantity Demand Quantity Demanded (bt)

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Basic geometry

    these is another one the width of a rectangular picture is one half the length. the perimeter of the rectangle is 72inches.Find the length of the picture. 2L+2w=72 2L(1/2)+2w=72 2L(5)+2w=72 10L+2w=72 12L+72 L=72 L=12/72 L=6 If width is 1/2 the length, then

    asked by vero
  48. math

    what is a quickway to learn how to mutlplying fractions flash cards: make and use them. how do you do Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions? I want ot know what the numbers or factors of the number 81 are becasues that uis mapt of the homework in my

    asked by lakeisha
  49. Chemistry

    Identify 2 examples of the atoms or groups in the compound tocainide that could be involved in its binding to receptor sites in the body via hydrogen bonding. Give reasons for your conclusions. I have gathered that OH- and NH- bonds are an option, is this

    asked by Bean
  50. A math question needs answering

    math terminology needed! how do you find the whole set in fractions? How do you work out (20x2)- x =10 -x

    asked by Writeacher
  51. poems

    i need a poem about anything it has ode =)

    asked by Anonymous
  52. business

    I want to know what does the Comissions Competition Directorate-general do encourage and controls competition in the industrial consideration within the cartel Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Commission

    asked by xhema
  53. English 1

    You might define National Civil Defense, whatever that is. Quickly go to your thesis statement. How should I start off an essay about National Civil Defense? oh yea...i forgot about my thesis statement!

    asked by bobpursley
  54. Statistics

    Using the following information find a 95% confidence interval for the intercept in the regression of measured distance on recession velocity. VARIABLE COEFFICIENT STANDARD ERROR Constant 0.3391 0.1185 Velocity 0.001373 0.000227 T-STAT P-VALUE 3.369 0.0028

    asked by MMK
  55. Math

    Are you trying to solve for x, n or p? solve for n Show me how to work this problem. 2n = 4xp - 6 what is the problem? what grade r u in i am in 6 grade To get n all by itself, you need to divide by 2. But if you divide by 2 on the left, you have to divide

    asked by drwls
  56. science

    I need to find a thin layer of ice that has condensed? go north :-) or... Put 1/3 cup of hot water in the freezer with a piece of plastic over it. The warm moist air will rise and condense on the plastic lid and freeze there.

    asked by albia
  57. Goverment

    Wgat factors have combined to make today political campaigns as person and individual as they have become? freedom of speech? different perspectives of an issue? Your question is vague. Exactly what is meant by "today's [

    asked by jenny
  58. Business law? torts

    I am looking for newspaper article describing any torts? Or I will happy if u do that for me, if u do so what is the article What is the “ issue”? Does it meet all of the requirements in your opinion, based on the facts you have? How should the court

    asked by matt
  59. college algebra

    i need some help with this pleez! f(x+6) f(x)=3x^2-5x+3 if u could explain in steps that would be great! :) If f(x) = 3x^2-5x+3, then f(x+6) = 3(x+6)^2 + 5(x+6) + 3 Multiply that out and combine terms.

    asked by Val
  60. chemisrty

    can anybody explain why and how a copper based catalyst helps in methonal production and the impact it would have on mass production many thanks A catalyst lowers the activitation energy needed for a reaction and allows reactants to produce more products

    asked by bex
  61. basic geometry

    could someone check my work. The width of a rectagular is one -half the length. the perimeter of the rectangler is 72 inches Find the length of the picture 2L+2w=72 2L(1/2)+2w=72 2L(5)+2w=72 10L+2w=72 12=72 L=12/72 L=6 answered below

    asked by vero
  62. social studies

    I really need some good facts on chinese immigration and mexican immigration double ASAP.I need it by 5:15 today or by 8: 45 tomorrow at the VERY latest. Thank you so much. -Madison

    asked by Madison
  63. modern world

    I don't understand what the difference is in how does the view of history influenced by Darwinism differ from the view of history influenced by the Enlightenment idea of progress??? Darwin didn't intend his theories of evolution to apply to humans and

    asked by cher
  64. line plot

    based on those numbers,so it should look like this: Models made in May 1 0 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 xxx 6 xxxx 7 x 8 xxx , this is actually my third grade childs homework. i have been out of scool a long time, and obviously im having a difficult time! thanks for the

    asked by monica
  65. language arts

    abc order for geology geography geologist graphite autograph photograph biopsy biology biosphere transact enact actor react import transport portable export When you get them in ABC (alphabetical) order, please re-post and we'll let you know how you did. A

    asked by helen
  66. Humanities

    Who was the president during the Cold War? Well...majority of it 1950-74? Here's a list of Presidents and the dates they were in office. Thank You!

    asked by Candace
  67. Unit circle- finding terminal points

    Give t (3/5 , 4/5) How do I find the terminal points for pi-t Thanks Given t (3/5 , 4/5) How do I find the terminal points for pi-t Thanks

    asked by Jen
  68. modern world

    Does anyone know what the difference of communism by Marx and Lenin and national socialism by Hitler is? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some links to help you in your research: 1. 2.

    asked by cher
  69. Social Studies

    On this website, under Social Studies Homework Help, there is something listed as "Black Tuesday". In class, we are also studying about the 1930s and World War II, but we were talking about "Black THURSDAY"...partially confused...

    asked by Candace
  70. Algebra

    I am having trouble with -4less than or equal to -3x-13 less than or equal to 26 -4 < -3x-13 < 26 Add 13 to all three parts of the inequality. 9 < 3x < 39 Divide all three parts by 3. 3 < x < 13 The < signs should all be "less than or equal, but I can't

    asked by Kim
  71. Civics

    which president got stuck in the bathtub? is he dead or alive? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is a trivia question! He was born in 1857 and died at 72 years of age in 1930.

    asked by Amber
  72. Science - Biology heeelp

    Hi My question is what is the difference between insects and arachnids although they are in the same group ? thanx Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some links for you: 1. 2.

    asked by Amy
  73. Math

    can anyone help me at all. I have several of these for homework for tomorrow. Solve for n 2n =4xp - 6 WHOA! Where did "p" come from? That is a part of the problem? Divide each term by 2 to get n = 2xp -3

    asked by Cherry
  74. Calculus/Derivatives

    In addition, can you walk me through how to get the derivatives for these 2 statements, too? a) y = x^5/3 - 5x^2/3 b) y = (the cubed root of the quantity) [(x^2 - 1)^2] Hi there. I need to find the first derivative of this statement. y=x(x+2)^3 I tried the

    asked by Amy
  75. trig

    can someone tell me the answer to this problem? Fcos29(degrees)-0.58(fsin29/362.6)=0 What does Fcos and fsin mean? Is f a variable? If F is an unknown and f is another unknown, F cos 29 = 0.58(f sin 29)/362.6 0.8746197 F = 0.00077548 f 1127.8 F = f If F =

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Ecology

    How does the term "regulating mortality factor" leads to achieving a favorable outcome in biological control of pest in agriculture and horticulture. taking into account the holly leaf miner k-values for mortality

    asked by bonita
  77. math

    5yd=how many feet There are three feet per yard. Do the multiplication three feet in a yard times 5

    asked by angel
  78. English I

    May I have an example of a thesis statemtn, please? statement*

    asked by Candace
  79. Language

    What is a pronou called that points out something? demonstrative Scroll down. =)

    asked by Lauryn
  80. Language

    Break and thing are examples of what kind of verbs (not "action") Verbs can be in any of the following categories: ~linking or action ~active or passive ~transitive or intransitive Break can be an action, active, and transitive verb. Thing is not a verb.

    asked by Lauryn